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TV Match Report

Newcastle Topper Breakers 1 V. Melbourne Knights 2

(1-2) at Breakers Stadium - Friday 21st March, 1997
Scorers: Pondeljak MK 2 mins, Marth MK 3 mins, Zane NB 43 mins.
Crowd: 3,907 Referee: Gerry Connelly 7/10; Game score: 8/10 (not great heights but very exciting - total commitment from both teams) Yellow card: Banini MK for time wasting.
Newcastle: Brad Swancott, Sprod, Ritchie, Ironside, Sharpley, McManus, Roberts, Pryce, Zane (James 75), Halpin, Lowe. Northern Youth League keeper Brad Swancott came into the game as Liam Baker has a virus; Thomas, Austin, Wilson all out, and then Bennett out after an accident just before kick-off left him lying bleeding! Knights: Not known

Well this is how a side can dominate for 80 mins and lose. Two awful mistakes in the first 3 mins by the re-shuffled Breakers defence and a toughly defending Knights. Pondeljak and Marth both took the chances set up for them by blunders by Pryce, McManus, and Ironside. 0-2 ! For the rest of the first 10 mins the Knights dominated with Pondeljak and A.Cervinski having chances. 17 yr old Swancott had to make good saves. Halpin starts to lift his team and by the 25th min the Breakers are dominating, winning corner after corner. Dogged defence by Melbourne keeps them out. Ironside, then Zane, then Lowe, then Ironside again fail to take the chances. At the 42 min Zane and MK keeper Didiluca clash, followed by more pressure by the Breakers. Zane takes a nice goal by a header from a cross from the left. 1-2 The cross is an absolute ripper, 35m from Troy Halpin. He should be on the verge of international honours. Pondeljak tries to lead a rally but the whistle blows.
After the break mounting pressure is applied by Newcastle and the Knights backpeddle from the onslaught but defend in depth doggedly. 46 min and an excellent move: Halpin - Lowe - Halpin - over the bar by Ritchie! A great ball from a run by Zane and Roberts is through only to have it smothered. At the other end at the 55 min Marth forces a good save from Swancott. By the 60th min Glen Sprod's rising involvement starts to 'light up' the park and the pressure on Mk seems irresistable. 70th min, Didiluca makes a save off Zane. Zane replaced by crowd favourite Harry James but to little effect. Major tussles in the middle of the park for control, James heads weakly and despite much more pressure, includng some from MK, and the game runs out at the 90th+ minute. The Breakers should have been able to do better with all their corners, and too many high balls into the box. They played well but haven't got back to their own the ground tight passing game fully. A decent on form striker would help - but how many of them come for a bucket of coal and a swim at City beach?
Best: Newcastle - Sprod, Halpin, Zane (only 'cos he actually worked hard) Knights: Didiluca, Pondeljak, Marth.

Live Match Report

Newcastle Topper Breakers V. South Melbourne Lakers
Score: 0 - 4 (0-0) Breakers Stadium, Newcastle, Friday 7th March, '97 - Round 20 Ericsson Cup

Scorers: SM Coveny 49 min, Orlic 57 min, Kelic 83 min, Spink 89 min; Crowd: 4,556 (rain on day - dark skies - too quiet!); Game Rating: 6/10 (wet pitch reduced any real flow)
Referee: Greg Leverton 7/10 (bookings were hard to see, but should have booked the whole SM 'glee club' for their time wasting celebrations in front of the TV cameras!) Yellow Cards: Breakers - Bennett (20 min), Ritchie (38), Austin (40); South Melbourne - Panopoulos (39), Coveny (70)
Squads: Didn't get them for SM, but NB: Baker, Sprod, Ritchie, Austin, Wilson (Sharpley 58), McManus (Roberts 84), Pryce, Thomas, McGuire (James 64), Bennett, Zane SM Subs (I saw Spink, Polak and Kelic)

