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Match Reports Page No. 1 & 2 - More reports from Last Season

Last game - Round 09 of the 99/00 NL Season - Frid 26th Nov, 1999
CANBERRA COSMOS 1 (Polak 25) lost to NEWCASTLE BREAKERS 2 (Harper 44, Buonavoglia 61)

at Bruce Stadium
( H/T 1-1 )
Cards: NB - YC Roberts; CC - YC De Jesus, Hooker; RC Musitano (49) ; Referee: Matthew Breeze 7/10 ; Game: 7/10, Crowd: 2,889 Best: NB - Moore, Weiczorek, Roberts
2nd half revival to deserve the win!

Round 08 of the 99/00 NL Season - Frid 19th Nov, 1999l
NEWCASTLE BREAKERS 1 (og N Sabljak 23) drew with ADELAIDE FORCE 1 (N Sabljak 11)

at Breakers Stadium
( H/T 1-1 )
Cards: NB - Pryce, McManus ; AF - YC Day, Pelosi, RC Tobin, Vidmar ; Referee: Con Diomis ; Game rating: ? , Crowd: 4,171 Best: NB - Roberts, Catlin, Harper
Squad: Catlin, Pryce, Roberts, McManus, Sprod (Trpcesvki 57), Dodd (Mansley 82), Wilson, Juchniewicz (Tancheski 45), Wieczorek, Buonavoglia, Harper.

Rui Melo indicated that pitifull attack destroyed our chances after Auckland had 2 men sent off. Steve Bradbury reported: "Early play belonged to the Force with a sensational goal by Nick Sabljak at 23 mins, but the Breakers picked up pace and Shane Pryce's cross was helped in for an og by Sabljak. Con "the card" Diomis handed outr reds to Alex Tobin (at 33min) and Aurelio Vidmar (37). Force put up the barriers and a poor display by Newcastle failed to breach it. 2 points thrown away. Sterrey's headache hasn't eased.

Round 07 of the 99/00 NL Season - Sun 14th Nov, 1999l
MELBOURNE KNIGHTS 3 (Kelic 2, Cervinski) defeated NEWCASTLE BREAKERS 0

at Somers Street
( H/T 0-0 )
Cards: NB - Nil ; MK - Nil ; Referee: J Blainey ? ; Game: ?, Crowd: 2,832 Best: NB - ? Defensive errors destroyed our chances after a bright 1st half.

Round 06 of 99/00 NL Season - Frid 5th Nov, 1999l
NEWCASTLE BREAKERS 2 (Buonovaglia 63, Dodd 65) lost to MARCONI STALLIONS 3 (Babic, 14 Trajanovski 66, Invincible 90)

at Breakers Stadium
(H/T 0-1 )
Cards: NB - Wieczorek, Roberts ; MF - McDonald, Babic; Referee: M Breeze 6/10 ; Game: 7/10, Crowd: 4,473 Best: NB - Harper, Roberts, Wieczorek

NB - Catlin, Pryce (c), McManus, Roberts, Dodd (Juchniewicz 85), Sprod, Wilson, Wieczorek (Tancheski 55), Trpcevski (Angievski 80), Buonavoglia, Harper; MS - Turnbull, Gibson, Care, McDonald, Maloney, Smith, Invincible, Renaud, Farah, Z Babic, Trajanovski (Marchesini).

In was a mild evening and perfect conditions at Breakers Stadium and the Youth team had beaten Marconi Youth 3-0, so things were upbeat despite the drop in the crowd numbers. Marconi came up the M3 with a few busloads of fans and having thumped the reigning (ed. a word still in vogue after the Referendum vote today!) champions Sth Melbourne the previous weekend.
Marconi came at Newcastle from the break and within 2 mins a ping pong game in the Breakers box gave the Rowdies at that end a heart attack before Catlin reined it in. It was all Marconi as Babic got himself repeatedly free behind the defence. It was inevitable when in the 40th min Gibson knocked a 40m long ball into space and the unmarked Babic collected it and slotted it home over the advancing Catlin. A small flurry from the Breakers saw Trpcevski hit a great freekick past Turnbull only to see it ricochet off the cross bar. Marconi at the break well on top and 0-1 up!

