Number 96 episode guide: 1976 (cont.)

959, 960. (12/4) Guy is outraged, while Dudley has an idea to put to Arnold. Dorrie pays a visit to Debbie. Weppo is unbending and Herb makes an ultimatum. Jane is worried about Debbie's future. Phillip makes a confession.

961, 962. (13/4) Weppo's decision angers Gary. Jaja and Giovanni shock Carlo. Something has infuriated Don. Guy and Larry have a disagreement. Debbie confides in Carlo. Gary and Herb's plan results in success. What has shocked Guy?

963 964. (19/4) Carlo is worried. Don's anger stuns Dudley. Laura offers Guy some advice. Arnold surprises Dudley. Edie's actions are mysterious. Gary manages to insult Carlo. Guy is up to something.

965, 966. (20/4) Giovanni is concerned with his father's actions. Jaja has a decision to make. Weppo has a point to prove. Don manages to surprise everyone at Number 96. Phillip has a shock for Laura. Herb is in a quandary; what can he do about Junior?

967, 968. (26/4) Laura has accusations about Don, but Vera comes to his defence. The arrival of Christina Vettare (Karen Petersen) stuns Giovanni. Reg is confused by Edie's actions. Guy stuns Vera with a proposal of marriage.

969, 970. (27/4) Debbie takes responsibility for Laura's reaction to Don. Laura is determined to discredit Don. Warwick decides to assist Vera in tricking a confession out of Phillip. Laura is shocked to overhear a disclosure. Debbie sees Don leaving the scene of Phillip's murder.

971, 972. (3/5) Debbie is shaken by something she has seen. Don is very worried. Christina is the subject of an argument between Dudley, Gary and Giovanni. Jaja announces that she is fed up. Don and Warwick arrange a meeting.

973, 974. (4/5) Herb's decision shocks Dorrie. Christina confesses her knowledge to Carlo. Gary has an assignment for Junior. Arnold is confused by Carlo's reaction. Laura goes missing.

975, 976. (10/5) Warwick and Don work together on Laura's disappearance. Norma has a heated argument with Dorrie.

977, 978. (11/5) Don is plagued by the implications of the statement made by Robin Dunmore (Mark Lee). Christina discovers the secret of Carlo's past. Edie's new lodger does not meet with Reg's approval. Don arranges to meet Robin for additional discussions.

979, 980. (17/5) Laura has some explaining to do. Edie tells Christina about her plan. Junior's admission excites Dorrie and Flo.

981, 982. (18/5) Don is shocked by a grim finding. Did he really drive Robin to suicide? Vera has a talk with Debbie in an attempt to discover what she has seen.

983, 984. (24/5) Warwick has a stern warning for Vera; not even her marriage to Guy will prevent him from winning back her affections. Don reluctantly agrees to wait two days before reporting to the police about Phillip's murderer. Debbie retreats to a secret hideaway in an attempt to avoid her deadly pursuer. Christina accidentally reveals to Reg and Edie that her stories of life in a convent may really be a dangerous lie. Dorrie attempts to prove that Herb is Junior's father. Don has set a trap for the murderer and he tells Warwick.

985, 986. (25/5) Norma has been hiding a secret interest in the enchanting Carlo. Laura has vanished, strengthening Warwick's belief that she is guilty of murdering Phillip. Debbie and an injured Vera try to elude the ruthless, determined killer. Christina threatens to reveal Carlo's enigmatic past.

987, 988. (31/5) The identity of Phillip's murderer is revealed to Vera when Mr Bingham (Redmond Phillips) locks Laura and Debbie into a pantry at the farmhouse and starts a fire. Mr Dunmore, Don and Guy race to their rescue. Norma stays overnight in Carlo's flat. Vera and Guy are very much in love after their ordeal. Christina wants $10000 in cash from Carlo. Jane is stalked and raped by an ominous, hooded intruder. Reg prepares to take over as TC and Edie gets tipsy preparing a cocktail party. A daring jewel robbery places several Number 96 tenants under suspicion.

989, 990. (1/6) Rhonda Jackson (Justine Saunders), the new hairdresser, meets Arnold and Jaja, but they express concern about having a Aborigine in the salon. Dorrie and Herb are on the verge of tremendous wealth. Guy has been invited to race on the international circuits and Vera wants to accompany him. Flo suspects that Weppo is Norma's secret admirer. Reg's sister, Fay Chandler (Lynne Murphy), has arrived and he wants Edie to ask Christina to move out so that Fay can stay in the spare room. Warwick has been lying about Vera's contract and she soon finds out. Christina demands money from Carlo. Arnold and Jaja change their attitudes to Rhonda. Reg is arrested as a Peeping Tom, while Warwick reveals himself to be a dangerously jealous and violent man.

