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TRIAL GAMES: V. Southern Highlands Select at Bradman Oval Bowral on August 19th (CANCELLED), v. Wollongong Wolves on September 8th in Sydney, and v. Football Kingz in Sydney on 12th September, and will also play three matches against Perth Glory during a 10-day pre season trip to Western Australia in the last week of September.

Some new signings for next season so far. Former Notts County midfielder Andy McDermott, Sydney Olympic striker Pablo Cardozo, Luton Town defender Julian Watt, Melbourne Knights goalkeeper Lupce Acevski, Marconi defender Simon Bell, Perth Glory midfielder Robert Trajkovski, and Eastern Pride midfielder John Hutchinson will all play in Spirit colours in 2001/02. The loss to Power of Matty Langdon may be rued however.

The official squad for 2001/02 so far is:
Goalkeepers: Paul Henderson, Lupce Acevski (Melbourne Knights) and Jacob Rex (youth team).
Defenders: Julian Watts (Luton Town), Simon Bell (Marconi), Noel Spencer, Michael Cartwright (Kingz), Matthew Hunter (youth team) and Jack Sobczyk.
Midfielders: Robbie Trajkovski (Perth), Scott Thomas, Andy McDermott (Notts County), Robbie Slater, Robert Enes, Troy Cranney, John Hutchinson (Eastern Pride), Simon Catanzaro, Craig Foster, Adam Griffiths and Gabriel Mendez.
Strikers: Pablo Cardozo (Sydney Olympic), Adrian Cervinski (Melbourne Knights), Brent Fisher (NZ), Ryan Griffiths and Tony Perinich.
Northern Spirit is also currently appointing apprentices for the 2001/02 season and will announce the recipients soon.

Northern Spirit F.C. - Fans Site. In fact the very first Spirit web site!
It had 5,660 hits in the 1st year - from establishment on 1st February 1998.

A solid group of Spirit away fans anticipate the kick-off at Parramatta Stadium


The emotions and mental state of the Spirit fan range across the spectrum in this our season of discontent!

Next NSL Home Game at Spirit Park (NSO) is: v. Newcastle United at 7.30pm on Friday 12th October.

Next Youth Home Game: Next Season

Next NSL Away Game:
v. Parramatta Power at Parramatta Stadium, Saturday October 6, 2001 at 7.30pm
Next Youth Away Game : Next Season



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Round 30 of the 00/01 NL Season - 6th May, 2001
SOUTH MELBOURNE defeated NORTHERN SPIRIT 0 at Bob Jane Stadium ( H/T 0-0 )
Squad: P Henderson, M Cunico, M Bingley, S Howson, N Spencer, S Thomas (Sobczyk 45), T Perinich, A Moriera, Mendez (Watkins 60'); Cards: Yellow - Mendez 12', Spencer 59'
Referee: S Micalleff 7/10; Game: 6/10; Crowd: 2,849 est.; Best: NS - Spencer, Langdon, Catanzaro;
Pretty much sums up the season really!

Round 29 of the 00/01 NL Season - 25th April, 2001
NORTHERN SPIRIT 0 lost to WOLLONGONG WOLVES 4 (Horsley 45, Chipperfield 47 (pen), Petrovski 57, 63) at NSO ( H/T 0-1 )
Squad: P Henderson, M Cunico, M Bingley, S Howson, N Spencer, S Thomas (Sobczyk 45), T Perinich, A Moriera, Mendez (Watkins 60'); Cards: Yellow - Mendez 12', Spencer 59'
Referee: S Micalleff 7/10; Game: 6/10; Crowd: 2,849 est.; Best: NS - Spencer, Langdon, Catanzaro;
Pretty much to script really!

Round 28 of the 00/01 NL Season - 20th April, 2001
CANBERRA COSMOS 3 defeated NORTHERN SPIRIT 2 at Bruce Stadium ( H/T 1-1 )
Squad: J Perosh, M Cunico, M Langdon, M Bingley, S Howson, N Spencer, R Enes, T Perinich (G Mendez 84'), C Foster, B Burgess (A Moriera 53'), Watkins; Cards: Yellow - Howson 32', Foster 55';
Referee: G Connolly 7/10; Game: 7/10; Crowd: 2,054 Best: NS - Spencer, Bingley, Howson;
We had it won despite trying hard to lose, and then bam - we give it away!