Some time off work, a trip north on the Freeway with clouds getting darker. Arriving at the ground found that it had been raining on the day and the ground very sodden with patches of water. They apparently couldn't call off the match due to Optus broadcast!
The game started brightly with the Breakers attacking strongly but SM have first chance with a 3 min smash against the bar. Liam McGuire misses from a great cross from the right, and then Zane well wins a corner! There still seems something wrong! Rowdies pretty quiet tonight ? McGuire makes a great header from a cross which is well saved by Petkovic. 12min and Zane (the lazy log) makes a poor shot and then the tide seemed to turn! The first 15 mins have been almost all Newcastle but nothing to show for it! SM have really been crap except for Petkovic, with little teamwork. Scotty Thomas is battling in the middle of the park but Troy Halpin's absence is really beginning to show and the inventiveness is lacking! 17 mins - a poor NB clearance leads to a shot bouncing off the cross bar, then after more pressure a frightening back pass lobs over Baker and crashes against the bar and out, then Baker smothers another shot from SM. Rowdies trying to pick up the team and I'm losing track of taking notes. The play is very bunched in the middle of the park, perhaps avoiding the 'dead' patches due to the water and getting scrappy. Most of SM attacks have been solo runs. NB try to lift but now the yellow cards start flashing (why? - too far to see from Rowdie hill) but they manage to re-assert themselves with a great shot from Wilson? curling to and then along the line and Petkovic doing very well to take the sodden ball inches inside the post. Sprod smashes one over the bar, and Petkovic makes another good save soon after. NB putting good pressure on and as the ref blows for the break at 47 mins the Breakers could be said to have the first half 'on points'.
Second half starts with SM looking as if they have decided to play as a unit! Coveny gets around the defence at 49 min and from then on SM are on top. My note taking get's lost in the depression. All I can tell you is that SM took to the water like ducks (well coming from Melbourne what would you expect!?) The Breakers usual fast short interpassing game with long through ball attacks did not appear on this pitch. You can't blame the pitch for it all though, as SM looked the goods in the late 2nd half as Newcastle's newly found tight defensive formation got lost again! That's not to say NB didn't attack well. At 2-0 NB had a chance, indeed the saves by Petkovic in the second half were top ones and it could have been 2-2 at mid half. Goals by Kelic and Spink however knocked the stuffing out of Kossies kids.
Best: I can only pick Petkovic (SM) who kept his team in the race until they did the deed properly late in the second half. As for others, no-one shined / no one stuffed it! As for the Breakers - There goes the top 6 for this year!

TV Match Report

Marconi V. Adelaide City
Score: 3 - 1 Marconi Stadium, Bossley Park, Saturday 28th February, '97 - Round 19 Ericsson Cup

Scorers: (Marconi: J. Gibson o.g. 3 mins, Brad Maloney 20 mins, Sean Babic 70 mins - Adelaide City: Brad Hassell 38 mins)
Referee: Brett Hugo 7/10 Game: 7/10 Crowd: 4990
Best for AdCity: Brad Hassell, Dino Menillo, Marconi: Brad Maloney (OV MOTM), Vlado Zoric, Mark Robertson
Marconi had the better of the first half and overall exploited space on the flanks well and prised open Adcity's defence 3 times, but Adcity had some good times in the 2nd half particularly. Memorable moments - poor John Gibson with a great diving glancing header past Petkovic (didn't he look impressed), Floppy Francis Awaritife doing the Farina fling and getting carded for it, and Brad Hassell's superb 'thread the eye of the needle' strike between two defenders, Pogliacomi, and the upright! Smashing!

TV Match Report

Newcastle Topper Breakers V. Wollongong Wolves
Score: 1 - 0 (1-0) Breakers Stadium, Newcastle, Friday 21st February, '97 - Round 18 Ericsson Cup

Scorer: Halpin (47 min - 1st H) ): Crowd: 6,146 Game rating: 6/10 Referee: C.Diomis (5/10)

