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Victoria's first School Report - December 2002

Although Victoria only joined our Nursery Class half way through the term she settled immediately. she had no problems saying good-bye to Mum and she is quite secure and confident at school. Victoria is happy to settle on the carpet during Circle Time and she is beginning to share her news with the rest of the class.

She learns the words to new songs and rhymes quite quickly but she is not always keens to join in with our singing and dancing sessions. Sometimes she joins in with enthusiasm but at other times she prefers to sit and watch the other children.

Victoria has started to develop her fine motor skills. She can now hold a pair of scissors correctly and is beginning to cut on the line. Her colouring, drawing and tracing skills are improving with regular practise and she is beginning to hold her pencil correctly. Victoria likes painting, playing with rice and water threading beads and working with play dough. All these activities are helping to develop her fine motor skills.

In the garden Victoria likes to play with the other children, running, climbing jumping sliding and riding on the merry-go-round. She is developing her gross motor skills and building up her muscle tone.

As a native English speaker Victoria has a good command of the language. She listens carefully during discussions on our different topics and she will often ask questions related to the topic

She likes looking at books and listening to stories being told or read to her. Victoria enjoys watching others act out familiar stories and she will sometimes join in and act out certain scenes.

Victoria has made good progress since her arrival at our school. She is a kind, polite child who mixes easily with other children.


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