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Is Bev Houghton having an incestuous relationship with her crippled brother, Rod?

Will Salvadore Russo survive the gunshot wound inflicted by Gary Whittaker, Anna Maria's jealous husband?

Can Aldo Godolfus accept Roma Lubinski's marriage proposal?

Will Don Finlayson enter into a marriage of convenience with Sally Fielding?

Does Gordon Vansard survive the fiery car crash?

202. (8/1) Aldo and Roma's happiness cannot be shared with their neighbours. Tragedy has struck not only Gordon, Sonia and Yvonne, but Anna Maria, Salvadore and the Whittakers. But, while Salvadore has escaped with a flesh wound, Yvonne is dead and Gordon is in a coma. Aldo can't seem to change Arnold's mind about his new job at the supermarket.

The resolutions to the 1972 cliffhangers were rushed back to air too quickly for TV Times to announce the show's return. Instead, the magazine had advertised a string of movies: Never on Sunday, The Long Night, My Darling Clementine and The Piccadilly Incident, plus on the Wednesday, an episode of Love, American Style.

203. (9/1) Despite Bev's disapproval, Don and Sally seem to be compatible.

This plotline was novelised for the 1974 Arkon paperback, Marriage of Convenience.

204. (10/1) Jack's disappearance distresses Bev. When Claire comes to visit her and Rod, Bev admits just why Jack has left.

205. (11/1) Salvadore, now recovered from the gunshot wound, makes a decision not to press charges against Gary.

206. (12/1) Arnold cooks his test dinner, which is to be judged by Marion Carlton (Lorrae Desmond). He intends to ask her for advice: should he leave his job at the deli?

207. (15/1) Despite domestic bliss with Sally in Flat 4, Don's research into the local council reveals bad news for the tenants of Number 96.

208. (16/1) With Vera away for a few days, Terry gets on with her work, but the nature of this work would surprise Vera; Terry is a prostitute.

209. (17/1) Bev is dejected. Not only is Jack still missing, but her mother and brother are not easing the situation and then Don brings more bad news.

210. (18/1) In order to record some examples of natural dialogue for his novel, Les conceals a tape recorder in Herb's pocket, but the conversation between Dorrie and Herb is much more than Les anticipated.

211. (19/1) Les decides to make use of the Evans' taped conversation to surprise everyone with the news. However, before he can tell Norma, she completely floors him.

212. (22/1) Rod's plan works perfectly. Jack has stormed out for the second and final time.

213. (23/1) Alf makes an intriguing discovery when he spends the night at a wayside hotel during an interstate trip.

214. (24/1) Lucy's boss, Mr Thorburn, learns that Number 96 is to be demolished for future redevelopment. Later, he calls by the building with some interesting news for the residents.

215. (25/1) Bev has been convinced by Rod that she would be happier looking after him, so Jack decides to act constructively.

216. (26/1) Gordon's condition is unchanged, despite Sonia's daily visits to the hospital. A phone call informs her that Gordon has regained consciousness, but upon her arrival, there is some bad news.

217. (29/1) Terry does not approve of Vera's new boyfriend, Gilbert Dawson (Terence Cooper). Since Terry and Gil have a past history, she threatens to tell Vera about his probable intentions, but he retaliates in similar fashion.

218. (30/1) The Sutcliffes receive news from England which threatens to end Arnold's stay as a boarder in Flat 8.

219. (31/1) Don and Sally decide to make a public announcement of their engagement. They inform Bev and Jack first, who express their delight but what are their true feelings?

220. (1/2) The many new arrivals at Number 96 are proving very confusing for the residents, especially Aldo.

221. (2/2) Arnold plans to be more knowledgeable for his next encounter with Marion, so he does some reading - sex manuals, not cook books!

222. (5/2) Irving Lubinski (Bill Riley) has settled back in Australia, but life in America seems to have altered many of his plans for the future. Aldo worries about Roma's reaction.

223. (6/2) Sally asks Sonia for her opinion on Bev's reaction to their chat, at the same time relieving Sonia's loneliness for a time.

224. (7/2) Irving reacts negatively to his mother's plan to marry Aldo.

225. (8/2) Arnold suffers through his first chaotic night with the Whittakers in Flat 5.

226. (9/2) A misunderstanding with a client of their prospering baby-sitting venture causes Dorrie to vent her anger on Herb.

227. (12/2) More comings and goings at Number 96: Alf's domineering mother (Neva Carr Glyn) arrives from England and Aldo is rushed away in an ambulance.

228. (13/2) An old friend of Don's, Paul Mathews (David Whitford), pays a visit. Sally reacts badly; is she jealous or has she realised that she has made a grave mistake?

229. (14/2) Arnold is again running the deli single-handedly. Aldo is still very ill and Roma is too worried about him to work in the shop.

230. (15/2) Gil's actions should reveal his true motives to Vera, but is she looking for any? The relationship shared by Don and Sally is also undergoing some changes; are they still "just good friends"?

231. (16/2) Irving wants Roma to assume another surname, Lewis, so that he can improve their status, both socially and financially.

