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KEWB Strategic Services was formed in 1996 to deliver business strategy, performance improvement and business development consulting services, primarily to small and medium businesses in the ICT (information and communication technology) sector.

After working with a variety of ICT companies from leading multi-nationals to small startups, two realisations slowly emerged. Firstly, ICT companies are not particularly good at seeing things from the perspective of their Clients and secondly, many users of ICT have difficulty understanding, buying and implementing ICT products and services. This consumer-side problem is compounded by the incessant and rapid rate of technology innovation.

Business Analysts typical have a role to play bridging the gap between technologists and end-users within organisations. KEWB Strategic Services seeks to play a similar role in the market-place, helping both providers and consumers of ICT to work more efficiently and effectively in achieving their complementary goals and objectives.

My 40+ years of diverse work experience underpin KEWB's ability to help Client organisations clarify and then find ways to resolve the issues they are struggling with. The primary focus is strategic ... looking at broader, long-term aspects of a given situation, distilling out the key elements and then bringing this back to a tangible, manageable action plan.

While I take the lead and am personally accountable for the services KEWB provides, a number of partners are used to provide the particular mix of skills and capabilities required by a Client.

Warwick Moyse
B.Bus (Marketing), MBA

Principal Consultant & Owner
Adelaide, South Australia


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