Number 96 Annotated Character Guide (cont.)

Celia PALMER, the estranged wife of David, who is "old enough to be his mother" - and seems to enjoy allowing people to assume she is his mother! Celia tracks down David to Number 96 and when her affections are rebuffed, she attempts suicide by slashing her wrists in his bathroom. Portrayed by Margaret Christensen.

Cheryl PALMER, the fantasy "wife" of David, a character invented to deflect attention from Celia, his true wife of six years.

David PALMER, a handsome film director/writer who shares Flat 6 with his assistant, Grace Primrose. David becomes embroiled in a drug-running scam run by Louis Spiro, but is pronounced a hero following Spiro's arrest. His wife, Celia, turns up from his past but, as she is many years his senior, he passes her off as his "mother". To escape an ironclad contract, David produces an amateurish TV commercial for Ninotchka Vodka using the Number 96 residents. David and his girlfriend, Jaja Gibson, are kidnapped by the Mafia. Jaja escapes but David is killed when the car in which he is trapped is driven over a cliff. Portrayed by Vince Martin.

Maria PANUCCI, wife of the late Leichhardt fruiterer, Umberto. Maria is the interfering aunt of Giovanni Lenzi, who comes to live with him behind the deli at Number 96. When the wine bar is converted into a disco, she organises to serve bistro meals from the deli. She is a very religious woman and worries about Giovanni's sexual exploits. Attracted, for a time, to both Arnold and Chook Feather, Maria eventually finds happiness with Luigi Vezzula, the patriarch of a rival family. Portrayed by Arianthe Galani.

Dennis PARKER, Dorrie and Herb Evans' "clean freak" son-in-law, who makes their lives a fumigation nightmare when he visits from Melbourne. Portrayed by Ron Blanchard.

Joan PARKER, the mentally unstable daughter of Dorrie and Herb Evans, and the wife of Dennis. Portrayed by Judith Fisher.

Mike PARSONS, a ruggedly handsome lawyer colleague (and rival) of Don Finlayson, who was set to move into Flat 4 as a boarder. However, when he learns of Don's homosexuality, he attempts to blackmail him for a better position at work. Portrayed by Patrick Ward.

Arthur PARTRIDGE, a loquacious friend of Flo Patterson, he has a pet cockatoo, Cooky, and a fascination for model train sets and long-winded anecdotes. Dorrie puts Arthur to work creating the Sunshine Patio in the backyard of Number 96. Portrayed by Gordon Glenwright.

Doctor Alistair PASCAL, a bisexual psychiatrist who treats Don Finlayson and (supposedly) believes that he can cure Don of his homosexuality. Portrayed by Raymond Duparc.

Mrs PASCAL, the long-suffering wife of Alistair. Portrayed by Judy Ferris.

Florence PATTERSON MAINWARING, the friend, confidante and often rival of Dorrie Evans, who moves into Flat 3 with Mr Perky, her pet budgie, after Flo's Paradise Street residence is burnt out. Flo is the widow of the late Eric, and has a selfish, lazy daughter, Raylene Shackleton, who lives in Mittagong. Flo takes a part-time job as a cleaner at Norma's Bar and is befriended by the Baroness Amanda Von Pappenburg. For a time, Flo is married to the late Sir William Mainwaring, but she finds it difficult to play the role of a Point Piper society matron. Portrayed by Bunney Brooke.

Mr PERKY, the pet budgerigar of Flo Patterson. Mr Perky is quite talkative, his most common phrase after moving into Flat 3 being "Why wasn't I told?" His death, during Flo and Sir William Mainwaring's honeymoon, involves several residents in an attempted cover-up of the truth. Portrayed by Himself.

Mr PERKY II, the replacement budgie bought by Dorrie and Herb Evans. They decide to tell Lady Flo Mainwaring the truth about the original's death when the only phrase the new bird can utter is "Hello Sexy, drop your knickers". Portrayed by Himself.

Oswald P. PIPER, the loud, ocker head of an advertising agency, OP Piper Promotions, who offers Reg MacDonald a lucrative offer to join his company after Reg accidentally clinches a large account with Tyman Tyres. Ozzie is a former entertainer and an old friend of Trixie O'Toole. Portrayed by John Ewart.

Bert POLLOCK, a local leader of the Communist Party, who signs up an unwary Edie MacDonald and then refuses to remove her name from the roll of members when her husband's upcoming knighthood is put in doubt.

