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First of all: a shameless plug

Number 96 was a unique Australian TV series. The Number 96 Home Page is based upon snippets of an unpublished social history written by Ian McLean. Sadly, after several close calls, it seems that the Australian literary market is unable to embrace my manuscript as a commercial venture. Maybe I should reconfigure it as a doctoral thesis? In the meantime, I want to share some of the fruits of my research (without spilling too many beans just yet).

Your comments in support of the complete (hardcopy) version of this venture are most welcome. Behind-the-scenes gossip and previously untold anecdotes about Number 96 are revealed in the celebrity interviews conducted specifically for my book. Series creator David Sale corrects many false assumptions made about the show over the years. Former executive producer, Bob Huber, has generously supplied a host of previously unpublished documents, including Number 96 writers' guides, confidential memoranda and personal production notes.

Rediscover, as I did, the indelible marks this ground-breaking series has left on its family of cast and crew, on the TV industry and on Australian popular culture.


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