Number 96 episode guide: 1974 (cont.)

560. (8/7) Don suffers a bout of jealousy. Alf finds that his cloud has a silver lining.

561. (9/7) Marilyn is enjoying her new role. Jack and Vera are taken aback by Colin's outburst.

562. (10/7) Alf suffers a setback, while Reg makes an awful discovery.

563. (11/7) Don and Colin's friendship causes confusion for others. Marilyn is astonished.

564. (12/7) Amanda demands the truth from Otto. Vera has placed her friendship with Don in jeopardy.

565. (15/7) Flo misses a good friend. A outburst from Bill Summer (Alan Tobin) catches Marilyn by surprise.

566. (16/7) Dudley is a source of disappointment for Don. Maggie finds a new interest.

567. (17/7) Les finds a new love, while Arnold is displeased.

568. (18/7) Otto finally achieves success. Roma is not amused.

569. (19/7) Maggie's judgment lets her down, but she is not the only one.

570. (22/7) Dick Riggs (Colin Taylor) is impressed by Amanda's display of wealth. Reg has a reprimand for Edie.

571. (23/7) Vera dabbles in the occult once again. Some of the tenants are keeping the Whittakers' puppy, Webster, a secret from Dorrie.

572. (24/7) A long-distance phone call puts Aldo into a panic. Roma resumes her hobby.

573. (25/7) Cain Carmichael (Tristan Rogers) has a frightening proposition for Dick. Dorrie's plan looks like it will succeed.

574. (26/7) Patti defies Arnold's wishes. Amanda behaves recklessly.

575. (29/7) Amanda's actions meet with disastrous results. Flo and Dick make plans for their future.

576. (30/7) Aldo's enemies strike once again. Vera bids a sad farewell.

577. (31/7) Roma complies with a threat. Dorrie reacts with anger to a small, furry visitor.

578. (1/8) Alf's latest job confirms Lucy's fears. Roma appears over-anxious about a situation.

579. (2/8) Maggie discovers the truth about who is harassing Aldo. Lorelei is a source of trouble.

580. (5/8) Don attempts to assist Aldo. Cain has plans for dealing with Maggie.

581. (6/8) Dudley and Amanda are puzzled by Don's secrecy. Meanwhile, Maggie walks into Cain's trap.

582. (7/8) Lucy hears the verdict from the hospital. Norma confides in Flo and manages to surprise her.

583. (8/8) A disaster is barely averted, no thanks to Aldo's determination. Don is in need of cheering up.

584. (9/8) Cain underestimates the formidable Maggie. Jack demands an explanation from a horrified Vera.

585. (12/8) Maggie emerges as a heroine, while Vera is preoccupied.

This episode was the first to be compiled in colour. Previously, the colour footage had been edited into black and white masters. When the series was repeated by Network Ten in a late-night timeslot (Sydney 4/2/1980; Brisbane in 1982), this episode was chosen as a starting point. All colour episodes are on record at the National Film and Sound Archive.

586. (13/8) Les stumbles across something mysterious. Meanwhile, Norma and Dorrie are feuding.

587. (14/8) Lorelei has gone too far this time. Reg's suspicions are alerted to a situation.

588. (15/8) Les is being deceived. Flo is the recipient of unsolicited advice.

589. (16/8) Dick's freedom is under threat. Vera is still troubled by a problem.

590. (19/8) Les's concern for his wife saves him from trouble. Vera pays a visit to an old friend: Helen Sheridan (Jill Forster).

591. (20/8) Flo's daughter, Raylene Shackleton (Robina Beard), is stunned by her mother's attitude. Les is in danger.

592. (21/8) Roma's latest plan causes Aldo some distress. A mystery surrounds Edie's presents.

593. (22/8) There is a surprise ending to Vera's dinner party. The Godolfuses are being stubborn again.

594. (23/8) Jack is on top of the world, but Vera and Don cannot share his optimism.

595. (26/8) Norma fears for the safety of her husband. Maggie is annoyed with Jack.

596. (27/8) Aldo gets some help from his friends. Herb makes an astonishing discovery.

597. (28/8) Reg is about to make a terrible mistake. Roma is shocked by a transformation.

598. (29/8) It seems that Amanda may have a double. Arnold jumps to conclusions.

599. (30/8) Due to his interference, there are consequences for Les to face. Why is Dorrie always the last to know what happens?

600. (2/9) Amanda tries to explain things. Vera receives a most unusual present from Jack: a racehorse, which she christens I Kid You Not (Scarlett O'Hara).

601. (3/9) Reg believes he has discovered the identity of the ringleader of a sinister plot. Aldo tries to make amends.

602. (4/9) Dorrie has a series of strange, romantic dreams. Marilyn takes the initiative with Andy Marshall (Peter Adams).

603. (5/9) Alf seems determined to be difficult, while Aldo is happy again.

604. (6/9) A visitor surprises Dudley. Amanda still can't convince anyone that she has a problem.

605. (9/9) Dudley's plan has the effect he intended. Marilyn and Andy are confused.

606. (10/9) Alf has a sudden change of mind. Amanda seeks help from Don.

607. (11/9) Reg makes some accusations, but they backfire on him. Patti helps out during a crisis.

608. (12/9) Marilyn gets her own way. Aldo doesn't seem to be able to win. Dick looks forward to a rosy future.

609. (13/9) Amanda is presented with an opportunity to prove herself. Don commences an investigation.

610. (16/9) Alf needs cheering up. Amanda's double, Claudine (Carol Raye), and Rudi (Kevin Golsby) believe their plan can succeed.

Repeat episodes continue, at the rate of two per day, at 11.00am weekdays.

611. (17/9) Lucy experiences disappointment. Meanwhile, Vera stands up to Maggie.

612. (18/9) Don's detective work uncovers some startling facts.

613. (19/9) A new interest has Aldo enthused. Dorrie is called upon to make an important announcement regarding Flo's wedding.

614. (20/9) Flo experiences the warmth of friendship. Marilyn gets herself involved.


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