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Last game - Round 15 of the 99/00 NL Season - Frid 7th Jan, 2000
NEWCASTLE BREAKERS 3 (Moore 19, McManus 70, Harper 72 pen) defeated SYDNEY OLYMPIC 2 (Mendez 34, McAllister 81)

at Breakers Stadium
( H/T 1-1 )
Cards: NB - RC - Dodd 45; SO - YC - Mendez, Kalantzis, Zoricich, Juric;
Referee: M Breeze 5/10 ; Game: 7/10; Crowd: 6,907; Best: NB - Harper, McManus, Moore
Great result. 8 games undefeated & still in the top 6 !!

NEWCASTLE BREAKERS: B Catlin, S Pryce (c), G Moore, A Roberts (V Trpcevski 58), T McManus, G Sprod, T Dodd (RC), M Wilson (D Smith 81), J Buonavoglia (C Tancheski 66), A Harper.
SYDNEY OLYMPIC: Bouhoutsos, Zoricich, Baiilie, Juric, Phillips (McAllister 75), Cadozo, Kalantzis (Carle 73), Mendez, L Wilson, Tome, Zorbas.

Newcastle Breakers created a club record extending their undefeated run to eight games with a gutsy 3-2 victory over NSL competition leaders Sydney Olympic at Breakers Stadium tonight.

The Breakers had to play all second half with 10 men after midfielder TRAVIS DODD had been sent off for an over the ball studs up tackle in first half injury time. The Breakers took the lead in the 19th minute with a looping header from GLENN MOORE after the Olympic keeper punched out but was then off his line. Olympic equalised with a magnficent individual goal in the 34th minute from midfielder CHI CHI MENDEZ, beating two defenders and slotting it home just inside the left post. Against the odds, the Breakers scored two in the 70th and 72nd minutes. TODD MCMANUS picked up a loose ball of Juric after Olympic failed to clear the corner and swivelling he belted the ball home from close range . Then ANDY HARPER converted a penalty after substitute VASCO TRPCEVSKI had been taken out by Olympic goalkeeper GEORGE BOUHOUTSOS. Olympic called one back in the 81st minute when a shot from substitute DYLAN MACALLISTER was deflected through a mass of players and past Breakers goalkeeper BOB CATLIN.

Youth League lost 0-1 to Olympic.

Round 14 of the 99/00 NL Season - Sun 2nd Jan, 2000

at Breakers Stadium
( H/T 1-0 )
Cards: NB - YC - Harper 37, Trpcevski 67; SU - YC - Bosnar 33; Referee: David Dwight 5/10 ; Game: 5/10; Crowd: 6,816; Best: NB - Moore, Sprod, Roberts

Early goal and 3 off the posts, but poor play overall. Still in the top 6, from Marconi on goal difference!

NEWCASTLE BREAKERS: B Catlin, S Pryce (c), G Moore, A Roberts, T McManus, G Sprod, T Dodd (D Smith 77), M Wilson, C Tancheski (V Trpcevski 56), J Buonavoglia, A Harper (L Tomich 86).
SYDNEY UNITED: S Tolios, E Bosnar, V Savoca, N Arrarte, T Pondeljak, T Maric, K Rastall, A Genc (c), J Moric, N Bosevski (A Deak 71), C Luff. Subs not used: M Jurilj, S Bozinovski.

After all the inclement weather - at last a sunny Sunday afternoon and now in Round 14 at the Breakers Stadium there were a few questions to be answered. For instance could Newcastle coach Lee Sterrey’s self-styled ‘Magna V6’ stay on the dry road out of the NSL lowlands and go on to a top six spot by giving the Breakers fans a 3rd win at home (and in so doing thrill the crowd again as they had against Glory?) For United’s Dave Ratcliffe and his basically journeyman and threadbare Sydney United squad a drop into the mire and a fall away from the bottom of table was looming unless the run of losses could be stopped.
Many in the crowd had tentative feelings before the match and Lee Sterrey shared them. He was reported as saying “even though they have struggled lately they have played better football than their position belies. They are a good side and don’t deserve to be on the bottom of the table. Its very much a danger game. They are looking for points to try to stay in the League next year”. Later the former United player stated “they’re never going to be an easy side to beat - I can never remember in the last 10 years that they were an easy side to beat!” Still for those of that persuasion the omens were favourable, fine weather at last, a win 1-0 in the Youth League, and a great crowd of 6,816 (the best crowd for many seasons).
Sydney United came without the ‘everpresent’ captain Velimir Kupresak but still started with a 5-3-2 formation against the Breakers standard 4-2-2. As well as rookie keeper Steven Tolios the man with the big job was sweeper (and ex Breaker and new Olyroo) Eddy Bosnar. A midfield containing Aytec Genc and Tom Pondeljak is to be feared and the loss through injury for Newcastle of Greg Owens (still playing himself back in the youth league) and Brad Weiczorek (who has been in great form over the past month) could prove crucial. The pluses for the Breakers were the recent scoring form of Harper and Buonavoglia and the solid defensive record since Glenn Moore’s inclusion.
The answers when they came weren’t all that clear cut with Newcastle running out 1-0 winners after a lacklustre performance in the middle and front of the park and with Sydney United playing some nice possession football but being just as ineffective in the end.