PONSONBY, the deceased pet cat of Flo Patterson, which was killed during a fire in her Paradise Street residence. Dorrie accidentally disposes of the cat's ashes. R.I.P.

Mr PORESKI, an underworld figure who believes the Sutcliffes know too much about him after his wallet is left in Alf's taxi. A parcel bomb sent to Flat 8 explodes, causing the amputation of Arnold Feather's leg. Portrayed by Tim Eliott.

Sir Montague PORTER, Rod Houghton's doctor. Portrayed by John Faassen.

Phyllis PRATT, an accident prone shop assistant who terrorises Aldo Godolfus when she comes to work in his deli. She attempts to prevent her daughter, Pandora Scott, from marrying Tom Lloyd, but soon takes a new husband of her own: "Spider". Portrayed by Moya O'Sullivan.

Grace "Prim" PRIMROSE, a tall, attractive production assistant and colleague of David Palmer who captures the attention of Miles Cooper. When work is scarce, Prim takes a job as a waitress at Norma's Bar. After David's mysterious disappearance, she moves into Flat 7 with Vera Collins. It is revealed that Prim's father is faded Hollywood actor, Trevor Banks. Portrayed by Pamela Gibbons.

Mr PRIOR, the American father of Rosemary. Portrayed by Brian Adams.


Doctor Mike PURCELL, Fay Chandler's employer, with whom she has an extramarital affair.

Father QUINN, Maria Pannucci's parish priest.

Peter RAIKES, a desperate criminal who hides out in Flat 3 with Kyley, holding Dorrie Evans and Debbie Chester hostage. Portrayed by John Paramor.

Kevin RAMSEY, a young and good-looking homosexual friend of Don Finlayson. Portrayed by Robert Brockman.

Prue RHEINGOLD, the dizzy Point Piper socialite daughter of Ozzie and Rita, oft-mentioned friends of Claire Houghton and Jack Sellars. Prue briefly takes a job at Norma's Bar, but is ill-suited for the work. Portrayed by Camilla Rowntree.

Dick RIGGS, a supposedly reformed ex criminal and acquaintance of Cain Carmichael. Dick proposes to Flo Patterson in the hope of getting close to the riches of her friend, the Baroness Amanda Von Pappenburg. Dick abandons Flo at the altar. Portrayed by Colin Taylor.

Doctor RILEY, a local GP who is prepared to sell his business to a newly-reinstated Gordon Vansard. Portrayed by Raymond Duparc.

Emma ROBINSON, the plain, manic-depressive daughter of Meg Robinson. Emma is studying at university and avoids contact with most people, but she is brought out of her shell by Hope Jackson. Portrayed by Lorna Leslie.

Meg ROBINSON, the no-nonsense proprietor of Megaphone, a Petersham-based switchboard message service. Meg takes on Hope Jackson as an operator, which causes her both regret and gratitude. Portrayed by June Salter.

RODNEY, long-time partner of Adrian. Rodney and Adrian befriend Edie MacDonald and show her the sights of Oxford Street, Darlinghurst. Portrayed by Alan Faulkner.

Robyn ROSS, a friend of Terry Sanford who becomes involved with Arnold Feather. When it is revealed that Robyn is actually a transsexual, Arnold is horrified. Portrayed by Carolle Lea (aka Carlotta).


RUDI, the only surviving ex-husband of Amanda Von Pappenburg. He assumes that, after her latest husband's death, she is very wealthy and he covets her fortune, attempting a ruse with an Amanda look-alike, Claudine. Portrayed by Kev Golsby.

Salvadore RUSSO, an Italian friend of Anna Maria Whittaker. Her in-laws worry that husband Gary will interpret the friendship as an affair, which ultimately occurs, with Salvadore suffering a gunshot wound. Salvadore and Anna Maria eventually return to Italy to marry and start a family. Portrayed by John Serge.

SANDRA, Mayor Gough's nubile young mistress, whom he passes off as his daughter. Portrayed by Peta Peter.

Terry SANFORD, a flatmate of Vera Collins, who is revealed to be a call girl with Mafia connections. Portrayed by Bernadette Hughson.

Vernon SAVILLE, the hypnotherapist boss of Karen Winters, who treats both Vera Collins (forher nicotine addiction) and Bev Houghton (for her sexual problems). He is later revealed to be part of a black magic coven. Portrayed by Alistair Duncan.