Yellow Cards: Dimoski (WW), Halpin (NB) Breakers team: Baker, Sprod, Wilson, McManus, Ritchie, Pryce, Austin, Sharpley, Halpin(c), James, McGuire - (no subs). Wollongong: Not recorded. They used 3 subs (Chipperfield, Laybutt, Bourke) Note: This match report off Optus Vision.
A scrappy start but 3 good moves from the Wolves (WW) showed they were there meaning business. A great move from Halpin which only earned a corner. McGuire then caught off-side on a good move (not the last time tonight). Breakers (NB) were being too slow to close down and the WW looking a bit desperate as well they might! At 10 min Joseski has a half chance and at the other end McGuire has a big chance - and bombs it! Halpin takes one of his nice corners but the attack is not positioning well and young WW keeper Brodbeck (in lieu of Hughes) takes well! NB decide to pick up the pace and Halpin takes a long range shot, and then Ritchie challenges well but Brodbeck gathers up. 15 min and a period of midfield scrapping leads to a well struck Harry James shot which Brodbeck again takes well. Then another period when NB are pushing up but they take the long ball option too much. WW find hope with a free Joseski strike saved by Baker. McGuire has a chance at the 35 min. but it hits Brodbeck's outstretched legs! Ebb and flow with both teams pretty committed, then James has a half chance at the south end, while in front of the Rowdies now finding voice Reda forced a save out of Baker. NB playing the off-side trap well as WW push for a goal before halftime, although Surjan goes very close. It is NB through Troy Halpin who at last break the deadlock. A head-up Austin picks out McGuire with a nicely timed (on-side) and weighted through ball, and the young striker centres superbly to Halpin lurking at the far post who makes no mistake. 1-0
After the sponge down at half-time the Wolves look even more determined, and really want the equaliser. Joseski makes a feeble attempt but WW building well from their own half with width. NB are also trying to get more width and a cross from Halpin is well cut out by Brodbeck with 3 NB up. 57 min and Ceccoli is free but Baker saves. WW push up and run the off-side trap well with NB (esp. McGuire) continually caught out! Baker palms away safely a 30m strike from Connolly, followed by a good forward move by NB with Ritchie making a good try. Then James puts in a good cross which Brodbeck again picks out. WW are looking stronger and at 72 min Joseski is left free but puts it over. Laybutt goes free well down the right channel but Austin makes a copybook sliding tackle to clear. Van Egmond puts a superb long through ball to Chipperfield which Baker does well to cover. Joseski has a half chance at one end then NB have 3 up on one but Brodbeck reads James well. Wilson tries a long shot but is over the bar. WW are now pressing up and NB are looking to expose them on the break. Several more half chances to both teams end with the final whistle and the Breakers are 1 - 0 (3rd win in a row!)
Best: MOTM - Brodbeck, followed by Halpin. Best for NB: Halpin, James, McGuire, Wilson. Best for Wolves: Brodbeck, Connolly, Van Egmond, Joseski. A hard fought and even match, though I thought the Breakers mostly had their own penalty area covered well and were always more likely to score except for Brodbeck!
Response from NB 'Rowdie' Rui Melo who was at the match - "Great report Chris - I actually had completely different vibes about the game; I had the feeling that the Breakers were in complete control and after 35 mins started fighting like mad for every ball...... and really wanted it - so they did the job required; also they held the Wolves very well as they were very defensive." Thanks Roo!

TV Match Report

Perth Glory V. Newcastle Topper Breakers
Score: 0 - 2 East Perth, Saturday 15th February, '97 - Round 17 Ericsson Cup)

Scorers: McGuire 10 min, Wilson (52 min): Crowd: about 12,000 Referee: W.Dade (6/10), Game: 7/10

The first 10 minutes the Breakers pushed up tentatively trying for the early break, with Perth also looking for a quick goal; so play see-sawed. Newcastle were slightly on top and looking better organised. A lovely lobbed pass over the whole Glory defence from Ritchie found McGuire positioned nicely and on-side. He challenged for the ball and brushed aside Mattassa to score from a tight angle from the right. Glory were not in the least impressed and started to move the ball around, putting pressure on the the NB back line which I am pleased to say stood very firm, not to memntion tall. By the half time whistle Newcastle were weathering the storm and besides being shaded in the last 10 mins by Perth playing down the flanks, generally had had the better of the game.
The second half saw Newcastle really grow in stature and after the two corners in a row from Halpin, the 3rd found Wilson beautifully in the middle of a clutch of players and he nodded on into the net near the far post from the left. Despite Perth bringing on two subs they were still looking slower against the Breakers than against anyone so far, and NB could have made it 3 or 4. It should be said however that Baker pulled off a couple of good saves and these may have swung the game around if they had gone in and the crowd had gone ballistic! The marking was very good but lossened with tired legs, however they closed down well and covered well. Newcastle finished the stronger - a great credit to them and Kosmina.
Best for Newcastle: My opinion quite a few - Scotty Thomas 3 pts (gave his all and really made the midfield a diffuicult area for the Glory, and still found time to join in attacks) Baker, Sprod, and McGuire share the rest.