The Breakers took the game to Sydney United from the whistle and forcing an early corner on the left the ball fell into a mass of players in the box. As it invitingly bobbled from the ensuing skirmish Glenn Moore got a foot to it to force it over the line for a 2nd minute, and what was to be the solitary, goal. Sydney United had to come out and at Newcastle but in the first 25mins they only got within range twice. Even those opportunities were wasted with one weak strike picked up easily by Bob Catlin and Nick Bosevski skying one over from long range without pressure. They were nearly caught out when Newcastle captain Shane Pryce twice got forward on the right, but firstly blasted a similar unforced shot over from long range, and then in a better move his pin point cross found Harper on the edge of the area. Harper’s free header was not far over the bar but was an indicator that perhaps the sharpness wasn’t there. Sydney United gradually started to use the extra men at the back from the formation mis-match and play opened up a little; with Bosnar coming up and Pondeljak and Genc using they’re mobility to slip their markers and tear holes in the Newcastle midfield. At the 30th min acting Captain Aytec Genc got forward on the right and his curling head high cross was perhaps fortunately cleared by Pryce off the back of his head and out of danger. Shortly after Catlin was forced to stretch to his left for a well hit but long range ground shot from Bosnar. Whilst Sydney United were moving the ball around well their aggressive attempts at closing down were quite clumsy and Andy Harper especially was getting disturbed by the attention and lack of intervention by referee Dwight. It was ironic then that, in what at first appeared a 50/50 race for the ball with Sydney United keeper Steven Tolios, he showed too much studs, collecting Tolios and earning the first yellow card. For a while it looked like the keeper couldn’t continue but fortunately after treatment he was able to contribute solidly to his teams defence. Buonavoglia was also a target of course and he was crudely brought down just outside the box but no card or any other joy ensued to the Breakers as Wilson hit the free kick wide.

The big crowd was still in holiday mood and were surprisingly forgiving of the flat nature of the first half. Newcastle came out with a bit more fire but a series of attacking moves broke down. Tolios was forced into a great reflex save at point blank range of Harper, who though in the process of going to ground was still able to get a boot to a cross from the right. At the other end danger man Tom Pondeljak’s long range shooting power was generally well shackled during the match but he had an opportunity at the 57 min when he hit a vicious free kick from way out which forced Catlin to parry; however the ball was quickly put out of danger by the defence. At the other end new Olyroo Bosnar was well in charge for long periods as he swept and then got forward seemingly all in one gliding motion. United’s smoth flowing midfield play forced Sterrey to swap Tancheski for Trpcevski and gradually the Breakers were able to move into range. The score may have been doubled however soon after if Andy Roberts surging run from his own half had ended with any ideas of what to do when he got there. Mark Wison got forward to hit a powerfull close range shot but Kain Rastall’s body intervened to only concede a corner. Within minutes Wilson was again forward but was only able to lobb the keeper from a sweet pass from Trpcevski. The game continued with United dominating general play and possession but Newcastle forcing turnovers and counter attacking. It is hard to remember any clear chances for United as Catlin just kept plucking long range attempts out of the air all night, especially from Bosnar. Just as the crowd was settling for the points in stoppage time the game came alive with the Breakers hitting the upright three times with the keeper beaten; Buonavoglia the main culprit. In the best chance Wison sent the ball through to Sprod who placed the cross from the left away from the keeper and to Buonavoglia who slammed the ball onto the right post, with it falling back in rebound to Pryce at the edge of the area whose volley passed just a metre over.

