Number 96 episode guide: 1974 (cont.)

501. (15/4) Tom has a plan and seems intent on seeing it through. Aldo has a point to prove.

502. (16/4) The Whittakers have a midnight caller. Dean's reaction is not what Reg expected.

503. (17/4) Marilyn is having second thoughts. Flo receives recognition as a result of Dorrie's fund-raising efforts and Herb undergoes a transformation.

504. (18/4) Amanda's phone call does not alleviate Don's confusion. Arnold and Patti have conflicting ideas over their wedding arrangements.

On Good Friday, 19th April, the show was pre-empted by a telethon. Over Easter, Channel 10 in Sydney converted its studio for colour production. Even then, although all scenes were being taped in colour, completed episodes would still be compiled in black and white for several more weeks.

505. (22/4) It's panic stations for Reg... and for Don, too, if he can't pacify his visitors.

506. (23/4) Helen's father has some information to her advantage. Dudley's intruder leaves behind a clue.

507. (24/4) Roma and Aldo try to play cupid. Marilyn is innocently oblivious to the attentions of her admirer.

508. (25/4) Lucy tries to make Alf listen to the truth. Reg feels that his family situation is now completely out of hand.

509. (26/4) Gary Whittaker shows a sudden interest in Maggie. Don is careless with his briefcase.

510. (29/4) Tom wants an answer from Lucy. Marilyn shocks her parents with her plans for the future.

511. (30/4) Maggie strikes a hard bargain. Alf overhears a conversation which startles him.

512. (1/5) Don thought his troubles were over, but Gary has news which changes his mind.

513. (2/5) Helen straightens things out with Jack, while Patti sets standards for Arnold.

514. (3/5) Herb is headed for trouble if he listens to Flo. Lucy takes a bold step.

MOVIE. (Previewed 5/5) Vera suffers a traumatic experience at the hands of a bikie gang. The former Sonia Vansard returns to Number 96 with a new husband, Duncan Hunter (Alister Smart), while Jack falls for their neighbour, a beautiful air hostess named Diana Moore (Rebecca Gilling). Aldo takes a second job after his nest egg is burned in a fire. Dorrie and Herb's plans to celebrate their Ruby Wedding Anniversary may be ruined by a shocking discovery. Simon Carr and Nicholas Brent (James Condon) compete for Vera's affections. Sonia experiences psychic phenomena in her dreams... or is it reality?

This feature film version of Number 96 had staggered gala openings in various capital cities and country towns over the next three months. Its television premiere was on 29/10/76.

515. (6/5) Alf makes a bitter realisation. Dudley is puzzled by the frequency of Gary's visits to Don.

516. (7/5) Marilyn does some boasting about a conquest. Jack may have a solution to Norma's problem with the wine bar.

517. (8/5) Dorrie goes on a door-to-door campaign for the Purity League and comes close to uncovering Herb's guilty secret (about posing nude for an issue of the "Paddo Scream"). Marilyn takes an interest in Colin Campbell (Steve Bannister), but Vera admonishes her. Aldo is robbed and he tries to blame Roma, and then Arnold, for his predicament. Dorrie is powerless to act against the squatters in Flat 6 because Penny Snow (Bethany Lee) claims that her mother has signed a lease.

518. (9/5) Vera has her hands full, trying to console Alf about Lucy and, at the same time, advising Colin Campbell (Steve Bannister).

519. (10/5) Jack's reaction to his loneliness has a disastrous consequence. Gary brings his mission to a successful conclusion.

520. (13/5) Maggie must take second place. Alf finds some consolation, while a phone call brings anxiety for Jack.

521. (14/5) Colin does not keep to his agreement. Maggie investigates Jack's finances. Aldo finds a new interest.

522. (15/5) Dorrie experiences a severe blow to her campaign, while Dean creates great concern for his family.

523. (16/5) Vera succeeds in bringing Alf to his senses. Dorrie and Flo disagree over their ideas and create a calamity.

(17/5) The Whittakers are surprised by Jack's reaction. Aldo and Les have plans to make a fortune.

525. (20/5) Les's behaviour puzzles Norma. Alf is about to make a rash decision, which causes Vera to regret her honesty with him.

