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Oz Captain Paul Okon leading by example against Hungary, Feb 2000

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Oceania Nations Cup 2002:

Wednesday 10 July, 2002 - Australia 8 vs Fiji 0 , (Halftime: 4-0), Group A, Match Three - Ericsson Stadium; Goalscorers: 4 min - # 15 Ante Milicic, 7 min - # 8 Joel Porter, 12 min - # 8 Joel Porter, 36 min - # 17 Ante Juric, 45 min - # 8 Joel Porter, 46 min - # 16 Paul Trimboli, 52 min - # 8 Joel Porter, 89 min - # 2 Fausto de Amicis.

Monday 8 July, 2002 - Australia 11 vs New Caledonia 0 (Halftime: 5-0 Australia); Group A, Match Two - Ericsson Stadium. Goalscorers: 2 min - # 10 Bobby Depotovski, 15 min - # 5 Steve Horvat (free kick) , 22 min - # 11 Scott Chipperfield, 34 min - # 9 Damian Mori, 35 min - # 11 Scott Chipperfield, 56 min - # 10 penalty, 76 min - # 10 (from cross left side , 77 min - # 10 Bobby’s 4th, 83 min - # 14 Angelo Costanzo (header), 86 min - # 8 Joel Porter , 90 min - # 16 Paul Trimboli.

Saturday 5 July, 2002 - Australia 2 Vanuatu 0 Australian goals - 69th min Damien Mori, 85th min Bobby Despotovski, Halftime - 0-0; Group A Match One Venue: Ericsson Stadium, Auckland.

FARINA ANNOUNCES 18-MAN ONC SQUAD - Thursday 27 June 2002 Senior National Coach Frank Farina has announced the 18-man squad that will travel to New Zealand for the 2002 OFC Nations Cup early next week. The Australian squad consists mainly of locally based players from clubs that particpated in the Finals Series of the National Soccer League. Scott Chipperfield is the only player in the side currently plying his trade overseas, with Swiss-based FC Basel. Farina has also selected a mixture of experience and youth, which should ensure a highly competitive team at the OFC Nations Cup. The full squad is as follows: Goalkeepers - Dean Anastasiadis - South Melbourne, Jason Petkovic - Perth Glory; Defenders - Angelo Costanzo - Marconi Stallions, Steve Horvat - Melbourne Knights, Patrick Kisnorbo - South Melbourne, Fausto De Amicis - South Melbourne, Mehmet Durakovic - South Melbourne, Jade North - Olympic Sharks, Ante Juric - Olympic Sharks; Midfielders - Tom Pondeljak - Olympic Sharks, Rob Middleby - Newcastle United, Milan Blagojevic - Newcastle United, Scott Chipperfield - FC Basel, Switzerland, Joel Porter - Melbourne Knights, Paul Trimboli - South Melbourne; Strikers - Damian Mori - Perth Glory, Bobby Despotovski - Perth Glory, Ante Milicic - Olympic Sharks.

World Cup Qualifiers (Oceania playoff with 5th placed Sth American):

Nov 20th AUSTRALIA v. URUGUAY - 1st leg in Melbourne Won 1-0
Nov 25th AUSTRALIA v. URUGUAY - 2nd leg in Montevideo Lost 0-3
(Uruguay 3-1 on aggregate qualify for the 32nd and final spot at Korea/Japan 2002! So ends our dream for a further 4 years!)


