News: R.I.P Breakers - out of the NSL! ...... Flash! Friday 29th Sept ........ a bid by Constantine (connected to the Knights) supported by NNSWSF has been accepted by Soccer Australia. A team will play coached by Lee Sterrey and David Lowe and including most ex Breakers players. The new club will play them out of Marathon Stadium, in red & blue, and with a new name! Fans are divided over the new club!


    A Sydney based fan who was a supporter of the mighty Newcastle Breakers Football Club
    (now sadly out of the NSL)


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790 hits for 90MAWBH in its 1st year (from 16th Jan,'1999!) and over 1,000 in the 2nd.
Congratulations and thanks to fans.

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Sat 09 September, 2000 Pre Season Tournament Final -
NEWCASTLE BREAKERS 1 (Surjan) lost to MARCONI 1 (Babic) on penalty shootout. (H/T 1-0)
Referee: ?, Crowd: 1,300, Game: 6/10
at Breakers Stadium.

Thurs 07 September, 2000 Pre Season Tournament -
NEWCASTLE BREAKERS 2 (39 Harper pen, 60 McBreen) defeated Northern Spirit 0 (H/T 1-0)
Referee: B. Daniello, Crowd: 1,000, Game: 7/10

at Breakers Stadium. Breakers play Marconi in the final.

Sun 03 September, 2000 Pre Season Tournament -
NEWCASTLE BREAKERS 1 (30 Masi) drew with SYDNEY OLYMPIC 1 (70 Alilovic)
Referee: J Streeter, Crowd: 1,000, Game: 6/10

at Breakers Stadium

Fri 01 September, 2000 Pre Season Tournament -

at Breakers Stadium

Last game of the season- Deferred Round 29 of the 99/00 NL Season - Sun 07 May, 2000
SOUTH MELBOURNE 4 (Anastasiadis 5, Trimboli 42, Magnacca 81,Curcija 88) defeated NEWCASTLE BREAKERS 0

at Bob Jane Stadium, South Melbourne H/T 2-0 )
Cards: NB - YC - nil; SM - YC - ?; Referee: Perry Mur ?/10 ; Game: ?/10; Crowd: 5,011; Best: NB - ?; SM - ?
Well the wheels fell off over the last 5 games but thanks to Lee and the lads for a wonderful ride!

Next Home Game at Breakers Stadium:


Next 'away' game: NEXT SEASON - WE ALL HOPE!!

Northern Youth League: Finally made 5th position, missing out on the finals by 2 pts! R31 22/4/00 - Breakers 7 (Rufo 3, Junky, Angievski 2, Mansley) defeated Marconi Colts 1. R32 - 26/4/00 - Breakers 3 defeated Sydney United 0; NB Colts drew with Sydney United 0; Breakers Youth 4 v. Breakers Colts 0. 2/5/00 - Colts 4 Sydney United Colts 1.

Next games: Round ? - Colts v. ?; Youth v. ?

Webmaster's Comments:

This season:
"All of Newcastle - and all other Breakers fans - get out there and support our team again this season! There is some new imported talent plus our own still coming through. Despite all the problems and loss of players looking at the other sides a top 6 battle is still within reach. If the wheels don't fall off - off the park - this should be a chance to consolidate our NSL franchise!" Chris Dunkerley 06/09/00

For the season's Fixtures and match results see Menu above.

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Player Squad for 2000/01 (as advised by Lee Sterrey): Goalkeepers: Bob Catlin, Brad Swancott, Jason Kos; Defenders: Glenn Sprod, Josh Ferguson, Todd McManus, Shane Pryce [left 6/9 to Glory], Andy Roberts, Glenn Moore [left 24/9 - to Olympic], Travis Dodd, Adam Sanderson (injured?); Midfielders: Greg Owens [left 6/9 to Olympic], Brad Wieczorek, Mark Wilson, Vasco Trpcevski, Damien Smith, Anthony Surjan, Peter Tsekenis; Strikers: John Buonavoglia, Chad Mansley (trialling with Watford), Andy Harper, Esala Masi, Daniel McBreen. Other released or left: Paul Wheeler, Robert Angievski, Luke Tomich; and Chris Tancheski to Adelaide City.

19/05/00 - After a week of media speculation and a barrage of words from Sterrey & Hall, Prime reported on goings on with the club. The 49% has been sold to True Blu property developers (John Palmer of the Central Coast) and said that Hall will no longer have a controlling interest in the club. Morris McAllister was interviewed and made comments to the effect of the club now working to gain credibility with the media and sponsors. Dave Morley

June - Past season: Our final position 99/00 was 7th ....Crowds up 45% to 5,551 average. Sterrey staying on after talks with financiers. John Buonavoglia re-signed for 3 years (an out clause if Breakers ejected from the NSL). Striker Esala Masi signed from Wolves, and Vlado Zoric ex of Marconi under consideration.

