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News: ....... Spirit has moved for season 2003/04 to North Narrabeen Reserve (aka Pittwater Rugby Park / Pittwater Park) in a cost cutting move pending reform of the NSL. ......... end
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Next NSL Home Game
Sunday 19th October 2003 vs Perth Glory - at 5PM - at North Narrabeen Reserve (aka 'Rat Park' or Pittwater Park)

Next NYL Home Game - Pittwater Park vs Wollongong Wolves on Sat 1st November (?) at 4pm.

Next NSL Away Game :
vs. Wollongong Wolves
at Pittwater Park on Sunday 2nd November at 6.30pm

Next Youth Away Game - vs. Canberra Deakin
at McKellar Soccer Centre on Sunday 26th October at 3.30pm



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Round 4
MARCONI STALLIONS 2 (Jeromy Harris 21', Joe Spiteri 54')
NORTHERN SPIRIT 1 (Stewart Petrie 40')

Crowd: 2,215 Referee: Angelo Nadi
Squad - 20 Paul Henderson (gk), 2 Julian Watts, 3 Wayne O'Sullivan, 4 Noel Spencer (c), 6 Vuko Tomasevic, 8 Ian Ferguson, 10 Dylan Macallister, 12 John Hutchinson, 17 Stewart Petrie, 22 Matthew Osman (-69'), 28 Matthew Hunter;
Subs: 9 Adam Kwasnik (+69'), 23 Steven Baveas, 26 Andrew Mailer, 30 Jacob Rex (gk)
Yellow Cards: Dylan Macallister 64', Noel Spencer 78', Ian Ferguson 85'

Spirit Leading Scorers:

Dylan Macallister 2
Stewart Petrie 2
John Hutchinson 1
Jonathan Richter 1
Ian Ferguson 1

Round 3
(Jonathan Richter 47', Ian Ferguson 57', Dylan Macallister 68', Stewart Petrie 81') vs. SYDNEY OLYMPIC 0

Crowd: 2,819 Referee: Matthew Breeze
Squad - 20 Paul Henderson (gk), 2 Julian Watts, 3 Wayne O'Sullivan, 4 Noel Spencer (c), 8 Ian Ferguson, 10 Dylan Macallister (-84'), 11 Jonathon Richter (-82'), 12 John Hutchinson, 17 Stewart Petrie, 18 Alex Wilkinson, 33 Mark Milligan (-77');
Subs: 6 Vuko Tomasevic (+77'), 9 Adam Kwasnik (+84'), 22 Matthew Osman (+82'), 30 Jacob Rex (gk)
Yellow Cards: Ian Ferguson 17', Noel Spencer 38', Jonathan Richter 70'

Round 2
NEWCASTLE UNITED 2 (Jobe Wheelhouse 2', 77') vs NORTHERN SPIRIT 1 (Dylan Macallister 28')

Crowd: 4,673 Referee: James Lewis
Squad - 20 Paul Henderson (gk), 2 Julian Watts, 3 Wayne O'Sullivan, 4 Noel Spencer (c), 8 Ian Ferguson, 10 Dylan Macallister, 11 Jonathon Richter (-80'), 12 John Hutchinson, 17 Stewart Petrie (-75'), 18 Alex Wilkinson, 33 Mark Milligan; Subs: 9 Adam Kwasnik (+75'), 22 Matthew Osman, 25 Omar Obeid (+80'), 30 Jacob Rex (gk)
Yellow Cards: N Spencer 1', S Petrie 24', A Wilkinson 93'

Round 1
NORTHERN SPIRIT 1 (John Hutchinson 53') vs BRISBANE STRIKERS 3 (Luke Morley 15',45', Joshua Rose 62')

Crowd: 2,971 Referee: Con Diomis
Squad - 20 Paul Henderson (gk), 3 Wayne O'Sullivan, 4 Noel Spencer, 5 Alex Tobin, 6 Vuko Tomasevic, 8 Ian Ferguson, 11 Jonathon Richter, 12 John Hutchinson, 17 Stewart Petrie (-78'), 18 Alex Wilkinson, 33 Mark Milligan (-46'); Substitutes - 9 Adam Kwasnik (+46'), 22 Matthew Osman, 25 Omar Obeid (+78'), 28 Matthew Hunter, 30 Jacob Rex (gk)
Yellow Cards: N Spencer 86', V Tomasevic 92'

Spirit Trial Games: Spirit 0 vs Wollongong Wolves 4 on Sunday 17th August.

Spirit's upcoming trial games are:
22 August, Red Devils 0 vs Northern Spirit 3, Mackay; 24 August, Nth Qld Razorbacks 1 vs Northern Spirit 4, Townsville; Wed 27 August, Northern Spirit 0 vs Shenzhen Jianlibao FC 1, Pittwater Park; Sat 30 August, Northern Spirit 2 (Jonty Richter, og.) vs Newcastle United 3, Pittwater Park;
early September - three tour matches in China.

