Number 96 episode guide: 1973 (cont.)

262. (2/4) Alf and his new business partner and driver, Mick Milligan (Peter Berg), are doing well. However, they are choosing to ignore Arnold's carefully prepared rosters. The truth about Gil's background is finally revealed.

263. (3/3) Gil is forced to reveal his true colours now that Vera is aware of the implications surrounding his business dealings. Dorrie slanders Arnold when she accuses him of having a "candlestine" affair with one of the married tenants.

264. (4/4) The plans to redevelop the empty chemist shop are going well. Alf takes the opportunity to do some down-to-earth ribbing.

265. (5/4) Don is confronted by Sally and Sir Arnold. Bev tries to comfort Sally over the events that follow, but she is inconsolable. Dorrie causes another tragedy.

266. (6/4) Vera is disgusted over Gil and his behaviour, but her good nature will not allow her to take action.

267. (9/4) Chaos reigns supreme during every stage of the Whittakers' move into Flat 1. Norma is at her wit's end with Les and his misadventures.

268. (10/4) Herb puts Dorrie into a spin when he tells her that their daughter Joan (Judith Fisher) has rung from Melbourne. It seems Joan's husband will be arriving a day earlier than expected, much to Dorrie's annoyance. Lucy seeks help about Alf from Vera, but Vera has another visitor in Jack.

269. (11/4) Sir Arnold makes threats against Don, Sally and Paul. Despite their gloomy futures, the three decide to stick together.

270. (12/4) Jack decides to try making amends with Bev, but he continues to suspect that she is two-timing him. Dorrie is disappointed about not being able to join the Senior Citizens' Club committee for dinner, especially when Flo confirms that the Marquise will be attending.

271. (13/4) Dennis Parker (Ron Blanchard) finally arrives for his visit with his in-laws, Dorrie and Herb and proves to be a very sanitary person. In attempting to sterilise their flat to Dennis's satisfaction, they discover that Herb is allergic to the air freshener. Aldo's sister, Selma (Hilda Scurr), also arrives at Number 96. She has strange news for Aldo concerning his first wife, Ida (Brenda Senders).

Hilda Scurr had taken over as Selma from Marian Johns.

272. (16/4) Sally is resolute that, due to Sir Arnold's complete lack of concern for her, he will never have access to her child.

273. (17/4) Alf tries to cure his bout of tiredness by using the pills that Mick gave him, but Arnold realises that the drug is dangerously addictive. Aldo struggles to cope with the realisation that he is a bigamist and may face charges.

274. (18/4) Dorrie, Herb and Dennis have an evening at the Cosmopolitan Restaurant, where Helen Sheridan (Carmen Duncan) is the hostess. Helen offers to order for them, but Dorrie is unimpressed by her selection. A hippy makes a bizarre delivery to Helen's flat: her unconscious younger sister, Jill Sheridan (Candida Raymond).

275. (19/4) After a few more finishing touches, the new wine bar will be ready to open on the site of the Vansard pharmacy. To celebrate, Jack invites all the residents of Number 96 plus his society friends.

On Good Friday, 20th April, the show was pre-empted by the movie, Francis of Assissi.

276. (23/4) "That" painting of Norma has been transferred from the pub to the wine bar. Dorrie has a predictable reaction to Norma's attitude to posing nude. Sally contemplates suicide.

Of course, Norma had actually posed for the painting fully clothed! In Melbourne, this episode was accidentally transposed with Episode #277.

277. (24/4) Don prevents Sally from making a terrible mistake. Roma is still missing and Aldo becomes more desperate, but he keeps her disappearance from the other residents.

In Melbourne, this episode was actually aired on 23/4, when it was accidentally transposed with Episode #276.

278. (25/4) Arnold has two wonderful ideas, suggesting to Les that the wine bar commence serving snacks and that, furthermore, Arnold himself be the chef. However, when they go looking for Jack to discuss the matters, he is nowhere to be found - and Jack is not the only one missing.

279. (26/4) To make amends for standing up Dorrie at dinner the night before, Herb intends to prepare a sumptuous meal.

280. (27/4) Paul's editor is making life difficult for him and tells Don that he believes Sir Arnold is applying the pressure. They seek out Sally to settle matters.

281. (30/4) Sally calls Don at the office and informs him that she has taken an overdose of sleeping pills.

282. (1/5) Paul makes two terrifying discoveries: one concerns Sally, the other, Don. Vera worries that the situation will also affect Sue Marshall (Anne Lambert).

283. (2/5) Theorising that someone has falsified Alf's business account books, Arnold confronts the prime suspect. However, the tables are quickly turned on Arnold.

284. (3/5) The Evans' secret about their daughter's mental health is threatened by Les's latest wild scheme; he intends to pursue a part-time career as a private investigator. Jill has a happy-go-lucky attitude to life, but a drastic change is looming.

285. (4/5) Jill is warned by Helen about life in the city and the need to find employment, but Jill is unconvinced.

286. (7/5) Disgusted by his uncle's conniving and selfish attitudes, Don holds Sir Arnold responsible for Sally's death. Don is determined to make him pay for what he has done.