July - Chris Tancheski transferred to Adelaide City. The purported ownership of the Breakers has passed to Tru Blu Pty Ltd whose representtaive Mr Palmer is trying to convince Soccer Australia to continue the franchise for Northern NSW - however financial matters are still the problem as are behind the scenes play by the NNSWSF and Rugby League interests.

July - New signings midfielder Anthony Surjan from Wolves, and young Toronto player Darren McBreen. 1st home game tentatively Sunday 22nd October. Soccer Australia is rumoured to have approved the Breakers franchise in the NSL for 2000/01 over a NNSWSF bid. .... John Buonavoglia and Andy Harper re-signed for next season ..... Anthony Surjan and Fijian International Esala Masi signed from Wolves ... Chris Tancheski moving to Adelaide City... Chad Mansley signed by Watford .....Peter Tsekenis ex Oz U20 and Utility player from Sydney Olympic signing.

August - A young Aussie player ex AIS and back from the Leeds reserves (name?) has signed, Peter Tsekenis ex Oz U20 and a utility player from Sydney Olympic is signing, Chad Mansley is trialling in UK and scoring freely. A 4 NSL club Pre Season Tournament is being looked at - with games at Breakers (1/9) and NorthPower (3/9). Andy Haper re-signed. Soccer Australia approve Breakers in 00/01 competition but place tough conditions - True Blu head withdraws and we are back to David Hall! Lee Sterrey announces his squad. Pre-season NSL games planned confirmed at Breakers Stadium (see banner). Trial game on Sat 26th Breakers squad in 2 teams defeat NSWSF G Finalist Parramatta Eagles 4-1 and 6-1.

September Pre Season Tournament run 1-9th Sept with Breakers, Spirit, Olympic, & Marconi. So far Breakers 0 v. Marconi 0, Breakers 1 v. Sydney Olympic 1. In a shock move Captain Shane Pryce (Glory) and Greg Owens (Olympic) have left the club over money's owing (and perhaps other reasons?). Ownership problems continue with David Hall back in charge but the finances still very much under a cloud.

R.I.P Breakers! .... Friday 22nd Sept......news has come through that Soccer Australia has rejected David Hall's bid to continue the Breakers franchise in the league. NO Newcastle Breakers team in the 00/01 NSL!!! A very very sad day! Glenn Moore signed by Olympic.

.... Flash! Friday 29th Sept ........ a bid by Constantine (connected to the Knights) supported by NNSWSF has been promptly accepted by Soccer Australia. A team will play coached by Lee Sterrey and David Lowe and including most ex Breakers players (Glenn Moore has signed for Olympic). The new club will play them out of Marathon Stadium, in red & blue, and with a new name (Phoenix or Thunder have seriously been considered)! Lee Sterrey has indicated that he will replace the 3 players lost and expects to challenge for the top 6. Fans are deeply divided over the new club (esp. the way it happened and the strong links to the Knights), but are expected to generally support the players and coach! The future of NBFC (esp. NYL and NSW SYL teams) is unclear.

October - A Wake for the Newcastle Breakers FC 8 NSL years is to held at Breakers Stadium at 3pm on Sunday 8th October. Rowdies v. Media match. Beer and soft drinks for sale. Mini Olympics. Family welcome! All proceeds to charity! Bring meat for a BBQ, boots to play a pick up game, and a sense of fun!


Fans enjoy a game - the Editor and his family. The Rowdies hill - place for vocal supporters

Join The Breakers Fans Mailing list!!

Over sixty (60) listees - many of whom are ready to exchange reports, views, news, and plain rubbish!

How? At: Breakers Fans List

The Breakers fans are renowned across Australia for their vocal and diehard support of their team. Novocastrians never let a team from Sydney, or anywhere else, get the better of them! The Supporters Club offers benefits, including merchandise discounts, bus trips to away games, raffles, and good friendship in football. The even more vocal Rowdies who have been at it for 20+ years are on the northern hill and make any visiting goalkeeper's game a misery. They also of course give a constant barrage of song and chanting to support their team. Why not be part of the Breakers crowd. Home games are 7.30pm on Friday nights. Don't overlook subscribing to the Breakers List on the internet.

Rowdies News: Rowdies 1 (Murray) v. Media 0 - h/t on 22/10/99

I would love Breakers fans from outside the Lower Hunter area to email me (esp. those in Sydney or further south.)