Round 27 of the 00/01 NL Season - 13th April, 2001
Squad: P Henderson, M Cunico, M Bingley, S Howson, N Spencer R Enes, S Thomas, T Perinich (M Hunter 77'), C Foster, A Moriera, B Burgess (Watkins 70'); Cards: Yellow - Spencer 45', Thomas 60; Red - Thomas 61'
Referee: C Diomis 7/10; Game: 7/10; Crowd: 2,104 Best: NS - Henderson, Spencer, Howson;
For some reason Spirit only started to play when they were down to 10 men. A slightly better home performance but still ordinary!

Round 26 of the 00/01 NL Season - 8th April, 2001
BRISBANE STRIKERS 1 (Grierson 19') drew with NORTHERN SPIRIT 1 (Moriera 86') at Ballymore ( H/T 1-0 )
Squad: P Henderson, M Cunico, M Bingley, S Howson, N Spencer R Enes, Thomas, T Cranney (Perinich 77'), C Foster, A Moriera, B Burgess (Watkins 15'); Cards: Enes 60'
Referee: P Mur 6/10; Game: 6/10; Crowd: 1,639 Best: NS - Moriera, Henderson, Bingley;
Strikers down to 10 men and we dominate but have to come back from behind even for a draw! Sound familiar?

Round 25 of the 00/01 NL Season - 30th March, 2001
NORTHERN SPIRIT 1 (Howson 77') lost to MELBOURNE KNIGHTS 4 (Vargas 18', Lapsansky 20', Marth 75', Porter 79') at NSO ( H/T 0-2 )
Squad: P Henderson, M Cunico, M Bingley, S Howson, R Enes, Thomas, T Cranney, C Foster, B Burgess, L Feeney, R Griffiths (Watkins 70'); Cards: NS - Foster 23', Cranney 24', Feeney 43', Red Card: Feeney 46';
Referee: P Green 6/10; Game: 6/10; Crowd: 3,190 Best: NS - Howson, Henderson, Foster;
Oh' dear, we we go again! 6th straight loss at home. So promising at the start too!

Round 24 of the 00/01 NL Season - 24th March, 2001
MARCONI STALLIONS 0 drew with NORTHERN SPIRIT 0 at Marconi Stadium ( H/T 0-0 )
Squad: P Henderson, M Cunico, M Bingley, N Spencer, S Howson, R Enes, T Cranney, C Foster, M Langdon, B Burgess, L Feeney (D Watkins 82'); Cards: NS - Noel Spencer 55', Michael Cunico 83';
Referee: Jeremy Blaney 6/10; Game: 6/10; Crowd: 4,802 Best: NS - Bingley, Spencer, Howson;
; For a Derby game this was watered down milk!

Round 23 of the 00/01 NL Season - 4th March, 2001 - BYE

Round 22 of the 00/01 NL Season - 4th March, 2001
PERTH GLORY 4 (Mori 10', 70', Despotovski 17', pen 89') NORTHERN SPIRIT 1 (Burgess 8' pen) at Perth Oval ( H/T 2-1 )
Cards: NS - Smith (16), Cunico (63, Howson (76), Cranney (82); PG - Petkovic (8), Deans (54).
Referee: Eddie Lennie 7/10; Game: 8/10; Crowd: 11,991 Best: NS - Langdon, Howson, Burgess ;
; Better effort guys despite the scoreline! Round 23 - BYE

Round 21 of the 00/01 NL Season - 4th March, 2001
NORTHERN SPIRIT 2 (Burgess 61', Cagalj og 92') lost to ADELAIDE CITY 3 (Howson og 28', Veart 58', Pelosi 60') at NSO
( H/T 0-1 )
Squad: John Perosh, Mike Smith (c), Stuart Howson, Michael Cunico, Noel Spencer, Matt Langdon, Craig Foster, Scott Thomas (Robbie Enes 74), Troy Cranney, Ben Burgess, Ryan Griffiths (Daniel Watkins 54). Subs not used: Paul Henderson, Jack Sobczyk. Cards: NS - Thomas 71; AC - Nil.
Referee: Mark Shield 6/10; Game: 6/10; Crowd: 2,108 Best: NS - Howson, Burgess, Cranney;
; What a shocker!

