Number 96 Annotated Character Guide (cont.)

Chad FARRELL, an African-American school teacher who flats with Mark Eastwood and, for a time, unsuccesfully courts Sonia Freeman; he is a victim of racism, both at Number 96 and in the workplace. Unable to find a job in Sydney, he relocates to Canberra to lecture at the university. Portrayed by Ronne Arnold.

Arnold FEATHER, an orphan, he comes to Number 96 as the original chef at Norma's Bar, but is wooed to work as manager of Aldo's deli by Roma Lubinski. He courts a series of romantic, with degrees of success, including Georgina Carter, Robyn Ross, Marion Carlton and Dorothy Dunlop. Arnold was often pursued by Marilyn MacDonald. A long-time boarder of the Sutcliffes in Flat 8, one of his legs is amputated after a terrorist's parcel bomb explodes. Arnold takes over the lease of Flat 6 and suffers through a rocky marriage to his former nurse, Patti Olsen, which ends tragically. Arnold inherits the deli after the death of Aldo Godolfus. Falling in love with Liz Chalmers, they marry, but she is plotting to kill him. He survives her scheme, goes into business with Dudley Butterfield and eventually marries Vicki Dawson. Portrayed by Jeff Kevin.

Charles "Chook" FEATHER, the long-lost, identical brother of Arnold, who has a quite opposite, ocker personality; he moves into Flat 6 while Arnold is competing in a sauce-making competition in Paris. He and Giovanni Lenzi are almost killed by a vengeful bikie gang. It is revealed that Chook was once engaged to Vicki Dawson, the mother of his child. Portrayed by Jeff Kevin.

Miss FEATHERSTONE, Edie MacDonald's tango teacher, who is, initially, assumed to be a new lesbian friend of Marilyn MacDonald. Portrayed by Diana Davidson.

Sally FIELDING FINLAYSON, the pregnant "marriage of convenience" bride of Don Finlayson, who was to bring him respectability and vice versa. She was expecting Sir Arnold Ashton's baby and, unable to cope with her predicament, Don's homosexuality and the return of his former partner, Paul Mathews, Sally took an overdose of sleeping pills. Don was prevented from rescuing her in time and Sally died before she could receive medical attention. Portrayed by Christina Danielle.

Carol FINLAYSON, an air hostess and Don's younger sister, who comes to stay with him during a difficult period she's having with her fiance, Brad Hilton. After commencing work as a waitress in Norma's Bar, Carol has an affair with Dudley Butterfield, Don's lover. Portrayed by Paula Duncan.

Donald FINLAYSON, Bruce Taylor's law student flatmate/lover. Don moves into Flat 4 when Mark Eastwood leaves Number 96. After graduating from university, Don has a series of homosexual relationships, several of which jeopardise his job and family. He is the nephew of both Sir Arnold Ashton and Baroness Amanda Von Pappenburg. He has a brief marriage to Sally Fielding. After working as a solicitor for Mr Willoughby, Don enters several business partnerships, first with Maggie Cameron and Jack Sellars and later with Laura Trent. Dudley Butterfield was his live-in lover for several years, but Don became frustrated by his partner's bisexual urges. Don agrees to swap flats with Alf and Lucy Sutcliffe when their child is due. Later flatmates include Rob Forsyth, with whom he has a brief relationship, Laura Trent and Derek Costa. Don becomes the legal guardian of Debbie Chester after her parents' deaths. Portrayed by Joe Hasham.

Ralph FINLAYSON, the elder, ocker brother of Don and Carol. After the Finlaysons' parents are killed in a plane crash, Ralph comes to visit Don from the country. He attempts to find work in Sydney to evade his troubled marriage to Ruth, but refuses to join a trade union. A romance with Vera Collins fizzles when his child becomes ill and Ralph has to return home. Portrayed by Max Cullen.