Millicent SCOTT, the estranged sister of Phyllis Pratt and the guardian of Pandora Scott, Phyllis's daughter. Portrayed by Brenda Gayle.

Pandora SCOTT, the wayward, teenaged daughter of Phyllis Pratt, who was raised by an aunt, Millie. Pandora shocks her mother with plans to marry. Portrayed by Jennifer Cluff.

Wally SCOTT, Mick Milligan's friend. Portrayed by Peter Corbett.

Otto SCHILLER, a distinguished German suitor of the Baroness Amanda Von Pappenburg. Otto pursues her to Sydney, but is really after her vast inheritance. Portrayed by Alfred Sandor.

Hans SCHMIDT, Vera Collins' muscular "cleaning lady" and male masseur. Hans is a bodybuilder who learned to speak English while working alongside Australian wharfies, hence his salty language. A typical greeting would be, "You getting any?". Portrayed by Horst Pladdies.

Tanya SCHNOLSKEVITSKA, a beautiful, dark-haired Russian woman with a secret past who just might be a spy. She takes a job in the deli, working for Freda Fuller. Tanya falls in love with Andy Marshall, but is heartbroken when he returns to his wife. Dropping her phony accent, she takes a job as a waitress in Norma's Bar, sharing Flat 6 with Miles Cooper. Miles discovers that Tanya she is actually an American; her real surname being Prior. Tanya is eventually revealed to be Rosemary Prior, and her boyfriend, Clark Harvey, and her father track down her whereabouts. Portrayed by Natalie Mosco.

Jack SELLARS, a playboy entrepreneur and sometime SP bookkeeper, he becomes a part-owner of Number 96 and is responsible for the establishment of Norma's Bar. He romances both Janie Somers and Bev Houghton and has a long relationship with the latter. Later, he is involved with Helen Sheridan (who aborts his unborn child), Diana Moore and Vera Collins. Reunited with Helen, he starts a new life in Paris. Don Finlayson and Maggie Cameron remain the active partners in his company and he returns briefly to unmask Maggie Cameron as the Mad Bomber. Portrayed by Tom Oliver.

SERENA, Claire Houghton's pet poodle. Portrayed by Herself.

Raylene SHACKLETON, of Mittagong, Flo Patterson's stubborn, whining and selfish daughter who strongly disapproves of Flo's intended marriage to Dick Riggs. Raylene eventually produces a grandchild for Flo. Portrayed by Robina Beard.

Tyrone SHACKLETON, the hen-pecked husband of Raylene and a ham radio fanatic. Portrayed by James Bowles.

Adam SHAW, the handsome, young pianist at Norma's Bar who becomes Vera Collins' lover. Marilyn MacDonald and Maggie Cameron try unsuccessfully to seduce him. Taking the opportunity to study music in Stutgart, Adam and Vera depart Number 96, but a sad Vera returns alone. Portrayed by Julian Rockett.

Paul SHELDON, a supposed friend of Chook Feather, who is secretly the leader of the bikie gang terrorising Giovanni Lenzi. He is killed when he rides his bike through a wall of fire after kidnapping and torturing Chook. Portrayed by David Foster.

Elissa SHERIDAN, Helen and Jill's mentally unstable mother. Helen had originally been told that her mother had died not long after giving birth to Jill. When Helen brings her from the mental home to live in Jack Sellars' penthouse, Elissa attempts to kill Jack several times. She eventually suicides, implicating Helen in her death. Portrayed by Betty Dyson.

Helen SHERIDAN SELLARS, a staunch feminist and the manager of the Cosmopolitan restaurant. Helen falls for Jack Sellars and becomes pregnant to him. She decides to abort the child when her sister, Jill, exposes her to German measles. Helen also worries she has inherited her mother's mental problems, jilting Jack at the registry office and retreating to a Catholic convent. Later, Vera Collins brings the couple together again and they relocate to Paris and start a family. Portrayed by Carmen Duncan; Jill Forster.

Jill SHERIDAN, the very promiscuous, younger sister of Helen, who has romantic entanglements with Tim Grose (her director in a blue movie), Arnold Feather, Harry Collins and a priest, Father David O'Brien. As a three-day old baby, Jill narrowly escaped being smothered with a pillow by her mentally-unstable mother. After living at Number 96 with Helen, Jill returns to her hometown of Wilcannia, and history repeats itself: Jill gives birth to a baby girl, smothers it three days later, and is committed to a mental hospital for treatment. Later, she becomes a nun. Portrayed by Candida (Candy) Raymond.

