Why are we here?

For five and a half years, Australia's first prime time soap opera, Number 96, commanded the attention of TV viewers with its unique blend of sex, suspense and situation comedy. Set in a block of flats in Paddington, Sydney, it purported to trace "the lives, loves and emotions of ordinary people".

Number 96 broke new ground for commercial television, in areas as diverse as censorship, ratings and fan reaction (read: hysteria). When Number 96 tackled the themes of mastectomy, rape within marriage and homosexuality in its first year, it brought the issues into a record number of homes. It was a form of education for families, in the guise of popular entertainment.

Ian meets Elaine

Ian meets Elaine Lee on the set of Glenview High...
Does my green jacket look familiar?

Photograph © 1978 Ian McLean

A hint of things to come...

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