Six Months of Sundays

This is a list of Ockham's Razor talks I have given over the years. The more recent talks are on the ABC's Web site, but all the old ones that I could find are listed here, and the older ones are stored on this site. In all, I think I have done three dozen of them, which goes some way to explaining the heading, which was written some years back, when the count was less. It is an enjoyable little format, so there will be another one some time soon.

There are at least two missing at the moment: "asking the right questions", and "a computer in every classroom". These will be added when I can find them.

I also talk very occasionally on the ABC Science Show on ABC Radio National. Here are two past pieces:

You can also hear me talking to Phillip Adams on Late Night Live about Lawn: A Social History, and you can also find me on Youtube, talking about the truths that underlie the stories of the explorers, then How to make a pooter, and the tricks of the trade for catching small animals.

When I am not doing stuff like this, I am either writing or else I may be working on ideas for projects or designing simple experiments to play with at home.

Since I started this site, it has drawn visitors.