Nov 13th Australia v. France in Melbourne Drew 1-1
Aug 15th Australia v. Japan in Shizuoka Lost 0-3

World Cup Qualifiers:

July AUSTRALIA v. NEW ZEALAND - 1st leg in Wellington Won 2-0
July AUSTRALIA v. NEW ZEALAND - 2nd leg in Sydney Won 4-1 (Oceania - Oz 'Qualified' for play off)



(Boutsianis 8' 50' 85'; Thompson 11' 23' 27' 29' 32' 37' 42' 45' 56' 62' 65' 87' 90'; Zdrilic 12' 20' 26' 33' 58' 67' 79' 90+'; A Vidmar 14' 80'; Popovic 17' 19', Colosimo 52' 82'; De Amicis 54')

(Chipperfield 3' 83'; Mori 13' 23' 40'; Aloisi 14' 24' 37' 45', 52', 63'; Muscat 18' 30' 54' [pens], 58', 82'; Popovic 67'; T Vidmar 74'; Zdrilic 78' 91'; Thompson 80'; Boutsianis 87' )

Result: FRIENDLY: COLOMBIA 3 (Serna 12', Salazar 66', Grisales 74') Defeated AUSTRALIA 2 (Corica 77' (pen.) Chipperfield 90')

Colombia Game - February 28, 2001
The full Socceroo squad
(perhaps a 'B' team):
Clint Bolton (Sydney Olympic), Michael Petkovic (South Melbourne).
Defenders: Con Blatsis (Derby County), Simon Colosimo (South Melbourne), Angelo Costanzo, (Marconi), Fausto de Amicis (South Melbourne), Steve Horvat (Melbourne Knights), Steve Laybutt (Feyenoord), Scott Miller (Perth Glory).
Midfielders: Jacob Burns (Leeds United), Luke Casserly (AIK Solna), Scott Chipperfield (Wollongong Wolves), Steve Corica (Sanfrecce Hiroshima), Aurelio Vidmar (Adelaide City), Kasey Wehrman (Perth Glory).
Strikers: John Aloisi (Coventry City), Archie Thompson (Marconi), David Zdrillic (Unterhaching).

In a lead up to the Oceania WC qualifiers Australia will play Colombia at the Nemecio Camacho "El Campin" Stadium in Bogota on February 28 with an 8.10pm kick-off locally, (March 1, 12.10pm kick-off Australian Eastern Summer Time).

Oct 2001 - The National Team defeated Scotland 0-2 in Glasgow. Scorers: Emerton, Zdrilic

Feb 2000 - The National Team defeated Hungary 0-3 in Budapest. Scorers: Laybutt, Skoko, Moore.

May 1999 - Australia won a 3 game series v. Paraguay
- A poorly promoted series, with Paraguay displaying poor sportmanship!

June 1999 - Australia defeated New Zealand

AUSTRALIA 2 (Murphy 40th, Foster 66th) NEW ZEALAND 0
Australia: Kalac; Muscat, Murphy, Popovic, Lazaridis; Emerton, Foster (A Vidmar 80), Okon, Tiatto; Agostino (Zane 80), Zdrilic.
New Zealand: Batty; Bunce, Smith, Douglas; Perry, Jackson, Wilkinson (de Gregorio 70), Elliott, Atkinson (Urlovic 76); Killen, Bouckenhooghe.
Referee: Harry Attison (Vanuatu).

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The national team has some of the best supporters in the world - An example of this are the Oz-Soccer List members (180+ truly kewl fans) who spend hours emailing each other the latest info on the team over the hottest mailing List for real football supporters in this great land of ours!
Many of the Sydney supporters meet at the Cricketers Arms before big games at the SFS and when the voices are primed and the beer consumed they congregate in Bay 23 at the Sydney Football Stadium (capacity 44,000).
The picture below shows some of the list and other Bay 23 goers at play before a match.

Some of the Oz-Soccer List and friends at the Cricketers Arms, Sydney before the washed out Aust V. NZ WC game 5/7/97

The start of Bay 23 warming up in the pouring rain before the washed out Aust V. NZ WC game 5/7/97

True fans of the Oz football game should consider the fanzine:
STUDS UP (PO Box 53 Oakleigh South, Vic. 3167)


The real test of the Football supporter is their commitment - eg. travel 1,000km+ to a game - and their songs.
Many are the songs of the Oz supporter but this hopeful one said it all in the 1997 World Cup year:

We're all marching in El Tel's army,
We're all off to Gai Paris'
And we'll really shake 'em up
When we win the World Cup
The Socceroos march on to victory!"