Round 14 of the 00/01 NL Season - Deferred - 27th Feb, 2001
WOLLONGONG WOLVES 2 (Harries 37' , Young 38') drew with NORTHERN SPIRIT 2 (B Burgess 27' pen, M Langdon 88') at WIN Stadium
( H/T 2-1 ) Cards: NS - S Thomas (NS) 30', R Slater (NS) 44'; WW - D Huxley (WW) 28', D Cervinski (WW) 62'
Referee: Matthew Breeze 7/10; Game: 7/10; Crowd: 5,575 Best: NS - Langdon, Cranney, Foster;
Squad: Perosh, Howson, Spencer, Smith, Slater (Enes), Thomas, Cranney, Langdon, Foster, R Griffiths, Burgess (Watkins);
Great result - except for falling over at 37/38 mins. Perosh is a worry. Langdon's freekick was a cracker!

Round 20 of the 00/01 NL Season - Frid 23rd Feb, 2001
NEWCASTLE UNITED 2 (A Surjan 48' pen, D McBreen 79') lost to NORTHERN SPIRIT 4 (M Langdon 60', D Watkins 63',70', C Foster 77') at Marathon Stadium
( H/T 0-0 )
Cards: NS - M Smith 16', M Cunico 26', S Thomas 64', M Langdon 78';
Referee: Brett Hugo 7/10; Game: 7/10; Crowd: 6,875 Best: NS - Perosh, Howson, Watkins;
Squad: Perosh, Howson, Smith (Slater 45), Cunico, Bingley, Thomas, Cranney (Enes 81), Langdon, Foster, R Griffiths, Burgess (Watkins 63);
Great result - Four goals has been a while but for 60 mins Spirit weren't in it. If we could work out what sparked the revival we could use it every week! Movement, early passes, good crosses, shots - all after 60mins! Full report: Back Of The Net

Round 19 of the 00/01 NL Season - Frid 16th Feb, 2001
FOOTBALL KINGZ 1 (Campbell 51) lost to NORTHERN SPIRIT 2 (Burgess 1, 64) at Ericcson Stadium, Auckland
( H/T 1-0 )
Cards: NS - S Howson 11', C Foster 26', M Langdon 51', J Sobczyk 86';
Referee: Craig Zetter 6/10; Game: 7/10; Crowd: 5,988 Best: NS - Burgess, Langdon;
Squad: 1 John Perosh (gk), 2 Michael Cunico, 3 Matthew Langdon, 4 Matthew Bingley, 5 Mike Smith, 6 Scott Thomas, 11 Troy Cranney, 12 Ben Burgess (22 Jack Sobczyk 84'), 19 Ryan Griffiths (18 Daniel Watkins 55'), 25 Craig Foster, 27 Stuart Howson;
Great result - An early Burgess goal, defended aggressively for 49 mins, then able to come back. All new experiences. Perhaps the 4-4-2 worked!

Round 18 of the 00/01 NL Season - Frid 9th Feb, 2001
( H/T 0-0 )
Cards: NS - Enes 10, Mendez 28, 75 (RC),
Referee: Peter Green 6/10; Game: 5/10; Crowd: 2,780 Best: NS - None!? OK if I must - Enes, Smith, Slater;
Totally abominable! A game only saved by the Morwell team who at least tried.

Round 17 of the 00/01 NL Season - Sun 4th Feb, 2001
SYDNEY OLYMPIC 2 (McAllister29, Cardozo 44) defeated NORTHERN SPIRIT 1 (Mendez 27) at Belmore Sports Ground
( H/T 2-1 )
Cards: NS - Burgess 5, Foster 12, Langdon 56; SO - Halpin 61, Marusic 62; Red - Marusic 62;
Referee: Gerry Connolly 8/10; Game: 7/10; Crowd: 7,128 Best: NS - Spencer, Smith, Mendez;
They played better and do not appear quite so static or shaky at the back with Howson slotting in well, but there was no real attack, esp. after Burgess injured. Full report: Back Of The Net