526. (21/5) Colin refuses to go to school and Penny gets angry. Reg tells Marilyn not to visit Dean. Dorrie is not pleased about Herb's job as "Mr Pep". Penny gets the wrong impression. Flo is completely unaware that she is ruining an important project; she allows Dorrie to lock her in the cellar as an experiment in Gaol Reform, but takes a few hidden necessities with her. Gary and Marilyn make use of the vacant Flat 6, unaware of Colin's presence. Gary leaves for the wine bar and Penny walks in, leaping to the wrong conclusion. Reg finds Edie collapsed on the bathroom floor.

527. (22/5) Dorrie serves her "prisoner" a lunch of leftovers. Edie has been overusing headache powders. Penny's mother, Trixie O'Toole (Jan Adele), tries to cheer up Alf by inviting him to her club show. Edie's disappointment brings its reward when she and Reg visit Dean in the hospital. Herb falls asleep and Dorrie gets lonely so she plans to let Flo out "on probation". Dean asks Marilyn if she is still going to marry him.

528. (23/5) Don's arrival is eagerly anticipated by Maggie and Jack. Vera checks on Alf's mail.

529. (24/5) Marilyn startles Dean. Jack has to make his story very convincing.

530. (27/5) Alf has urgent business to discuss with Don.

531. (28/5) Dudley is feeling neglected. Two good friends turn to each other for comfort.

532. (29/5) Aldo and Les send sparks flying at Number 96. Edie has help with her entertaining.

533. (30/5) Patti issues Arnold with an ultimatum concerning the date of the wedding.

534. (31/5) Vera has a new family pattern. Gary's farewell is a source of concern for him.

535. (3/6) Dorrie has bought a wedding present for Arnold and Patti but the wedding is off. Why wasn't she told? A business deal turns sour for Aldo. Marilyn attempts to escape her problems.

536. (4/6) Colin indulges in hero worship. Norma is not looking after her own health.

535. (5/6) Arnold cannot think of an answer to his friend's simple question. Jack finds himself speaking out of turn.

538. (6/5) Alf refuses to accept Lucy's explanation. Dorrie must decide between two important events.

539. (7/6) The tenants of Number 96 celebrate the long-awaited marriage of Arnold and Patti.

540. (10/6) Marilyn indulges in fantasy. Alf's crumbling marriage is only one of his problems.

541. (11/6) Les has a good idea, but it backfires. Colin seems to resent Vera's happiness.

542. (12/6) Marilyn faces the moment of truth. Someone takes a frightening interest in Aldo's delicatessen.

543. (13/6) Aldo has a terrifying experience, while Marilyn is torn between two loves.

544. (14/6) Dudley realises that three is a crowd. Alf's attitude shocks Lucy.

545. (17/6) Alf's plans are changed for him. Amanda is the recipient of horrifying news.

546. (18/6) Lucy is able to convince Alf, but there are still more troubles to come.

547. (19/6) Flo gets an opportunity that makes Dorrie envious. Marilyn is unsure of herself.

548. (20/6) Reg shows an unexpected depth of feeling. Herb wears the scars of battle.

549. (21/6) Amanda has a confession for Don, while Vera unwittingly hurts Jack.

550. (24/6) Reg decides that Marilyn needs to hear the truth.

551. (25/6) Alf is optimistic, but the mood won't last for long.

552. (26/6) Roma fears a grotesque visitor. Dorrie asks Reg to grant a favour.

553. (27/6) Aldo has a single clue, but it disappears. Patti is kept busy.

554. (28/6) Amanda finds out the truth. Colin is happy about his new friendship.

555. (1/7) Roma and Aldo believe they have traced the intruder. Don has his suspicions about Otto Schiller (Alfred Sandor).

This marks the first episode ever viewed by yours truly.

556. (2/7) Lucy needs comforting. Don's services are required by several tenants.

557. (3/7) Lorelei Wilkinson (Josephine Knur) gets the wrong idea about Jack. Dorrie is grief stricken.

558. (4/7) Lucy and Vera confide in each other. Aldo receives a particularly vicious phone call.

559. (5/7) Reg and Edie experience a short-lived happiness. The Sutcliffe saga undergoes a new development.


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