Gai Tokyo or Seoul won't have the same ring!

Now is the time to start penning those Korea/Japan songs!

For more such songs try the Rowdies Song Book at:


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Evan Burns


A regular venue - Sydney Football Stadium, WC V. Argentina 1993

Oz Football Grounds Pages


Squad for the game v. Hungary on 23/02/2000 - Goalkeeper: Bosnich, ; Defenders: T.Vidmar, Moore, Muscat, Laybutt; Midfield:Okon (c.), Tiatto (Lazaridis) , Corica (Foster), Skoko, Forwards: Viduka, Kewell (Agostino).

1997 - 1998

Terry Venables - replaced by Raul Blanco (acting) and now from late 1999:




We played 20 games without loss until losing 0-1 to Saudi Arabia - then 22 games were played under Terry Venables (El Tel) (15 wins 3 draws 4 losses).

The games in 1997 and 1998

Jan 18, 1997: V. NZ 1-0 Melbourne
Jan 22: V. South Korea 2-1 Brisbane
Jan 25: V. Norway 1-0 Sydney

Mar 13: V. Makedonia 1-0 Skopje
Apr 3: V. Hungary 3-1 Budapest

World Cup Qualifiers
Jun 11: V. Solomon Islands 13-0 Sydney, World Cup Qualifier
Jun 13: V. Tahiti 5-0 Sydney, WC
Jun 17: V. Solomon Islands 6-2 Sydney, WC
Jun 19: V. Tahiti 2-0 Sydney, WC
Jun 28: V. New Zealand 3-0 Auckland, WC
Jul 6: V. New Zealand 2-0 Sydney, WC

Oct 2: V. Tunisia 3-0 Tunis

World Cup Qualifiers
Nov 22: V. Iran 1-1 Tehran, WC
Nov 29: V. Iran 2-2 Melbourne, WC - Out on away goals!

FIFA Confederations Cup - December, in Saudi Arabia.
Dec. 12th. V. Mexico 3-1
Dec 14th V. Brazil 0-0 Yes that is correct!
Dec 16th V. Saudi Arabia 0 -1
Dec 19th V. Uruguay 1-0 (Semi-final) Superb!
Dec 21st V. Brazil 0-6 (Final) Yes that is also correct!

Feb 7th, 1998 V. Chile 0-1 Melbourne
Feb 11th V. South Korea 1-0 Sydney
Feb 15th V. Japan 0-3 Adelaide

Jun 6th v. Croatia 0-7 Zagreb (Venables last game)

1999 (Blanco)

V. the USA 0-0 in California
June 12th V. FIFA World X1 Won 3-2 the Sydney Olympic stadium (Stadium Australia or 'StadOZ')
July 15th V. Manchester United Lost 0-2 at the MCG.
July 18th V. Manchester United Lost 0-1 at StadOz

1999(Under Farina)

November 11 'B' V. Brazil (U23) Lost 0-2
November 14 'B' V. Brazil (U23) Drew 2-2


February 9 V. Chile Lost 0-1 in Valpariso, Chile
February 12 V. Slovakia Drew 0-0 in Valpariso Chile
February 15 V. Bulgaria Drew 1-1 in Valpariso Chile

February 23 V. Hungary Won 0-3 in Budapest, Hungary
February 29 v. Czech Republic Lost 3-1 in Triplice, Czech Rep
June 9 v. Paraguay Drew 0-0 in Melbourne
June 12 v. Paraguay Drew 0-0 in Brisbane
June 15 v. Paraguay Won 2-1 in Sydney SFS

June 19 v. Cook Islands Won 17-0 in Tahiti
June 23 v. Solomon Islands Won 6-0 in Tahiti
June 25 v. Vanuatu Won 1-0 in Tahiti
June 28 v. New Zealand Won 2-0 in Tahiti

