Number 96 episode guide: 1972 (cont.)

52. (22/5) Grant Morris (John Bonney), Janie's former director, makes her an exciting offer. Bev is more in love with Don than ever and she is shattered that he is moving out. Dorrie hears that Herb was seen canoodling with two tarty girls. Despite the theory that Sylvia may have committed suicide, Gordon and Sonia are still under investigation. They both have motives for murder and now they have begun to suspect each other. Dorrie's sister, Connie, is being hospitalised for a gallstone operation and Dorrie packs herself an overnight bag. Aldo recalls the time that Harry sought Gordon's medical advice after hours. Herb tries to hide Trixie from Dorrie, who has arrived home unexpectedly.

53. (23/5) Dorrie is disgusted that her sister's gallstone was merely indigestion. Claire tells Maggie that her mind is at ease about Bev because Don is a final year law student with excellent prospects. Maggie opens an airmail letter addressed to Don from Bruce; he's in Canada, but has nothing nice to say about Maggie. Vera advises Dorrie to woo back Herb after she finds lipstick on his shirt collar. Don is a target for Maggie's drunken abuse.

54. (24/5) Mark completes his packing. Bev convinces Don to let her share his bed, but only to sleep in his arms. Julian is ecstatic about his promotion at the hospital, but Rose doesn't share his enthusiasm; a difficult decision weighs heavily on her mind. Maggie is reunited with Victor. Before she leaves, she make amends with Don and gives him a cheque for $200.

55. (25/5) Helen bids farewell to Chad, apologising for the way she treated him. Bev gets very emotional because she can't accept that Don is moving away from her. Gemma Strauss (Hilda Scurr) invites Aldo to bring Roma over for a meal. Helen comes face-to-face with Rose, but she is extremely pleasant and wishes her all the best for her wedding. Julian hears the story of the attack on Rose by Cliff's gang, but she stops short from telling the truth about the baby. Mark says goodbye to the residents. Roma is convinced that Claude was the Nazi officer who sent her parents to the gas chamber.

56. (26/5) Roma insists that Claude is a wanted man. Sonia wants to delay her marriage to Gordon to allow a respectful period after Sylvia's death. Dorrie seems uncharacteristically disinterested in Herb's doings and, although this concerns him, he takes full advantage. Rose is told she is entitled to a legal abortion because she had been pack raped, but she confesses that the baby is someone else's.

57. (29/5) Don is in turmoil over his exams and his sexuality. Alf's sister, Lily, has written from England to convey bad news about Alf's former boss. Although he puts on a brave front for Lucy, Alf has doubts about returning to his homeland. Aldo and Roma are supposed to have dinner with Claude and Gemma, but Roma is sure she recognises Claude from her past.

58. (30/5) Gemma pleads with Roma not to report Claude as a war criminal. Herb's bank statement reveals, to his horror, that the money from the sale of the car yard, $8000, has been placed in his and Dorrie's joint account.

59. (31/5) Herb has to find a way to convince Dorrie that his nest egg was earned in a fair deal, but Dorrie has already given it away - to the vicar and the Senior Citizens' Club. Rose can't go through with the abortion, but will Julian accept another man's baby?

60. (1/6) Kit Vansard (Denny Lawrence), organises to have lunch with his father, Gordon, so that an important issue can be raised. Maggie wants Vera to go into business with her.

61. (2/6) Sonia has decided that, if Kit moves into Flat 1 with his father, she will move out. However, she will continue to work at the pharmacy each day. Alf announces that he has arranged his flight to England. Is the Department of Education really discriminating against Chad? Roma muddles through her first week at the deli.

62. (5/6) Dorrie seeks the assistance of Mr Calthrop in retrieving Herb's money. Alf will be leaving for England in less than a week, but Lucy has not accepted the fact yet and they continue to hide their true feelings behind petty bickering. Can Herb get Dorrie's coat back from Trixie and Babs? Bev makes a play for Jack while Janie is at a rehearsal.

63. (6/6) Chad's story hits the headlines. Rose is suffering from morning sickness and asks Gordon for medication. Roma immediately recognises the pills and, realising the truth about Rose's condition, she asks if Aldo has been told. The Tapemeasure, Maggie and Vera's Double Bay clothing salon, begins to take shape.