Breakers coach Lee Sterrey must have put a rocket up them over oranges for Newcastle came out a changed team. Gradually they got on top and pushed Marconi back, and finally at 64min Trpcevski hit a sweet ball out wide on the right where Johnny Buonavoglia had drifted and taking it near the goal line he cut back inside and entering the Marconi area swept the ball past Turnbull and into the far left corner. 1-1.
The fired up Breakers with the crowd lifting entered a purple patch and at 67 min, to the roar, Catlin threw out to Tancheski who switched to Harper in the middle who in turn knocked it to Dodd running through who from just inside the area hit another sweet shot past Turnbull. 2-1 Alas within 2 mins Trajanovski was unmarked in the box to recover a rebound of Catlin of his own shot and hit it in. 2-2. Marconi tried to slow play but Newcastle regrouped and at 82 min Harper was scythed down by an uncomplaining Smith. The penalty awarded quite rightly by referee Breeze was hit weakly to the side of Turnbull who picked the right way. This first miss of a penalty by Prycey in living memory seemed to flatten Newcastle and Marconi sensing this went for a winner despite a chance to Pryce whose strong header rebounded off the defenders. Smith redeemed himself by pushing the ball up field into the path of a weakly marked Invinvible who slipped the defence and wacked it past a grasping Catlin. 2-3 and so it ended.

Round 05 of the 99/00 NL Season - Saturday 30th Oct, 1999l

at Mobil Park, Morwell
(H/T 1-0 )
Cards: NB - Pryce, Harper, Dodd; GF - Jevdjevic, Nilo, Bell, Vargas; Referee: Brett Hugo , Game: ?, Crowd: 1,813 Best: NB - ?

NSL Round 04 of 99/00 NL Season - Friday 22nd Oct, 1999l
NEWCASTLE BREAKERS 1 (Buonovaglia 6min) drew with FOOTBALL KINGZ 1 (Rufer 86 min)

at Breakers Stadium
(H/T 0-1)
Cards: NB - tba; FK - YC Menillo; Referee: Con Diomis 7/10, Game: 6/10, Crowd: officially 6,054 (my est. 7,500) Best: NB - Catlin, Roberts, Buonovaglia.

Squads: NB - B Catlin (gk), S Pryce, A Roberts, T McManus, G Sprod, T Dodd, M Wilson, J Buonavoglia (Juchniewicz), G Owens (Tomich), V Trpcevski (Angievski), A Harper. Bench: L Tomich, R Angievski, P Juchniewicz. FK - M Utting (gk), H Ngata, C Bunce, J Perry, F de Jong, D Menillio, R Middleby, L Osman, I Vicelich, D Moya, A Silva. Bench: M Stergiopoulos, C Jackson, W Rufer

Report by Steve Bradbury:

The Breakers grabbed an early opportunistic goal by John Bounavoglia and had to weather some strong attacking from the (Auckland NZ based) Football Kingz. The Breakers suffered a setback when striker Greg Owens was stretchered off the field after a solid clash. If not for some strong defending from Andrew Roberts, a superb save from Bob Catlin, and the woodwork, the Kingz could have gone to the break leading.
The second half was a see-sawing affair, with little real goalscoring chances. Some very vigorous play by the Kingz went unpunished by the very liberal referee, much to the displeasure of the large crowd. Five minutes before the end a sharp scissor kick from Kiwi international Rufer saw a point heading across the Tasman. The Breakers are still to find last years end of season form, with too many stray passes giving the opposition added advantage. The excellent crowd of 6,045 will have to wait another few weeks for that desperately sought home three pointer.

Youth League defeated Spirit Colts 1-0.
Meanwhile, at half time, the Newcastle Rowdies vocal supporters scored a 1-0 victory over a Media XI, with Paul 'Haggis' Murray potting the winner. That result means there have been three consecutive wins for the Rowdies over the media team.

NSL - Round 3 - North Sydney Oval, Fri 15th Oct, 1999 - 7.30pm
(Owens 15, Juchniewicz 94). (H/T 0-1) Cards: Rudan (NS) YC 48mins; Crowd: 12,793 Referee: Matthew Breeze 9/10, match rating 7/10.

Squads: NB - B Catlin (gk), S Pryce, A Roberts, T McManus, G Sprod, T Dodd, M Wilson, J Buonavoglia (Juchniewicz), G Owens (Tomich), V Trpcevski (Angievski), A Harper. Bench: L Tomich, R Angievski, P Juchniewicz. NS - P Henderson (gk), Sobczyk, M Rudan (Catanzarro), M Bingley, M Langdon, R Slater, P Bilokapic (Cunico), I Crook, T Cranney, D Seal, C Zane. Bench: S Catanzaro, P Moss, M Cunico.