Oct 4 v. Kuwait Won 1-0 in Bahrain
Oct 7 v. South Korea Lost 2-4 in Bahrain

Nov 15 v. Scotland Won 0-2 in Scotland


Feb 28 v. Colombia Lost 3-2 in Colombia

Oceania World Cup Qualifiers:

Apr 9th v. Tonga Won 22-0 (new record)
Apr 11th v. American Samoa Won 31-0 (another new record)
Apr 13th v. Fiji Won 2-0
Apr 16th v. Samoa Won 8-0 Australia qualify for WCQ final

Confederations Cup in Korea / Japan:

Jun 1st v. Mexico Won 2-0
Jun 3rd v. France Won 1-0
Jun 7th v. South Korea Lost 0-1
Jun 9th v. Japan Lost 0-1
Jun 11th v. Brasil Won 1-0 (Australia 3rd in Confed Cup)

World Cup Qualifiers:

Jul th v. New Zealand - 1st leg in Wellington Won 2-0
Jul th v. New Zealand - 2nd leg in Sydney Won 4-1 (Oceania - Oz 'Qualified' for play off)


Aug 15th v. Japan in Shizuoka Lost 0-3
Nov 13th v. France in Melbourne Drew 1-1

World Cup Qualifiers (Oceania playoff with 5th placed Sth American):

Nov 20th v. Uruguay - 1st leg in Melbourne Won 1-0
Nov 25th v. Uruguay - 2nd leg in Montevideo Lost 0-3 (1-3 aggregate)

BTW - Our 15 game winning spell from Nov 96 to Nov 97 is still a World Record! Until we lost to Uruguay we had 15 WCQ games without defeat since 1993 v. Argentina! Shows how few games we play!


Australia's National Football Team for Women.
1997 Record: 19 played for 6 wins, 1 draw, and 9 losses. This was against the top international competition and included great wins against Sweden and China! Well done. Alas I don't have info on 1998 and 1999, and 2000/2001 info not loaded yet..

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and specifically the National Team and their supporters! - Chris Dunkerley

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THE TEAM - UNDER THE SPOT LIGHT ..My personal comment :

Under construction for 2000 and 2001

Match Report off SBS: Olyroos

Australia 3 (Zane 42, Curcija 59, Rizzo 81(pen.) V. Brasil 2 (Antonio 12, 87 ) (1-0)

Hindmarsh Stadium, Tuesday 24th March, 1998 Olyroo Series
Starting Team: Milosevic, Blatsis, Bove, Burns, Colosimo, Emerton, Rizzo, Grella, Damianos, Thomspson, Zane. Crowd: 7,537 Referee: Eugene Brazzale 8/10 Game: 7/10

You have to wonder what Brasil was thinking! 2 mins into to game and Eriberto gets a yellow, then a few minutes later he elbows Blatsis in the face. Red - off! Well that's one back for the Confed. Cup! Despite that Antonio gets through for a goal at 12 mins. The game was still a hard fought one, with the Aussies on top for most of the first half and all but 10 mins of the 2nd when Brasil kicked up two gears and looked like equalising. Again well done boys! That's the series! Again - Here we go, here we go, here we go!
Best: Rizzo, Colosimo, Grella

Match Report Live: Olyroos

Australia 2 (Emerton 6th min, Curcija 69 min) V. Brasil 1 (Eriberto 39) (1-1)

Parramatta Stadium, Saturday 21st March, 1998 Olyroo Series
Starting Team: Milosevic, Blatsis, Bove, Burns, Colosimo, Emerton, Rizzo, Grella, Damianos, Nick Carle, Zane. Crowd: 20,069 Referee: Simon Micalleff 5/10 Game: 8/10