Round 16 of the 00/01 NL Season - Frid 26th Jan, 2001
NORTHERN SPIRIT 1 (Burgess 32) lost to SYDNEY UNITED 2 (Arambasic 37, Burt 55) at NSO
( H/T 1-1 )
Cards: NS - J Sobczyk 22; SU - S Webb 12, A Deur 39, F Awaritefe 39, D Burt 57, N Arrarte 72, Z Arambasic 85 ;
Referee: Simon Micaleff 6/10; Game: 6/10; Crowd: 3,731 Best: NS - Burgess, Smith, Thomas;
After a good game last week Spirit went ahead but allowed United's aggression to stymie them, and after Bingley was red carded had no chance to recoup. Desoite Arnold standing down from playing they still appear static and predictable in attack, shaky at the back, with no creativity in the middle to speak of! Full report: Back Of The Net

Round 15 of the 00/01 NL Season - Frid 19th Jan, 2001
NORTHERN SPIRIT 1 (Burgess 46) lost to SOUTH MELBOURNE 2 (Coveny 47, Kalogeracos 68 ) at NSO
( H/T 0-1 )
Cards: NS - YC - Arnold 80; SM - Nil;
Referee: Perry Mur 8/10; Game: 7/10; Crowd: 5,057 Best: NS - Bingley, Arnold, Thomas;
A much better display from Spirit who dominated the first half but fell to the South counter after their own quick goal, and then dropped off later in the game to let South in. Full report: Back Of The Net

Round 14 of the 00/01 NL Season - DEFERRED - t.b.a.

Round 13 of the 00/01 NL Season - Frid 5th Jan, 2001
NORTHERN SPIRIT 0 lost to CANBERRA COSMOS 2 (Angelucci 23, Hagger 88) at NSO
( H/T 0-1 )
Cards: NS - YC - Burgess 40, Enes 63, R Griffiths 85, Moriera 87; CC - Imaya 25, Castro 39, Hagger 70;
Referee: Angelo Nardi 6/10; Game: 6/10; Crowd: 4,680. Best: NS - Arnold, MacRae, Bingley;
Spirit wasted several chances in each half (including a 1st half penalty miss by Mendez) and let in a pumped up Cosmos through two soft goals from their 2 poachers on the counter. YL player Todd MacRae did well in his debut. Cries of 'Arnold Out' have even reached the Bob Stand. He should never have been IN as a coach. Love the player ... hate the coach!

Round 12 of the 00/01 NL Season - Frid 29th Nov, 2000
PARRAMATTA POWER 3 (Brown 59, Lee 63, Miller 68) defeated NORTHERN SPIRIT 0 - at Parramatta Stadium
( H/T 0-0 )
Cards: NS - YC - Enes 57, Cunico 62, Thomas 66; PP - Bennett 42, J Griffiths 52;
Referee: C Diomis 6/10; Game: 7/10; Crowd: 8,176 Best: NS - Bingley, Cunico, Spencer;
Spirit looked to have the game at half-time having hit the uprights several times and played well but the defence started to look shaky when Arnold went off injured. Power were hungrier and more committed in the 2nd half and despite Spirit having several other chances at the other end Parramatta in a 10 min spell took every half chance to go on to win well 3-0 and to move strongly into the top 6. Spirit are likely to drop out after remaining games in this round.

Round 11 of the 00/01 NL Season - Frid 22nd Dec, 2000
( H/T 0-0 )
Cards: NS - YC - Spencer 51, Langdon 80; BS - YC - nil; Referee: B Hugo ?/10; Game: ?/10; Crowd: 3,758 Best: NS - ? ;

Round 10 of the 00/01 NL Season - Sun 17th Dec, 2000
MELBOURNE KNIGHTS 1 (Porter 65) drew NORTHERN SPIRIT 1 (Burgess 48) at Somers Street Stadium
( H/T 0-0 )
Cards: NS - YC - Bingley 51, Foster 53, Thomas 82; MK - YC - Nastevski (MK) 45, Ognenovski 79; Referee: E Lennie ?/10; Game: ?/10; Crowd: 3,000 est; Best: NS - ? ;

Round 9 of the 00/01 NL Season - Frid 8th Dec, 2000
at NSO
Crowd: 6,251

MATCH STATS: Northern Spirit : Henderson, Cunico, Langdon, Thomas, Bingley, Enes, Moreira (R Griffiths 67), Cranney, Burgess, Foster, Arnold (Bilokapic 77); Yellow Cards: Langdon, Bilokapic, Spencer
Marconi: Aceski, Babic, Costanzo, Longo, Afkos, Maisano, Farah, Brownlie, Bell, Trajanovski, Last; Yellow card: Bell
Referee : Jeremy Blaney 7/10; Game: 5/10; Pitch: 8/10; Best players: 3 - Costanzo (MS), 2 - Farah (MS), 1 - Burgess (NS)

