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Yes, the Playwiths have been converted into a book.

The Playwiths began in about 1995, and a couple of years back, I was urged to make a book of them.

I did, and my friends liked what they saw, but the publishers didn't. Frightening economic times, they said.

Well, I went ahead and did it in three forms:

  • a lo-res freeby PDF with very relaxed copyright;
  • a high-res low-price commercial PDF for the Kindle;
  • a paper and ink book from Amazon (tax laws won't let it into Australia);
  • did I say three? I lied. The paper version is half-tone, but soon there'll be a full colour version.
But don't worry, this web version stays here anyhow.

Full details of Playwiths, the book here

Links from the Science Playwiths

First up, check out my awards page, because one of the points about displaying awards is to lead people back to places where similar stuff is found. If you like what you have seen here, you should like those sites as well. I also write books from time to time, and my story of sugar as a commodity will be out in the UK in March, and in the USA in May -- for information on the books use this link and follow your nose. I have two other books in production with two publishers, and a couple more in the research and writing phase.

I'm afraid this one has been allowed to become a bit of an orphan, and many of the links rotted away, so I have cleaned them up. Most of my effort has gone into the much larger science project resource links and my favourite writing resource links, a collection of online text sources, covering many areas of interest to me.

Links to other like-minded sites.

Captain Curiosity is a site that is developing during 2009. It has excellent downloads for classroom use, but independent learners can also use them. This is tested quality content, mainly in the K-6 area. The creator and I follwo each other on Twitter.

Electronics for Beginners from an old mate, Peter Schmedding.

Bizarre stuff you can make in your kitchen has some remarkably fine ideas, and a great set of links.

And now some sites which point here: obviously, if they point here, they are likely to point to other similar locations on the Web.

Cerdon College's Science links

A specialised link about ant lions (one of my passions)

A University of Sydney page which seems worth exploring further


And don't miss Netmom, created by Jean Armour Polly.

Science Toys

Nick Griffon passed on this site to me while drawing my attention to some dead links. It looks good to me: when I have time I will try to add some more sites of this sort. Suggestions welcome.
Mindware Brainy Toys for Kids

(If you know you have a pointer to this page, and it is not listed here, please let me know by email, with URL and page title.)

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