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13th March 2000:
Recently, TV1 celebrated Number 96's anniversary
with the show's triumphant return -
TV1's "Television's Greatest Hits" Scroll down for the details

The bomb

Viewers enjoyed three weeks of The Best of Number 96 !

From 13th March 2000

Four nights per week (Mon to Thurs)

Two episodes per night!

10.30 pm on TV1!

Host Andrew Mercardo (of Channel V) presented some of Number 96's most popular and controversial episodes.

Week 1:
The early years (including Sonia & Chad's interracial kiss!),
and The Pantyhose Murders
(One victim per night!)

Week 2:
The Hooded Rapist!
Flo gets jilted at the altar!
There's a bomb in the deli!

Week 3:
The bomb aftermath,
Norma's mother & the Murphy bed,
The big 1977 finale!

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