Number 96 episode guide: 1976 (cont.)

1003, 1004. (28/6) Dorrie is relentless in her attempt to break up Junior's romance. Norma has a shocking announcement to make. Business is booming at the salon. Lenny Fisher (Terry Peck) is hired to work in the wine bar. Gary disapproves of Norma's relationship, but she accepts Weppo's proposal of marriage. Bernard's job hunting is unsuccessful and his sons neglect their studies. Isobel is arrested as a jewel thief. Don is being drawn deeper into a dangerous relationship. Dorrie and Herb receive bad news about the inheritance.

1005, 1006. (29/6) The necklace's owner reports that it has been returned, so the detective sergeant in charge (Gordon Piper) releases Junior and Isobel. Dudley's life is endangered by his own practical joke when he scares Jaja with the leather mask. The residents object to the rent increases. Junior announces his engagement to Isobel and learns that his true father was Shagger Stevens. Gary offers to teach Lenny about women. The Hooded Rapist finds his latest victim helpless; Rhonda assumes it is only Dudley again. Giovanni and Gary are prime suspects for the attacks. A new admirer both confuses and alarms Laura, Debbie steps closer to danger; the Hooded Rapist is hiding in Flat 4, but he flees when Jaja arrives home.

1007, 1008. (5/7) Lenny's activities as the Hooded Rapist make him late for work. Jaja nags Debbie about leaving the flat door unlocked and worries about her spending time alone in the deli with Giovanni. Norma and Weppo pretend that they are living in sin to annoy Dorrie. Dorrie is thrilled to learn that Isobel is well-connected socially. Jaja unwittingly puts her life in jeopardy. Fay has involved Reg in a dangerous web of intrigue. Giovanni becomes a victim of mistaken identity. Dorrie mistakes Isobel's father, Sir William Mainwaring (Les Foxcroft), for a delivery boy.

1009, 1010. (6/7) Giovanni interrupts the Hood Rapist and is knocked unconscious, awakening in the rapist's clothes. Jaja is convinced that Giovanni is the rapist. Lee and Gary continue to harass Lenny about his bashfulness around girls. Norma is visited by a figure from the past: Trixie O'Toole. A bizarre romantic triangle includes Don, Debbie and Grant. Trixie is taken in once again, as a boarder, by the MacDonalds. Norma and Weppo's happiness is under threat. Debbie puts her safety in the hands of a trusted friend, but she is mistaken.

1011, 1012. (12/7) The revelation of Don and Grant's homosexual relationship stuns Debbie and she seeks consolation from Lenny. Trixie entertains Edie with stories of her trip to Hong Kong and the amorous Chinese man she met there. Jane puts her life at risk to unmask the Hooded Rapist. Gary notices Trixie's attraction to Weppo and tells Norma. Dorrie attempts to take over the arrangements for Junior's wedding. Bernard is irate and threatens Don with accusations of sexual perversion.

1013, 1014. (13/7) Gary is upset about his mother's engagement to Weppo. Arnold objects to Dudley about Rhonda's presence in their flat. Trixie O'Toole continues to create havoc in the deli. Edie receive a phone call which embroils her in a wild Hong Kong adventure. Rhonda's relationship with Arnold races towards a shattering climax when she accuses him of racism. Will Edie become a victim of mistaken identity? Bill gives Junior a job in his factory and a wedding is planned. Two hired thugs, Blackie and Tank (Barney Combes and Kevin Howard), kidnap Edie in a laundry basket.

1015, 1016. (19/7) Edie finds herself in a Dixon Street shop in Chinatown, but assumes she is in Hong Kong. Fay wants to move her family away from Number 96, but Bernard won't let her run away from her problems yet again. An ongoing controversy shatters Don's reputation. Edie begins to confuse her kidnappers while Junior is destined for an explosive bucks' night. Trixie gives up her job for the returning Carlo. Dorrie becomes convinced that Edie is a victim of Oriental white slavers.

1017, 1018. (20/7) Blackie puts an end to Edie's bid for freedom. Dudley and Arnold have a confrontation over Dudley's love affair with Rhonda. Dorrie takes seasick pills to prepare for her cruise. Junior and Isobel's wedding is a fiasco. Lee and Grant treat Jaja and Jane to a night on the town. Flo has a new admirer in Sir William. Edie breaks free from her kidnappers again and manages to send Reg on a wild goose chase. Some news concerning Maggie Cameron upsets Norma.

1019, 1020. (26/7) Grant hits a bump in the road while driving, so Lee takes over at the wheel... and is pulled over for drunk driving. Reg makes a mercy mission to Hong Kong to rescue Edie. Jane and Jaja are worried about what happened during their night out with the Chandler boys. Blackie and Tank make a second attempt to kidnap Trixie, but they are swiftly overpowered. A serious rift develops between Norma and Don over Maggie's impending murder trial.

