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Will Grace "Prim" Primrose ever forgive Trevor Banks, her washed-up, Hollywood actor father?

How can Herb Evans explain to his wife, Dorrie, their inheritance of a 51 year old son?

Will Muriel Thompson's tragic accident cause an end to Vera Collins' happiness?

Can Eileen Chester cope if her wayward daughter, Debbie, is put into an institution?

Is Jaja Gibson really back from the dead? And if she is, whatever happened to David Palmer?

911, 912. (19/1) Flo and Herb conspire to withhold the facts about Herb's previously unknown son, 'Junior' Winthrop (Curt Jansen), from Dorrie. A strange turn of events shock Dudley and Norma: Jaja is alive, but has lost her memory. Where is David? Liz destroys vital evidence. Don tries to sway the magistrate to let Debbie stay with Eileen. Jane and Debbie make resolutions. Scott warns Prim about Trevor's fragile mental condition. Edie has been elected to a position on the local council and her friendship with Alderman St John Farmer is of great concern to Reg. Vera fires a startled Eileen, then sends Warwick back to his wife. Will she take refuge with pills and scotch?

Two episodes were now being screened back-to-back, twice weekly, on Monday and Tuesday nights. The show returned a week earlier than anticipated by the TV magazines.

913, 914. (20/1) Don is desperately worried about Vera, while a troubled Herb turns to Arthur for assistance. Dorrie is convinced that her life is in tatters but Flo is not taken in by her performance. Laura must make an apology to Vera.

915, 916. (26/1) Gary finally loses his temper. Dorrie gives Herb an ultimatum. Warwick is the target of more harsh words from Muriel. Don makes a surprising decision which may help Gary.

917, 918. (27/1) Flo attempts to smooth Dorrie's problems. Arnold believes he has reason to be angry with Don and intends to take action. Dorrie undergoes a change of heart and manages to confuse Herb. Norma thinks that Prim is in love.

919, 920. (2/2) Dudley tries to cheer up Don, who is beside himself with worry. Jaja remembers something of vital importance. Reg is finding it difficult to cope now that Edie is on the council. Warwick is jealous of the arrival of Guy Sutton (Peter Whitford) into Vera's life. Dorrie and Herb wonder how much longer Junior will stay on in their flat.

921, 922. (3/2) Muriel confides in Laura, while Liz attempts to persuade Arnold to let them make a new start. Don holds a trump card up his sleeve. Jane and Jaja are horrified by Dudley's plans.

923, 924. (9/2) A new turn in events has a shattering effect on Arnold. Jaja presents Dudley with an ultimatum. Debbie tries to assist Eileen, while Vera turns to Guy for help.

925, 926. (10/2) Vera can't believe her newfound happiness. Norma must face a difficult situation. Arnold is desperately unhappy, while Arthur expresses relief that his proposition did not work out as planned.

927, 928. (16/2) Eileen's disclosure proves a shock to Jane. Reg will stand by his ultimatum to Edie. What is the secret Guy seems to be keeping from Vera? Norma puts things straight with Gary via some serious talk.

929, 930. (17/2) Arnold has some shocking news, while Eileen is convinced that Debbie has run away from home. Dudley's mother, Mabel Butterfield (Sheila Helpmann), has a system which Herb is positive will make them all a lot of money. Jaja declares that she is fed up with Dudley and his possessiveness.

931, 932. (23/2) Dorrie, Herb and Flo undergo a terrifying experience, with Peter Raikes (John Paramor) holding them at gunpoint. Not only is he a petty thief, but a murderer and rapist. Reg's change of heart about his wife's council career is disconcerting to Edie. Eileen worries that all the police cars in Paddington have something to do with Debbie's disappearance. Dorrie phones Norma and tells her everyone in Flat 3 has the flu. Dudley discovers he cannot use his $15000 nest egg from Aunty Brenda for five years. Vera meets Guy's mechanic, Larry Maguire (Tim Eliott), and is perturbed by Guy's attempts at secrecy. Mabel moves in on Edie. Giovanni Lenzi (Harry Michaels) attempts to impress Jaja. Laura visits Eileen's estranged husband, Ian Chester (Stuart Finch), to ask about Debbie, but has the door slammed in her face. Trouble looms for Dudley: Mabel won't invest in Dudley's restaurant idea, but decides to buy the Bun 'n Oven herself. Ian realises that Eileen has lied to the girls about the past.

933, 934. (24/2) Eileen admits that Debbie was not the result of a rape, but an affair. The news causes a violent reaction from Jane. Georges applies for the chef position Norma advertised, but when he is found drunk on the job, Weppo takes over. A policeman arrives at Flat 3, but it's actually Raikes' friend, Kyley (Robert Quilter), in disguise. Ian and Eileen discuss future possibilities. Mabel gives in her notice. Debbie is back, but quickly runs into serious trouble in Flat 3. Guy will have to confront his fear head-on during a publicity shoot at Amaroo Park. Will Giovanni convince his father to buy the deli for him? Weppo is hired as the new chef of Norma's Bar. Raikes makes advances towards Debbie. Guy reacts strangely during the photo shoot. No-one seems to understand the situation in Flat 3. Guy makes a confession to Vera: he feels responsible for an accident which caused the death of a racing colleague.