287. (8/5) Sue reveals her true self when she confronts Mick about his illegal activities. Alf, however, suspects nothing, and dwells over whether or not to buy the truck Mick has recommended.

288. (9/5) While on duty, Les discovers that the hospital has a patient suffering withdrawal symptoms, a patient named Harry Collins.

289. (10/5) Arnold overhears a discussion as he passes Flat 3 while delivering groceries, but when he tries to tell Aldo and Roma, they accuse him of emulating Dorrie herself.

290. (11/5) Don is determined that Sir Arnold's reputation will soon be in tatters. Nothing will prove an obstacle in Don's path, even if he and Paul end up digging ditches for the rest of their lives.

291. (14/5) Lady Frances Ashton (Faye Donaldson) pleads with her nephew not to ruin Sir Arnold's career, fearing that such action would also lead to the termination of her marriage, such as it is. Don is left in a quandary about what to do.

292. (15/5) Roma is behaving strangely towards Arnold, but she insists nothing is wrong. Aldo is unable to resolve the situation.

293. (16/5) Dorrie and her "phantom" daughter seem to have vanished, leaving Flo and Herb to live life to the fullest.

294. (17/5) Harry calls for assistance from Alcoholics Anonymous, but he once again relapses into depression and reaches for the bottle.

295. (18/5) Les has concluded that Herb has run away with Dorrie, so he calls a meeting of the residents to explain his investigations.

296. (21/5) Wally Scott (Peter Corbett) and Mick double-date with Sue and Jill, but Jill is feeling uneasy. Mick offers her some marijuana.

297. (22/5) Now that Arnold has left the deli, Roma and Aldo are finding it difficult to cope. Meanwhile, Arnold is delighted with his new job in the wine bar.

298. (23/5) Helen's position at the Cosmo is causing her trouble, so she seeks Jack's advice. He thinks that the staff are reacting adversely to her "masculine" behaviour.

299. (24/5) Aldo's deli comes under suspicion when Flo comes down with similar food poisoning symptoms to Lucy's. Herb has yet another surprise in store for Flo.

300. (25/5) Vera and Harry seem to be a couple again; she has made no attempt to reject his advances.

301. (28/5) Vera and Harry's relationship will self-destruct unless one of them makes a strong stand.

302. (29/5) Alf's three employees continue to deceive him, but time is surely running out for them.

303. (30/5) Mick and Wally pull another scam a big one and try to keep it a secret from Alf.

304. (31/5) Vera refuses all help, and her situation continues to worsen.

305. (1/6) Finally accepting her predicament as a serious problem, Vera takes the advice of her friends.

306. (4/6) Flo's job in the deli infuriates Dorrie, although Aldo and Roma actually find Flo's help to be more of a hindrance.

307. (5/6) A gang of hoodlums have made a nuisance of themselves outside the wine bar at closing time. Arnold hopes his new boxing skills will be sufficient to deter them.

308. (6/6) Following Arnold and Jack's altercation with the hoodlums the previous night, Jack asks the police to keep an eye on the wine bar. However, Arnold believes that stronger measures are necessary.

309. (7/6) Don's odd behaviour is of concern to Jack and Vera. On the other hand, Vera and Harry seem to be recovering well.

310. (8/6) Arnold has an eye-opener in store for Mick; it is only a matter of time before the Sutcliffes realise the truth about Mick's activities.

311. (11/6) Jill is pleased that her relationship with Tim Grose (Stewart Finch) is going well. She is enthusiastic about her modelling job and her first pay packet.

312. (12/6) Les's tall tales have gotten him fired from his job at the hospital and everyone dreads what his next project will be.

313. (13/6) Bev Houghton is back! But, as the newly-married Mrs Goodman, she still has one more surprise up her sleeve for Jack.

Abigail had returned from a sabbatical following several public disagreements with the producers.

314. (14/6) Earl Goodman (Richard Lupino) and Bev have all the tenants gossiping over their sudden appearance. The other topic of conversation is Flo, who has lost everything except her pet budgerigar (Mr Perky) in the tragic Paradise Street fire.

315. (15/6) Sue and Mick have carefully planned their latest scam, but things start going terribly wrong for Mick.

316. (18/6) Dorrie complains that Flo is living off the other residents because she is accepting their charity. Furthermore, Flo is not helping out in Flat 3 and Mr Perky is driving everyone crazy.

317. (19/6) Harry's personality is undergoing a radical change. He is being self-centred and acting like a nasty, belligerent fanatic. Vera finds that her affection for him is cooling.

318. (20/6) Roma overwhelms Aldo with her surprise, but it means even more responsibility for Arnold.

319. (21/6) Joe Corless (Tony Allyn) realises what Sue and Mick have been up to. He plans for revenge.

320. (22/6) Bev (Victoria Raymond) and Earl talk business. There are more worries for Alf. Sue, of course, continues to play it cool, and only Arnold suspects her true motives.

Victoria Raymond had taken over the role of Bev from Abigail following continuing disagreements between Abigail and Cash Harmon Productions.


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