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Jakarta, December 2002


Hello There!

I have been busy this year at school. In February I was at my school in in Charnwood (Canberra). In March I became a Wallaby at the Australian International School. Dad said being a Wallaby was very special in Australia (something about playing football for Australia. I then moved to Bangkok and started at the Garden International School in September while we were on a long visit. (Click here to see my first school report!)

We have a nice place near the Jakarta suburb of Kemang, approximately 20 Km south of Jakarta Centre and 12 Km south of the Australian Embassy. The little Aussie settlement is known as Belimbing (= Star Fruit) and a pot-holed 1 1/2 lane road called ‘Belimbing’ is a few hundred metres away.

Starting at 4.30 am, we start getting calls for prayers broadcast through the powerful loudspeaker systems. Ati our very capable housekeeper/cook and Mohammad Ali our driver who knows shortcuts look after us very well.

Our pool is lovely and I can swim all year round as the temperature here rarely drops below 28 0C at night! There is even a children’s play area and a gym! On the front gate we have some guards to make sure only the right sort of folk get in The road in and out can be a bit confusing – if you plan to visit I'll send you a map.

The embassy also has some holiday homes out of the city. We have already used one at Puncak – an area in the tree-plantation covered hills south of Jakarta – a two to three hour drive. It’s very nice, has clear air, is a few degrees cooler than Jakarta and there is a large wildlife park (Taman Safari) nearby.

I had a really good time when I visited Disneyland and at the Grand Canyon in America.

Daddy says that Jakarta would be a really nice place except for some bad people who xplode bombs and try to hurt people. Hopefully everything will be OK next year. In the meantime, hahve a look at my .

All the best