Mr SHERIDAN, the troubled husband of Elissa and the father of Helen and Jill. Portrayed by Tom Farley.

Detective Sergeant SHORT, the policeman in charge of the Pantyhose Murders investigation, who was netted (literally) by Les Whittaker's strangler trap. Portrayed by Ken Fraser.

Elsie SHRIMPTON, the (unfit) mother of young twins, Freda and Benny, who gives her babies gin to keep them quiet. Elsie and her husband are involved in a brawl at Duddles on the night of Hope Jackson's farewell performance, and later become the new tenants of Flat 5 when Reg MacDonald decides to move to a suburb more in keeping with his upcoming knighthood. Portrayed by Rita Ryder.

Fred SHRIMPTON, Elsie's seedy husband, a butcher from Tempe, who is eventually arrested by a Federal police officer for 15 charges of defrauding the government. Portrayed by Ray Meagher.

Frank "Weppo" SMITH, a Paddington Council garbage collector, with a love for Shakespeare. Weppo becomes a boarder at the MacDonald's and later takes over as chef at Norma's Bar. Under his trainer, Gary Wittaker, Weppo starts a career as a professional boxer named "The Masked Bard". For a brief time he is also Norma Whittaker's fiance. Portrayed by Roger Ward.

George SNOW, the elderly grandfather of Penny.

Penny SNOW, a young squatter who temporarily makes use of Number 96's vacant Flat 6 with a school colleague, Colin Campbell. Her mother, Trixie O'Toole, eventually moves into the building, but Penny breaks contact with her. Years later, Edie MacDonald attempts to impersonate the missing Penny, to help Trixie to dupe George Snow, by dressing in a school uniform. Portrayed by Bethany Lee.

Janie SOMERS, a close friend and flatmate of Bev Houghton. An up and coming actress, one of her first roles is as understudy to Gloria Gould in a controversial play, The Rainbow Trap. She becomes briefly involved with producer Alex Lederer and then competes with Bev over the love of Jack Sellars. Janie's boyfriend, Alan Cotterell gets her a job in a touring acting troupe. Portrayed by Robyn Gurney.

Anne SPENCER, a pretty young woman who accuses Gordon Vansard of having butchered her during an illegal abortion. Don Finlayson becomes involved with Anne to test her sincerity. Portrayed by Lynda Keane.

Louis SPIRO, the sleazy film producer with underworld connections, who interviews Dudley Butterfield about appearing in a pornographic movie. Louis attempts to involve David Palmer in his drug courier operation. Portrayed by Jeff Ashby.

STELLA, also known as "Mad" Stella, the kidnapper of little Emma Sutcliffe. Portrayed by Anne Charleston.

Cliff STEVENS, a nasty bikie who seems to have a powerful hold over Rose Godolfus. Cliff assaults Mark Eastwood and introduces Rose to marijuana and sex orgies. He is briefly involved with Maggie Cameron, who supposedly wants to use him as swimsuit model. Later, he is revealed as the instigator of a prolonged vendetta against Aldo Godolfus, which he plotted from gaol with the help of Cain Carmichael. Portrayed by Vincent Gil.

Sharon STEVENS, the biker's moll wife of Cliff. Portrayed by Mirren Lee.


Claude STRAUSS, an acquaintance of Aldo Godolfus, who claims to have had similar war experiences in Europe, but Roma Lubinski recognises him to be a Nazi war criminal, who ordered the deaths of her parents during the Holocaust. Portrayed by Alexander Archdale.

Gemma STRAUSS, the wife of Claude. Portrayed by Hilda Scurr.

Bill SUMNER, the real father of Marilyn MacDonald. When Marilyn discovers the truth about her adoption, she tracks him down and briefly moves out of Flat 5 to be with him. Portrayed by Alan Tobin.

Ingrid SUMNER-SPRING, a woman Herb Evans meets on the cruise which he won on a TV quiz game. After Dorrie leaves the cruise early, Ingrid tries to seduce him. Portrayed by Faye Hastings.

