Elegant, entertaining, unobtrusive, adaptable Jazz and Classical music


The perfect music for your next function, DUO phantasia has been working extensively around Sydney in venues such as the ANA, the Tea Room at the Queen Victoria Building, Old Sydney Park Royal, The Lane Cove Basement, and Curzon Hall, providing a musical repertoire for functions from elegant classical dinner music, to pop, musicals and light swing.

 DUO Phantasia is the ideal group for weddings, hotels, restaurants, and corporate functions.



DUO Phantasia is a highly adaptable music group. Ranging from 2 players with pre-recorded bass and drums to a full quartet of live musicians. DUO Phantasia will begin the evening playing an hour of classical music, performing elegant well-known flute repertoire by Vivaldi, Telemann, Chopin and Mozart. DUO Phantasia then transforms into party mode with either Harry Conick/Michael Bublee style swing or light pop.




DUO Phantasia can quickly adapt from playing a bridal waltz to toe tapping swing, and Benjamin and Karen are equally happy playing a favorite song under the spotlight, or just staying in the background and creating a great easy going atmosphere.

Karen is a talented Classical and Jazz flautist, with many years experience entertaining. Benjamin is a vibrant Jazz and Classical singer and pianist. You will love the music this group produces.

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High Quality Tracks (large size ideal for broadband connection)

All of Me (2.5MB)

Fly me to the moon (3.2MB)

Hallelujah (3.2MB)

Vivaldi Flute Concerto - 1st Movement (3.2MB)

Beethoven Flute Sonata - Polonaise (1.2MB)

Low Quality Tracks (small size good for dialup modems)

All of Me (1.0MB)

Fly me to the moon (1.0 MB)

Hallelujah (1.1MB)

Vivaldi Flute Concerto - 1st Movement (1.0MB)

Beethoven Flute Sonata - Polonaise (0.9MB)

Contact Benjamin Loomes on: 0412 419 328, International: + 61 412 419 328

Forestville - SYDNEY - Australia

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