Number 96 episode guide: 1975 (cont.)

790. (30/6) Roma will be surprising Aldo. There may be bad news for Lucy.

791. (1/7) A new event leaves Dudley agog. Miles is able to foil Maggie's plans.

792. (2/7) Roma is upset, while Maggie has harsh words for Don.

793. (3/7) Dorrie tries to remedy a situation. A strange visitor calls on Bernadette.

794. (4/7) Vera shares a confidence with Don. Flo and Herb are concerned. Alf has other problems.

795. (7/7) Maggie embarrasses everyone and Roma mystifies Aldo.

796. (8/7) Miles tries to console a very upset Tanya. Edie has a new problem.

797. (9/7) Norma threatens Les and Vera's strange behaviour confuses her friends.

798. (10/7) Tanya causes troubles for Miles. A tragedy brings the Godolfuses together.

799. (11/7) Alf is unable to find Lucy. Norma talks about her relationship with Les and wants advice.

800. (14/7) Tanya's situation confuses Miles. Dudley's letter causes him concern.

801. (15/7) Lucy tries her hand at matchmaking and Aldo has a terrible shock.

802. (16/7) Reg is convinced that Edie is a failure at hostessing social events, but Liz and Edie are out to prove him wrong. Miles discovers the truth about Tanya: that she's actually an American, by the name of Rosemary Prior.

803. (17/7) Alf is bitter towards Lucy, while the Godolfuses are beside themselves with worry.

804. (18/7) Norma violently disagrees with Les's suggestion that the latest disaster is good publicity.

805. (21/7) Alf is confused by the behaviour of Grace "Prim" Primrose (Pamela Gibbons). Reg has harsh words for Edie.

806. (22/7) Surprisingly, Maggie is in need of help. Les still refuses to notice Norma's scheming.

807. (23/7) Aldo has some horrifying news. Dudley believes that all his dreams are about to come true. Susan Temple (Debbie Baile) tells Miles that she is pregnant with his child.

808. (24/7) The wine bar is chaotic on Prim's first night and Edie is no help. Arnold loses his temper. Miles keeps a problem close to his chest. Maggie tries to tempt Warwick Thompson (Kit Taylor) while Vera is in Melbourne. Dorrie entertains several visitors in the hospital. Maggie and Reg make front page headlines. Dorrie causes concern by living in the past.

809. (25/7) Aldo is firm with his sister, Selma Horowitz, while Vera has an eye-opener for Warwick and Maggie.

810. (28/7) Lucy loses her temper with Alf. Dudley springs a surprise on Don.

811. (29/7) David Palmer (Vince Martin) receives advice from Prim. Aldo surprises an intruder.

812. (30/7) Julian Flaxman (Rob Dallas) has a surprise for Miles. Norma and Edie are so suspicious of Les's activities that chaos ensues.

813. (31/7) Dudley has a new plan. What has happened to Arnold?

814. (1/8) Vera is unforgiving. An upset Liz confides in Lucy.

815. (4/8) Edie has begun to feel unwanted. Alf refuses Les's help.

816. (5/8) Miles is muddled, while Flo is suspicious of Herb's antics. Aldo has shocking news.

817. (6/8) Something has happened to change Don. Liz offers her assistance again. Maggie suffers a terrible shock. Who is the mysterious caller?

818. (7/8) Julian throws Miles' life into confusion again. Maggie has an accusation for Vera. Liz surprises the MacDonalds.

819. (8/8) There is a nasty surprise awaiting Miles and disappointment for Vera. Alf needs Don's help.

820. (11/8) Prim is firm with Miles. Arnold puts his foot in it. Alf is in trouble again.

821. (12/8) Vera is unable to calm a terrified Maggie. Liz has a warning.

822. (13/8) Herb seems to be hiding something, which puzzles Flo.

823. (14/8) Arnold's discovery angers Aldo. Liz has a shock for Lucy.

824. (15/8) Alf's luck seems to be changing. Prim ensures that Miles' latest plan will go awry.

825. (18/8) Roma surprises Alf. Don receives bad news and refuses to help out.

826. (19/8) Norma confides in Lucy, while Dorrie's promise of assistance leads to disaster.

827. (20/8) Don delivers a shock to Maggie, while Prim has some surprises for Miles.

828. (21/8) Lucy is upset with Alf, while Dudley has a surprise. Vera finds a note warning of a bomb in Number 96 and the police evacuate the building, leaving Edie behind in the cellar.

829. (22/8) There is reason to panic at Number 96; the bomb was real! Dorrie is worried about Flo. Aldo catches the shoplifter: a boy named Kerry Braddon (Ashley Grenville).

830. (25/8) Jacqueline "Jaja" Gibson (Anya Seleky), Dudley's cousin from the country, poses a problem for Dudley and Don. Aldo makes a horrifying discovery.

831. (26/8) Don has a proposition for the Sutcliffes. Maggie makes some accusations.

832. (27/8) Jaja's latest escapades infuriate Prim. Norma can't understand the new mystery.

833. (28/8) Dudley's latest plans amaze the Sutcliffes. Maggie confronts Jaja.

834. (29/8) The MacDonalds receive a nasty shock and Roma loses her patience with Aldo.

835. (1/9) Roma speaks harshly to Aldo. Flo's behaviour baffles Dorrie.

836. (2/9) Reg and Edie are unsure how to handle a situation. Maggie has strong advice for Vera.

837. (3/9) Flo is desperately unhappy, while it seems that Vera has overplayed her hand.

838. (4/9) Maggie has infuriated Warwick. Some unlikely visitors call on Reg at one o'clock in the morning.

839. (5/9) The new Flo raises Dorrie's suspicions that her friend is shoplifting. Lucy and Alf think they have solved their house-hunting troubles: they decide to swap flats with Don. Les finds a note about a bomb in Number 96 and sounds a warning to all the residents, but will he have enough time?

840, 841. (8/9) The explosion in the deli has claimed the lives of Aldo, Roma, Miles and Les. Alf is worried about Lucy and the baby, while Vera turns to Warwick for comfort. Nigel Morgan (John Allen) takes over and Maggie is determined to solve a new mystery.

Two episodes were screened back-to-back to create a sixty-minute presentation. Episode #840 was later incorporated into an episode of The Golden Years of Television entitled "Salute to Australian Soaps".

842. (9/9) Arnold is shocked by a visit from Aldo's daughter, Rose Myers. Don has some plans afoot.

843. (10/9) Dudley runs into trouble, while Reg has some explaining to do to Edie. Lucy discovers the truth about the tragic bomb blast.

844. (11/9) Alf blames himself for his awful mistake. Dorrie has a mystery to solve.

845. (12/9) Mystery continues to surround Maggie. Jack Sellars lends a hand to trap the bomber. What is the truth behind Flo's strange secret?

846. (15/9) Dudley's reaction to Jaja's adventures thrill her. Arnold makes a noble sacrifice.

847. (16/9) Dorrie is not sure if she approves of the changes in Flo. Some news brings out a strange reaction in Liz.

848. (17/9) Edie is suspicious of Liz. Herb and Dorrie argue over the latest disaster with Flo.

849. (18/9) Nigel ruffles Dudley, while Don advises Vera.

850. (19/9) Prim is given frightening news which she must pass on to David. Warwick does some straight talking.


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