The first home game for Spirit in their second year in the league held high hopes for three points, a large crowd, and some attractive play. Only one of these was realised and that only just. For Breakers to come down for the neighbours derby game and take back at least one point and drawing power for a even bigger gate for them next Friday at home. Objective accomplished, and some.

It was evident early on that Spirit's plan was to get wide with Slater and Langdon and get Seal on the end of it - worked against the Sydney United, should have v. Sth Melbourne! Lee Sterrey however was out to outfox Spirit Coach Arnold and after the first 5 mins both players were being picked up well by a duo of players - speedster Dodd and skilfull Trpcevski on Langdon and Sprod and man-marker Roberts (who also had a watching brief on Zane).

With two small groups of about 15* and 30 vocal fans trying to upstage 1000 Bob Standers and 200 McCarthy Standers in urging their team on the Breakers slowly absorbed the pressure and in counterattacking moves through Harper in the middle, Buonovaglia on the left and Owens on the right broke Spirit's rythmn. This led to a goal in the 15th min from an Andy Harper through ball which unmarked Greg Owens reached, side-stepped Hendo and tapped it in. 0-1

From that point their Spirit need to come at Newcastle and that they did but through lack of variation and organised if 'un-cultured' defending by the Breakers their just did not seem that that goal would be achieved. Certainly the acrobatics of big Bobby Catlin to deny Zane at point blank range didn't help.

Just when Spirit were growing weary of battering away and 94 mins were up Breakers sub Luke Tomich for once was unselfish and put a perfectly weighted cross to fellow sub Peter 'Junky' Juchniewicz dropping just in front of young Sobczyk for Junky to head down and over an advancing Henerson. 0-2 game set and match.

Referee Matthew Breeze gave what I thought was the best display of referring at an NSL game I've seen for at least 2 years.

Best for Breakers: Catlin, Roberts, Buonovaglia (or any of the other 11 players); Best for Spirit took up some discussion time in the club after but proved insolvable.
* (when you're one of these you can't take notes - sorry for no detail)

Rnd 02 of the 99/00 NL Season - Friday 8th Oct, 1999l
NEWCASTLE BREAKERS 2 (Pryce 33mins, Buonovaglia 58mins) drew with WOLLONGONG WOLVES 2 (Masi 38mins, Petrovski 88)

at Breakers Stadium
(H/T 1-1)

Scorers: NB - Pryce 33min, Buonovaglia 58; WW - Masi 38mins, Petrovski 87min; Cards: NB - YC - Trpcesvki, Pryce; WW - YC - Beltrame, Chipperfield, Harlock, Cervinski; Referee: Simon Micallef 6/10, Game: 6/10, Crowd: 6,032 (seemed more 7K to me!)

Newcastle - Catlin, Pryce, McManus, Sprod, Dodd, Wilson, Buonavoglia, Owens (Angievski 82, Trpcevski (Juchniewicz 82), Harper, Roberts ; Subs: Juchniewicz, Tomich, Angievski.
Wollongong - Beltrame, Souris, Stanton, Horsley, Spencer, Surjan, Harlock, Chipperfield, Petrovski, Masi, Cervinski, Lahanas, Reid, Dimoski

The first home game of the season was always going to be a big event, esp. with the old foe - Wollongong Wolves - coming up, and with the final sealing of the buy-out by David Hall last week the media speculation (and that of the new owner was for a big crowd). In the event a pretty good crowd 'filled' the ground well before kick-off but under perfect conditions even my estimate of 7K plus did not meet the hype. The official crowd of 6,023 saw a very pumped up Wolves, fresh from their win of the pre-season charity cup, using size, speed, and agression (and some skill) to put Newcastle on the back foot. After 10 mins the Breakers got their balance back and with Andy Harper battling up front they took the lead to the Wolves surprise with a close range slot away by Shane Pryce. As is so often the case Wollongong faught back quickly and Esala Masi forced the ball passed Catlin, who had been doing a fine job but looked a bit unfit. Some agressive play led to Simon Micaleff finally bringing out the yellows for Wollongong. They went in at half-time 1-1 but rather than Newcastle taking control in the new half the Wolves looked stronger. Perhaps against the run of play Newcastle took the lead though some fine work by Buonovaglia, but the Wolves kept up the pressure and the Breakers had to concentrate of keeping them out. Finally at the 87th min mark Petrovski was given too much room on the edge of the box and will an overhead strike he slotted it home. On this performance Newcastle need much more work but do show a fair bit of promise nevertheless.

