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On the 13th March, 1972, Australian television lost its virginity...

Lindsay Street Productions announces the launch of Number 96 into the new millennium. This official Number 96 Home Page is a cyberspace celebration of a unique landmark in Australian television history.

This site has continued to grow. Highlights now include:

* an annotated guide to all 1218 episodes and the 1974 feature film,

* The Best of Number 96 on Foxtel and Austar's TV1!

* Les Whittaker's wacky inventions and Dorrie Evans' malapropisms,

* casting information

The Number 96 Home Page is sanctioned by Nancy Cash of Cash Harmon Productions. Thanks Nancy!

Special thanks to Andrew Mercado, former publicist for Pacific Drive, and then Channel V's "Super" Mercado.

My thanks also to David Sale, Bob Huber, Paul and Del Harmon, Jeff Campbell, Moniker and Ursula, Screensound (the National Film & Sound Archive) in Canberra, Kevin Dickson and Steve Gidlow, David Whitney, Selwa Anthony, Phil Kingsmill, Scott Hudson and, of course, the cast and crew of Number 96.

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