< The Rowdies Team: Rowdies play half time game v. the media : 1-0 ( 04 / 12 / 98 )!
Rowdies wait expectantly for a goal in 1997/98 >

This is NOT an official Newcastle Breakers Football Club production.

90 Minutes And We'll Be Home! is a fanzine - that is it is designed for fans to support, and to constructively criticise, their team. The name alludes to those Breakers victories at the end of 90 minutes of course, but also to those long trips by far fans to home games, and away trips of home fans! The aims of 90MAWBH are:
a) To support the internet and web presence of the club and the official site.
b) The provide an unofficial forum for fans.
c) To promote and engage Breakers fans in Sydney to be involved in supporting the team.
d) To provide an avenue for dialogue with the new owners.
e) To promote the Supporters club, the Breakers e-mailing list, and the Rowdies.

The Editor is a Sydney based Breakers fan of 4 seasons, supporters club member, and Rowdie, whose second team is Northern Spirit. We are few but vocal at away games - just ask Marconi, Parramatta, Olympic, and Canberra, for example ! Thanks! Chris Dunkerley, Webzine editor, January 1999

Contact us at 'feedback' below for more details of FANS happenings OR to ask questions about the up coming games and supporting the club!


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Deferred Round 29 of the 99/00 NL Season - Tues 2nd May, 2000
NEWCASTLE BREAKERS 0 lost to PARRAMATTA POWER 1 (Griffiths 30 pen)
at Breakers Stadium
( H/T 0-1 )
Cards: NB - YC - Pryce; PP - YC - Griffiths; Referee: Brett Hugo 6/10 ; Game: 5/10; Crowd: 4,481; Best: NB - Weizcorek, McManus, Sprod; PP - Eagleton, Burns, Barrett
A very poor performance but could have won with the chances missed and 2 penalties (yes 2) missed by Harper!

Round 33 of the 99/00 NL Season - Frid 28th April, 2000
NEWCASTLE BREAKERS 1 (McManus 23) lost to SOUTH MELBOURNE 2 (Clarkson 36, Trimboli 66)
at Breakers Stadium
( H/T 1-1 )
Cards: NB - YC - nil; SM - YC - Liparoti; Referee: Simon Micallef 5/10 ; Game: 6/10; Crowd: 5,709; Best: NB - Sprod, Weizcorek, McManus; SM - Clarkson, Jones, De Amicis
Crunch time - 2 games - at least 4 points needed to assure top 6!

Round 32 of the 99/00 NL Season - Tues 26th April, 2000
at Edensor Park
( H/T 1-0 )
Cards: NB - YC - McManus, Moore; SU - YC - Hughes, Palapanis; Referee: Mark Shield 7/10 ; Game: 5/10; Crowd: 2,873; Best: NB - Catlin, Pryce, Moore; SU - Kupresak, Pondeljak, Moric
6th now with Adelaide breathing down our nekc! A game in hand however.

Round 31 of the 99/00 NL Season - Sat 22nd April, 2000

at Breakers Stadium
( H/T 0-0 )
Cards: NB - YC - Roberts x 2 (RC), Buonavoglia; C - YC - Lapsansky, Markovski ; Referee: Eddie Lennie 4/10 ; Game: 6/10; Crowd: 5,735; Best: NB - Sprod, Pryce, Harper
With the referee inexplicable, Andy Roberts off in the 36th min. the lads showed guts to hold a draw! 5th on table tonight with a game in hand.

THIS season's "Eye Witness" Match Reports - From Round 16

THIS season's "Eye Witness" Match Reports - From Round 9 - 15

THIS season's "Eye Witness" Match Reports - To Round 9

98/99 season "Eye Witness" Match Reports

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Office: 104 Sandgate Road, Birmingham Gardens, NSW 2060 Australia
Tel: 02-4951.2722 Fax: 02-4950.1712

Supporters Club Membership: Lyall Burrell on 02-4951.1914 or PO Box 62 Wallsend NSW 2287

EMAIL - Club: breakers@breakers.com.au .. Supporters Club c/o : supporters club

Head Coach: Lee Sterrey Asst. Coach: David Lowe Youth (U19) Coaches: Bob Naumov ; Brett Cowburn; Colts: Alex Tagaroulias ; Goalkeeper Coach: Steve Dorman; Senior Manager - Michael Wagstaff ; Youth Manager - Andrew Licata; Colts Managers Peter James, Con SafourisPhysiotherapist David Naylor; Doctor - Janet Hall

Chairman: ??? ; Football Ops & Media Liaison: Vacant ?; Sales & Marketing - Vacant ex Marty MacLean Sports Trainer - Angie Milton ; Admin Manager: - Ann Lewis; Assistant - Tristan Jones Ground Announcer - Glen Hawke Web site: Steve Bradbury ; Grounds Curator: The great Jimmy James.