The SQUAD in 2003/04 so far as known (23 players - subject to change) is:

    2. WATTS, Julian, Defender, 3. O'SULLIVAN, Wayne , Midfield, 4. SPENCER, Noel, Midfield, 5. TOBIN, Alex Defender, 6. TOMASEVIC, Vuko, Midfield, 7. MCDERMOTT, Andy, Midfield, 8. FERGUSON, Ian, Midfield, 9. KWASNIK, Adam, Striker, 10. MCALLISTER, Dylan, Striker, 11. RICHTER, Jonathon, Midfield, 12. HUTCHINSON, John , Midfield, 14. GROVES, Bradley, Midfield (O/S at present) 16. FISHER, Brent, Striker, 17. PETRIE, Stewart, Striker, 18. WILKINSON, Alex, Defender, 20. HENDERSON, Paul, Goalkeeper, 22. OSMAN, Matthew, Defender, 23. BAVEAS, Steven, Midfield, 25. OBEID, Omar, Striker, 26. MAILER, Andrew, Midfield, 28. HUNTER, Matthew, Defender, 30. REX, Jacob, Goalkeeper, 33. MILLIGAN, Mark, Defender

New signings confirmed for the season so far: The excellent Wayne O'Sullivan (MF) from Parramatta Power. Many of the NYL players are expected to step up this year. Some have been playing Winter Super League with Manly Warringah Dolphins and Ryde City, and 1st Div. with Northern Tigers in preparation.

NATIONAL YOUTH LEAGUE 2003-04 and where they were over the off-season:

    Stuart Page (Goalkeeper), Martin Hall (Goalkeeper), Michael Mouyis (Def), Travis Oughtred (Defender/Midfielder), Tyler Simpson (Defender), Cateamo Lima (Midfielder), Erik Paartalu (Midfielder), Nick Osman (Defender), Paul Connell (Striker), Roberto Hamad (Midfielder), Ashley Ryan (Midfielder), John Tsironis (Striker), Oliver Skelding (Midfielder)
    Plus eligible NL players - Matt Osman (defence), Matt Hunter (Defender) , Jacob Rex (Goalkeeper), Steven Baveas (Midfielder), Omar Obeid (Striker), and Andrew Mailer (Midfielder); up to 3 overage players.

NATIONAL YOUTH LEAGUE 2002-03 and where they were over the off-season:
Nathan Hughes - Goalkeeper - on loan to Sutherland Sharks (State WSL), and touring with Joeys at WYC in Finland, Stuart Page - Goalkeeper, Matthew Hunter - Defender - on loan to Northern Tigers (State Div 1), Oliver Skelding - Defender, Adam Foti - Striker - on loan to Northern Tigers (State Div 1), Sean Walsh - Midfielder, Mitchell Prentice - Midfielder (transferred to Marconi Stallions for 2003/4), Michael Mouyis - Defender, Nicolas Vasili - Striker, Daniel Bateup - Midfielder (on trial in UK) Andrew Mailer - Midfielder - on loan to Ryde City Gunners (State WSL), Daniel Blake - Midfielder, Russell Woodruffe - Striker, Steven Baveas - Midfielder - on loan to Ryde City Gunners (State WSL), Travis Oughtred - Defender - on loan to Ryde City Gunners (State WSL), Omar Obeid - Striker - on loan to Manly Warringah Dolphins (State WSL), Nick Osman - Defender, Jacob Rex - Goalkeeper - on loan to Manly Warringah Dolphins (State WSL), Alex Wilkinson - Midfielder - on loan to Manly Warringah Dolphins (State WSL), Matthew Osman - Defender - on loan to Manly Warringah Dolphins (State WSL), Aaron Burgess - Striker - was on loan to Bonnyrigg White Eagles (State PL), and now Hills Utd (Div 1),


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Web Editor's Comment: "As we face the sixth season for the club can Spirit rise again? We have many of the players for a top 6 challenge again this year although the defence still seems thin. Can crowds rise again? Can 'Rat' Park ever be considered our home, when 'home' games are further away for many fans than Sydney 'away' games? Is it little better than a venue for a team with State League level expectations? Can Spirit even keep its core fans? Can Gelonesi do the impossible, and prove that the small and insular Manly-Warringah area can support an NSL team! Will Gladesville-Hornsby and Ku-Ring-Gai fans, let alone Central Coast and Eastern Suburbs fans (and those further afield) desert in droves? Come along for another roller coaster ride as a Spirit fan!" Chris Dunkerley 1/08/03 -