TV Match Report

Newcastle Topper Breakers V Brisbane Strikers
Score: 3-1 (1-0), Newcastle, Friday 7th February, '97 - 7.30pm - Breakers Stadium - Round 16 Ericsson Cup)

Scorers: 4 min pen. Shane Pryce (NB), 48 min Rod Brown (BS), 50 min. Glen Sprod (NB) 62 min Liam McGuire (NB)(helped in by Chey Hews (BS)) Report off OV broadcast!
Crowd: 6,102 (best for season) - Game Rating: 8/10 at least, Referee: M Breeze 7/10 (pretty good - some odd but hard to judge decisions) - Yellow Cards: Wilson, Zane (NB) Wehrman (BS)
Newcastle Breakers: Liam Baker, Shane Pryce, Glen Sprod, Scott Thomas (sub 60th Craig Sharpley), Clayton Zane, Troy Halpin , Todd McManus, Andy Roberts (80th Peter Ritchie), Mark Wilson, Matthew Austin, Liam McGuire. Sub NOT used:- Harry James
Brisbane Strikers: Ross, Gwynne (sub 55min Harris), Phillips (sub Slater 80th), Farina, Brown, Wright, Cranney, Battistin, Brayshaw (sub Tollenaare 70th), Hews, Wehrman (Team lists courtesy of Rui Melo)
Knowing that Brisbane push up early at a frenetic pace, Breakers coach Kosmina had obviously told his team to beat them at their own game with the home team advantage. At the 4th min., just after a NB strike was stopped on the line by a wall of BS defenders, a Brisbane Strikers (BS) defender was closed up hard in his own box and was judged to have handled the ball. Shane Pryce Pryce stepped up and took the penalty just to the keepers right, but he dived the wrong way and it was 1-0. the play then became more evenly balanced with one or two very nice bits of work by the strikers, including a corner that went straight to Rod Brown, but he headed across the face of the goal.. By the 20th min. mark the Breakers (NB) should have been 3-0 up, and were keeping good shape, closing down very fast, and keeping their passing tight. Brisbane started to get their wind after 20 min and came back. It needed some great work done on Frank Farina by McManus. 35th min and Zane hit a screamer which deflected off the far post, from a magic ball from Halpin (Troy into your camp now El Tel!). BS continued to push hard but the NB defence showed none of the gaping cracks of earlier in the season. By half time though it could have been 5-0 with two more well made chances near the bell.
Brisbane came out stronger after the oranges. Wehrman continued his dominant display in midfield, and in the 48 min were rewarded with a Rod Brown goal from a nice header by Farina. NB disputed offside but a NB player prostrate in the box kept Brown on. NB weren't going to settle for another bloooody draw, and in the 50 min. Glen Sprod came forward to collect another magic ball from Troy Halpin from the right, hit with the outside of the boot, and lobbed it over an otherwise blameless Ross. Kasey and Frankie combined a few times thereafter to create chances but young custodian Liam Baker stood the test well. 60th min and NB were sniffing some blood making Ross pull off a great save from Mark Wilson. The assist from Chey Hews in the 62 min. wouldn't have stopped Liam McGuire's strike. Sub Sharpley made a run into the box with the ball but was more interested in milking the handling he was getting than trying a shot. The game then rattled around the midfield with NB's close marking a classy lesson for my U12 fullback son. In the last ten minutes legs were tiring and spaces opened up and some good work was done by Farina at one end, and Zane at the other.
Overall: The Breakers had a well deserved win, showing the commitment, flashes of steel and touches of class which brought me into the fold this year! Brisbane still missed Hunter but it could be argued they had their best display for 4 games.
Best: NB Zane, Pryce, Sprod, Austin, and McGuire - really a team effort! For BS Wehrman by a mile, but Brown, Farina soldiered well, and even for a while Phillips and the T Cranney kid!

Live Match Report

Newcastle Topper Breakers V. Adelaide City Zebras
Friday 10th January, '97 Breakers Stadium, Newcastle - Round 14
Result: 1 - 1 Draw ( 0 - 1 )
Goals: John Gibson 23 min. (AC), Shane Pryce 49 min. (pen.) (NB)
Crowd: 5,834 Entertainment value overall: 7/10 (esp. good crowd atmosphere) [1st half 6/10] Red card: Nil Referee: D Crawford (6/10)

