Number 96 episode guide: 1972 (cont.)

102. (31/7) The news about Don's parents' plane crash causes Roma to fret about her own trip. The army notifies the Whittakers about their daughter-in-law's imminent arrival. Norma leaves all the arrangements to Les so, of course, trouble soon follows. Gordon tries to propose to Sonia, but they are interrupted. He is considering re-registering as a doctor.

103. (1/8) Jack and Bev are aware that they have been using their friendship to help themselves through their respective problems, but now Bev wonders about Jack's real intentions. Anna Maria (Rosalba Verrucci) mistakes Dorrie for her mother-in-law.

104. (2/8) Alan Cotterell (Mark Hashfield) tells Janie that he has found a financial backer for their film. Norma worries that Anna Maria doesn't feel at home, but Les gets along with her easily. Arnold wants Aldo to move out so the shop can be enlarged and refitted.

105. (3/8) Alf advises Aldo to "pop the question" to keep Roma from leaving the country. Simon is still trying to woo Vera, but she is worried about how Maggie will react to the situation.

106. (4/8) Dorrie decides that not only does the pharmacy need an assistant, but that Georgina would be perfect for the job. Maggie accuses Vera of stealing Simon away from her.

107. (7/8) Arnold's credit card system causes havoc in the deli. Don has returned from his parents' funeral, but soon everyone's attention is distracted by more trouble with Lucy.

108. (8/8) The time is finally right, so Sonia and Gordon tie the knot, but they have opted for a small, quiet ceremony in the registry office. Vera realises she has no hope of raising the money needed to buy out Maggie.

109. (9/8) Maggie is out for revenge on Vera; the more Simon pleads for her to reconsider her intentions, the more determined Maggie becomes. Janie and Alan speculate about the exciting future of Cotterell Productions. Anna Maria's cooking threatens to ruin Norma's figure.

110. (10/8) Don tells the Vansards that his air hostess sister, Carol, plans to move into his spare room soon. Lucy fears how she will fare in her operation; if the the lump in her breast is cancerous, the doctor may have to perform a mastectomy. How will Alf react? Les tells Herb about a scheme involving inflatable plastic women. Dorrie is pleased to be able to introduce her niece to young Arnold - and is delighted when he asks Georgina for a date. Don confronts Mike Parsons (Patrick Ward) about the hints he's been dropping at work.

111. (11/8) Alan confirms the news about the plans for the theatre to be pulled down. Les and Herb struggle to hide their inflatable friend from their wives. Bev is thrilled by the success of her first big challenge at work, but Jack reminds her of other, more personal challenges... her virginity and fear of being frigid!

112. (14/8) Alf is very worried about Lucy and everyone at Number 96 is concerned for them both. Vera goes with Alf to visit his wife in the hospital when the pathology result comes through... and the lump is pronounced benign.

113. (15/8) Norma is pleased that her daughter-in-law has met some old friends from Italy. However, when one of them arrives to take Anna Maria out, Norma worries about the possibilities. Gordon once more tries to bring things out into the open. Georgina brings out Arnold's dormant sexual impulses.

114. (16/8) Les does not approve of Norma's dietary supper of soya bean sprouts and brown rice, while Norma is concerned about Anna Maria's late hours. Georgina and Arnold's evening has a surprise ending when Dorrie and Herb arrive home. Janie intrudes on Bev and Jack's privacy. Maggie seems poised to have her own way, destroying Vera's career in the process, but Peter decides that it's time he lent a hand.

115. (17/8) Alan is depressed after his meeting with the theatre management. Ralph Finlayson (Max Cullen) arrives at Don's flat drunk and the two brothers argue about missed opportunities. Anna Maria has moved out of the Whittaker's to stay with friends. Ralph has designs on Vera and Don warns him off. Mike tries to blackmail Don at work. Aldo becomes increasingly depressed by the imminent departure of Roma to England, until a telegram arrives from her son.

116. (18/8) Ralph wonders why Don doesn't have a girlfriend, with all the beautiful girls to choose fronm at Number 96. Irving has won a fellowship to study architecture in the United States for at least six months, so Roma must postpone her trip. Herb is horrified when Dorrie needs money from their joint account, but Alf saves the day. Alan is unemployed and soon to be homeless and Janie tries to calm him. Don faces a dilemma when Mike barges into his flat, making demands and accusations, only to be ejected roughly by Ralph. How will Ralph take the news that his brother is a homosexual?

