Number 96 episode guide: 1973 (cont.)

321. (25/6) Arnold's talents have become as indispensable to Les and Norma as they are to Aldo and Roma.

322. (26/6) Despite the latest setbacks, Dr Alistair Pascal (Raymond Duparc) firmly believes that Don can successfully change his character if he truly wants to.

323. (27/6) Flo, Dorrie and Herb have caught the competition bug, whether they be television quiz shows or contests in the newspaper. Dorrie and Flo doubt each other's abilities to win.

324. (28/6) Aldo announces the birth of his first grandson, Aldo Bronislav Damien Myers, or Damien for short. The extent of Sue's treachery is finally revealed and there are further complications when Jill returns to find the flat ransacked. Dorothy Dunlop (Diana McLean) commences her duties at Norma's Bar.

325. (29/6) Les makes life extremely difficult for Norma when she commences dieting. Wally surprises Alf with a concession.

326. (2/7) When Flo is invited to partner Mrs Terry in an important bowling match, Dorrie is annoyed. Then they realise that Flo's bowling dress was destroyed during the fire which made her homeless.

327. (3/7) Vera urges Lucy to seek the advice of an optician when her eyesight continues to deteriorate.

328. (4/7) In a day full of surprises, Roma springs one on Aldo, Jill has her own surprise for Arnold and Tim has one planned for Jill.

329. (5/7) Anna Maria's upcoming wedding fills Les's head with ideas, but it seems that Norma doesn't approve of any of them.

330. (6/7) With Claire's assistance, Earl concludes his first successful business deal. Tim has yet another surprise planned for Jill and Arnold.

331. (9/7) An telegram arrives at Flat 3 and causes great excitement for Herb and Dorrie. Meanwhile, Vera returns home to Flat 7 to discover a strange girl sitting on Harry's knee.

The Vera/Harry plotline was novelised for the 1974 Arkon paperback, The Sins of Harry Collins.

332. (10/7) The residents of Number 96 gather around their television sets to watch the Evans' appearance on a quiz show compered by Jimmy Jock (Johnny Ladd).

333. (11/7) The film project is a source of great excitement for Arnold and Jill, but they are unaware of Tim's plans.

334. (12/7) Wally makes a startling admission to Alf. It is hoped that things will now take a turn for the better.

335. (13/7) Vera has convinced herself that she is responsible for the death of the drunken girl, Diana Ford. Don and Harry are worried that she will appear guilty during the police interview, especially when Don remembers the investigating officer's record for successful convictions.

336. (16/7) Norma is being driven crazy by Dorothy's psychic "vibrations", but now Les is getting just as bad. Vera has realised that she was foolishly blaming herself for a freak accident, but someone else still believes that she was responsible.

337. (17/7) Earl seems to be spending more and more time at Claire's place, but Bev is still believing every word her new husband says.

338. (18/7) Jill has developed an insufferable star complex and reacts poorly to the news that an unexpected guest will be accompanying her and Tim to the screening of the film.

339. (19/7) It is an exciting day for Dorrie and Herb, who are packed and ready for their cruise. At the hospital, Lucy prepares herself for the removal of the bandages from her eyes.

340. (20/7) Dorothy finds that an important piece of Dorrie's luggage has been left behind. Norma attempts to ask Roma's advice on a matter.

341. (23/7) Jack has received a shock, but he is more concerned with Helen's reaction.

342. (24/7) Don confronts Alistair and Jack puts forward a proposal for Don to consider.

343. (25/7) An unexpected incident disturbs the peaceful rapture of Number 96's "acting concierge", Flo.

344. (26/7) Jill is unwell and it seems possible she has the same problem as her sister.

345. (27/7) The inquest has been postponed due to the discovery of new evidence. Vera is understandably worried.

346. (30/7) Helen is adamant that an abortion is out of the question, but Jack, worried about the risks, tries to make her see reason.

347. (31/7) Les's has resumed his interest in being a private detective and the enigmatic writer of the poison pen letters is his target.

348. (1/8) Les accuses his suspect. Roma and Aldo receive a mysterious telephone call.

349. (2/8) Jack and Alf have an evening out, but the night ends in a shock for the other residents.

350. (3/8) Don is finally introduced to Johnny Briggs (Deryck Barnes), Jack's business partner. Johnny's suggestion surprises both Jack and Don.

351. (6/8) Jill searches for a new job, while Helen seeks peace of mind in church.

352. (7/8) Earl is working on his latest underhanded scheme.

353. (8/8) Jack arranges a meeting with Tim in an attempt to get possession of the blue movie featuring Jill and Arnold. Les demonstrates his latest invention.

354. (9/8) Aldo and Roma's arguing reaches a stalemate. Aldo seeks Don's advice.

355. (10/8) Roma's plan to learn "Australian" English is put into motion when she finds herself a willing teacher.

356. (13/8) Flo and Herb have their own alternate plans when Dorrie is invited to a charity party.

357. (14/8) Earl is under pressure and requires help from Jack, but he may not get what he needs.

358. (15/8) Les has an unusual present for Norma, but the gift Dorrie receives is unexpected. Dorothy is still causing problems for Arnold.

359. (16/8) Marie Crowther (Hazel Phillips) and Harry continue their verbal sparring match and Jill is in for a shock when she visits Vera.

This plotline was novelised for the 1974 Arkon paperback, The Sins of Harry Collins.

360. (17/8) Vera finds a familiar-looking ring in her bed, but can't remember the identity of the owner... yet.

361. (20/8) Aldo makes progress in his evening violin class. Dorothy conducts a seance which produces some startling results.

362. (21/8) Following Claire's malicious attack, Bev will have something to say to Earl.

363. (22/8) Jill takes a risk or several when she makes advances to Harry.

364. (23/8) Don has a serious choice to make. Will he be swayed by loyalty to his new job or his friendship with Aldo?

365. (24/8) Jill wants Harry to resume their liaison, but an unexpected discovery may spoil her plans.

366. (27/8) Les prepares for the first demonstration of his latest invention.

367. (28/8) Dorrie's concern over Flo's back is minor, compared to what is to come: Herb suffers a mild stroke.

368. (29/8) Marie is well prepared for her dealings with Harry.

369. (30/8) Jack offers a new proposition to Aldo. Don receives a sum of money from an unexpected source.

370. (31/8) Dorrie is finding it difficult to cope with Herb.

371. (3/9) Arnold and Dorothy are becoming more deeply involved, but Arnold is still unsure about the situation.

372. (4/9) Dorrie dubiously seeks Les's assistance to bring Herb back to normal.

373. (5/9) Arnold suffers through a tirade of man-to-man advice from Les about handling women like Dorothy.

374. (6/9) Don and Jack once again confront Johnny about Aldo's deli, but it seems they are wasting their time.

375. (7/9) Johnny has a surprise in store for Jack and Don, while Alf suffers another bout of bad luck.

376. (10/9) Success at night school continues to bring pleasure to both Roma and Aldo.

377. (11/9) Jill's disappearance is a worry to both Harry and Helen, but then something happens which may incriminate Harry.

378. (12/9) The Missing Persons Bureau contact Helen, raising her hopes that Jill has been located.

379. (13/9) Norma is annoyed that Maggie Cameron is making so many changes at the wine bar.

380. (14/9) Despite their past arguments, Maggie makes an enticing suggestion to Norma. Plans for the fashion parade are put into action.


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