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Full Thrust: Cross Dimensions

This is not the third edition.

Cross Dimensions is a variant, a different version produced with the kind permission of Ground Zero Games. It contains all the non-alien rules from the original books, and some of the newer systems such as grasers and advanced drives. For new players, it is an ideal introduction to playing Full Thrust and designing your own ships. For experienced players, it brings together all the rules in one convenient book and introduces some new ideas.

This is FT:XD 1.1, "the good old days" revision which is closer to how things were done in Fleet Books 1 & 2 in a few places. The important changes are:

The rulebook itself is a 64 page B&W PDF, plus two color PDFs for the front and back covers.

A4 paper US letter
rules rules
front cover front cover
back cover back cover

For best results, put all three on a USB key or CD and take it to a print shop. Ask for saddle binding with staples, and a process called "celloglazing" or something similar if you want a stain resistant finish on the cover. (Perfect binding, pages glued to the spine of the cover, looks nicer but doesn't stand up well to being flexed a lot.)

Moving into the 21st century, Cross Dimensions iPad format is a PDF with smaller pages and internal hyperlinks, designed for the Apple iPad and similar sized notebook computers or ebook readers. Not having done this before, please let me know if there are any problems. (Not all PDF readers, including those built into web browsers, understand PDF links. On the iPhone, Stanza and GoodReader do.)

New Point Defence is a rewrite of the Full Thrust fighter and point defence rules to try and solve the unbalanced games caused by too many - or too few - fighters on one side or the other.

Spatial Movement is a new set of movement rules that tries to create the feeling of moving ships in space rather than air or water, while retaining as much as possible of the familiar cinematic mechanisms and without requiring players to measure precise angles and distances.

Full Thrust: Remixed is an older compilation of the core rules for human ships up to and including Fleet Book 1 into a single volume. Download for A4 paper PDF or US letter PDF.

Full Thrust: Cross Dimensions and Full Thrust: Remixed are released under the Creative Commons BY-NC-ND license. Briefly, copyright stays with GZG or myself, you can't sell the rules, and you can't make changes before giving copies to other people.

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