Educational, scientific and other opinions

The essays, opinions, and heresies indexed here mainly originated as e-mails to Internet lists. I thank those who triggered me to write them.

These articles may be freely reproduced for educationally useful purposes (you decide what is "useful"), so long as you leave my name on it -- I like people to know that it is me causing them annoyance :-)

If you like what I say, so be it. If you don't like what I say, that's your problem, so don't make it my problem by grizzling, for I will only be bored. I hate being bored -- which is why some of the facts you will find here are a little less than wholly reliable. Have fun working out which is which . . .

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This index is from Peter Macinnis. Parts of it date back to at least 1997, and it was last revised on September 19, 2003.