Under threatening sky, but with a slight rising southerly, the game commenced very tentatively. AdCity seemed to settle earlier and were surprisingly pushing up quite early on. After 10 min. Newcastle found their feet and gained some composure, but there were momentary lapses in the defence. One of these allowed AdCity to slam home a goal. This was followed by a period when Liam Baker was called on to again prove he has the makings of a fine keeper when he took several balls well, and palmed away an absoloute screamer. Newcastle Breakers (NB)realised that the ball should be down the other end, and Petkovic was forced to make 2 great saves at that end. AdCity thought likewise and one well struck shot skewed of Liam Baker's left upright. Both teams swung the ball around well, with AdCity making some nice interchanges. At the 40m AdCity slammed a ball off the NB wall, only to have some strong pressure at the other end only minutes later. The first half was mainly ordinary but end to end stuff. Both teams were trying to drive through the middle, and neglecting the flanks. At half time new National Coach, Terry Venable was introduced to the crowd; and there was a team from the regular supporters called The Rowdies v. The Newcastle Media (good entertainment).
The second stanza started like the first but the Breakers seemed a bit more committed. At last NB found how to get behind the best defence in the EC. When Bennett pounced on a ball loose in the box, Petkovic tried to grab it from his feet, but Bennett stuck in there, and as a defender tried to assist his Goalie he impeded Bennett - the Ref. pointed to the spot and young McGuire slotted it well past Petkovic. Well now it was on for 'young and all'. AdCity was getting out of their half fast but losing it on approach to goal. The Breakers were applying the can opener to the AdCity defence, with change of pace and direction, small lobs, and dummy runs. AdCity's top defence was backpedalling before an agressive and inventive NB. After the 65m though, despite lots of possession the Breakers couldn't get clear shots on target, and AdCity started to push back up the park. They failed to use width, and paid for it by being funnelled by the NB midfield and defence. Rowdies favourite Harry James came on for Bennett, but couldn't make a breakthrough. At the end (as is their habit) it was all Newcastle: but another flaming DRAW!
The Breakers match programme was excellent but it was sold out well over a 1/2 hr before kickoff. The Club shop - limited stock but getting better I was told. Crowd very mixed ages and plenty of females. The match was fairly even so the score draw was fair, but AdCity probably dominated more periods of the match, but Breakers more only in the last period.
Best: Adelaide City - Petkovic (in better form than Kalac), Tobin, Costanza, Gibson, Menillo. Breakers: Ironside, Pryce, McGuire, Baker, Halpin.

Live Match Report

UTS Olympic v. Newcastle Topper Breakers
Sunday 29th December, 1996 - at Belmore Sports Ground
Result: 2 - 2 Draw (0 - 0 ) Round 12.
Goals: David Barrett, Kris Trajanovski, Nick Meredith (og) (UO), Robbie Ironside (NB) Crowd: 5,128 Entertainment value overall: 6/10 (1st half 4/10) Red card: Harry James (NB) Yellows - too many! Referee: Con Diomis (poor)

The first 10 minutes saw 4 good chances for the Breakers and most play inside the UTS half, but Olympic absorbed the pressure and started to dominate. Despite getting more possession they were far from fluent and not the side that played sweet stuff of last season! Newcastle was wasting a lot of possession when getting into the UTS third but at least they kept pushing up. They definitely missed Clayton Zane up front. With (I think) Harry James playing forward and Jason Bennett and Troy Halpin dropping deeper they still lacked variation coming forward. UTS were being well served by Norman Tome and Chris Trajanovski but were finding the close man-to-man marking hard to shake off! The first half was pretty equally shared but fairly ordinary. This may have been partly due to the Referee who was quite poor, not letting play flow. It was a physical game but the whistle and the yellow cards were up too much!
The second half started as the first had finished but a series of incidents turned the play up a few notches! A clash of heads between Jason Bennet and a UTS defender with both going off bleeding for treatment, followed by a Nick Meredith own goal certainly livened things up! To their credit UTS flung themselves forward with more vigour and secured a quick equaliser via David Barrett (from one of those lapses NB defenders have been known for but are thankfully getting rarer!). The sending off of Harry James for what seemed to us a fair attempt to get the ball combined with the UTS keeper's poor attempt to come out - really put the Breakers on the back foot! (After seeing it on SBS, he did have his knee up - maybe!)
Olympic now played with some fluency and a second goal made it start to look like they were going to swamp the 10 man Breakers! Some very brave and competent defending kept them at bay, as well as some poor rushed shots off goal! For the last 5-10 minutes the Breakers started to keep possession coming forward and to expose the now square UTS backline. A well taken headed goal by Robbie Ironside from a Troy Halpin free kick put paid to Olympic's dream of 3 points and the final scoreline ran out 2-2 for the Breakers 6th draw! (given the dubious send-off and the 'guts' shown, a fair result)
Best for Olympic were Norman Tome (1st half), Nick Meredith (despite the og - had a sizzling strike in the first half, second half put 2 balls out of the ground!) , Milan Blagojevic, and Alastair Edwards. Best for the Breakers were Liam Baker, Troy Halpin, Scott Thomas, and Robbie Ironside. Wouldn't pick a man of the match - Liam Baker (except for the 1st goal - a good young keeper) or Troy Halpin perhaps (the last goal was all because of Halpin's ball holding skills coming forward)
Go the Breakers!