GROUND: Holds 10,000 (2,500 seated) Record 8,095 (91/92).

STRIP: 99/00 Home - Blue & Red wide vertical bands on shirts ; 99/00 Away - Mainly white with blue-purple side bands.
Fans lobbied for numbers AND names on shirts - of which only the Breakers and Spirit were professional enough 2 seasons ago to do it! Thanks!

Newcastle Breakers Merchandise -
From The Jersey Joint - located under the main stand at the entrance.

Merchandise by mail order from the Official Breakers site.


At Breakers Stadium - 104 Sandgate Road, Birmingham Gardens: 02-4951.2722.
So you want to savour a home game? For Sydney based fans to get to the home games there are really only 3 choices:


DRIVE the M3 - With most games at 7.30pm on Friday night it is necessary to be away on the F3 at Normanhurst / Waroongah by 5pm or earlier to be sure of the trip. Usually bottlenecks near Berowra, up the hill past Brooklyn, and at Kariong and / or Mooney Mooney Ck. Once past there it is pretty much plain sailing! For any day allow a clear 2 hours from the south end of the M3 to be fairly sure (have done it in 1 1/2 hrs).
The way is to head up the M3 Newcastle Freeway as far as the Wallsend turnoff - ie. about 125K from the Freeway start. Then go straight through 3 roundabouts until you get to the end of that road at Wallsend. This is at a large roundabout! (see map below - 4th r'bout - follow map route)
BUT I find it easiest however to turn left one block to the next round about, turn right there and past a roundabout at Wallsend Mall, through the lights at the pub. Along this road 1Km or so, through a set of lights to the 'T' intersection. We usually park near there, but to get to the ground turn left, then right at the service station onto Sandgate Road and you're at the ground with $3 parking just before. Remember go easy on the alcohol and "Stop, Revive, Survive" on the way back!

CITY RAIL - With the endemic nature of "track work" this is risky even on weekends unless you have time.
For Friday night you would need to take the 5.12pm Newcastle Flyer ex Central Station and catch a taxi from Broadmeadow. Otherwise the 4.12pm or 4.42pm ex Central and hope there is a bus along at Broadmeadow. For train to Cardiff there is then a bus: Sugar Valley Coachlines, Edgeworth - Cardiff Breakers Stadium 5.45pm - Fare - Adult Single $2.00 - Adult Return $4.00 Child/Concession Fare - Half Return Bus will depart Breakers Stadium 15 minutes after 1st Grade game. For further information contact Bob Murdoch on (02)4958.2057.
City Rail | Govt Buses | Return is worse. 10.35pm Broadmeadow - 2.11am Central !! Sleep over! I can recommend a very nice place at Jesmond.

Then BUS from Broadmeadow - From Broadmeadow, the bus to take is the 233. Head east one block from Broadmeadow station to the main road, north one short block, and cross at the mid-block cross walk to the bus stop along Belford Street. If you caught the 233 that gets to Broadmeadow around 7:12, then you'll be going the Stockland Mall at Jesmond around 7:24. At the top of the street with the mall the bus turns right (east). You can hop out of the bus and walk a ways back to the west to get to the stadium, or take the 10 min. the scenic tour of Birmingham Gardens and hit the bell as soon as you get past the bus stop marked `Birmingham Gardens', and walk about a block to Breaker's stadium. Thanks to Bruce McFarling for this info.

SO YOU'RE THERE! - The admission is $12.00 adults, $6.00 for over 15, children free. It is $2.00 extra for the two 'stands' - ie. seated areas. Buy a program for $2 and enjoy! After dropping your token in the turn stile turn right and browse in the "Jersey Joint" for Breakers gear! Take your credit card, and your Supporters club card for a 10% discount! After that choose your spot, but of course my choice is over there to the right - the northern hill!. Here you can buy (limited) food, drink, and real beer! Sing and chant with the Rowdies!

THERE YOU GO! The total football experience!

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    Bob CATLIN No. 1 - 34 yo - Rep Honours: Socceroo - expected to return
    Brad SWANCOTT No. 20 - 20 yo - Also NYL Rep: Olyroos (Aust U23)
    Jason KOS No. 30 - 3rd keeper - also NYL


    Todd MC MANUS No. 5 - 26 yo
    Glenn SPROD No. 6 - Vice Captain. 26 yo
    Andrew ROBERTS No. 3 - 30
    Adam SANDERSON No. 4 - 27 (out injured last season but back this!)
    Joshua FERGUSON No. 15.
    Travis DODD No. 7 - 21 yo ex Adelaide City - Former Joey.