64. (7/6) The Senior Citizens' Club is making Dorrie an honorary vice-president against her will. She'd rather have her $4000 back and, of course, blames Herb for the entire situation. Bev invites Julian up to her flat for a drink and accidentally drops a bombshell about Rose.

65. (8/6) Maggie and Vera celebrate with Peter and his elder brother, John Harvey (Ken Goodlet). Janie is concerned about Bev so she makes a phone call to Claire, who comes as quickly as possible. Chad has been offered a university posting in Canberra, but can Don afford to stay on in Flat 4?

Originally, the series was not expected to run beyond thirteen weeks, marked by this episode.

66. (9/6) Julian is missing and Rose is confused. Chad reminds Don about Maggie's uncashed cheque, but Don is not interested in "conscience money". Claire attempts to "buy" Don as a husband for her distraught daughter. Kit surprises Sonia with an invitation to a discotheque. Julian confronts Rose about the baby.

67. (12/6) Alf is leaving, but Lucy is still refusing to believe he'll go through with it. Claire wants to cheer up Bev, so they decide to phone Rod, Bev's brother, in Texas. John has found out about Vera's unsavoury past and tries to warn Maggie about going into business with her.

68. (13/6) Vera makes contact with Julian and pleads with him to sort things out with Rose. Meanwhile, Dorrie is concerned that she is losing her grip on what is happening to the building's tenants. [Why wasn't she told? It's enough to drive a body beresk!] John threatens Vera about her relationship with Peter.

69. (14/6) Kit discovers that Chad had once been in love with Sonia. Don and Bev clear the air a little. Janie would like to get her room back, but she is terrified of Claire. Rose has decided that she cannot bring an unloved child into the world.

70. (15/6) Kit questions Don about the events which led to his mother's death. Don explains that his only information is second hand from Chad. Jack succeeds in moving Claire out of Flat 6. Kit investigates the poisons cupboard in Gordon's shop.

71. (16/6) Dorrie is to deliver a speech to the Mothers' Union on "The Essence of Christian Charity", leaving a delighted Herb with the prospect of a free night. He plans to paint the town red and invites Lucy and her daughter, Ethel, to join him.

72. (19/6) Rose feels that she cannot go on now, following her ordeal at the seedy abortion clinic. Peter wonders if Vera is avoiding him. Julian decides that he really does love Rose and resolves never to doubt her again.

73. (20/6) Dorrie hears from Jessie Blanchard (Margo Lloyd) that Herb has been seen in the company of two prostitutes, but the gossip proves to be unreliable. Janie loses her voice on the eve of her play's dress rehearsal. Dorrie is pleased to show the empty Flat 5 to Mr Evans-Jones (Colin Croft). Gordon discovers that someone has been tampering with the dangerous drugs in the shop. Once again, a quantity of cyanide, the same drug which killed Sylvia, is missing and the culprit would appear to be a resident of the building.

74. (21/6) Kit is enjoying setting Sonia and Gordon against each other. Hospital orderly Les Whittaker (Gordon McDougall) and his barmaid wife, Norma (Sheila Kennelly) call into the chemist shop for the keys to inspect Flat 5. Rose and Julian are also flat-hunting. Lucy's depression about Alf's departure worsens when a telephone call informs her that Ethel and family will be moving to Darwin, not Sydney, after all.

75. (22/6) Roma oversees Rose's wedding arrangements. Janie is distressed over press gossip which praises her understudy in Find Me A Lover. Aldo's elder sister, Selma Horowitz (Marion Johns), seems put out not to be involved in Rose's wedding. In the midst of preparations for the opening of Vera and Maggie's business venture, a problem develops with Peter and John. It is up to Vera to find a solution.

76. (23/6) Rose and the other residents are looking forward to the wedding. Meanwhile, Dorrie has plans for the empty Flat 5 but, much to her displeasure, she discovers that new tenants have already moved in: Les and Norma.

77. (26/6) Lucy realises she misses Alf too much and makes plans to join him in England, but an overwhelming event puts all other thoughts from her mind.

78. (27/6) The day of Rose and Julian's wedding arrives, but confusion and chaos reign supreme before the ceremony can begin.

This episode's script actually had a title, "Is This Going To Be A Wedding!", although it did not appear on screen. The wedding was a ratings-winning event that began a great, almost compulsory, tradition for all Australian soaps to follow.

