Number 96 episode guide: 1975 (cont.)

730. (7/4) Vera loses her temper and Lucy has a decision to make. Aldo devises a plan.

731. (8/4) Norma is unsure whether to be jealous, while Dudley manages to horrify Reg.

732. (9/4) Andy's behaviour puzzles Tanya. Arnold manages to hurt Aldo.

733. (10/4) Maggie and Reg arrange a meeting. Tanya has a terrible shock and Marilyn is horrified by some news.

734. (11/4) Edie is unsure about whether or not she approves of Marilyn's plan, while Les has a mysterious engagement.

735. (14/4) Norma is surprised by Les. Carol and Dudley burn their bridges.

736. (15/4) Flo has a warning for Dorrie; Herb makes a discovery which surprises him. Adam has made Maggie furious.

737. (16/4) Arnold agrees to help Roma and Aldo. Tanya's comment frightens Edie.

738. (17/4) Dudley remains unforgiving. Dorrie meets up with an old friend.

739. (18/4) Flo expresses her concern for Vera. Andy has a terrible shock.

740. (21/4) Les winds up in a tight spot. Dudley is unhappy, while Alf remains sceptical.

741. (22/4) Vera has made up her mind. Arnold suffers a disaster, while Aldo and Roma can't agree.

742. (23/4) Edie prepares for the end of the world. Meanwhile, Marilyn is convinced that Arnold has something to tell her.

743. (24.4) Flo makes a confession and Andy is confused by Tanya.

744. (25/4) Roma makes Aldo furious. Andy is happy for Vera.

745. (28/4) Maggie's change of heart amazes Vera. Norma must rethink her attitude towards Dudley.

746. (29/4) Tanya once again puzzles Andy. Dorrie is sure she has a solution to the mystery of the dog.

747. (30/4) Vera is impatient with Don and Alf's advice. A nasty shock awaits Reg.

748. (1/5) Roma's present to Arnold horrifies Aldo.

749. (2/5) Dudley attempts to face the truth. The Godolfuses have a problem to resolve.

750. (5/5) Don has some advice for Maggie. Arnold's brilliant idea to hire Phyllis Pratt (Moya O'Sullivan) misfires.

751. (6/5) Tanya is in for a terrible shock. Marilyn decides to interfere and give Edie some assistance.

752. (7/5) Alf makes a discovery, while Aldo is in trouble with Phyllis.

753. (8/5) Andy is angry with Tanya. Miles Cooper (Scott Lambert) makes a muddle of his private life.

754. (9/5) Marilyn offers advice to Edie. Herb is full of complaints for Dorrie and Flo.

755. (12/5) Reg renders Maggie speechless. Lucy is feeling unwell, which is of concern to Alf.

756. (13/5) Carol receives a surprise call, while Les is a source of worry and alarm for Norma.

757. (14/5) Disturbing dreams interrupt the sleep of both Dorrie and Flo. Carol has a decision to make.

758. (15/5) Lucy suggests a solution to Tanya. Roma worries about the future of her Majestic Rooms.

759. (16/5) Edie amazes Reg. Phyllis makes Aldo feel ashamed.

760. (19/5) Flo has a bright idea, while Carol comforts Miles.

761. (20/5) Edie wants to go job-hunting. Maggie makes a surprising move.

762. (21/5) Arnold has a tough decision to make. Herb helps Miles with a plan.

763. (22/5) Dorrie is in for a terrible shock, while Aldo uncovers a truth.

764. (23/5) Reg finds it difficult to accept the new Edie. Roma must provide some answers.

765. (26/5) Don has a horrifying discovery, while Aldo is unbending. Dudley has offered advice to Don, but will he follow it?

766. (27/5) Maggie may be able to provide the solution to Norma's problem. Dorrie has an attempt at matchmaking. Miles wonders about accepting a new proposition.

767. (28/5) Marilyn gets a promotion. Tanya discovers the source of Miles's nest egg.

768. (29/5) A surprise overwhelms Roma. Arnold's advice is sought by Tanya. Will Marilyn be hurt yet again?

769. (30/5) Phyllis is in a quandary, while Dudley loses his temper. Don is in a predicament.

770. (2/6) Maggie is pleased, but the MacDonalds experience disappointment.

771. (3/6) The situation in the wine bar angers Dudley. Aldo is in for a shock.

772. (4/6) The Godolfuses attempt to help Phyllis. Alf creates problems.

773. (5/6) Tanya has an ultimatum. Don loses his temper with Les.

774. (6/6) There is a surprise for Alf and Marilyn is aghast about some news.

775. (9/6) A shock awaits Marilyn, while Maggie is up to her old tricks. Alf faces a new problem.

776. (10/6) Alf offers Arnold a bribe and Roma agrees to keep a secret.

777. (11/6) An emergency involves Dorrie and Herb. Dudley forces Don to lose his temper.

778. (12/6) Arnold has reached the end of his tether and tells Alf. Maggie throws a spanner into Miles' plans.

779. (13/6) Tanya is furious with Miles. Les has a delightful surprise.

780. (16/6) Arnold attempts to intervene in a crisis. Maggie continues to upset Miles.

781. (17/6) The mystery surrounding Bernadette (Charne Marshall) deepens. Norma is fed up with the fuss over Les and his Wine-o-matic patent. Marilyn cannot believe the stories Liz Chalmers (Margaret Laurence) is telling about Dean.

782. (18/6) Marilyn is agitated, while Vera is infuriated.

783. (19/6) Don is in a quandary. Arnold makes a shattering discovery and Norma also suffers a shock.

784. (20/6) Reg is angry with Edie and Dudley offers a warning to Tanya.

785. (23/6) Norma tries to be firm with Les. Don loses his temper again. Tanya is hurt and angry.

786. (24/6) Edie is upset and Alf loses his temper with Marilyn.

787. (25/6) Herb has an remarkable surprise for Dorrie and Herb. Bernadette loses her patience.

788. (26/6) Arnold seeks a solution to Aldo's problem, while Norma offers assistance to Tanya.

789. (27/6) Flo is willing to help out Lucy. Dorrie and Flo have a terrible shock.


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