Lenny FISHER, a weedy and nervous employee of Norma's Bar. Shy around women, he befriends Debbie Chester. Lenny is ultimately unmasked as the dreaded Hooded Rapist. Portrayed by Terry Peck.

Doctor Julian FLAXMAN, a friend of Miles Cooper, who informs him that Susan Temple is carrying Miles' child. Portrayed by Rob Dallas.

Graham FLETCHER, a homosexual friend of Bruce Taylor, who turns to Don Finlayson for legal advice. Portrayed by Gavin Hamilton.

FORBES, a butler employed by Claire Houghton. Portrayed by Kenneth Burnett.

Anne FLORENTINE, the stubborn mother of Patrick Florentine and Norma Whittaker. Her rouse for faking illness and frailty is discovered by Norma during a visit to Flat 1, where Mrs Florentine suffers numerous indignities courtesy of Les, his sausage machine and a newly-installed Murphy bed. Portrayed by Aileen Britton.

Rob FORSYTH, an American tourist who meets Jane and Debbie Chester on holiday in Queensland. Rob returns with them as a boarder in Flat 4. An architect, he is full of mystery regarding his visitor's visa status, even marrying Jane Chester to extend his stay in Australia. Rob is openly homosexual and finally agrees to a relationship with Don Finlayson. However, Rob's own schizophrenic behaviour results in his tragic death. Portrayed by John McTernan.

Sonia FREEMAN VANSARD HUNTER, comes to Number 96 to open a pharmacy with her lover, Gordon Vansard, whom the residents assume is her brother. They eventually marry after the death of Sylvia Vansard, but when Gordon is killed in an accident, Sonia loses her grip on reality and is committed to a mental hospital. Cured, she briefly returns with a new husband, Duncan Hunter, and moves into Flat 5. Sonia soon discovers that Diana Moore and Duncan are trying to send her mad again; they are after the Vansard fortune. Portrayed by Lynn Rainbow.

Vi FREEMAN, the mother of Sonia and wife of Eric. Portrayed by Marion Jones.

Coral FULLER, a former psychiatric patient of Harold Wilkinson, on whose evidence she was committed to a mental home. Despite her supposed suicide six months before, she tracks Harold down at Number 96, lures him into a trap and tries to send him mad. She kills herself before Don Finlayson and Derek Costa can ask her about Harold's whereabouts.

Freda FULLER, an unpopular proprietor of the deli, who buys the shop when Arnold Feather gives up his share of the business so that Aldo and Roma Godolfus can go overseas. Freda has difficulty keeping staff and, when the residents put a ban on shopping there, she sells promptly sells it back to Aldo. Portrayed by Sheila Bradley.

Mr FULTON, Helen Eastwood's concerned father, who arrives from Perth to search for his missing daughter. Portrayed by Kevin Manser.

GEORGE, a young, accident-prone movie stunt man who creates havoc regularly for Meg Robinson and Bert. Hope Jackson reluctantly agrees to spend an evening with him at Duddles' Disco in return for accompanying frumpy Emma Robinson on a date the following night, but disaster dogs him both times. Portrayed by Graeme Bassett.

GEORGES, a chef who enjoys his bottle of cooking sherry too much. Portrayed by Philip Jay.

GERALDINE, a relief barmaid at the pub. Portrayed by Beryl Marshall.

Bob GERROLD, Alf Sutcliffe's boss at the trucking company, who fires him for organising a strike without union support. Portrayed by Bob Lee.

Jaja GIBSON, Dudley Butterfield's precocious country cousin, a sulky, bigoted, but beautiful, blonde woman who attracts the attentions of Nigel Morgan and other lechers. Her relationship with David Palmer exposes her to great danger. They are kidnapped by mobsters and, when a woman's dead body is found on a beach, it is identified by Dudley as Jaja. However, Jaja had escaped her captors and she returns with temporary amnesia. Jaja has a brief affair with Dudley and she becomes extremely jealous when he begins courting Rhonda Jackson. Jaja is a talented hairdresser in Dudley's Continental Salon, and has also had jobs in Norma's Bar, the deli and the laundrette. Portrayed by Anya Saleky.