It is doubtfull whether either team was happy with the game. Certainly the loss of points anchors United dangerously on the bottom of the table. Coach Dave Ratcliffe was suprisingly upbeat and pointed to how close many of his games had been against top sides and his teams ability to play. Certainly his astute tactics came close to upstaging Sterrey’s but the coach can only do so much. Being a realist he readily admitted however that he didn’t have any answer to the bare fact - United can’t score! “I had nobody to bring off the bench to solve the problem today” he said. Ratcliffe will have to solve that very problem and very soon if his otherwise competitive side isn’t to sink into that quicksand that sucks bottom teams down. Lee Sterrey, asked if he was happy with the game, stated in his usual candid manner, “footballwise it was garbage. In enthusiasm and intensity we were terrible - a very ordinary performance. I apologise to the supporters”. “It was a clone of the Kings game. Thank God for the first minutes, we got the goal and then at least were solid defensively”. He added, “just talking to the players, they felt flat, Harps said he felt flat, Johnny wasn’t as sharp up front, and there was no clear reason”. Looking for positives for each team? Performances of some players. Sydney United were well served by Bosnar, keeper Tolios, Pondeljak and Genc, and lesser known players like Savoca, Rastall, and Bosevski. Breakers Moore, Sprod, Roberts, and McManus were good value for fans. Looking forward to the game looming as soon as Friday evening against leaders Olympic. Newcastle held them away but will need to fire to keep any points this time. The midfield battle may again be crucial, and whose legs will give out from games within only a few days on heavy pitches. Lee Sterrey book your ‘Magna’ in for a tune-up! Last word on that from Glen Sprodd who stated “A big contrast facing Olympic; that will probably be the biggest test here at home this year. We’ll knuckle down to training this week and see how we go”. Finally a “well done Newcastle” for a holiday weekend crowd of 6,816 which (despite the weather difference) must be noted was bigger than metropolitan clubs Northern Spirit and Marconi, both also playing at home.

Round 13 of the 99/00 NL Season - Tues 28th Dec, 1999

at Olympic Park, Melbourne
( H/T 0-0 )
Cards: NB - YC - ?; C - YC - ?; Referee: Mark Shields / ; Game: ?; Crowd: 3,097 ;

Best: NB - ?
Few chances but good defence. A draw away is always welcome - NOW in the top 6, from Marconi on goal difference!

Cautions: D Smith (NB) 24; T McManus (NB) 53; M Conroy (C) 65; L Lapsansky (C) 87.
Squad: Catlin, Pryce, Roberts, McManus, Sprod, Dodd, Wilson, Buonavoglia, Wieczorek, Harper, Moore; (Subs: Smith 14, Tancheski 75, Trpcevski 83).

Round 12 of the 99/00 NL Season - Frid 17th Dec, 1999
NEWCASTLE BREAKERS 3 (Buonavoglia 19, Pryce 24, Dodd 44) defeated PERTH GLORY 2 (Despotovski 28, Halpin 34

at Breakers Stadium
( H/T 3-2 )
Cards: NB - YC -Roberts, Weiczorek; PG - YC - Harnwell, Halpin; Referee: Con Diomis 6/10 ; Game: 8/10; Crowd: 4,172 ; Best: NB - Harper, Wilson, Buonavoglia
A great result with goals galore - back on the edge of the top 6!

Squad: Catlin, Pryce, Roberts, McManus, Moore, Sprod (Smith 70), Wilson, Buonavoglia, Wieczorek (Tancheski 78), Dodd, Harper.

After 3 wins in a row the team and crowd were pumped up at Breakers Stadium for this clash with the Glory. Glory have found Newcastle a 'bogey-man' in seasons past and so it was to prove again! The crowd was down in numbers due to earlier thunderstorms but those there were in top voice to see their team take a well deserved lead at 19mins through a devine Mark Wilson through ball to a scampering Buonavoglia. He pierced the goal area on the right wing and wacked the ball across the face of Petkovic and into thr far corner. At the 24th minute Petkovic stepped outside the area and Pryce steered a close in free kick though the wall and past the keeper. Glory came back and receiving the ball with Breakers around him but in range, Despotovski lost Pryce then turned and steered the ball into the top right corner past a helpless Catlin. This half was to last for 54mins and Pryce missed a penalty after Johhny was bundled over at the edge of the area. At 34mins Halpin ran onto a ball, and despite a plea for hand-ball he lobbed it passed Catlin. The Breakers replied late by a great cross from the left by Harper and a volley by Travis Dodd. What a half of football! The second half was in turn a great game but no further goals would come for either side. Breakers 3 Glory 2 - a well earned win against quality opposition!