991, 992. (7/6) Carlo swears he did not steal the Moritza Diamond, but Christina doesn't believe him. Vera is forced to relate the terrifying story of how she received her injuries. Dudley wants to become a hairdresser, but refuses to be apprenticed to Jaja. Jane's recollections of being raped by a masked intruder grow more frightening. Her attempt at suicide is unsuccessful and Jane explains to Norma that she actually enjoyed being raped. Dorrie is spending the inheritance, but her fondest dream may quickly become a nightmare. A caravan arrives for Fay's family to live in, courtesy of Edie. Vera is tricked into taking a boat trip with Warwick, which turns nasty.

993, 994. (8/6) Jane begs Don not to report the rape to the police. Jaja makes unfriendly, racist remarks to Rhonda. Guy thinks Vera has run out on him, but Don sets him straight. Norma's secret admirer is revealed and she is stunned. Don tells Warwick that Vera and Guy have departed for Europe. Dudley and Jaja's hopes for the future are placed under threat by Arnold. Gary's attempts to blackmail Christina backfire on him. Giovanni finds the Moritza Diamond amongst Carlo's things and the police arrive.

995, 996. (14/6) The diamond goes missing again. Fay signs a lease on Flat 7. The police interview Jane about Don's report. Carlo must reveal the amazing truth of his background. Jane has come to believe that the Hooded Rapist is a resident of Number 96. Dorrie makes plans for a trip to the opera for herself, Herb, Flo and Junior. The Chandlers' furniture gets dumped in the entrance to Number 96. Jane makes several shocking accusations; she tells Gary that the rapist was Don, but tells Weppo that it was Gary. Dorrie goes house-hunting in Point Piper.

997, 998. (15/6) Jane has inadvertently attacked Debbie and calls for help. Carlo and Christina accuse each other of the recent robberies. A party is held at the Continental Salon, but most of the guests are professional party-goers. The rapist terrorises his next victim: Rhonda. Business improves at the salon due to the publicity. Junior discovers true love at the Sydney Opera House and her name is Isobel Mainwaring (Jill McKay). The Hooded Rapist's leather mask is found in Dudley's drawer by Arnold. Dudley and Rhonda admit to their publicity stunt at the salon, but Arnold and Jaja do not approve. Someone perpetrates another Raven-style robbery, but it's Giovanni and he gets trapped by a security grill.

999, 1000. (21/6) Gary threatens to break up his mother's love affair with Weppo. Carlo and Christina race to free Giovanni. A valuable necklace disappears and Junior finds one in the groceries. Reg has reservations about Fay and her husband, Bernard Chandler (James Moss), living in the flat above his, especially with the imminent arrival of their two sons. Junior presents Isobel with a gift. Don is on the verge of a dangerous homosexual liaison with Grant Chandler (Michael Howard). The rapist attacks Laura, but he is chased off by Lee Chandler (Stephen McDonald).

The script of #1000, titled "This Is It, Kids", was included in the 1977 MacMillan paperback, Zoom In: Television Scripts of the Seventies.

1001, 1002. (22/6) Edie is afraid of confronting Fay about her idea of alternating the cooking tasks. Grant and Debbie go to the beach. Jaja is put out because Dudley has fallen in love with Rhonda and wants her to move in with him. Don invites Grant to a pop concert. Dorrie makes plans to rescue Junior from Isobel, whom she perceives as a fortune hunter. Carlo has a plan to retrieve the stolen necklace. Rhonda tells Arnold she is actually in love with him, not Dudley!

The synopsis of #1001 was included in the 1977 MacMillan paperback, Zoom In: Television Scripts of the Seventies.

SPECIAL: Number 96: And They Said It Wouldn't Last. (24/6) Introduced by Elaine Lee, Johnny Lockwood, Philippa Baker, Abigail, Gordon McDougall, Elisabeth Kirkby, James Elliott and Bettina Welch.

A two-hour special, screened at 8.30 pm, celebrated 1000 episodes of Number 96. Featuring flashback footage of favourite scenes. However, TV magazines had scheduled a movie, Taste the Blood of Dracula, for the timeslot. The special was repeated in Sydney on 17/1/77 (with a new ending), prior to the return of the final season. On 21/11/94, a revamped version, Number 96: They Said It Wouldn't Last, included most of the content of the original special, with new commentary from Abigail, and concluded with the actors' "curtain call" from the final episode.


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