1021, 1022. (27/7) Dudley wonders where Rhonda goes at night. Jaja is acting hysterically and Dudley suspects she is pregnant but, if she is, who is the father? Carlo has a solution to his financial worries and turns on the charm. Debbie is suffering through puppy love, but it takes a dangerous turn when Dudley suggests that Giovanni is the father of Jaja's baby. Rhonda is caught moonlighting. Despite the deaths of four of his friends in the deli blast, Don is being drawn towards the defence side in the Maggie Cameron case. Norma and Arnold make their feelings known.

1023, 1024. (2/8) Grant and Lee are terrified to find that the body of evidence about a hit-and-run accident implicates them. Don makes a startling decision about Maggie's guilt. Laura is concerned about Don's popularity at Number 96. Flo has her suspicions about Carlo when she sees him out with Claire Houghton; is he a fortune hunter? Gary loses his cool with Don and punches him. The MacDonalds are facing bankruptcy. Weppo is unable to console Norma.

1025, 1026. (3/8) An eager team of Gary and Weppo start a new business venture, but it is one which may soon draw the attention of the police. Rhonda tells Dudley that she can go out with whomever she wants. Grant is urged by Jane to face up to his responsibilities, but she is unprepared for his response. Fay thinks Jaja is a bad influence on her sons. Norma and Weppo call off their engagement. Edie and Trixie work hard at their new jobs as SP bookmakers. Claire plans to invest in Carlo's business ventures. Don warns Norma and Gary that they will be called to testify at Maggie's trial.

1027, 1028. (9/8) The illegal betting operation leads Trixie and Edie into big trouble. Bernard is adamant that, despite the serious consequences, Grant's accident must be reported. Claire finds a way to test Carlo's affections. Gary plans some time away with his army mates. Rhonda's new boyfriend, Geoffrey Matthews, is cheating on her. Reg is mystified about Edie's nest egg. Arnold swears to have revenge on Maggie.

1029, 1030. (10/8) Claire tells Carlo the truth about her financial situation and says she intends to marry him. Grant has disappeared, but when a bizarre postcard arrives it only deepens the mystery. Bernard searches for Grant in Townsville. Don locates a lawyer to assist him in defending Maggie. Trixie disguises herself as Carlo's long lost wife to scare off Claire. Geoffrey tries to convince Jaja of her talent as a photographic model. Trixie is left abandoned under a hair drier at the salon. The identity of Laura's new lover startles Don.

1031, 1032. (16/8) Reg receives a troubling phone call. Laura uncovers Grant's connections with a criminal group. Dorrie and Herb return from their holiday, but Flo seems to have vanished.

1033, 1034. (17/8) Dudley plans to hit the big time as a male model. A strange, young woman named Mandy Ward (Ingrid Mason) arrives at Flat 7 and announces that she is Grant's girlfriend. However, there is still no sign of Grant. Maggie believes that her lawyer is conspiring against her; she is full of accusations.

1035, 1036. (23/8) Mandy's urgent insistence that the search for Grant be continued puzzles Lee. Maggie's lawyer believes he can clear her of guilt. Dorrie insists that Flo must learn to live like a member of high society. Mandy reveals the truth about her interest in finding Grant.

1037, 1038. (24/8) Giovanni becomes the owner of a sports car as part of his inheritance. Edie's idea looks like it will be a real money-spinner. Weppo interferes in Norma's life, infuriating her. Arnold predicts a disaster if Maggie is acquitted of murder.

1039, 1040. (30/8) Giovanni strikes out again, but this time the reason is a puzzling one. Gary and Weppo's illegal bookie operation moves to a new locale. It's the MacDonalds versus a swarm of bull ants! Don has doubts when he becomes Maggie's sole defence lawyer.

1041, 1042. (31/8) Mandy's bizarre sexual hang-ups seem to have returned to haunt her. Dorrie and Herb must play out a painful pretence to protect Flo from the truth about Mr Perky's demise. The identity of Norma's new cook is a shock for Gary: it's Dudley! Arnold is stunned to see Maggie out of prison.

1043, 1044. (6/9) The Evans' new talking bird has a colourful vocabulary. Maggie has a damning accusation against Don and the other residents. Giovanni is closer than ever to his first romantic conquest. Reg is worried when he discovers the likely source of his allergy.

1045, 1046. (7/9) Dorrie has come to an alarming conclusion about Jane's new lifestyle and the source of her money. Maggie's sudden freedom has an ominous consequence. Gary wants vengeance and Norma worries that he will succeed. Reg and an unexpected partner make strange bed-fellows.

1047, 1048. (13/9) Don finds himself in the midst of a deadly drug-smuggling operation. The MacDonalds realise that life together has become impossible; separation may be their only solution. Trixie dons a bizarre costume, which achieves equally bizarre results. Norma uncovers evidence which suggests that Jane has been earning money in immoral ways.

1049, 1050. (14/9) Maggie's psychiatrist delivers a most alarming opinion in regard to her sanity at the time of the bombing. A phone call spells disaster for Mandy. The death of an uncle will dramatically change Giovanni's life. Gary will ensure that if Maggie is acquitted, she will not live to enjoy her freedom.


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