Round 11 of the 99/00 NL Season - Frid 10th Dec, 1999

at Parramatta Stadium
( H/T 0-0 )
Cards: NB - YC - Wilson, Pryce; PP - YC - Townsend; Referee: Con Diomis 6/10 ; Game: 5/10; Crowd: 1,800 est.; Best: NB - Buonavoglia, Wilson, Catlin
An average game but a big win. Back toward the top 6!

Squad: Catlin, Pryce, Roberts, McManus, Moore, Sprod, Dodd (Smith 79), Wilson ( Trpcevski 85), Buonavoglia, Wieczorek, Harper (Tancheski 73).

120 Breakers faithfull made the trip down to Parramatta Stadium confident that the tide had turned for the team. The first half was fairly poor with scrappy play by both teams in front of a poor crowd, with canned applause and a jazz band, but Power were being forced to try from long range. After half-time Power started to get frustrated and Newcastle raided on the break and Buonavoglia cut through them with only Blagojevic causing concern, until in the 58th minute he found space to receive a through ball from Harper and beat Crews. There were further chances to Newcastle and Parramatta. Increasingly however Power were frustrated by the defence in depth of the Breakers. A well deserved away win. Pizzas all around at Buonavoglioas on Ramsey for the night, afterwards!

Round 10 of the 99/00 NL Season - Frid 3rd Dec, 1999
NEWCASTLE BREAKERS 2 (Roberts 45, Buonavoglia 58) defeated BRISBANE STRIKERS 1 (og Moore)

at Breakers Stadium
( H/T 1-0 )
Cards: NB - YC - Trpcevski 61, Harper 83; BS - YC - Meredith (37), Bell (39), Ditton (56) ; Referee: Brett Hugo ? ; Game: 7/10; Crowd: 5,027

Newcastle Breakers: Catlin, Pryce, Roberts, McManus, Moore, Sprod (Smith 46), Wilson, Buonavoglia, Wieczorek (Juchniewicz 87), Trpcevski (Tancheski 63), Harper.
Brisbane Strikers: Bolton, Gwynne, Dwyer (Stefanutto 87), Bell (Smeltz 66), Ditton, Grierson, Pilic, Forster, Meredith, McLaren, Baldwin (Harris 46).
Best: NB - Weiczorek, Roberts, Harper.

OFF Optus: Former Breakers coach John Kosmina had his Brisbane Strikers on top and undefeated for his visit to Newcastle. Lee Sterrey was very pleased with away win in Canberra and was certain to have cooked up something for the game which started in hot conditions. For the first 10-15 mins it was all Brisbane with only the one chance to Witchy in that period whilst Meredith was running free delivering ball behind the defnece. With Moore playing sweeper and Pryce on the right to cover Foster and Grierson the Breakers saw little of the posession. When they did like in the 26th min they squandered chances in the box. For Brisbane Baldwin missed the best chance and slowly the tide turned as Harper and Buonavoglia started to get behind the defence. In the 44th min Witchy received a long ball from McManus and slung in a cross which was met by a strong header by Roberts past Bolton on the right and goal. 1-0.

In the 2nd half Brisbane tried to maintain their dominance and a long cross bounced off Moore for an own goal at the 46th min. 1-1. From then on Newcastle kicked up the pace and by the 58th min the Strikers raids were getting fewer. Smith cleared the danger from one such, hitting it up to Haper who slalomed through the defence and layed on a through ball for Buonavoglia. Johnny sidestepped Bolton and knocked it in. 2-1. Chances from then were even with Gwynne over from range and Buonovaglia header just wide from a free kick.

A deserved battling, counter attacking win over the previously undefeated Strikers. 1 win away from the top 6!

Youth league won by 2-0 over the Qld Academy of Sport with goals to Josh Rufo 45 and Mitchell Johnson 90)

Round 09 of the 99/00 NL Season - Frid 26th Nov, 1999
CANBERRA COSMOS 1 (Polak 25) lost to NEWCASTLE BREAKERS 2 (Harper 44, Buonavoglia 61)

at Bruce Stadium
( H/T 1-1 )
Cards: NB - YC Roberts; CC - YC De Jesus, Hooker; RC Musitano (49) ; Referee: Matthew Breeze 7/10 ; Game: 7/10, Crowd: 2,889 Best: NB - Moore, Weiczorek, Roberts
2nd half revival to deserve the win!