Aldo GODOLFUS, the Jewish deli owner, originally from Hungary, is full of concern over his wayward daughter, Rose, but also has dreams of owning a restaurant. His goal introduces him to widow, Roma Lubinski, whom he marries after a lengthy courtship. Aldo angers Cliff Stevens, who maintains a vendetta over the years. Aldo's sister, Selma Horowitz, discovers that Aldo has committed bigamy when his first wife, Ida, returns from the dead. Arnold Feather is like a son to Aldo and he is made a part owner of the deli. Aldo is a tragic victim of the bomb blast that destroys his shop. Portrayed by Johnny Lockwood.

Ida GODOLFUS, the mysterious first wife of Aldo, and mother of Rose. She was thought to be dead for many years. Portrayed by Brenda Senders.

Rose GODOLFUS MYERS, a raven-haired, rebellious Jewish girl, Rose is quick to fall into the arms of married Mark Eastwood after he prevents Cliff Stevens from attacking her. Cliff sets her up to be gang raped and she becomes pregnant. Realising her love for Dr Julian Myers, for whom Selma Horowitz had played matchmaker, Rose marries him. After miscarrying, they depart for a new life in Port Moresby, New Guinea. She and Julian eventually have a son, Damien. Rose returns briefly following the death of her father, but is distraught that she could't attend the orthodox Jewish funeral arranged by Arnold Feather. Portrayed by Vivienne Garrett.

Earl GOODMAN, an American businessman who marries Bev Houghton while she is overseas. Not long after they move into Bev's flat at Number 96, he starts a steamy relationship with Claire, his wife's mother. Portrayed by Richard Lupino.

Doctor GOTT, the prestigious Macquarie Street surgeon who attends to the many ills of Claire Houghton. Portrayed by George Carden.

Mayor GOUGH, who tricks Reg MacDonald into lending him the key to Flat 5 for his secret lunchtime rendezvous with his "daughter", Sandra, who is actually the mayor's lover. Portrayed by David Whitford.

Gloria GOULD, the American female lead in the play, The Rainbow Trap, for whose role Janie Somers is understudy. Janie must go on in the controversial role when Gloria drops out. Portrayed by Judy Lynne.

Alexander GREY, a famous author who befriends Edie MacDonald when she is typing his latest manuscript. His publishers are impressed by Edie's writing talents, which she is able to display after losing the original final chapter of Alexander's novel.

Tim GROSE, the sleazy boyfriend of Jill Sheridan, who uses a series of scams to trick her and Arnold Feather into performing for a pornographic movie. Tim is turned on by sexual flagellation, among other sadomasochistic activities. Portrayed by Stewart Finch.

GUISEPPE, an Italian boyfriend of Gary Whittaker's estranged wife, Anna Maria. Portrayed by Franco Valentino.

Dolores HACKENBACK, an American Oomph! cosmetics consultant, whom Roma Godolfus met in the USA. She helps Roma set up a cosmetics section in the deli. Portrayed by Del Harmon.

Dudley HAMMOND-JONES, a photographer friend of Bev Houghton. He tempts her into travelling with him to the USA, causing the breakup of her relationship with Jack Sellars. Portrayed by Mark Albiston.

Maurice HARDY, the boyfriend of Ida Godolfus. Portrayed by John Faassen.

Vanessa HARRISON, the beautiful niece of Lucy Sutcliffe who arrives at Number 96 just in time for her prediction about the end of the world. Portrayed by Wendy Hughes.

Clarke HARVEY, a boyfriend of schizophrenic Tanya Schnolskevitska. Clarke eventually tracks her down to Number 96. Portrayed by Brandon Smith.

John HARVEY, the suspicious elder brother of Vera Collins' boyfriend, Peter. John investigates her seedy past and tries to warn her off. Portrayed by Ken Goodlet.