79. (28/6) Everybody at Number 96 is off to opening night of Janie's new play. When Jack goes to pick up Bev, who has not been well, a sudden accident means that the two will miss the big event.

Susan Swinford, the writer of this episode, would later make several guest appearances as Patti Olsen's mother.

80. (29/6) Bev can't cope with her situation and takes drastic action, leaving Janie and Don feeling guilty. Just when Janie thinks Jack has matters under control, Bev astounds them all.

81. (30/6) Les and Norma seem to have settled into their new place of residence, much to Dorrie's disgust.

82. (3/7) Sonia and Gordon's relationship is becoming more and more strained. It seems that a third party is involved.

83. (4/7) Kit catches Don on his way to work and asks if he needs a flatmate, explaining that there is too much friction in Flat 1.

84. (5/7) The reviews for the play please Janie, but her relationship with Jack is headed for dangerous ground.

85. (6/7) Jack has made up his mind about the situation with Janie, but what will Janie do about Jack?

86. (7/7) Norma and Lucy are not amused by Les and Alf's latest idea for a business venture and neither are the other residents.

87. (10/7) Dorrie gets an interstate phone call. Jeff and Lois, Dorrie's brother and sister-in-law, have been involved in a serious road accident, so young Georgina Carter (Susannah Piggott) will be spending time with Aunt Dorrie and Uncle Herb.

88. (11/7) Vera and Maggie's business venture is up and running, so Vera turns to organising her private life.

89. (12/7) Ever since Rose's wedding, Roma has been helping Aldo to run the deli, but now she unwittingly jeopardises both the business and Aldo himself.

90. (13/7) Bev has arrived home, but Janie has yet to make up her mind and Jack is getting apprehensive.

91. (14/7) Gordon mulls over the situation between Kit and Sonia. Meanwhile, Kit has discovered a soul-mate in Dorrie's niece, Georgina. Peter's suspicions about Vera are aroused when he passes Simon Carr (John Orcsik) on the stairs late at night.

92. (17/7) Georgina is proving to be uncontrollable, so Dorrie demands that Herb take over. He talks to his niece and she expresses a dramatic change of heart, but all is not as it seems.

93. (18/7) Thanks to Don, Roma and Aldo's day in court turns out well. Meanwhile, Don is being drawn into the problems between Gordon, Sonia and Kit. Janie and Jack have a misunderstanding.

94. (19/7) Les and Norma receive a visit from their son's army welfare officer. He informs them that their daughter-in-law will soon be arriving to stay with them.

95. (20/7) Roma receives a letter containing happy news from her son, Irving, who is in England. However, the letter's contents do not please Aldo.

96. (21/7) Gordon's worries are brought out into the open. He is stunned by Kit's reaction.

97. (24/7) Maggie is anxious to get Simon into bed after their double date with Peter and Vera, but Simon wants them all to continue the party at a nightclub. Don tells Gordon that Kit has moved out. Bev starts her training as an air hostess, while Janie and Jack reach an understanding. Aldo is sure he has convinced Roma not to leave, but she changes her mind again after running into a friend while out shopping.

98. (25/7) Georgina's discovery of The Church of the Enlightened is responsible for her inner peace. Norma consigns her husband's junk to the cellar in preparation for Anna Maria's arrival, but he quickly retrieves it. Vera receives a letter from her solicitor: Harry wants his conjugal rights restored, or a divorce, but her shock dissipates when she sees Lucy. Roma has plans to join Irving in England and has arranged for business student Arnold Feather (Jeff Kevin) to meet with Aldo.

99. (26/7) Don confuses Dorrie about Georgina's involvement with "Harry Krisher". When Gordon hears that Kit is in the building with Don, he rushes upstairs to see him. However, his son's news will devastate Gordon.

100. (27/7) Lucy now believes her chest pain was caused by indigestion. Norma's exercise routine is a source of annoyance for Dorrie. Don's spare room may soon be occupied by a work colleague, which disappoints Les, who wanted to store his junk there. Lucy is horrified when Alf agrees to help Les with a similar arrangement. Simon is the focus of Maggie's scheming, but he won't cooperate because he has his own plans... to marry Vera.

101. (28/7) Aldo feels like an assistant in his own shop. Dorrie meets Aquarius, Georgina's Krishna high priest. Something about his prospective flatmate's manner unsettles Don but, while awaiting an answer, Don receives a sudden tragic phone call which overshadows everything else.


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