Canberra - Barlow, Milin, Popovich, Hooker (c), Polak, Winnie, Watkins, Musitano, Hamilton, De Jesus (Kolpak 69), Gonzalez (Prenzoski 80). Subs not used: Arranz
Newcastle - Catlin, Moore, Roberts (Juchniewicz 78), McManus, Sprod (c), Dodd, Wilson, Wieczorek (Tancheski 85), Trpcevski (Smith 71), Harper, Buonavoglia.

BEST PLAYERS: NB - Glenn Moore, Andy Roberts, Brad Wieczorek, CC- Grant Barlow, Gabriel Gonzalez, Daniel Watkins

By Chris Dunkerley *

A confident and fluent Canberra Cosmos couldn’t go the distance at a magnificent but cool Bruce Stadium as ill discipline, and a determined Newcastle Breakers, snatched the President’s Cup out of their hands. Cosmos attacked from the outset and it looked plausible that their season would keep well on track, however an early shower for Michael Musitano in the 49th min ultimately proved fatal. The two teams would have had different feelings coming into Friday night’s game. Canberra’s approachable Coach Tom Sermanni generally pleased with the season so far but wary of Newcastle. Wily Lee Sterrey, stung by a small section of the Breakers crowd last week and this week's loss (due to 4 yellows) of skipper and pivotal defensive player Shane Pryce, was looking to climb back up the ladder as soon as possible and knew this game should otherwise ‘by rights’ be a chance. With Pryce out Sterrey promoted youth league and fringe player Glenn Moore into his position and gave the captain’s arm band to stalwart flanker Glenn Sprod. The other surprise was the late inclusion of new signing (Blacktown City Demons Novocastrian goal ace) Damien Smith, who started on the bench. Sermanni’s main concern was to keep his tyro side treating each game with the necessary intensity and consistency required of top 6 contenders. “We’re not here to do better than last year, we want to do well this year, he stated.” The teams took the field in front of a modest but enthusiastic and vocal crowd, including 30 or so travelling Breakers fans. Cosmos took advantage of the Breakers unsettled defence to attack and within 5 mins Daniel Watkins was twice in position to cause trouble should there have been any faltering. The Breakers responded at the 7th min when Johnny Buonavoglia hit a firm header but straight at Grant Barlow. Cosmos won two corners in quick succession shortly after when David Millin and Watkins and then Gabriel Gonzalez got behind the back four. Watkins then made a scything run through the Breakers defence only to see his shot cleared over the cross bar. This was Cosmos best passage of play and a head-up Jason Polak gave a great cross to Musitano only to see him ‘sky’ the shot from close range. The game got bogged down in the middle and play was starting to get ‘willing’. Andy Roberts who had been trying manfully to stamp authority in the centre of the park was judged to have stepped over the mark and was carded by Matthew Breeze at the 19th min. The pace of the game picked up and chances to Buonavoglia and Watkins came before the 25th min when ex Socceroo midfielder Jason Polak made space on the left, got into range, and let fly with a bullet that pierced big Bob Catlin’s defence and bulged the top right corner of the Newcastle net. At last Newcastle made some space wide and Travis Dodd made a surging run up the right side to the line and his cut back was met by Andy Roberts who seemed so surprised that he hit it over. Despite this miss one can look back at this as a turning point. The affable Scot Sermanni stated after the game that “I thought we played well for the first 30 minutes and I thought we were in control for most of the game, and I thought we were comfortable at that stage. Newcastle are a team that are very competitive, and they keep plugging away and never give up, they are very disciplined. They worked their way back into the game and the signs were there before the first goal, the signs were there that there was some danger, and we weren’t alert enough”. Andy Harper’s free header at the 44th min not only equalled the score but gave an inkling that the Cosmos defence was losing its way.