Mrs HARVEY, the mother of John, Peter and Michael - and a major shareholder in the family wine business. Suspicious of Peter's developing relationship with Vera Collins, she passes herself off as a "Mrs Llewellyn" to learn more about her. Portrayed by Enid Lorimer.

Peter HARVEY, one of Vera's early fortune-telling clients who begins to see her socially and then offers assistance with various problems associated with The Tapemeasure salon. Peter is the brother and business partner of John and Michael. Portrayed by Peter Guest.

Ros HALLIDAY, the travel agent girlfriend of Derek Costa. They have a stormy relationship and, during one of their separations, Ros finds herself an admirer in the sexually confused Jane Chester. Portrayed by Joanna Lockwood.

Miss HEMINGWAY, a beautiful, blonde patient in psychiatric therapy with Dr Harold Wilkinson. A compulsive nudist who is unable to feel comfortable wearing clothes, she frequently creates interest for the startled visitors to Harold's office in Flat 7. Portrayed by Deborah (Tutty-) Gray.

Brad HILTON, the fiance of Carol Finlayson, who shows his true colours by propositioning her brother, Don. When confronted, Brad lies that Don had made the first approach. Portrayed by Terry Bader.

Frank HOBSON, a unhappily married, former employer of Jane Chester. Frank begins an intense affair with her during a time when money is tight for the Chester sisters. Frank seems to be buying Jane's affections by paying her bills. Portrayed by Alister Smart.

Melissa HOBSON, the vitriolic wife of Frank, who is found stabbed to death with a pair of scissors in the doorway of Flat 4; Jane Chester is charged with her murder. Portrayed by Pat Bishop.

Mr HOLLOWAY, who convinces Aldo Godolfus to sign, in haste, an agreement to by a restaurant. Portrayed by Ken Goodlet.

Selma HOROWITZ, the elder sister of Aldo Godolfus, lives in Balmoral. She interferes in Also's life and insists on him keeping to orthodox Jewish values always. Selma successfully helps to matchmate her niece, Rose, with Dr Julian Myers, but disapproves of Roma Lubinski organising the wedding. Selma discovers that Aldo's first wife, Ida, is still alive. Years later, after Aldo's death, Selma insists on following the strict rules of Jewish funerals, causing friction between Arnold Feather and Rose. Portrayed by Marion Johns; Hilda Scurr.

Beverly HOUGHTON GOODMAN, the ebullient, spoiled daughter of Claire and the late Eric Houghton, Bev shares Flat 6 with her friend, Janie Somers. Bev has no qualms about posing nude for photographer Bruce Taylor and flirts with numerous passengers on the cruise ship on which she is hostess. When she falls for homosexual neighbour Don Finlayson, she is shattered that he can't return her affections. For a time, Janie and Bev both date Jack Sellars, and Bev finally loses her virginity to him after he rescues her from being sacrificed in a Black Mass. Bev shares a special, almost incestuous, relationship with her brother, Rod. She marries Earl Goodman, but his infidelity, her deep depressions and the return of Bruce converge to destroy her. Bev dies of a bullet wound to the stomach. Portrayed by Abigail; Victoria Raymond (Resch).

Claire HOUGHTON, of Point Piper's social set, is the interfering mother of Rodney and Beverly. She is good friends with Maggie Cameron, Jack Sellars, Ozzie and Rita Rheingold and Nick Brent, but rarely has a kind word for the Paddington area in which Bev resides. Claire owns a pet poodle named Serena. Claire has a intense affair with her daughter's new husband Earl Goodman, and then Carlo Lenzi, who has designs on her money. Several years later, Claire takes on young Grant Chandler as a chauffeur and gigolo, later sponsoring his musical aspirations. Portrayed by Thelma Scott.

Rodney HOUGHTON, a handsome young man who takes up a job as a cattle rancher in the US, but is confined to a wheelchair after an accident. He moves in with Bev to convalesce, but their unique closeness threatens to destroy his sister's relationship with Jack Sellars, who suspects incest. Portrayed by John Benton.

