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    R1 - UTS Sydney Olympic - away - at Belmore Sports Ground - 6.30pm Sun 3rd Oct, '99
    R2 - Wollongong Wolves FC - Home - 7.30pm Friday 8th Oct
    R3 - Northern Spirit FC - away - at NSO - 7.30pm Fri 15th Oct
    R4 - Auckland Kings FC - Home - 7.30pm Friday 22nd Oct
    R5 - Gippsland Falcons - away - Sat 30th Oct
    R6 - Marconi Fairfield - Home - 7.30pm Friday 5th Nov
    R7 - Melbourne Knights - away - Sun 14th Nov
    R8 - Adelaide Force FC - Home - 7.30pm Frid 19th Nov
    R9 - Canberra Cosmos - away - Bruce Stadium - 7pm Frid 26th Nov.
    R10 - Brisbane Strikers - Home - 7.30pm Frid 3rd Dec.
    R11 - Parramatta Power - away - Frid 12th Dec.
    R12 - Perth Glory - Home - 7.30pm Frid 19th Dec.
    R13 - Carlton - away - Tues Dec 28 (7.30pm) - Olympic Park
    R14 - Sydney United - Home - Sun 2nd Jan, '00
    R15 - Sydney Olympic - Home - 7th Jan
    R16 - South Melbourne - Home - 7.30pm Frid 14th Jan
    R17 - Adelaide Force - Home - 7.30pm Frid 21st Jan
    R18 - Adelaide Force - away - Wed 26th Jan
    R19 - South Melbourne - away - Sun 30th Jan
    R20 - Wollongong Wolves - away - Sun 6th Feb
    R21 - Northern Spirit FC - Home - 7.30pm Friday 11th Feb
    R22 - Auckland Kings FC - away - Frid 18th
    R23 - Gippsland Falcons - Home - 7.30pm Frid 25th Feb
    R24 - Marconi Fairfield - away - Sun 5th Mar
    R25 - Melbourne Knights - Home - 7.30pm Frid 10th Mar
    R26 - Adelaide Force FC - away - Frid 17th Mar
    R27 - Canberra Cosmos - Home - 7.30pm Frid 24th Mar
    R28 - Brisbane Strikers - away - Sat 1st Apr
    R29 - Parramatta Power - Home - 7.30pm Frid 7th Apr
    R30 - Perth Glory - away - Sun 16th Apr
    R31 - Carlton - Home - April 22 (Sat?)
    R32 - Sydney United - away - Tues 25th Apr
    R33 - South Melbourne - Last Home Game (v. last season's Champions!) - 7.30pm Frid 28th Apr
    R34 - South Melbourbe - away - Sun 7th May - 5pm at Bob Jane Stadium. Last Game before finals.

    TV broadcasts will occasionally change final times of home and away games


    All fixtures are for WEEK ENDING and not necessarily the date shown. Also TV dates will change final draw anyway.

    Round 1 Mon 04-10-99 Sydney United Vs Northern Spirit 3.00pm Sydney United Sports Centre
    Round 2 Sun 10-10-99 South Melbourne Vs Northern Spirit. 6.00pm Bob Jane Stadium
    Round 3 Fri 15-10-99 Northern Spirit Vs Newcastle Breakers 7.30pm North Sydney Oval.
    Round 4 Sat 23-10-99 Brisbane Strikers Vs Northern Spirit. 7.00pm Suncorp Stadium
    Round 5 w/e 31st October 1999 Northern Spirit. Vs Sydney Olympic North Sydney Oval
    Round 6 w/e 7th November 1999 Wollongong Wolves Vs Northern Spirit. Brandon Park
    Round 7 w/e 15th November 1999 Marconi Stallions v. Northern Spirit 7.00pm Marconi Stadium
    Round 8 w/e 21st November 1999 Northern Spirit. Vs Kings F.C North Sydney Oval
    Round 9 w/e 28th November 1999 Gippsland Falcons Vs Northern Spirit Falcons Stadium
    Round 10 w/e 5th December 1999 Northern Spirit Vs Marconi North Sydney Oval
    Round 11 w/e 12th December 1999 Melbourne Knights Vs Northern Spirit. Knights Stadium
    Round 12 w/e 19th December 1999 Northern Spirit. Vs Adelaide Force North Sydney Oval
    Round 13 Tue 28th December 1999 Canberra Cosmos Vs Northern Spirit. Bruce Stadium
    Round 14 Sun/Mon 2/3 January 2000 Northern Spirit. Vs Brisbane Strikers North Sydney Oval
    Round 15 w/e 9th January 2000 Northern Spirit Vs Sydney United North Sydney Oval
    Round 16 w/e 16th January 2000 Northern Spirit. Vs Perth Glory North Sydney Oval
    Round 17 w/e 23rd January 2000 Carlton Vs Northern Spirit. Olympic Park
    Round 18 Wed 26th January 2000 Northern Spirit. Vs Carlton North Sydney Oval
    Round 19 w/e 30th January 2000 Parramatta Power Vs Northern Spirit Parramatta Stadium
    Round 20 w/e 6th February 2000 Northern Spirit. Vs South Melbourne North Sydney Oval
    Round 21 w/e 13th February 2000 Newcastle Breakers Vs Northern Spirit Breakers Stadium
    Round 22 w/e 20th February 2000 Northern Spirit Vs Brisbane Strikers North Sydney Oval
    Round 23 w/e 27th February 2000 Sydney Olympic Vs Northern Spirit. Belmore Sports Ground
    Round 24 w/e 6th March 2000 Northern Spirit Vs Wollongong Wolves North Sydney Oval
    Round 25 10th March 2000 Northern Spirit Vs Marconi Stallions NSO
    Round 26 w/e 19th March 2000 Kings F.C Vs Northern Spirit North Harbour Stadium
    Round 27 w/e 26th March 2000 Northern Spirit. Vs Gippsland Falcons North Sydney Oval
    Round 28 w/e 2nd April 2000 Marconi Vs Northern Spirit Marconi Stadium
    Round 29 w/e 9th April 2000 Northern Spirit Vs Melbourne Knights North Sydney Oval
    Round 30 w/e 16th April 2000 Adelaide Force Vs Northern Spirit Hindmarsh Stadium
    Round 31 w/e 22nd April 2000 Northern Spirit Vs Canberra Cosmos North Sydney Oval
    Round 32 Tuesday 25th April 2000 Brisbane Strikers Vs Northern Spirit Suncorp Metway Stadium
    Round 33 w/e 30th April 2000 Northern Spirit Vs Parramatta Power North Sydney Oval
    Round 34 w/e 7th May 2000 Perth Glory Vs Northern Spirit Perth Oval

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Where scores are shown the home team is the first score. Eg. NS v. PG away 2-0 means Perth won 2-0!

Home for Northern Spirit is North Sydney Oval, in St Leonard's Park, North Sydney at 7.30pm Friday nights.
Home for Breakers is Breakers Stadium, 104 Sandgate Rd Birmingham Gardens. Time 8pm, except Optus televised matches which are 7.30pm

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All fixtures are for WEEK ENDING and not necessarily the date shown. Also TV dates will change final draw anyway.