A game neither side seemed to want to win. Boring as all get out - there were few highlights

Round 8 of the 00/01 NL Season - Sun 3rd Dec, 2000
CARLTON 1 (Marth 44) - NORTHERN SPIRIT 1(Moreira 55)
at Epping Stadium, Mebourne
Crowd: 3109

MATCH STATS: CARLTON : Anastasiadis, McPherson, Deans, Colosimo, Marth, Middleby, Thompson, Terminello(Lapsansky 53), Horvat, Vasilevski (Motsiopoulos 71), De Jesus(Markovski 46); Yellow Cards: None
NORTHERN SPIRIT : Henderson, Cunico, Langdon(Spencer 70), Thomas(Sobczyk 87), Enes, Moreira(Perinich 78), Cranney, Burgess, Bilokapic, Foster, Arnold
Yellow Cards: Langdon, Bilokapic, Spencer
Referee : Brett Hugo

Round 7 of the 00/01 NL Season - Frid 24th Nov, 2000
NORTHERN SPIRIT 2 (Moriera 25, Burgess 57) defeated PERTH GLORY 0 at NSO
( H/T 1-0 )
Cards: NS - YC - Enes, Foster, PG - YC - Naven; Referee: M Sheilds 6/10; Game: 7/10; Crowd: 5,764; Best: NS - Arnold, Enes, Moriera
Squad: Henderson (gk), Bingley, Cunico, Arnold, Foster (Bilokapic), Mendez (Langdon), Enes, Cranney, Thomas, Moriera (Perinich), Burgess. Not used: Perosh (gk)
A very good win brought about by Spirit actually playing for the full 90 mins, some very good orrganisation at the back, and two fine strikes.

Round 6 of the 00/01 NL Season - Frid 17th Nov, 2000
ADELAIDE CITY FORCE 3 (Brain 6, Tunbridge 51, Karlovic 66) defeated NORTHERN SPIRIT 2 (Catanzaro 40, Burgess, 42) at Hindmarsh Stadium, Adelaide
( H/T 1-2 )
Cards: AC - YC - Lugati, NS - YC - Cunico, Thomas, Catanzaro; Referee: B Hugo 7/10; Game: 8/10; Crowd: 3,661 ; Best: NS - Catanzaro, Bingley, Moriera; AC - Sabljak, Veart, Pantellis
After a whirlwind 10 mins from Adelaide Spirit dominated the first half. City's Brain scored in the 6th min after a Sabljak free-kick which Henderson could only parry. With Arnold majestic at sweeper Spirit dominated for the rest of the half with Catanzaro controlling the midfield. Despite work on the right by Thomas and the left by Langdon they couldn't put it on target until Catanzaro scored off a free kick in the 40th min (which took a deflection of Hassell's back!). Burgess then took a great header in the 42nd min off a cross by Langdon. In the 2nd half play was more even with Spirit failing to capitalise on possession and allowing City to score on the counterattack with a goal by Tunbridge after good leadup work by Veart, and a goal by Karlovic overlapping on the left.

Round 5 of the 00/01 NL Season - Sat 11th Nov, 2000
NORTHERN SPIRIT 0 v. NEWCASTLE UNITED 0 at NorthPower Stadium, Gosford
( H/T 0-0 )
Cards: NS - YC - Mendez; NU - YC - ?; Referee: P Mur 7/10; Game: 6/10; Crowd: 6,123; Best: NS - Henderson, Cranney, Bingley;
A dour struggle on an awfull pitch, with a draw a fair result given the heroics of Catlin and Hendo.

Round 4 of the 00/01 NL Season - Frid 3rd Nov, 2000
NORTHERN SPIRIT 4 (Burgess 3, Mendez pen) v. FOOTBALL KINGZ 2 (Vicelich, Ngata pen.) at NSO
( H/T 3-1 )
Cards: NS - YC - Cunico; FK - YC - ?; Referee: M Breeze 6/10; Game: 7/10; Crowd: 4,924; Best: NS - Burgess, Bingley, Henderson; FK - ?
Excellent win at home against a formerly rampant Kingz, with all players contributing! Welcome to Sydney all the Kingz fans! A severe storm affected crowds.