Reverend HUMPHRIES, a retired Borneo-based minister who plans to move into the Sutcliffes' flat with his wife. Portrayed by Robert Eagan.

Duncan HUNTER, a journalist and the second husband of Sonia Vansard (nee Freeman). Duncan is revealed to be in partnership with next-door neighbour Diana Moore; their evil ambition is to drive Sonia insane again, cause her to commit suicide and thus inherit the sizeable Vansard fortune. Portrayed by Alister Smart.

I KID YOU NOT, a three-year old chestnut race horse given to Vera Collins as a farewell gift from Jack Sellars. The filly has some success, but when the horse is doped, suspicion falls upon the trainer, Bert Kelly, Andy Marshall and Vera. Portrayed by Scarlett O'Hara.

Hope JACKSON, a former New York go-go dancer, who arrives at Number 96 under the assumed name of Henri P. Dobb, Herb Evan's intended cultural exchangee. The real Henrietta and Hope had swapped identities in Hawaii, but complicating matters even further was the fact that Dorrie Evans was expecting to play hostess to an elderly white American male. Hope stays on in Flat 3 nevertheless and, later, when her identity is revealed and Herb is expected home, she becomes a singer at Duddles' Disco. Hope leaves Number 96 for Petersham to commence work at Megaphone, an answering service run by Meg Robinson. Portrayed by Chelsea Brown.

Mal JACKSON, a musician from Norma's Bar, and one of Vera's former boyfriends, but not related to Rhonda or Hope. Jack Sellars thinks that Mal is actually Jim Wilson, a heroic Vietnam veteran. Mal is taken away by army officials for being AWOL. Portrayed by George Assang.

Rhonda JACKSON, the beautiful Aboriginal hairdresser who falls for Dudley Butterfield and agrees to join him in a dangerous publicity stunt to promote his new salon. The plan backfires when the Hooded Rapist attacks her for real, just days after the feigned "assault" by Dudley. Portrayed by Justine Saunders.

Doctor JANSEN, Helen Eastwood's psychiatrist. Mark invites him to dinner so he can access Helen's mental state after losing her baby. Portrayed by Max Meldrum.

Wally JARVIS, an old war-time buddy of Sir William Mainwaring who comes to stay after Bill's marriage to Flo Patterson. However, he holds a grudge because of Sir William's success and is discovered to be the source of the mysterious ghostly return of Kate, the first Lady Mainwaring. Portrayed by Colin Croft.

Sven JENSON --> See Hans SCHMIDT

Jimmy JOCK, a TV quiz master, upon whose show Dorrie and Herb Evans win an ocean cruise. Portrayed by Johnny Ladd.

JODI, a cheeky, potential conquest of Gary Whittaker, who takes great delight in teasing him when he is unable to perform sexually. Portrayed by Judy McBurney.

JOSHUA, a charismatic leader of a religious cult, The Children of Jesus. Joshua who recruits Debbie Chester. However, he is a con man and he cheats her out of a large sum of money. At the same time, Joshua confesses his homosexuality to Don Finlayson and the two have a brief, yet doomed, relationship. Portrayed by Shane Porteous.

KYLEY, aka "Dr Denning", who is Peter Raikes' criminal friend. They hold Dorrie Evans and Debbie Chester hostage for several days in Flat 3. Posing as Dorrie's cousin, he claims she is suffering influenza and cannot have visitors. Portrayed by Robert Quilter.

Alex LEDERER, a sleazy American producer who promises Janie Somers stardom as a stage actress, but instead seduces her. Later, he attempts to rape Bev Houghton. Portrayed by Harry Harris.