Alf SUTCLIFFE, the disgruntled, middle-aged English immigrant husband of Lucy. He and Lucy have a son, Jim, and a daughter, Ethel Brinkman. A resident of Flat 8, he pines for his former life in England and corresponds with his sister, Lily, who still lives there. While Lucy is on holiday, he invites Arnold Feather to move in as a boarder. Alf has various jobs including truck and taxi driving before moving his family to Perth. Portrayed by James Elliott.

Emma SUTCLIFFE, Lucy's change-of-life baby, born on the evening of the fatal deli bomb blast. Emma is briefly kidnapped by a woman suffering a mental condition, but is safely returned to her parents. Portrayed by Herself.

Jim SUTCLIFFE, the son of Alf and Lucy, ex-husband of Noelene and father of young Sebastian. Jim lives in Perth. Portrayed by Brendon Lunney.

Lucy SUTCLIFFE, the wife of Alf, who runs the local laundrette for Mr Thorburn. Her best friend is her next-door neighbour, Vera Collins. Lucy undergoes numerous near-tragedies including suspected breast cancer and a bout of temporary blindness, which was brought on after an assault in the laundrette. She almost leaves Alf for Tom Bartlett. Thinking she is suffering the change-of-life, Lucy is stunned to discover that she is pregnant. Don Finlayson, of Flat 4, agrees to swap flats with the Sutcliffes to make it easier to take her baby up and down the stairs of Number 96. Portrayed by Elisabeth Kirkby.

Mrs SUTCLIFFE, Alf's domineering mother who comes to visit, displacing Arnold Feather from his room and upsetting Lucy at every opportunity. She eventually moves to Perth to help her grandson, Jim, to care for Sebastian. Portrayed by Neva Carr Glyn.

Noelene Chester SUTCLIFFE, the spoiled, sulky wife of Jim who taunts him about having to work for her father's company. She eventually divorces him. Portrayed by Penne Hackforth-Jones.

Guy SUTTON, the amiable racing car driver who sweeps Vera Collins off her feet, rescuing her from Warwick Thompson. For a time, he is unable to race due to memories of an accident which killed a colleague. Guy and Vera marry and he eventually takes her to live in Europe. Portrayed by Peter Whitford.

Mr SWAIN, a client of Bev Houghton's. Portrayed by Fred Betts.

Duncan SWANN, a bikie friend of Paul Sheldon, who is caught attempting to murder Giovanni Lenzi while disguised as a Catholic priest. He is killed when bitten by a funnelweb spider planted in his gaol cell by Paul. Portayed by Ken Shorter.

TANK, Portrayed by Kevin Howard.

Bruce TAYLOR, a professional photographer, is having an adulterous affair with his boss, Maggie Cameron. Bruce is a tenant of Flat 5, which he shares with Don Finlayson, later revealed to be Bruce's lover. Bev Houghton poses nude for Bruce's photo portfolio, oblivious to his and Don's relationship. After leaving Number 96, he lives in Canada for a year. Returning to Sydney, he becomes romantically involved with Bev and is implicated in her untimely death. Portrayed by Paul Weingott.

Scott TAYLOR, originally a secretary to Trevor Banks, Scotty has been the actor's manager in Hollywood for fifteen years. He is the only supporter Trevor has left. Portrayed by Robert Davis.

Susan TEMPLE, a university friend of Miles Cooper who allows him to believe that she is pregnant with his child. Portrayed by Debbie Baile.

Mrs TERRY, the local bowling president.

Barry TETT, a homosexual client of Don Finlayson's, who was introduced to him by Graham Fletcher. Portrayed by Spencer Whiteby.

THERESA, a school friend of Debbie Chester, who is responsible for supplying her with drugs. Theresa eventually introduces Debbie to heroin, daring her to try it. Portrayed by Julianne Newbould.

Graham THOMPSON, a private patient of Patti Feather's, who gives her an engraved bracelet.

Muriel THOMPSON, ²the bitchy, socialite wife of Warwick and the mother of his children, Caroline and Simon, Muriel fights Vera Collins for Warwick's attention. A surfing accident makes her a paraplegic, but Warwick is reluctant to lose Vera. Portrayed by Rowena Wallace.

Warwick THOMPSON, the handsome businessman who goes into partnership with Vera Collins in the fashion salon, The House of Danielle. Despite his wife's objections, he conducts a stormy affair with Vera Collins, leading Vera to believe that Muriel approves of the relationship. Warwick attempts to kidnap Vera when she announces her plans to leave for Europe with Guy Sutton. Portrayed by Kit Taylor.

