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The ICT industry is notorious for its focus on technology rather than the business needs of Clients. Smaller ICT companies in particular also often lack effective business and production support processes.

Improving customer focus and implementing better processes leads very quickly to improved profitability. Over time, as delivery problems reduce and staff gain a better understanding of what is expected of them, a 'virtuous cycle' of increasing confidence and professionalism emerges, triggering a culture of on-going improvement.

KEWB Strategic Services works with ICT companies to help them -

  • review and clearly articulate their strategic intent, providing a framework for planning and initiative prioritisation,
  • define, develop and commercialise specific product and service offerings,
  • enhance market presence through marketing initiatives that resonate with defined target audiences,
  • improve sales effectiveness, particularly through high-quality proposals,
  • develop skills, processes and structures that enhance performance.

Depending on the nature of the work and specific Client requirements, the role performed by KEWB Strategic Services may involve –

  • capability supplementation – assuming primary responsibility for performing a nominated task to supplement the Client’s internal staff capabilities on a project basis.

  • skills transfer - assuming primary responsibility for performing a nominated task on a project basis and as part of that work, passing on repeatable knowledge, skills and methods to internal staff.

  • capability development – explicitly passing on or creating repeatable knowledge, skills and methods so that internal staff can assume primary responsibility for performing tasks in future.

Further details of the services provided to ICT Providers can be found on these pages –

Business Strategy

Business Development

Process Improvement

Recommended Product
Autotask automates the processes and workflow of IT professional services organisations delivering ...
- software development
- software integration
- managed services,
- break-fix,
- consulting engagements,
- system integration,
- networking projects,
- service desk support, &
- scheduled maintenance.
KEWB Strategic Services provides analysis, design and implementation assistance for Autotask deployments.


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