Carlo LENZI, the sophisticated Italian father of Giovanni and Sergio Lenzi. He brings an air of intrigue and sophistication to the deli, and he and Norma Whittaker discover a mutual attraction. When money is of concern, Carlo tries to romance the wealthy Claire Houghton. Only Christina Vettare knows the truth about Carlo's secrets and his shady past. Is he the famous European jewel thief known as The Raven?. Portrayed by Joseph Furst.

Giovanni LENZI, Arnold Feather's eager-to-please assistant in the delicatessen. Giovanni is desperate to have a successful love affair but most attempts are thwarted by his aunt, Maria Panucci. He and Chook Feather are almost killed by a gang of bikies they have angered. For a time, Giovanni is attracted to Marilyn MacDonald, but before anything sizzles, she is swept off her feet by his brother, Sergio. Portrayed by Harry Michaels.

Irving LEWIS --> See Irving LUBINSKI


Irving LUBINSKI, the son of Roma, he changes his surname to Lewis in an attempt to conceal his Jewish heritage. Irving's fiancee is Samantha Vanderhum. Roma rescues him from several financial disasters, but he is eventually gaoled for embezzlement in the USA. Portrayed by Bill Riley.

Roma LUBINSKI GODOLFUS, a restaurateur and widow of Yuri, Roma escaped death at the hands of the Nazis in Europe as a young woman. Roma meets and falls for Aldo Godolfus, taking over his daughter's duties in the deli and eventually asking Aldo to marry her. She and Aldo have an eventful married life and take up numerous separate hobbies. She convinces Aldo to sell the deli to Freda Fuller to help Irving in the USA for a time. Not long after their return to Number 96, they are tragically killed by the bomb planted by Maggie Cameron. Portrayed by Philippa Baker.

Lorna LUMBERDALE, a socialite friend of Claire Houghton.

Dean MACDONALD, the restless and well-travelled eldest child of Reg and Edie MacDonald. Not long after his family move to Number 96, Dean arrives to continue a clandestine affair with his sister, Marilyn. Relocating to Adelaide, his is briefly engaged to Liz Chalmers, but he sees through her schemes. Marilyn joins Dean on an extended sojourn to Spain. Portrayed by Marty Rhone.

Edith MACDONALD, the scatterbrained, easily confused wife of Reg, she often feels inadequate to the task of being involved in her husband's civic duties. Edie, or "Mother" as she is called by her husband, has been known to rely on daytime TV soap operas (such as Natalie Faces Life), headache powders and even gin to get her through the day. Following her daughter Marilyn's departure to Spain, Edie takes in a string of boarders including Trixie O'Toole, Nigel Morgan, Liz Chalmers, Christina Vettare and Weppo Smith. Alderman Mrs April Bullock helps her to defeat Clem Benson to a position on the local council and, later, Edie achieves unlikely success as a novelist. Portrayed by Wendy Blacklock.

Marilyn MACDONALD BORDELLO, the adopted daughter of "Mummy and Daddy" MacDonald - and younger sister of Dean - Marilyn is a hopelessly naive romantic. Marilyn suffers through a procession of infatuations and failed love affairs, including liaisons with Dean, Garry Whittaker, Arnold Feather, Andy Marshall, Dudley Butterfield, Miles Cooper and even a lesbian bikie named Heather Potts. Her real father is Bill Sumner, who left her with the MacDonalds when she was just a baby. She and Michael Bartlett pretend to elope, a scam they carry off for several weeks. She has an extended holiday in Spain and marries an ill-fated bullfighter, Pepe Bordello (pronounced "BOR de low", but often mispronounced!). A seedy character named Manuel follows her back to Sydney, where she is romanced by both Chook Feather and Giovanni Lenzi. Several failed attempts are made to matchmate Marilyn with Harold Wilkinson. Broken-hearted, Marilyn turns briefly to a life of chastity as a postulant nun before meeting Sergio Lenzi. Portrayed by Frances Hargreaves.

