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Yes, the Playwiths have been converted into a book.

The Playwiths began in about 1995, and a couple of years back, I was urged to make a book of them.

I did, and my friends liked what they saw, but the publishers didn't. Frightening economic times, they said.

Well, I went ahead and did it in three forms:

  • a lo-res freeby PDF with very relaxed copyright;
  • a high-res low-price commercial PDF for the Kindle;
  • a paper and ink book from Amazon (tax laws won't let it into Australia);
  • did I say three? I lied. The paper version is half-tone, but soon there'll be a full colour version.
But don't worry, this web version stays here anyhow.

Full details of Playwiths, the book here

Everybody is entitled to some brag space, but this page will also lead you to a number of places where you can find similar Web sites, so I can present this with a clear conscience :-)

Mind you, there is less benefit for you in looking at my awards for writing, but I have a few of those as well.


Some nice people who have liked this site have collected together bunches of other sites that they liked as well, and listed them. You could do a lot worse than visit Dr. Matrix, Critical Mass, Blue Web'n, Netmom, New Scientist, Gadzillion Awards, ChemWeb and the Exploratorium, who made me one of their Top Ten Cool Sites in June 2001. It also gained the Editor's Favourite award from Netsurfer Education on July 3, 2001, and has been a HomeSchoolMom featured site (late July).

For my part, I am delighted to have been selected, and I am proud to be in the company they have placed me in. Go visit them to find more places like this and if you do stuff like this, let them know, so the Web can be strengthened.

Link to Dr Matrix Link to Critical Mass link to Blue Web'n Link to Netmom Link to New Scientist Link to Gadzillion Awards Link to Netsurfer Link to Exporatorium Link to Alchemist WebPick Link to HomeSchoolMom

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