Best for Newcastle: Pryce, Catlin, Wilson. (NB: Short reports when I'm on Rowdies HIll!) Youth league lost 0-1 to Wolves.

National Football League: Round One (1) : Sun 3rd October, 1999
Sydney Olympic 2 drew with Newcastle Breakers 2 (HT 2-1) at Belmore Sports Ground.

Scorers: SO Juric 17min, Kalantzis 45 mins; NB Wilson 15mins, Harper 77min
Crowd: 5,184. Referee: Jeremy Blayney 8/10 ; Match Rating: 6/10

Sydney Olympic - Bouhoutsos, Thomas (RC 48), Tsekenis, Baillie, Juric, Cardozo, Emerton, Kalantzis (Arambasic 70), Mendez (Carle 70), Wilson, Zorbas (Cervinski 78); Subs: Arambasic, A Cervinski, N Carle.
Newcastle - Catlin, Pryce, McManus, Sprod, Dodd, Wilson, Buonavoglia, Owens (Tomich 66), Trpcevski (Angievski 78), Harper, Juchniewicz (Roberts 81); Subs: Roberts, Tomich, Angievski.

Red Card: Scott Thomas 47. Yellow Cards: Mendez 58, Thomas 7?, Tsekenis 72, Zorbas 36; and Trpcevski 41,

Oh how great to get the season underway again after what seemed like a forever off-season only relieved by Soccer Australia's hilarious antics. The Newcastle Breakers came to Sydney, in the words of coach Lee Sterrey, a trifle underdone, and with that elusive away win against Olympic maybe out of grasp again. We were entertained by the usual fireworks which made a good attempt to set fire to the players lined up for the anthem and obscured the pitch for mins.

From the whistle Olympic 'Lions' (there was a rodenty excuse for one introduced as their mascot) pushed up hard with the Breakers on the back foot for nearly the first 12 mins, broken only by little Johnny Buonavoglia actually winning a ball in the air and then soon after Harps scrambling for the ball to see it bundled away by Bouhoutsos. Having weathered the storm speedster Peter Juchniewicz twice raided up the left flank, and the result was a corner from Vasco Trpcevski that Mick Wilson put away sweetly. 0-1 to Newcastle. Beware a mangy lion cornered for within 3 mins Ante Juric had not only raided forward but picking up the return ball from a wall pass, thumped it past Bobby Catlin. 1-1. The Breakers came back for a short spell but slowly faded as the half wore on. For the last 15 mins of the half Olympic battered at the Breakers shield and just when we were all expecting the half-time to be called Chris Kalantzis made it 2-1 bobbing up for nearly the first time behind the Shayne Pryce led defence.

In the second session there was drama as ex Breaker Scotty Thomas fouled Trpcevski, and having earned an earlier YC, Jeremy Blayney realised that a red was in order. Despite being a man down Olympic used their speed of movement to frustrate Newcastle. Andy Harper stood up to be counted and after a couple of earlier misses he picked up the flight of a clearance from a Trpcevski free kick and headed all of 25m into the top of the net. 2-2. Despite Peter Zorbas hitting the side netting and some histrionics aimed at the referee Olympic couldn't break through the tiring Breakers formation, and indeed a 46min speculative long shot from 40m on the left by Luke Tomich beat the keeper and grazed the cross bar thus saving Olympic from severe embarrassment.

Olympic were the better team on the night, combining well and with their quick interchanging game they severely taxed the Newcastle side. For their part, without the parts firing, the Breakers as a whole did enough for the draw and Lee Sterrey's suggestion of the need for 4 or 5 games before they gell could well be right. They showed more creativity and variation than in past years, and that's surely a good sign.

Best for Breakers: Catlin, M Wilson, Harper and a special mention on senior debut for Juchniewicz. For Olympic I'd suggest L Wilson, Juric, Kalantzis. Youth league lost 1-0 to Olympic.

Trial Game. Sunday 19th September, 1999 at Edensor Park.

Sydney United 2 defeated Newcastle Breakers 1

Lee Sterrey put a 4-4-2 formation on the park with Andy Harper partnering Luke Tomich up front. The midfield had a creative look with Greg Owens, Mark Wilson, and Vasco Trpcevski all able to create and put the ball on target.