Reginald P. MACDONALD, the officious head of the MacDonald household and brother of Fay Chandler. Over the years, Reg (aka "Daddy") holds a number of positions in LG (Local Government) during his years of service at the TH (Town Hall), including terms as DTC (Deputy Town Clerk). He unwittingly attracts the attentions of April Bulloch, who plots to distance him from Edie by keeping her busy with social engagements. Portrayed by Mike Dorsey.

LARRY MAGUIRE, the racing car mechanic and longtime colleague of Guy Sutton. Portrayed by Tim Eliott.

Isobel MAINWARING, the eccentric daughter of Sir William Mainwaring, who becomes romantically involved with "Junior" Winthrop. Portrayed by Jill McKay.

Lady Kate MAINWARING, the deceased wife of Sir William.

Sir William MAINWARING, a man with several tragic secrets, he is briefly married to Flo Patterson, whom he takes to live in his luxury Point Piper residence. After bailing out Herb Evans from a poker machine scandal at the Senior Citizens', there are doubts about Bill's finances. He stages his own death to escape his enemies, pretending to drown in the sea, but is eventually killed in a plane crash while travelling on a false passport. Portrayed by Les Foxcroft.

Miss MANSON, an assistant to Vera Collins at The Tapemeasure fashion salon. Portrayed by Shendelle Franklin.

MANUEL, a secret liaison of Marilyn MacDonald's from her lengthy visit to Spain. He follows her to Sydney, ties her to the bed and assaults her, but what he really wants is to read the Swiss bank account number which is said to be tattooed on her bottom. After challenging his rival, Chook Feather, to a duel, he admits that he is already married. Portrayed by Garth Meade.

Yvonne MARETTE, a beautiful French counter assistant in Gordon and Sonia Vansard's pharmacy, who takes over after Georgina Carter returns home. She is also Gordon's lover, tragically killed instantly in the car accident which also eventually claims Gordon's life. Portrayed by Sophie Vaillant.

Andy MARSHALL, a journalist friend of Jack Sellars who quickly attracts the amorous attentions of both Marilyn MacDonald and Lorelei Wilkinson, despite his recent separation from his wife, Pam. Andy assists Vera Collins by organising the training of her race horse, I Kid You Not, and later becomes involved with Tracey Wilson and then Tanya Schnolskevitska before returning to his wife and young child. Portrayed by Peter Adams.

Pamela MARSHALL, the estranged wife of Andy, who has kept the birth of his child a secret until Tanya Schnolskevitska interferes. Pam overdoses with pills in a desperate attempt to take Andy away from Tanya, but her life is saved. Portrayed by Louise Howitt.

Sue MARSHALL, a flatmate of Helen and Jill Sheridan, who commences work for Alf Sutcliffe as his accounts clerk. She is secretly in collusion with Mick Milligan and is revealed to be an escapee from a detention centre. Portrayed by Anne (Louise) Lambert.

Mr MASTERS, an evil and vindictive North Coast drug lord known to his minions as The Master. He pursues Lee and Grant Chandler and Mandy Ward to Sydney. Portrayed by Jon English.

Paul MATHEWS, a journalist, who is a former lover of Don Finlayson. He moves in with him again soon after Don's sham marriage to Sally Fielding. Sally reacts badly when he and Don resume their relationship. Portrayed by David Whitford.

Mr MAYHEW, the accountant of Freda Fuller who handles the resale of the delicatessen back to the Goldolfuses. Portrayed by Henri Szeps.

Myrtle MCINTYRE, a bowling colleague of Dorrie Evans.

Connie MEADOWS, the sister of Dorrie Evans. Connie lives in Epping.

Frank MEADOWS, the deceased husband of Connie.

Lady MENDEL, a Point Piper society friend of Claire Houghton.

Mick MILLIGAN, a junior partner in a trucking business with Alf Sutcliffe. Mick enjoys the recreational use of marijuana and offers it around to his dates. In collusion with Sue Marshall, Mick begins to use the business to cover up numerous illegal activities, which eventually leads to his demise. Portrayed by Peter Berg.