An excellent game with both team playing agressive football and in no way was this 'a meaningless friendly' that some tagged it. The Olyroos just outplayed Brasil for most of the match and closed them down superbly in midfield. On top for the first 20 mins they got a lot of players forward and Zane and Emerton terrorized them with ball supplied by Rizzo particularly. Brasil regained composure and a strong run into the box led to the goal. The second half saw the Olyroos regain ascendancy with a goal by substitute Curcija. Referee Micaleff blotted his record with a poor performance (one charge on Zane led to a yellow near goal but should IMHO have been a red). All players did well with Bove, Grella, Colosimo, Milosevic, and Zane adding to the top three. Very well done boys! H/ere we go, here we go, here we go!
Best: Emerton, Rizzo, Damianos.

Match Report Live

Australia 1 (Tapai 38th min) V. South Korea 0 (1-0)

Sydney Football Stadium, Wednesday 11th February, 1998 Optus Series
Starting Team: Petkovic, De Amicis, Trimboli, Horvat , M. Babic, Saad, Emerton, Halpin, Tapai, Tobin, Trajanovski. Crowd: 9,832 Referee: Brett Hugo 8/10

Quite a good game with both team playing flowing, short passing football on a well grassed but sandy SFS. The first half started well for Australia with a lot of penetration down the left with De Amicic, Tapai, and Halpin combining well. Australia had a gilt edged chance when Trajanovski set up Saad who in the box facing the keeper lamely kicked it straight at him. At the other end the only real lapse let a Korean free and he cannoned a shot of the right upright and on the rebound shot straight at a recovering Petkovic. At 38 mins Halpin, De Amicis and Trajanovski combined with delightful one twos to put Tapai free on the right to side foot the ball away. 1-0
The second half saw Korea pick up the tempo but the Australian defence was quite solid and not square. After extended pressure that we soaked up some of El Tel's line up changes broke Korea's momentum but with another sitter missed by Saad and a few more chances including a strike from Trajanovski, the 'B' Aussies ran out worthy winners over a combative under strength South Korea team on the way to France.

Best: De Amicis, Trajanovski, Halpin. Others for comment - Saad missed two total sitters, the defence was quite good however young Emerton was subdued and didn't get forward enough, Petkovic had a good game, and Tapai worked hard. Trimmers was marked out of the game after the first 20 and substitute Jonesy was a bit slow against the pacy Koreans.

Match Report off Optus

Australia 0 v. Chile 1

Careno 18mins; (0-0) Melbourne, Olympic Park - 7th February, 1998
In driving rain and soppy conditions the first half was probably the worst Australia has played since the Thomson era! The selection and formation was odd and they played that way. No cohesion in defence, no connection to midfield, and no service to the front. Chile took their chances well, and only a loan header by Trimboli off a Mendez cross looked dangerous. The Chile goal was dubious and probably off-side but the Horvat et al ball watching square at the back plunged me right down to the MCG nightmare! That stuff is garbage. Chile had a good goal disallowed.
The second half saw Australia matching Chile esp. with the input of Halpin and Lozanovski. Again however chances made are not goals scored and the better play did not give the result. Chile at least knew they had a game on their hands.
Referee: Connolly 1/10 (dreadful display), Crowd: maybe 12,000 Cards: 3 Chile including Careno YC and Rayhez? Red. 5 cards Oz - YC for Ivanovich, Bilokapic, Tobin, Halpin and a Red for Lozanovski. Team: Kalac, Ivanovic, Horvat, Bilokapic (Halpin 45), Tobin, Hooker, De Amicis (Lozanovski 45), Tapai (Emerton 75), Mendez (Trajanovski 52), Trimboli (Saad 52), Markovski.
Kalac 6 - had a solid game but a couple of risky challenges
Ivanovic 4 - maybe his last game as he was slow and made dodgy passes
Horvat 5 - except for his ball watching he had a fair game
Bilokapic 4 - poor bloke never had a chance playing in that defence
Tobin 4 - quite a poor game
Hooker 4 - exposed for skill on poor surface
De Amicis 5 - played OK and was unlucky to be subbed
Tapai 6 - tried hard and covered ground but could not link to forwards
Mendez 6 - had a purple 15 mins and then faded
Trimboli 6 - saw little of the ball but put himself around well.
Markovski 5 - got little service
Halpin 7 (half) - put in more than he did for Breakers! Sparked some good moves.
Lozanovski 7 (1/4) - really opened them up and made great crosses.
Emerton 6 (1/4) - looked positive
Trajanovski 6 (1/4) - effective
Saad 6 (1/4) - effective
Team: 4/10 (1st half 2/10, second 6/10)