117. (21/8) Herb has been put in charge of looking after Georgina while Dorrie is visiting Georgina's recuperating parents; everything is under control, but perhaps it's just the calm before the storm. Lucy is anxious to get back to work, but Alf doesn't approve. Mike continues to harass Don at work, but Ralph diagrees with Gordon and Sonia's advice that Don face Mr Willoughby with the truth.

118. (22/8) Georgina has her heart set on an evening out, but Herb and Arnold insist that she join them in a game of Twister. Another sale is notched up for Inflatable Ladies Inc. Worrying rumours are circulating despite the success of Janie's play. Alan is still after Jack to help him obtain financial backing for his film and Janie hears the news that she and Bev have been fearing.

119. (23/8) Aldo castigates Arnold for his tardiness, but he is actually in a flap about Rose and Julian coming for dinner. Gordon warns Ralph that it is his attitude which prevents Don from confiding in him. Les invites Anna Maria to visit, but Norma doesn't want her doing any cooking. Ralph confides in Vera about his failed marriage to Ruth. Don is getting deeper into trouble, so Ralph decides to solve Don's problems without his knowledge.

120. (24/8) Vera calls an end to her relationship with Peter. Jack admits he was unable to get the money for Janie and Alan's film, but their dejection is overshadowed by the discovery made in Vera's flat: a prowler has made his first strike.

The cast and the media nicknamed this villain the Knicker Snipper.

121. (25/8) Don fears the worst when Mike's actions lead to a confrontation with Mr Willoughby (Gerry Duggan), but it is Mike who gets himself fired. Alf thinks that Harry is responsible for what happened to Vera's undergarments. Gordon tries to educate Arnold about women. Alf has organised a meeting of his work colleagues regarding their unroadworthy trucks. Norma fears that the vice squad will be after Les and Herb, who still have three inflatable ladies to hide before Dorrie returns.

122. (28/8) Arnold and Georgina attempt a serious discussion about their relationship. Les thinks Norma's dizzy spell was brought about by her diet, but could it also be the worry of Gary's impending arrival? Dorrie returns from Queensland and encounters evidence of Herb's latest shady business dealings, but Georgina's discovery in her laundry basket is sure to divert everyone's attention. Georgina tells Sonia she suspects that Arnold is the Prowler. Anna Maria calls from Queensland and Norma pleads with her to get back before Gary does. A visitor to Flat 1 shocks the Vansards.

123. (29/8) Kit's malicious stories about his mother's death and Gordon and Sonia's subsequent marriage have reached the ears of Daphne Bryant (Shirley Cameron) in England. Daphne is Sylvia's identical twin sister. Alan is intruding on Bev and Jack's privacy and Bev complains to Janie. Alan has organised an outback tour for the Arts Council, which will mean employment for both him and Janie. Vera is annoyed when Daphne brings up Sylvia's death. Bev asks Jack to make love to her, but she can't go through with it.

The "Gordon/Sonia/Daphne" plotline was novelised for the 1973 Arkon paperback, The Perfect Victim.

124. (30/8) Rose and Julian's dinner with Aldo and Roma is interrupted by a phone call. Alf has organised a strike meeting without the backing of the union. Gary Whittaker (Michael Ferguson) arrives home and his parents, Les and Norma, have some explaining to do because Gary's wife is nowhere to be found. Another drama is brewing in Flat 2 when a depressed Rose pays Aldo and Roma a visit. Bev and Jack convince her to come to a party, but no-one realises that Julian has cancelled his night shift to take Rose to dinner.

125. (31/8) Vera tells Janie and Bev that Georgina still blames Arnold for the incident with her undergarments, but Alan believes the motive was sexual gratification. Ralph is still convinced that Don can find women attractive. Daphne refuses to believe the truth about her sister's suicide. She continues to question the buildings' residents, and even Mark Eastwood. The Arts Council seem to approve of Janie's talent. Rose believes that Julian cannot accept her baby. Daphne drops a bombshell on Gordon and Sonia: she wants the police to re-open the investigation.

