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Welcome to Fleet Book Babylon 5. This book brings the fleets of Babylon 5 into the GZG universe. With gunports open.

This is not an official product. It has not been approved by Warner Bros. Entertainment, and contains no official artwork, scripts, interviews or fiction. Nor has it been approved by Ground Zero Games. It's fan-fiction for space gamers, released under the Creative Commons BY-NC-ND license.

Fleet Book Babylon 5 is a 56 page B&W PDF, plus two color PDFs for the front and back covers.

1 June 2013: the SSD for the Vorlon Guardian Sword had two hangers instead of two graser-2 (F). The text specification was correct.

1 Jan 2014: the text for the Shadow Bramble listed two graser-1 (F) instead of graser-2. The SSD was correct.

15 Jul 2015: White Star missing a hull box, Sharlin missing ADFC. Corrected points cost for Drazi Sunhawk, Avioki, Defence Grid satellite, Tendril, Talon, Bramble, Hive.

A4 paper US letter
book book
front cover front cover
back cover back cover

Jan 1 2014: You can now download Fleet Book Babylon 5 for tablets as a smaller PDF. The hyperlinks from the contents page don't work with every PDF viewer.

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