Mr THORBURN, the laundrette franchise owner who gives Lucy a job as manageress. Portrayed by Reg Evans.

Laura TRENT WHITTAKER, Jack Sellar's solicitor and, later, a business partner and flatmate of Don Finlayson. After a reunion with her former boyfriend, Phillip Chambers, and a brief fling with Lee Chandler, she takes up with Gary Whittaker and eventually moves to England with him when he inherits a House of Lords position in the British aristocracy. Portrayed by Mary-Ann Severne (Szeps).

TRIXIE, a tarty woman whom Herb Evans befriends at the pub and whom Dorrie suspects of prostitution; a companion of George Baker and the equally tarty Babs. Portrayed by Noeline Brown.

Claude TUFFNELL, an old school friend and heart-throb of both Dorrie Evans and Flo Patterson. He is invited to stay in Flat 3, which causes Herb Evans to move out in protest. However, Dorrie and Flo are horrified to find that Claude has "let himself go" over the years. Portrayed by Noel Brophy.

Mr TYMAN, the impatient owner of Tyman Tyres, who engages Reg MacDonald as his advertising guru during Reg's brief stint with O. P. Piper Promotions. Portrayed by Kenneth Laird.

Samantha VANDERHUM, the fiance of Irving Lubinski. Portrayed by Jinx Huber.

Doctor Gordon VANSARD, the pharmacist who arrives at Number 96 posing as the brother of Sonia Freeman, but is revealed to be her de facto husband. Vera Collins recognises him to be a convicted abortionist, now freed from gaol. Gordon was implicated as the murderer of his estranged wife, Sylvia, who had refused him a divorce. He is then harassed by both his eldest son, Kit, and his sister-in-law, Daphne Bryant, who still blame him for Sylvia's death. Anne Spencer claims that Gordon had recently aborted her baby, but it is also part of Daphne's ruse. Although he marries Sonia, he discovers that he is infertile and, therefore, not his boys' true father. Gordon begins an affair with Yvonne Marette, which culminates in a tragic car crash. After several days in a coma, Gordon succumbs to his injuries. Portrayed by Joe James.

Kit VANSARD, the manipulative elder son of Gordon and brother of Martin, Kit blames his father for the death of Sylvia Vansard and aims to break up Gordon and Sonia's relationship. Moving to England to study at university, he convinces his aunt, Daphne Bryant, that Sylvia was murdered. Portrayed by Denny Lawrence.

Sylvia VANSARD, who made family life unbearable for Gordon after her conversion to Catholicism, then refused to grant him a divorce. She suicides in Flat 1, using drugs taken from Gordon and Sonia's shop, to implicate them in her death. Sylvia has an identical twin sister, Daphne Bryant. Portrayed by Shirley Cameron.

Glanda VASSELINE, the dippy secretary of O. P. Piper. Portrayed by Lorna Leslie.

John VERNON, Harry Collins' contact from Alcoholics Anonymous and a colleague of Marie Crowther. Portrayed by Harry Lawrence.

Christina VETTARE, a blonde Italian woman who moves into Flat 5 as a boarder, but is eventually revealed to have knowledge of Carlo Lenzi's secret past in Europe. Portrayed by Karen Petersen.

BENITO VEZZULA, a young member of the feuding Vezzula family who works with Giovanni Lenzi to put an end to their troubles.

JANINE VEZZULA, a young woman who is forced upon Giovanni Lenzi as a result of Maria Panucci's matchmaking. Portrayed by Delores Ernst.

LUIGI VEZZULA, an old acquaintance of Maria Panucci, who declares a family vendetta with the Lenzis when a planned marriage between Janine Vezzula and Giovanni Lenzi takes too long to occur. After the rivalry is calmed, Luigi shows that he is a master of practical jokes, with Giovanni usually the hapless target. He eventually proposes marriage to Maria and whisks her away from Number 96, much to Giovanni's delight. Portrayed by Franco Valentino.