126. (1/9) Dorrie wonders where Georgina's underwear has gone, but she doesn't get to the truth. Alf's boss, Bob Gerrold (Bob Lee), threatens him to get his colleagues back to work. Anna Maria is making an effort to get along with her in-laws, but despite Gary's help and understanding, the situation is still difficult. Georgina is unaware that the Prowler is hiding under her bed.

127. (4/9) Ralph still won't believe he's been black-banned as a wharfie by the union. Georgina is positive someone was in the flat while she was showering, so she tells Dorrie and Herb about the incident with her underwear. Arnold is jealous of Don, who seems to have caught Georgina's attentions. Alan suggests that the residents set up a vigilante group to catch the Prowler.

128. (5/9) Maggie has told Daphne that Vera knew all about Gordon and Sonia's row about killing Sylvia. Rose is unwell following her latest misunderstanding with Julian. Bev discovers that she has become the latest victim of the Prowler.

129. (6/9) Daphne's investigation is not proving to be very successful, but her lack of success has not curbed her vindictiveness towards Gordon and Sonia.

130. (7/9) Gary and Anna Maria decide that they need a flat of their own.

131. (8/9) With the onset of premature labour, Rose is back in the hospital. Julian's fears are about to be realised.

132. (11/9) Alf takes Les and Herb's advice about forming his own business, but Lucy fears Alf's desire to get even with Bob will affect his decisions.

133. (12/9) Vera sees a mysterious young man, possibly the unknown prowler, lurking in the stairwell. When she returns with the others, he is gone.

134. (13/9) Les wants to utilise the basement of Number 96 for his latest business venture, but Georgina doesn't want it to happen.

135. (14/9) Arnold stumbles across Georgina's secret in the basement and realises that he can use this information to get his way with her.

136. (15/9) Gordon wants to practice as a doctor again, so he has applied to the court to have his name restored to the medical register. An unknown young woman makes a serious accusation about him.

137. (18/9) Janie is upset. Alan's job, as the stage manager of the travelling company they have joined, has fallen through, so Janie goes to the theatre to attempt to get out of her contract.

138. (19/9) Lucy's doctor wants her to take a break by visiting her daughter in Darwin and Alf agrees that it is a good idea, but can they afford it?

139. (20/9) Georgina and Herb finally tell Dorrie about the mysterious Danny Morrison (Gregory Ross), who is a draft resister. The police arrive to inspect the basement and, against her better judgment, Dorrie becomes involved in the situation.

The repeat of this episode, screened on 22/8/74 in Sydney, was the last in the 1.30 pm timeslot.

140. (21/9) The knicker-snipping prowler has been quiet for some time, so Georgina has other things on her mind when she rushes into Flat 3. Hearing a strange noise, she calls for Jack, who catches the perpetrator in the act.

Daytime repeats recommenced, two episodes at a time, from 16/9/74 at 11.00 am.

141. (22/9) Jack is shocked to learn the identity of the Prowler: it was Alan all along. Anne Spencer (Lynda Keane) has made serious accusations against Gordon; he thinks that the police will have to act, even though the evidence is circumstantial. Alan blames his kinky crimes on unemployment - and Janie's refusal to have a sexual relationship with him. Georgina apologises to Arnold, while Ralph seduces Vera. A plan to have classical music piped into the deli goes awry. Sonia visits Vera to have her fortune read; Vera goes into a strange trance, later shrugging it off as tiredness. Janie makes her final farewells but is interrupted by a detective, who has a warrant for Gordon's arrest for performing an abortion.

The "Gordon/Sonia/Anne plotline" was novelised for the 1973 Arkon paperback, The Perfect Victim.

142. (25/9) Ralph has not yet told Don about Ruth's letter, so he must endure Don's criticisms. Vera cooks a meal for Alf, who's so tired from building up his own business as well as working for Bob that he falls asleep before he can eat. Norma thinks she's suffering the change of life, but Sonia suggests she see her doctor. Arnold and Roma are ready for their first day of serving luncheons in deli, but Aldo is dubious about success. Ralph, Les and Alf agree to start a petition about the rising rents at Number 96. Don confronts again Anne to get to the truth and her story perplexes him. Norma announces that she is pregnant.