Joe MINERVER, the adulterous and highly sexed former husband of Samantha, who is finally set up and shown up for the lecher he is by Vera Collins and Eve. Portrayed by Peter Flett.

Samantha MINERVER, recently divorced, but still enamoured of her ex-husband and quite naive, Sam starts a new life as a gay divorcee with her friends, the more experienced Vera Collins and Eve. Portrayed by Lynette Curran.

MONICA, Maggie Cameron's secretary. Portrayed by Maureen Elkner.

Richard MONKHOUSE, Earl Goodman's business associate. Portrayed by Roger Cox.

Diana MOORE, the air hostess who moves into Flat 6, next door to the former Sonia Vansard and her new husband, Duncan Hunter. Diana pretends to be in love with Jack Sellars when, in reality, she is having an affair with Duncan and is plotting with him to send Sonia insane. Portrayed by Rebecca Gilling.


Grant MORRIS, the director of two of Janie Somers' stage plays, The Rainbow Trap and Find Me a Lover. Portrayed by John Bonney.

Danny MORRISON, the young draft resister found hiding in the cellar of Number 96 by Georgina Carter. Portrayed by Gregory Ross.

Dorothy MURSTON-MORGAN, a society matron and a board member of OP Piper Promotions, the advertising company for which her son, Nigel, works. Portrayed by Jacqueline Kott.

Nigel MURSTON-MORGAN, as Nigel Morgan, he was the DTC of the TH, and Reg MacDonald's immediate superior. He is extremely flirtatious with women and has a brief romance with Jaja Gibson. After boarding with the MacDonalds, he leaves LG for a more lucrative job as an advertising executive. There, Nigel adopts his mother's more prestigious, hyphenated surname. Later, a fall down the main stairwell at Number 96, with Trixie O'Toole, makes him an unwanted house guest in Flat 5. Portrayed by John Allen.

Aldo Bronislav Damien MYERS, the full name of Damien, the grandson of Aldo Godolfus. Damien lives in New Guinea.

Doctor Julian MYERS, the handsome Jewish doctor husband of Rose Godolfus who was introduced to her through the matchmaking talents of Selma Horowitz. Portrayed by Lew Luton.

Joseph MYERS, the brother of Julian. Portrayed by Ira Herson.

Bronislav MYERS, the father of Julian and Joseph and another namesake of little Damien. Portrayed by Frank Hauser.

Mrs MYERS, the wife of Bronislav. Portrayed by Lila Warner.

Father David O'BRIEN, the handsome, young Roman Catholic priest who falls in love with Jill Sheridan, a complication which threatens to ruin both of their lives. Portrayed by Hilton Bonner.

OLGA --> See Coral FULLER

Mrs OLSEN, the mother of Patti Olsen. After Patti's death, she suffers a mental breakdown and impersonates Patti in a series of mysterious letters and phone calls to Arnold Feather and other residents of Number 96. Portrayed by Susan Swinford.

Patti OLSEN FEATHER, Arnold Feather's young nurse during his hospitalisation after the parcel bomb incident which resulted in the amputation of a leg. Patti became Arnold's wife after a stormy engagement. She disapproves of Freda Fuller's treatment of Arnold and encourages him to seek new employment. After taking in her traumatised work colleague, Tracey Wilson, as a boarder, Patti becomes a victim of the Pantyhose Strangler. Portrayed by Pamela Garrick.

Trixie O'TOOLE, the former showgirl who tries to offer comfort to Alf Sutcliffe when his wife briefly leaves him. Her wayward daughter is squatter Penny Snow. Trixie makes several visits to Number 96 and befriends Edie MacDonald, twice becoming her long-term boarder and confidante. When Trixie impersonates Edie to dupe Mrs Buchanan, it sets a precedent for future meetings. Trixie also becomes known as "the Goldibix Girl" after making an embarrassing TV commercial. Portrayed by Jan Adele.

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