232. (19/2) Dorrie and Herb live to regret their good intentions regarding the situation between Alf's mother and Lucy. Arnold has some good news for the other residents.

233. (20/2) Vera has great news and, even when Jack expresses his doubts, nothing can disturb her happiness.

234. (21/2) The Evans' introduction to organic food, a legacy from Georgina's visit several months earlier, creates a strange effect when Dorrie uses some for lunch two days in a row.

Georgina had left behind a potted marijuana plant.

235. (22/2) Romance with Miss Robyn Ross (Carolle Lea, aka Carlotta) is blooming for Arnold, but Aldo and Roma are sick of hearing about his infatuation. Roma must also prepare herself to meet Irving's fiancee.

236. (23/2) Terry goes to Don for advice because she is worried about Vera's safety when she is with Gil. Her fears are well founded; Gil makes a strategic departure after inviting a business associate, Warren Davis (John Faassen) to dinner.

237. (26/2) Roma meets Irving's intended bride, Samantha Vanderhum (Jinx Huber) and is left in a turmoil. Should she tell her son about her true feelings?

238. (27/2) Arnold is the latest victim of the so-called poltergeist! Sonia also uncovers a mystery: someone has been rummaging through the poisons cupboard.

239. (28/2) Dorrie and Herb's liberty is under threat. It is up to Don to free them, and he is confident that he can, but Dorrie is preparing for the worst.

240. (1/3) Sally cannot attend Paul's party because she has had to travel to Melbourne. However, it gives Don the chance to see another side to Paul's character. How will Don tell Sally of some newfound feelings?

241. (2/3) Aldo finally stands up to Roma's son, setting a firm condition to which Irving must agree. Irving will not be able to conceal his true name from Samantha for much longer.

242. (5/3) Arnold continues to take his relationship with Robyn very seriously, but Robyn regards him merely as a friend. Terry adds a new dimension to the situation when she sees Robyn holding a hypodermic syringe.

243. (6/3) Irving insists that he discuss Roma and Aldo's wedding plans with them at his apartment, but then Irving has some explaining to do about how the flat was purchased.

244. (7/3) Lucy's mother-in-law problems are worsening. Now Mrs Sutcliffe Sr is planning to stay with Alf and Lucy permanently.

245. (8/3) Sally finds it hard to hide her feelings from Don about his friendship with Paul.

246. (9/3) At last, Arnold introduces his beloved Robyn to the tenants of Number 96. She makes quite an impression on Aldo, Roma and the Whittakers.

247. (12/3) Robyn proves to be not the woman Arnold thought she was, shattering Arnold's self-esteem.

She's really a he, played by the infamous Carlotta of Les Girls, a fact which was even kept from most of the cast until the last minute.

248. (13/3) Jim Sutcliffe is back from Perth, seeking his wife and son. He discovers that Noelene is staying with another man and Jim resolves to get her and Sebastian back.

249. (14/3) Roma's wedding trousseau is missing; the phantom thief has struck again. Exasperated, Dorrie calls a meeting of all tenants in her flat.

250. (15/3) An accidental discovery in the Whittaker family tree designates Les as an earl. He has a new brainwave, but it creates a unique problem; after all, earls don't work as hospital orderlies.

251. (16/3) Sally fails in her attempt to break up Paul and Don. They return to Flat 4 to hear her version of events.

252. (19/3) Dorrie and Herb are waiting for Flo to arrive so the three of them can head off to the Senior Citizens' harbour cruise. However, a phone call reminds them of a baby-sitting appointment for the same day.

253. (20/3) With Aldo and Roma away for a few days, Arnold is left in charge of the deli. However, Aldo still has the key to the night safe, causing headaches for Arnold who has two days' takings to look after and there is still a thief in the building.

 254. (21/3) Vera is unsuspecting when Bev invites Gil into Flat 6 while Jack is at the races. Meanwhile, Vera is left to contend with Claire and her whims.

255. (22/3) Strange things keep happening in Number 96 and one of the tenants is suspected. An unexpected guest drops in on Bev.

256. (23/3) Sonia's traumatic past brings to the surface an inner self. This worries the new pharmacist, Brian Banerjee (Beverley Roberts). He and Don try to make her face reality.

257. (26/3) Don and Paul were expecting an adverse reaction to their relationship from Sally, but her acceptance of it throws a new light on the situation.

258. (27/3) Jack and Vera notice the seesaw effect of Sonia's condition; she is drifting further into fantasy. In the pharmacy, Brian is coping well until the arrival of a cable from his parents in India. Brian must return to his homeland immediately.

259. (28/3) Salvadore has told Anna Maria about Gil's Mafia connections and now Anna Maria feels that Vera should be informed.

260. (29/3) Jack organises the residents into shifts to look after Sonia, but she remains oblivious to their presence and suffers a relapse.

261. (30/3) Arnold Feather is the hapless victim of Dorrie's gossip mongering when she overhears a discussion between Sir Arnold Ashton and Sally.


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1972, 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977.

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