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Roofgas Directional Long Holes (RDLH)

Strata relaxation zone shapes and positions are defined by the Lunagas Pty Limited 'Roofgas Simulation Software' using local geological data (geo log,
UCS-es or sonic velocities), which characterize nominated coal-rock strengths and other properties.

The perpendicular, plane and longitudinal roof strata cross sections present a three dimensional (3-D) picture of the strata relaxation zones and projected directional long-hole trajectories.

The ‘perpendicular cross section’ is an example of a generated output for the goaf length of 1,500 m and 85 m distance across from MG heading. The program can generate a projected long-hole path position in relation to the strata relaxation and gas release zones as well as longwall face position, for any nominated goaf length and width (distance across).

The 'plane cross section' shows the directional long-holes drilled from the Main Ventilation Heading (MVH) back towards the traveling longwall face.

The 'longitudinal cross section' is an innovative perspective - specifically developed to generate a longitudinal image of directional long-hole paths, highlighting their position in relation to the strata relaxation zones.

The graph below shows all the above mentioned cross sections including three directional long-holes projected to be drilled from the Main Ventilation Heading (MVH).

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