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Tues 12 August, 2003: "Northern Spirit Chairman Antonio Gelonesi this week officially announced Pittwater Park as the new home base for the Northern Spirit Football Club. Northern Spirit will now play all home matches at the Pittwater Park facility, and will also be relocating their administrative offices to the site within the next couple of months. Gelonesi was enthusiastic about the announcement. "This is a significant move as it realises a number of Club and community goals. We have been working over a period of months to find a true and viable 'home' for Northern Spirit, that our fans, sponsors and community could identify with and feel a part of. "Pittwater Park is placed centrally amongst our core support base and provides plenty of parking and transport options. As a football park, the stadium facilities will provide a more intimate atmosphere during home games with the seats almost on top of the pitch, injecting the exhilaration of sideline action into the crowds." Spirit will share their new home with the Warringah Rats Rugby Union Club, further highlighting Pittwater Park as a true multi-sport and multi-purpose community venue. Gelonesi further commented. "We have been working closely with Pittwater Council who have been encouraging and very supportive to help us centralise all our playing and administrative operations to the one location to reinforce our sense of Club, assist in the reduction of costs and streamline operations. The players and staff are particularly excited about the move, feeling it will make them a more regularly accessible to our youth players, supporters, sponsors and the community." Parting amicably from North Sydney Oval leaves open opportunities for Spirit to play 'special' one off games on a case by case basis". From club web site.

August 6th, 2003 : "Northern Spirit have deserted North Sydney Oval after 5 years and will play from North Narrabeen Reserve (Pittwater Rugby Park) in the 2003-04 National Soccer League. The decision was ratified by Pittwater Council on Monday night who voted unanimously to allow Spirit to use the venue on a trial basis next summer. Spirit owner Antonio Gelonesi, who addressed the council meeting, said the move was made to ensure the club's long-term survival in the NSL with the club's entire operations set to move to Pittwater. North Sydney will now solely used by North Sydney cricket during the summer months and Northern Suburbs rugby during winter. "A move to Pittwater Park will be a positive," Gelonesi said. "North Sydney was never a community-orientated decision. From a financial perspective we did not gain a positive income from that location." Reactions were mixed on Spirit's supporters website with the biggest concern surrounding public transport access to the park at North Narrabeen, off Pittwater Rd. Some fans labelled North Sydney as their "spiritual home", while others were critical of the cricket ground there and welcomed the move. Gelonesi said Spirit required 5000 fans to break even at Miller St, at Pittwater that number dropped to just 850. He said the move will create a "community team at Pittwater" with fans coming from the Northern Beaches, Hornsby and the North Shore (Ed. so much for the rest of you!). The agreement is based on a $38,000 upgrade on the ground at Spirit's expense. Spirit will pay $65,000 for the season in ground hire. There will be an audit of Spirit's crowds at Pittwater, including gate takings and catering income, during the season before negotiations to extend the one year trial.

Photo at NSO 19/01/01 by Jeremy Piper.

Pick of the News Archive - "The 1st season beckons & starts!


Debut Spirit supporters at the 1st Open Day on June 12th, 1998 decided that it was '30 years late but worth the wait!

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Northern Spirit F.C. - Fans Site. In fact the very first Spirit web site!
It had 5,660 hits in the 1st year from its establishment on 1st February 1998.

A solid group of Spirit away fans anticipate the kick-off at Parramatta Stadium last year!
The emotions and mental state of the Spirit fan ranged across the spectrum in our seasons of discontent!


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The Bob Stand, NSO - Our original home | The Northern Spirit Logos

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Office: CLUB STREET ADDRESS - 1472 Pittwater Road, Warriewood, NSW 2102;
CLUB POSTAL ADDRESS - PO Box 1739, Warriewood Square, NSW 2102, Australia

Tel: (02) 9970 7211 Fax: (02) 9970 6211

Player / Head Coach: Lawrie McKinna (Initial coach was Graham Arnold, followed by Mick Hickman) Asst. Coach: T.B.A

STRIP : Home - Champion - Mainly White (with red, yellow highlights and blue trim) ; Away - Same as home, but main white areas replaced with blue. Reusch from Germany supplied the kit in the 1st year, but 2nd & 3rd year was KAPPA Supplier for 2001/02/03 was Classic. New strip in 2003/04. From the start 'Get Spirited' lobbied for numbers AND names on shirts which Spirit took up and is now spreading through the league, but in 2003-04 for reasons of money they've gone back on it! Shame! !

FIRST TROPHY: The Inaugural Sydney Cup 1999 - in Bohemian Crystal. Winner out of the 4 Sydney Teams.

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Youth development has not been neglected by Northern Spirt. Officials from the 3 feeder Assocs are involved in Youth development. Elite squads of 11-17 year olds are selected then have intensive coaching playing instead of Gladesville Hornsby FA in the NSWSF Super Youth League. Progression to the National Youth League (U19) team will be generally from the local program. The U19 NYL Youth team played out of Christie Park, Marsfield but have now moved east to Pittwater Park.

They do well - Some fans follow their results (eg. A&BSW, here or the Spirit List) and the keen ones took time to catch a game! Why don't you make an effort to see them this season! You will enjoy it!

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