935, 936. (1/3) Kyley warns everyone away from Flat 3 and barely saves Debbie from Raikes' attack. Dudley gets jealous of Giovanni's attentions to Jaja. Vera tries to reassure Guy. Herb manages to raise Gary's suspicions. Arnold has some astonishing news for Dudley; Arnold is the new owner of the Bun 'n Oven. Dudley is ecstatic, but Arnold doesn't want a partner. Reg spoils Edie and Weppo's surprise. A knock at the door of Flat 3 means more terror for the hostages. The implications of Debbie's disappearance while on probation worries Eileen greatly. Raikes stabs Kyley.

937, 938. (2/3) Kyley is dead - and Herb's attempt at a coded remark about Les is a source of worry for Gary and Norma. Arnold fears Mabel's interference if Dudley becomes his partner in the restaurant. Debbie and Gary overpower Raikes, but Herb is caught in the crossfire. Guy has made a decision to sell his racing car and the workshop and he is determined to stick with it. Dorrie claims the limelight. Dudley is thrilled to hear that his mother is returning to Beecroft. Larry warns Vera not to pester Guy about returning to racing. Phillip Chambers (Henri Szeps) surprises Laura by returning early from England. Jane is unbending about moving out, despite Eileen's pleas. Carlo Lenzi (Joseph Furst) is unimpressed by Giovanni's business manner. Weppo tries to teach Edie the rules of Two Up, to Reg's horror. Vera and Guy argue about money. Laura plans a move.

939, 940. (8/3) Dudley and Arnold have reason to celebrate while Don reacts with scorn and anger over Laura's decision. Jaja suggests a menage a trois with Giovanni and Dudley. Carlo and Arnold discuss the sale of the deli. Don and Phillip meet to clarify their relationships with Laura. Jane must decide what to do about the flat Gary has found her. Ian has decided to stay with Eileen. Arnold is persuaded to lease the deli. Eileen is distraught and Gary is excited. Ian has harsh words for Gary. Laura tells Phillip that Don is a homosexual. Edie has the Two Up bug. Larry has a disclosure to make: Guy killed his own best friend, not an enemy.

941, 942. (9/3) Carlo infuriates Giovanni. Debbie begins calling Ian "Dad". Weppo and Edie plan a secret rendezvous. Jaja moves out on Dudley, so Carlo offers her the use of Flat 2. Gary is angry over some accusations made by Jane and is warned off by both Weppo and Ian. Guy suffers a severe delayed reaction. Phillip and Laura have a problem to resolve. Arnold and Dudley argue over decor, but agree to flat together. Dorrie overhears more than she should about the Two Up tournament. Phillip is concerned over the strange behaviour of the boys at Kennard House. Weppo tries to sound a warning. Reg gets himself arrested.

943, 944. (15/3) Reg has an explanation to make. Flo and Herb disagree with Dorrie. Confusion overtakes Edie, but she tries to help Reg. Vera faces a difficult situation.

945, 946. (16/3) Eileen has an important decision to make about Ian. Gary is placed in a strange situation. Guy is troubled and Vera is worried. Something has upset Debbie.

947, 948. (22/3) Debbie makes a disclosure about Guy which shocks Vera. Jaja has a problem and Reg is dismayed. Edie and Weppo have made a discovery, while Norma's plan may prove of assistance to Jaja.

949, 950. (23/3) A visitor brings news to Flat 7. Dudley has made Gary angry. Laura pays a visit. Vera confides in Carlo. Phillip is puzzled. Norma finds it impossible to remain calm about a situation. What has happened to Laura?

951, 952. (29/3) Something has angered Guy and Vera is determined to find the answer. Carlo has an admirer. Jaja changes her ways. Norma's stand gains Edie's support.

953, 954. (30/3) Dorrie's statement shocks Flo. Don agrees to help Phillip. Giovanni has developed a plan. Vera seeks Don's advice. Herb and Weppo carry on with a plan. Carlo outrages Giovanni.

955, 956. (5/4) Havoc breaks out following the opening of The Continental restaurant. Phillip's situation concerns him greatly. Arnold's decision shocks Dudley. Norma is furious. Terror mars Debbie's vacation.

957, 958. (6/4) Disaster strikes as Eileen and Ian are devoured by sharks. Carlo's advice is taken up by Dorrie. Dudley is determined to stand his ground. Flo puzzles Dorrie. Don tackles Phillip's problem. A visitor returns.

The Eileen/Ian storyline was written as a spoof on the classic motion picture, Jaws.


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