Round 3 of the 00/01 NL Season - Sat 28th October, 2000
EASTERN PRIDE 0 lost to NORTHERN SPIRIT 2 (Mendez 29 pen, Moriera 36)
at Mobil Park, Morwell
( H/T 0-2 )
Cards: NS - YC - ?; ES - YC - ?; Referee: J Blaney ?/10; Game: ?/10; Crowd: 1,653; Best: NS - Moriera, Mendez, Cunico; EP - ?
Excellent away result at 'Candlestick Park' in the wilds of Gippsland! Now for a win at home against a rampant Kingz!

Round 2 of the 00/01 NL Season - Frid 20th October, 2000
at NSO
( H/T 0-0 )
Cards: NS - YC - Arnold, Spencer; SO - YC - Moric, Kohler; Referee: Con Diomis 5/10; Game: 5/10; Crowd: 10,254; Best: NS - Burgess, SO - Marusic
An ordinary game with not much to write about - both teams played to give nothing away and therefore gained little.

Round 1 of the 00/01 NL Season - Sun 15th October, 2000
SYDNEY UNITED 2 (Arambasic 76,88) defeated NORTHERN SPIRIT 1 (Langdon 4)
at Sydney United Sports Centre, Edensor Park
( H/T 0-1 )
Cards: NS - YC - Landgon, Mendez; SU - YC - Burt; Referee: Craig Zetter 6/10; Game: 6/10; Crowd: 4,915; Best: NS - Langdon, SU - Pondeljak
Spirit dominated the first 40 minutes then coasted and paid the price.

The squad in 2000/2001 was: No. 1 John Perosh No.16 Simon Catanzaro No. 2 Michael Cunico No. 17 Paul Bilokapic No. 3 Matthew Langdon No. 18 Daniel Watkins No. 4 Matthew Bingley No. 19 Ryan Griffiths No. 5 (ex Rudan) No. 20 Paul Henderson No. 6 Scott Thomas No. 21 Adam Griffiths No. 7 Robbie Slater No. 22 Jack Sobczyk No. 8 Robbie Enes No. 23 Adam Snyder No. 9 Alex Moriera No. 24 Tony Faria No. 10 Gabriel Mendez No. 25 Craig Foster No. 11 Troy Cranney No. 26 Joe Schirippa No. 12 Ben Burgess No. 27 Stuart Howson No. 13 Phil Moss No. 28 Ian Crook No. 14 Noel Spencer No. 29 Todd MacRae No. 15 Tony Perinich No. 30 Graham Arnold

The 1999/2000 squad


Comment: "I said: At last the season is underway. Can Spirit rise again, and if they do will it still be with Arnie as coach? We have the players for a top 6 challenge - do we have the coach and management? Will Rangers FC 'brand' until we are sick of 'em? Will Troy Cranney ever pass to our man? Come along for a roller coaster ride at NSO!" Chris Dunkerley 15/10/00 - The answers at 25/4/01 - NO! on all counts.

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July - Four members of the Northern Spirit Youth Team have been selected to play for the Australian Joeys (U17) sqaud leading up to September's U17 World Cup Finals to be held in Trinidad & Tobago - Matt Engele, Matthew Hunter, Jacob Rex and Alex Wilkinson have all been selected to represent Australia in the matches. All four boys were an important part in Spirit's charge to the National Youth League Finals.

Photo at NSO 19/01/01 by Jeremy Piper.

Pick of the News Archive - "The 1st season beckons & starts!


Debut Spirit supporters at the 1st Open Day on June 12th, 1998 decided that the Bob Stand was the place for focal fans!

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Over 150 Spirit mad members ready to exchange reports, views, news, and at times total crap! Are you up for it?
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For the Supporters Group Web Page click on the image of some 1998 Bob Stand fans below:

For a supporters coach to away games contact the Supporters Club. Buses to NSW venue + special Away Trips (eg. Auckland, Perth, Adelaide, etc). NOW! After the successful trip to Melbourne (as heard on national TV), as seen on TV from Brisbane, plus Morwell, Canberra, Carlton, the big one Perth, and the bigger one Auckland: Where to next? Join us!