Could Cosmos wrest the game back? Well that was answered in the 49th min when in a tussle over a free kick in midfield Michael Musitano said ‘welcome to the big league’ with a sharp elbow jab into Glenn Moore’s face. Whatever Musitano’s complaint against Moore referee Breeze strode straight up and brandishing the red one pointed the Canberra striker firmly in a westward direction to the tunnel entrance. Asked later whether this was crucial Sermanni demurred but admitted “It certainly didn’t help - you can’t keep having ten players. I mean this is 3 times this year, twice we’ve ended up with 10 players and once with 9 players. You can’t keep doing that, it tells on you. Even with 10 players we still had one or two chances and we didn’t do that badly, but it’s very very difficult to win a game with 10 players”. The game see-sawed whilst Newcastle tried to settle against 10 men. Vision’s of last week’s inept adjustment to playing 9 men flooded back, however wide men Sprod and Brad Weiczorek started to find that extra space. Sprod’s magic 40m diagonal through ball to Buonavoglia brought rookie Barlow out like a flash to take it off the diminutive strikers feet. Canberra were determined to stay in it but Ivo De Jesus’s 56th min yellow card for diving in the Newcastle area was not the way to do it. Again “Witchy” Wieczorek made space on the left in the 61st min, made it to the line and his well struck cross was met by Buonavoglia whose powerfull header gave Barlow no chance. Newcastle now put into action what they had been learning all week as they used classic tactics to create space against a team reduced in numbers, with good use of the width of the park and variation in attack. Canberra fought back with Gonzalez, Popovich, and substitute Kolpak all giving Cosmos hope of a breakthrough. The Breakers defence now was looking a hard nut to crack with Moore looking majestic and like he had played 100 games not a handfull. Sterrey countered the Canberra surges by bringing on fresh legs. Damien Smith came on for his season debut to assist Roberts to grab back the midfield and from that 71st min change Newcastle dominated. A 'well done' was later given Roberts by releaving him to introduce the pace of Peter ‘Junky’ Juchniewicz. To give Cosmos their due they never gave up and may have caught the Breakers out with a late corner from which Catlin had to palm the ball out and then it return, fortunately wide. The final whistle blew and some very happy Breakers fans cheered their team as they received the shiny President’s Cup for this year and the precious 3 points.

After the game Sermanni when asked about the season so far said “I’m happy and unhappy with the season. I’m not happy with things like tonight’s game. I’ve been happy with general things we’ve been doing. Tonight the general feeling of intensity around the team was not to the standard required”. Breakers coach Sterrey wasn’t in the least bit getting carried away - after all they only have 10 points from 27. Interviewed afterwards he claimed: “We’re still only 60% there with our play - our crossing was woefull. Although we scored 2 goals from crosses there were so many situations when we should have done better. We work on it over and over again at training and we still can’t do it in on game situation”. He was positive however about the long term. “These guys have done well for 14 months and this was our first bad spell. It was great to see people come down and support the team. Realistically we have thrown 6 points out the window this year so we didn’t deserve to be where we were - 4 draws and 3 (of those) we should have won”. On the send-off: “We still again, when the man went off, rushed it for 10-15 minutes and I was screaming to settle it down and slow it down and get it back to the defence and wide again when we needed to. When we did that we got our dominance”. On Glen Moore’s MOM performance - “For a bloke who is still only 60-70% fit he was unbelievable. His reading of the game and coolness at the back was sensational so he’ll put pressure on” (the squad). On the future: “I haven’t seen a lot of great teams in the league either so if we can improve on what we are doing week by week we’ll be there. The blokes have faith in their ability and they know I have faith in them”. Sterrey also warmly praised and thanked the away fans for their faith and noisy support. “To walk out to the ‘Breakers, Breakers’ chant really lifted the lads”, he concluded.

* (with thanks to Mike Kmet for his assistance)

Breakers Youth won 1-3 over ACT Academy of Sport at Bruce Stadium on Friday 26th November, 1999 - NYL Rnd 9 Josh Rufo opened the account for Breakers in the 35th min. ACTAS came back when Nick Mrdja pegged one back after only 4 mins of 2nd half play. Chad Mansley put away a quality cross from Cook at 70min. Mitchell Johnson at the 89th min with a free header. It was quite an entertaining match marred by niggling fouls and referee Ben Singleton's performance.

Best: Breakers - Skelly, Rufo, Mansley ACTAS - Mrdja, Ivanic, Valeri
NB Squad: Swancott, Gazzard, Skelly, Kemp, Angievski, Cook (Nicholson 83), Mansley, Ross, Johnson, Grenell (Simpson 50), Rufo (Becklar 90); Subs: Kos, Nicholson, Simpson, Vitullo, Becklar.

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