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New Elections for the DPWS Departmental Committee due - For more information contact G Bensley Deputy Returning Officer PSA on 02 9290 1555; OR just see Red Tape and get your nomination form - OR download the Acrobat file from this page...............
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New Representatives for the DPWS Departmental Committee  

Elections coming up.  Four (4) meetings a year  - the top policy and decision making body for DPWS wide matters for PSA union members. Represent your location - time off is given by the Department and expenses paid by PSA.

Get an application form in Acrobat in .pdf  file format by clicking on the pyramid here or contact a representative below.

If you need Acrobat - download it here free..

PSA Members for training in Job Evaluation - Great experience, help your fellow members, learn new skills! Contact Chris Dunkerley on 02 9372 7784 if interested.


A NEWSLETTER is planned - for mailing to all members.


ISSUE 00 / 3 : (May 00) 'RESTRUCTURING' PROPOSALS FOR A.E.S (SVO) and C.a.B.S (NSW SUPPLY) are to be presented to the PSA on Tuesday 23rd May. The PSA will be seeking proper consultation on these, having received little on earlier moves in these two areas! Update: (coming)



1.  Credentials- Natasha Trajcevski for QStores.  Anthony DAdam as Organiser for PSA.  
2. GPS (Govt Printer) A Workplace Committee has been formed. At McKell Building a new OH&S Committee has been formed.
3. Job Evaluation system - needs more Reps from PSA. New nominations are Natasha Trajcevski, Anne-Marie Farrugia, Trevor Staff, and Sharon Field.
4. Les Carr letter on Eye Testing for computer use - DPWS has been asked to respond regarding ISIS planning
5. Industrial Report - AM & AD reported on Restructure meetings - Whole of AES (incl. SVO, BDS, IES) and QStores, and State Mail issues. SBS and NSW Supply restructures coming up.
6. Pay Increase is almost ready to be signed.
7. Public Sector Management Act review by Government. Ideas to Gwenda Happ PSA 02 9262 1623
8. Personnel Handbook has been changed in some areas - moving house, carers leave, etc.
9. DPWS Departmental Committee - the time is overdue for elections. Due to the 1994 restructure and many restructures and moves since the Delegate Electorate boundaries will be reviewed. In May Red Tape.

Next Meeting - 1st June - 2pm at PSA House - last meeting of old Committee.

    To Alice Murphy - PSA Industrial Officer
    To the Secretary - Neil Guimelli
    To the Chairman - Chris Dunkerley
    To the Chairman - Address for Confidential emails.



    Chair : Chris Dunkerley 02 9372 7784
    (McKell Bldg rep - works in CaBS, NSW Supply, Business Technology Office,
    L12 McKell Bldg. Fax: 02 9372 7733)
    Secretary: Neil Giumelli 02 9482 0448 or 02 9672 5169
    (Northern and western metropolitan Regional Rep. -
    works at both Hornsby & Doonside offices. Fax: 9477 3356 or 9672 5214

    Industrial Officer (PSA): Alice Murphy Ph: 02 9220 0930 Fax: 02 9262 1623 Mobile: 0409 393 804 (Ex Officio)
    Organiser (PSA):
    Anthony D'Adam Ph: 02 02 9290 1555 Fax: 02 9262 1623 (Ex Officio)

    Reps from outside Sydney:

    Newcastle: Keith Anderson 02 4926 9601
    Wollongong: Brian Huttly 02 9228 7591
    North Coast (Coffs Harbour): Ken Johnson 02 6652 0439
    Western (Bathurst): Gary Knight 02 6334 4324

    Metropolitan Reps:

    NSW Supply Rep: Geoff Allcock 02 9372 7624
    Q Stores Rep: details to be advised
    GPS: Vacant (nomination received)
    State Mail: details to be advised
    McKell: Chris Dunkerley 02 9372 7784
    McKell : Con Hagis 02 9372 7286
    McKell : Vacant
    McKell (POA): Phil Dixon (on sick leave to Feb 00)
    McKell (POA): Denis Thomson 02 9372 8004
    McKell (POA): Vacant (vice Brian Hazlewood - taken redundancy)
    North & western metropolitan: Neil Giumelli
    02 9482 0448 or 02 9672 5169
    Metrop regions: Vacancy
    Southern metrop / Bankstown: Trevor Eustace 02 9795 0753

PSA House: 160 Clarence Street, Sydney, NSW 2000. Ph: 02 02 9290 1555 Fax: 02 9262 1623 Email: uni@psa.labor.net.au


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Disclaimer: This page has been established to aid information flow to PSA members. It has become necessary due to the inability of the Board and management of the Department to understand the concept of 'consultation", even after the Premier's Dept. issued a policy agreed between government and Labor Council. Some things cannot be posted here for reasons of confidentiality as non-members including management have access. Where indicated please click to email for more information. The information placed here is as best known at the time of loading and the views expressed are those of the webmaster and not necessarily official views of the PSA or its Dept. Committee. No responsibility is taken for any action taken by a member arising from this site.

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