Live Match Report

Marconi-Fairfield Stallions V. Newcastle Topper Breakers
- Saturday 14th December, 1996 at Marconi Stadium
Round 10. Result: 2 - 1 (1 - 0)
Goals: Brad Maloney, Vlado Zoric (M-F) Troy Halpin (NB) Crowd: 4,111

A mild December night with a cooling breeze saw the Breakers visit Marconi Stadium to take on a Marconi coming home from their first win for a while. The first half was a pretty ordinary affair with little creativity by either side. Neither side was really on top and the difference by the break was a goal by Brad Maloney and a more mature Marconi, whilst Newcastle showed a little naivety at times. Liam Baker was shining in Goal for NB whilst Clayton Zane was a lone wolf up front with very close man-to-man marking on him.
The Breakers must have had a kick up the arse by Kossie (or Asterix's potion) because they came out after the break and proceeded to walk over Marconi for the next 20 mins. Alas they still played with one striker and couldn't put a couple of half chances in the net. They were put back on their heels by a goal by Vlado Zoric against the run of play! The Breakers showed great heart to play on top of Marconi for most of the rest of the match. A snap shot by Clayton Zane which hit the upright (with the M-F defence all over the place) deserved much better!
Another draw for the Breakers would have been a just result but it was not to be. My Man of the match was Liam Baker (who didn't put a foot wrong, with neither goal his fault), with other best for NB Clayton Zane (2nd half) and Scott Thomas, Troy Halpin, (and McManus I think)). Marconi was well served by Maloney and Zoric. Marconi show a bit more composure now and may consolidate that top 6 spot. The Breakers really deserve better! On that second half display it is not hard to see how they thumped WA. If they can stop conceding soft goals they may edge a few rungs off the bottom. Go the Breakers!

PS: Am I good or what! The next game Marconi hammer UTS Olympic 5-1, and the Breakers 'swamp' Sydney Dis-United Pumas 3-1

Live Match Report

Marconi-Fairfield V. Brisbane Strikers Saturday 16th November, 1996 at Marconi Stadium
Result: 0 - 1 Goal: Rod Brown (BS) Crowd: 5,249
On a mild Sydney Saturday night what looked likely to be either a firecracker or a fizzer, turned out a little more the latter! Brisbane could have easily been flying home sharing the points when really they should have wrapped it up early in the 2nd half. Fine goal-keeping (especially off a Frank Farina blind side deflection) earned Bobby Catlin best points for Marconi, whilst Clint Bolton at the other end dropped his usual share of balls but was pretty safe behind what was an impressive Strikers backline. Stand-outs were No. 12 (Battistin I believe) and evergreen Alan Hunter.
Brisbane had the better of the game after the first 20 minutes, except for a desperate spell from Marconi in the last 10 minutes. Rookie Kasey Werhman, Sean Cranney, Hunter and Battistin were best for Brisbane ; Catlin, Awaritefe, and Bingley were best for Marconi whose coach Manfred Shaeffer made 3 changes in the mid 2nd half (he probably would have liked to have been allowed 7 or 8). Brisbane kept good shape, well able to contain the predictable Marconi attacks, and showed nice variation while still keeping it simple when making for goal. Marconi lacked penetration and even commitment from some players, with Marconi's big name midfield overshadowed by Brisbane's.
Not a great match but Brisbane showed enough to suggest that they will stay in the top four, and Marconi enough to suggest that they will struggle to hold in the top 6 despite the talent. There was nearly as much talent off the field - in the crowd! Obviously interested to size up the Strikers were Zeljko Kalac, Tony Popovic (SC), and several UTS players including Kris Trajanovski and Nick Meredith, plus Gabriel Mendez.

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