143. (26/9) Dorrie is furious: why wasn't she told about Alan? Bev tells Jack that she is preparing to meet a prospective new flatmate, Karen Winters (Toni Lamond). Georgina is worried about Danny giving himself up and discovers, to her delight, that Arnold is now a prospective draft resister. Herb is late for dinner and Dorrie's anger increases when she hears that he has been celebrating with the Whittakers. To Dorrie's amazement, Norma herself confirms the news of her pregnancy in the deli.

The "Bev/Jack/Karen" plotline was novelised for the 1973 Arkon paperback, The Grip of Evil.

144. (27/9) Norma wants to use the cellar for storage, so Arnold and Georgina must find new lodgings for Danny. Gordon, out on bail, suspects that Daphne is behind his current problems. Danny hides out in Georgina's room. Aldo explains to Vera that Rose has recovered quickly after the loss of her baby, but that she and Julian will soon be moving to New Guinea. Dorrie brings matters to a head; she won't stand for Danny staying in a young woman's bedroom. Don and Anne have a dinner date, but she remains suspicious about his motives.

145. (28/9) Danny has disappeared without a trace. Alf is still working two jobs, but has promised Lucy he will resign from his position in Bob's business. Jack and Vera realise that Alf seems to have no intention of doing so and express concern about his use of pep pills. Georgina blames Dorrie for Danny's arrest. Karen is curious about Vera's talents as a fortune-teller. Alf gets fired by Bob.

146. (29/9) Alf lies to Lucy about his current predicament. Don loses his temper with Vera over Ralph's love life. Aldo goes to see off Rose and Julian, returning to find that Roma's luncheon crowd has encroached into his living room. Anne is very convincing as she tells her story to Sonia. Bev and Karen seem to be getting along very well, but is Karen all that she seems?

147. (2/10) It seems that Bev is unaware of Karen's display of affection the previous night. Arnold impresses Georgina with the news that he failed his medical. Hynotherapist Vernon Saville (Alistair Duncan) quizzes Karen about Vera's "suitability"; later he gives Jack some unusual post-hypnotic suggestions. Despite Aldo's apprehensions, Arnold and Roma's lunches are selling well in the deli. Major Stephan Duval (Kenneth Laird), an old friend of Roma's, walks back into her life. Les and Alf make a mess printing business cards and posters in Flat 5. Arnold is searching for new lodgings.

148. (3/10) Georgina's parents have returned home to Coffs Harbour, so her stay at Number 96 will soon end. Sonia is not pleased, since she will need to find another assistant for the pharmacy - and just what is Gordon up to? Dorrie makes preparations for the opening of the Senior Citizens' bowling green. She argues with Norma over Alf's petition. Gordon attacks Anne.

149. (4/10) Jack gets himself into some serious business difficulties with the underworld after a horse race was fixed; his only supporters are the tenants of Number 96. Don tries to pacify a shaken Anne, while Gordon is distraught. Bev suggests that Vernon's hypnotherapy could cure Vera of smoking. Ralph is angered when he is compared to Harry Collins. Gordon loses his temper with Don over Anne's flawless story.

150. (5/10) Alf can't believe the support he is receiving from Les and Herb. Jack continues to hide out in Flat 4. Meanwhile, Ralph's wife calls from Tamworth; his young son is ill and he must fly up there. Vera demands to know why Don has dropped Gordon's case. Mr Bayswater (Reg Gillam), the agent for Number 96, tears up Alf's petition. Don tells Ralph that he is attracted to Anne. Mr Bayswater visits Dorrie and Herb to announce that, due to a loophole the new owners of Number 96 have found, they are all being evicted.

This recurring eviction plotline would also be the driving force behind the infamous bomb blast as well as the lead-up to the final episode.

151. (6/10) Vera asks Sonia and Gordon's advice about seeing Vernon, Karen's hypnotherapist boss. Dorrie gets melodramatic about their forthcoming eviction. Alf reluctantly accepts Arnold as a boarder. Roma breaks a date with Aldo to attend a reunion organised by Stephan. Under hypnosis, Vera reveals the truth about her trances and visions.


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