    Mark WILSON No. 11 - 26 yo
    Brad WEICZOREK No. 13 - 22yo "Witchy"
    Vasco TRPCEVSKI No. 16 - 26 yo ex Perth Glory, ex Oz U20
    Peter JUCHNIEWICZ No. 21 "Junky" Ex YL
    Damien SMITH No. 23 - Former Blacktown Demons
    Peter TSEKENIS ex Young Socceroo - from Sydney Olympic
    Anthony SURJAN Ex Wollongong


    John BUONAVOGLIA No. 10 - 24 yo. Former Clubs: Leichhardt Tigers, Marconi - Re-signed!
    Andy HARPER No. 18 ex Brisbane Strikers - expected to be retained.
    Esala MASI ex Wollongong Wolves, Fijian international.
    Daniel McBREEN ex Edgeworth Eagles

    Coach: Lee Sterrey ; Asst Coach: David Lowe



    Jason KOS No. 1 -
    Chris GAZZARD No. 2 18yo
    Adam SKELLY No. 4 16yo
    Heath SIMPSON No. 6 16yo
    Kurt O'BRIEN No. 7 17yo
    John BENNIS No. 9 17yo
    Joel GRENELL No. 12 16yo Gone on 'loan' to the AIS
    Mitchell JOHNSON No. 11 16yo Gone on 'loan' to the AIS
    Peter BECKLAR No. 15 17yo
    Dayne McBRIDE No. 14 16yo
    Josh RUFO No. 13
    Mitchell COOK No. 8
    David ROSS No. 10
    James KEMP No. 5 - Oz Schooboy captain!
    James GEORGEFF No. 17 (from Colts)
    Mark NICHOLSON No. 3 (from Colts)

    Coach: Bobby Naumov ; Asst Coach: Brett Cowburn
    Player Age is U18 + up to 6 NSL (retain their NSL no.)


    Matt ANDREWS No. 12
    Raihan ANWAR No. 1
    Adam CAMPBELL No. 15
    Joel CUMMINGS No. 5
    Lee DAVELAAR No. 3
    Brendan DEE No. 7
    Chris FLEMING No. 4
    Peter GALLAGHER No. ?
    Josh HANNAH No. 13
    Peter HAYNES No. 16
    Tristan JONES No. 2
    Ryan MURRAY No. 6
    Alex PROVOST No. 10
    William PRYCE No. 8
    Tim SHERIDAN No. ?
    Jared SULLINI No. 14
    David WASIK No. 11
    Andrew BLANNING No. 9
    Adam HUGHES No. 18 Gavin VITULLO No. 17
    Peter WOOD Former No. 1 On 'loan' to the AIS.

    Coach: Alex Tagaroulias

- 2 of Newcastle Breakers talented young players - Peter Juchniewicz and Josh Ferguson

Most of this information sourced from the official site, plus Steve Bradbury / Rui Melo / Media reports. Thanks.

Player profiles:

Shane Pryce 2
Was the the Breakers 26 yr old captain for 4 years been the rock in the defence - BUT has left the club 5/9/00 over superannuation non payment. Glory signing.

John Buonavoglia 10
Picked up from NSW Super League Leichhardt Tigers by coach Lee Sterrey, this NSW SL player of the year struggled with the attention his presence attracts from large defenders. The diminutive but fast and skillful Sydney restauranter started to fire and then bagged a few goals in the later rounds. A crowd favourite - Set for 'bigger' things!

Glenn Sprod 6
Another Breakers stalwart, the 25 yr old Umina boy seems to have been around for years. A former Oz U20 international, saw a stint at Parramatta Eagles and overseas at Exeter City rounding out the talents of this part-time demolisher / part-time footballer into an extremely valuable asset after playing 150+ NSL games. Last season was probably his best season yet and on his day is a great crosser of the ball with a high work rate. An operation in the close season.

Youth Star Prediction: Adam Skelly - 17 (b. Newcastle 5/11/82) 1.7mm & 72 kg. Stopper - Former club Adamstown Rosebud.

Youth development has not been neglected by The Breakers with a fine Northern Youth League team. There are also Super League teams in U13, U14, U15, and U17 in the NSW SF Super league in the new season coming up.

We have no Colts team in the NYL this season.
Our Super Youth League teams have done well in the NSW SYL this past season with U16 in finals, and U15 losing in the GF to Olympic.

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