To say it was a game of two halves is an old cliche, but in this case no other phrase captures it. For the first 46 mins the Breakers controlled the game, pushing up at will but never really troubling the United keeper, and the Pumas were reduced to long range attempts. The first 10 minutes were all Breakers and Trpsevski showed his dead-ball abilities with one just over the bar and another scrambled clear from free-kicks. That definite danger man Tom Pondeljak started to crank up a gear however and supported by Aytec Genc they were United thin hope. Andy Harper battled hard but his lack of matches and close skills let him down. It was the Breakers midfield which starred with ex United player Robert Angievski and Mark Wilson causing concvern for United and attracting heavy tackling. The lone goal of the half was an own goal after a mix-up between keeper and defender.

In the second half wholesale changes by David Ratcliffe (and some good north of England phrases I would suggest) let loose a whirlwind which set Newcastle back on its heels. Some “unknowns” came out to impress after the break and with some intelligent switching of play and aggression they forced two goals past Bobby Catlin in the space of 4 mins, and it was the Breakers through Greg Owens who were reduced to speculative long shots.

On that performance both teams show promise but need more matches, a fact Breakers coach Lee Sterrey freely admitted after the game.
The best for Newcastle were Angievski, Wilson, and Sprod. Best for United former Knight Pondeljak, Genc, and ex Spirit Eddie Bosnar.
Referee: Con Diomis Crowd: Appox. 500

Newcastle Breakers line-up:
Catlin, Pryce (c), McManus, Roberts, Sprod, Angievski, Wilson, Trpcevski, Owens, Tomich, Harper.
Subs: 59min Sanderson for Angievski, Mansley for Trpcevski, 66min Dodd for Sprod, 72min Tancheski for Tomich, Wheeler for Pryce.

Further trials in September, 99 - Breakers lost to Marconi 4-2 at Bossley Park, and then beat Hamilton Olympic 8-0 at Breakers Stadium.

David Carty & Peter Forsyth Memorial Charity Cup. Sunday 22nd August, 1999 at Breakers Stadium.

Newcastle Breakers 0 were defeated by Northern Spirit 2 (Casserly 4 (pen), Faria 88)

Crowd: approx. 2,000 Referee: Con Diomis

Players - Breakers: Swancott, Pryce, McManus, Sprod (?), Roberts, Sanderson, Wilson, Dodd (Trpcevski), Maguire, Buonovaglia (Mansley), Tomich. Spirit: Henderson (Perosh), Crook, Langdon, Bingley, Rudan, Casserly, Cunico, Lyons (Faria), Perinich, Snyder (A Griffiths), Zane.

The game started before a reasonable crowd and within 4 mins Spirit showed their mettle with two raids into the Breakers area, the second of which led to a soft penalty decision by Con Diomis after Todd McManus fouled Tony Perinich. Luke Casserly stepped up and slotted home against a hardly warmed up Brad Swancott. 0-1.

Urged on by a vocal busload of ‘Bob Standers’, for much of the first half Spirit raided using speedy young wide men Matt Langdon and Adam Snyder with the formidable Breakers defence of last season looking well organised but decidely short of pace and match fitness. New signing Shane Lyons (ex Cosmos) was also earning his first pay cheque. Coach Graham Arnold’s policy of an early start and regular trial games seemed to be paying off for the full-timers over Lee Sterrey’s more measured season buildup and mainly part-timers.

The vision of ex-Breaker Clayton ‘Clacka’ Zane waltzing for Spirit through the centre of the Newcastle defence surrounded by six (6) defenders is not one the band of Rowdies at the cemetary end wanted to see. Zane shot weakly and wide. Newcastle pushed back up and soon did have the ball in the back of the net . Alas spoiled by an offside ruling. With Roberts holding Snyder the thrust switched to Langdon’s left side and ex-Zebra and fringe Young Socceroo Travis Dodd was having a nightmare culminating in what appeared a hamstring injury and substitution by talented ex-Glory boy VascoTrpcevski.

Lee Sterrey must have added something to ‘the oranges’ at half-time because the Newcastle players came at Spirit from the whistle. Within 2 minutes under-rated Glenn Sprod had smartly lobbed the defence only to see it cleared in panic by Mark Rudan, and then Trpcevski ghosted into the area and smashed a curling drive off the cross-bar with Perosh ‘at sea’. The game was caught up in a midfield battle that had nothing of ‘pre-season’ about it, with Zane dropping back to pick up ball and getting a ‘warm’ welcome and close attention from former team mate Mark Wilson. It looked more like a season derby game between these neighbours. There were chances for Spirit too, with Bingley taking a long range opportunity which went over, and then at the 88 minute mark exciting prospect Tony Faria himself decided to lob Brad Swancott. The result 0-2.

In the early game Breakers Youth beat Central Coast 2-0.

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