Baroness Amanda VON PAPPENBURG, the zany jet-setting, oft-married aunt of Don Finlayson, who moves into Flat 4 and encourages his relationship with Dudley Butterfield. All of her husbands, except one, met with grisly deaths and most left her large sums of money, although a dispute of Max Von Pappenburg's will leaves her temporarily penniless. She befriends Flo Patterson and takes her on a disastrous trip to Hawaii. On another visit to Number 96, her "Aunty Mame" antics and immense wealth attract the attentions of Otto Schiller, Dick Riggs and even an ex-husband, Rudi, who all attempt to relieve Amanda of her latest inheritance. She settles in Heidelberg and is visited by Don when he believes he has only months to live. Portrayed by Carol Raye.

Peter WALLACE, the solicitor of Sir William Mainwaring, who discovers the unconscious Don Finlayson, locked in a garage and suffocating from carbon monoxide poisoning.

George WALPOLE, a producer and talent scout of Mardi Gras Records, who catches Grant Chandler's singing on a bad night. Portrayed by Mark Marinato.

Jock WALPOLE, a scruffy newspaper journalist whose astrology charts, written under the pseudonym of "Madame Zenda", are followed avidly by Edie MacDonald. When Edie is hospitalised following dire tea leaf predictions of her own death, Jock is brought in to meet her. Edie is shattered to discover that Zenda is male. Portrayed by Brian Wenzel.

Mike WALSH, the compere of a well-known television chat show, who interviews Dorrie Evans and Weppo Smith about the Paddington garbage strike. Portrayed by Himself.

Wesley WALTON, an unsuccessful suitor of Marilyn MacDonald, he resembles a younger version of her father, Reg. Portrayed by Chris King.

Mandy WARD, a girlfriend of Grant Chandler whom he met while in Queensland when both had come under the influence of The Master, an evil drug lord. When she arrives at Number 96, Mandy has a brief affair with Giovanni Lenzi. Portrayed by Ingrid Mason.

Sister WARREN, Les Whittaker's supervisor at the hospital where he works as a ward orderly.

Bunty WATKINS, a rich friend of Jack Sellars.

Noel WATKINS, Bunty's husband.

WEBSTER, the lost puppy taken in, against regulations in their lease, by Les and Norma Whittaker. They struggle to hide the animal from Dorrie Evans. Upon his escape, Webster is taken in by Dorrie herself and rechristened "Rover". When the real owner is finally located, the puppy's real name is revealed to be...: "Stinky"! Portrayed by Himself.

Miss Wendy, Dorrie's hairdresser.

Andrew WHITTAKER, the bearded Scottish Earl MacCraddonow and widower of the late Myrtle. Andrew accepts the transfer of the family title from his identical half-brother, Les, in good faith and repairs the family castle with his wife's money. However, Lord Andrew is forced to sell up to a Texan millionaire, who takes the castle, brick by brick, to America as a tourist attraction. After Les's death, Andrew comes to Sydney, moving in with Dorrie and Herb Evans as a boarder. Eventually, he confesses that, legally, the title was inherited by his nephew, Gary. He departs Sydney with his sister-in-law, Norma, to take up a position as the castle tour guide in Texas. Portrayed by Gordon McDougall.

Anna Maria WHITTAKER RUSSO, the fiery Italian bride of Gary Whittaker, who comes to stay with her in-laws, Les and Norma, in the weeks leading up to Gary's departure from the army. Her authentic Italian cooking has distrous effects on Norma's attempts to diet. She is unhappy in her marriage and is consoled by Salvadore Russo, whom Gary tries to kill during a fit of anger. After divorcing Gary, she returns to Italy with Salvadore, but maintains contact with Norma. Portrayed by Rosalba Verrucci.

Gary WHITTAKER, the only son of Les and Norma, he makes several extended visits with his family. His first marriage, to Anna Maria, is short-lived, due mainly to his short temper. Gary is romanced by Marilyn MacDonald for a time. Returning to Number 96 after his father's death, Gary has a dangerous liaison with Liz Feather. He attempts to assassinate Maggie Cameron for causing the death of his father, but is prevented from doing so by Don Finlayson. Sexual impotence is a recurring problem for Gary. Inheriting his father's title of the Earl MacCraddonow, Lord Gary attracts the attentions of Laura Trent, who agrees to marry him and immigrate to England. Portrayed by Mike Ferguson.

