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I was born in Austrlia and moved overseas with my parents when I was 12. Then spent the next 25 years living in Papua New Guinea. 20 of those years in place called Madang. I returned to Brisbane, Queensland, Australia around 1990. The first thing I need to do was to find out about this great country. I started going for drives and then bushwalking. I have always been interested in photography so I started taking pictures of my little outings. Fishing is another hobby that I enjoy also, unfortunately I was spoiled in Madang (pictures to prove it). After being back a few years a met a person who changed my life and introduce me to Jesus. That person became a very close friend. We shared a webpage which was called Christian Spirit Homepage. My friend Graham has his own webpage which has most of the CSH pages on it.

I progress with my site I hope to be able to bring you a cross section of what I do

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