Bob Stand 1st season mascot - Willy - and friends >>>>

History lesson: A few fans first met at Epping RSL in late March '98, but the small group of (potentially) singing, chanting fans meeting in the Bob Stand on the Open Day on July 12th started something big. Fans also met at the Sutherland trial game at Seymour Shaw on 14/8/98. A meeting by 2 fan reps (Chris Dunkerley & Julian Farrell) with Remo and club management on 25/8/98, with a Fan's Agenda, was fruitfull in documenting our concerns & ideas, and a meeting was held with Micky Brock who was appointed by the club to liaise with fans. Since then Committee meetings are held regularly.

They also listen to the BSE (formerly Charlie Dempsey Experience) - Radio 98.5FM Sundays at 10pm for Spirit news!

Contact us at 'feedback' below for more details of FANS happenings OR to ask questions about the upcoming games and supporting the club!

[IMAGE] gsw@spiritfc.com

< The NSO Bob Stand: The Northern Noise in voice on a Spirit Friday night (6/11/98)!
HENDO greeting his Bob Stand fans ! >

Meet at the Bob Stand by 6.30pm for a great night of vocal support, and making some new friends Look for those standing and singing! YOU can be part of the action! The middle 4 bays of the BOB Stand is the place to be - be part of "The Northern Noise" OR go to the McCartney Stand at the south end, OR Family Spirit Point on the Hill! Come away with us on the supporters "away game buses".

< The NSO Bob Stand: The Northern Noise chant after Marusic's goal v. Brisbane (27/11/98)!
Northern Spirit fans include young/old, male/female, all ethnic groups! >

Editorial: The Northern Spirit Football Club Ltd has been the greatest entry into Australia's national football league. It first fielded a team in the competition in the 1998/99 season, playing out of North Sydney Oval.

This web-based fanzine is to give all those in the Northern Spirit Football Club catchment area a place to accumulate information, views, goss, etc. about THE football club for northern Sydney. It may give you all a way of getting in contact, and certainly as a fanzine on the web it relies on you, the fans, to provide the info that will keep it worthwhile! Thanks! Chris Dunkerley, Webzine editor, October, 2000


The Northern Spirit Football Club Pty Ltd (ACN 080 266 146) Mission Statement was is:

"To build the dominant footballing organisation in Australia by developing a superior level of player professionalism, marketing excellence, spectator entertainment, and club spirit, which will, in turn, make a positive contribution to the overall image of soccer in this country"

It is now the time for fans to rise to the occasion and support this vision. See you all at North Sydney Oval.

The new entity Northern Spirit FC 2000 P/L, now 51% owned by Rangers FC of Scotland, carries on that same mission but with a Rangers perspective.Ed.

This is NOT an official Northern Spirit Football Club 2000 Pty Ltd. production.

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Office: 13-15 Ridge Street, North Sydney NSW 2060 Australia
Tel: 02-9460.2187 Fax: 02-9460.2183
Membership Hotline: 02-9957.2848

Player / Head Coach: Mick Hickman. (Initial coach was Graham Arnold ) Asst. Coach: Ian Crook (player/asst coach). STRIP : Home - Red & White (with yellow highlights and blue trim) ; Away - Same as home, but main white areas replaced with blue. Reusch from Germany supplied the kit in the 1st year, but last year was KAPPA which continues in 2000/01 however controversially the blue strip has become the home one. From the start 'Get Spirited' lobbied for numbers AND names on shirts which Spirit took up and is now spreading through the league!

FIRST TROPHY: The Inaugural Sydney Cup 1999 - in Bohemian Crystal. Winner out of the 4 Sydney Teams.

Northern Spirit Club Merchandise - At the 3rd home match last year scarves became available - a venerable football tradition from before summer football - I believe 1,000 were sold that night! See the stand at NSO soon for more gear. Contact Spirit Headquarters for info on (02) 9460.2187.

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Youth development has not been neglected by Northern Spirt. Officials from the 3 feeder Assocs are involved in Youth development. Elite squads of 11-16 year olds are selected then have intensive coaching. Progression to any Colts (U17) and Youth League (U19) teams will be generally from the local program. This last winter SYL teams from the Associations carried NS logo on their gear and we expect big thinmgs from the SYL teams in 2001. The U19 NYL Youth team play out of Christie Park, Marsfield. Spirit have no U17 Colts team this season.

They do well - Some fans follow their results (eg. A&BSW, here or the Spirit List) and the keem took time to catch a game! Why don't you make an effort to see them this season! You will enjoy it!

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