Les WHITTAKER, the bumbling but well-meaning husband of Norma. Moving into Flat 5, they take in Anna Maria, the wife of their son, Gary. Les was a hospital orderly and a part-time inventor of devices such as the Wine-o-matic, for which he was granted a patent. With Norma, Les moves into Flat 1 to live behind their wine bar. Not all of his inventions were successful and they usually caused havoc for the residents of Number 96. Many of these scams involved Herb Evans and Alf Sutcliffe. Les was killed in the deli bomb blast and pronounced a hero. Portrayed by Gordon McDougall.

Norma WHITTAKER, the barmaid wife of Les and later the manager of Norma's Bar. Frustrated by her husband's constant stream of inventions and crazy schemes, Norma is almost tempted into having an affair with Gilbert Barton during a wine-tasting tour of the Hunter Valley. After her husband's death, she is briefly engaged to Weppo Smith but eventually departs for Texas with her Andrew Whittaker. Norma eventually returns to Number 96, taking over the management of the renamed wine bar, Duddles, after the sudden departure of Lee Chandler. Portrayed by Sheila Kennelly.

Doctor Harold WILKINSON, a psychiatrist friend of Don Finlayson, Harold moves into Flat 7 with his grandmother, Opal. Among his patients are Edie MacDonald, Miss Hemingway and Claire Houghton. He is frequently pursued by Marilyn MacDonald, but shows little interest in her. He is lured into a life-threatening trap by a former mental patient, Coral Fuller, but is saved by Don Finlayson and Derek Costa. Portrayed by Dave Allenby.

Lorelei WILKINSON, no relation to Harold or Opal, Lorelei was the naive blonde waitress at Norma's Bar who befriends Dudley Butterfield. Concerned about her limited vocabulary, she insists on learning the meaning of a new word every day, and often used them in daily conversation. Lorelei was a rival of Marilyn MacDonald, but less free with her sexual favours. Lorelei lived near Number 96, at Mrs Parallel's boarding house. Lorelei was the second victim of the Pantyhose Strangler. Portrayed by Josephine Knur.

Opal WILKINSON, the elderly widow of the late Cedric, Opal is known as "Gran" by several of the residents of Number 96. The grandmother of Harold, she varies her age to suit the circumstances and is usually very successful in a range of gambling pursuits. Portrayed by Nat Nixon.

Mr WILLOUGHBY, the boss of Don Finlayson and Mike Parsons, and the senior partner of the firm of solicitors known as Willoughby, Willoughby & Martin. When Mike attempts to blackmail Don over his sexuality, Mr Willoughby shows unexpected loyalty by cautioning Don but firing Mike. Portrayed by Gerry Duggan.


Peter WILSON, the violent, estranged husband of Tracey Wilson, who has several arguments with Arnold Feather when Tracey is boarding in Flat 6. Portrayed by Dennis Miller.

Tracey WILSON, the nursing colleague of Patti Feather who moves into Flat 6 to escape her violent marriage to Peter. She has an affair with Andy Marshall and appeared to have escaped death at the hands of the serial killer known as the Pantyhose Strangler. Eventually, she is revealed as to be the perpetrator herself. Thwarted from killing Marilyn MacDonald, Tracey escapes the police and suicides from a window of Flat 6. Among her victims were Lorelei Wilkinson and Patti. Portrayed by Chantal Contouri.

Karen WINTERS, Bev Houghton's flatmate, replacing Janie Somers. Karen works as a receptionist for Vernon Saville. She is later revealed to be a lesbian witch who is a part of a coven intent on exploiting Vera Collins and Bev at a black mass. Portrayed by Toni Lamond.

Herbert "Junior" WINTHROP, a gentle, child-like man who has been brought up thinking that Herb Evans is his long lost father. He comes to Sydney to be close to Herb and is taken under Dorrie's wing. Junior becomes romantically involved with Isobel Mainwaring. It is later proven that his real father was Herb's mate Shagger Stevens. Portrayed by Curt Jansen.

Adrian WOLFE, the artist who paints the infamous Goya-influenced portrait of Norma Whittaker which graces the wall of the pub in which she works as a barmaid. Norma posed for Adrian fully clothed, but the finished result infers otherwise. When Jack Sellars opens Norma's Bar, the painting becomes a permanent part of the new decor. Portrayed by Owen Weingott.

Mr WORMALD, the rector of Dorrie Evans' church. Portrayed by Roger Millis.

Roger WOTHERSPOON, a man with whom Dorrie is suspected of "gallivanting". Portrayed by Terry O'Neill.

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