FIFA Confederations Cup: Group A

Match Report off Channel 7

Australia 0 v. Saudi Arabia 1

(0-1) El Kailaiwi
Team: Bosnich, Tobin, Horvat, Ivanovic, Slater, Lazaridis, Foster, Zelic, Aloisi (Kewell), Mori (Viduka). Best: Tobin, Lazarides, Bosnich

After the Brasil game I had the gnawing suspicion that this would be hard, and it was. We were flat the whole first half and even Lazo only made a few raids. We had perhaps more of the possession then but the Saudis looked more dangerous on the break. It was late in the half when the Saudis put three men up and seeing Ivanovic move off his man in the centre a clever ball was played through and El Kailaiwi slipped the ball under Bosnich. Bozo also had to make two fine saves. After the break Australia got on top and only occasional raids by the Saudis threatened. The lack of ideas by Mori was clear and Venables left it late (60 mins) to make changes bringing Harry "Cool" Kewell and Mark "V-Bomber" Viduka on. There was an immediate lift in penetration with Kewell nearly playing himself in several times. Lady luck deserted us as at least 4 times the ball looked likely to go in but failed. Lady Luck gave us a place in with Brasil beating Mexico 3-2 in the later game.

Match Report off Channel 7

Australia 0 v. Brasil 0

Team: Bosnich, Tobin, Horvat, Ivanovic, T Vidmar, Lazaridis, Foster, Zelic, A Vidmar (Tapai), Aloisi (Bingley), Viduka (Mori). Best: Bosnich, Foster, Lazarides; but special mention to the defensive trio.

What can one say other than ... yes that was the score! An outstanding if not pretty result (up there with 4-1 v. Argies in '88 as this is a FIFA tournament!). The whole team played well as a unit, and the defence rarely looked like being breeched. Bosso was again magnificent making at least 3 world class saves. Don't let people say Brasil weren't trying as the look on Zagalo's face showed the strain. The first 10 minutes we held our own and settled well but it seemed a slight chance to Oz sparked a rampaging spell from the masters. One free kick just missed the right hand post and would have killed you if hit in the head! Through that spell Bosnich just kept smiling and urging his team upfield. A good chance fell to Aloisi but the leg of the keeper deflected it. At half time one could feel that we would be in for a whirlwind. In fact, although Brasil probably had 70% of possession as the game wore on they looked less and less likely to score under some great in depth defence from Tobin, Ivanovic, and Horvat. Even Tony handled it well. This against Ronaldo & Bebeto! For some reason Romario stayed on the bench. Laza couldn't get forward much but did provide some relief. At the final whistle the boys all had heads held high and perhaps some of that deep pain dispelled. If we can keep our heads against the Saudis we may get a crack at going right to meet Brasil again in the finals.

Match Report off Channel 7

Australia 3 v. Mexico 1

Viduka 44min, Aloisi 60min, Hernandez 80min (Mex) pen., Mori 90min
Team: Kalac, Tobin, Horvat, T Vidmar, Slater(Tapai), Lazaridis (c.!), Foster, Zelic, A Vidmar (Hooker), Aloisi, Viduka (Mori). Best: Kalac, Foster, Viduka

This was a great result, and hopefully of some cathartic value for the team, and even the nation. We shall see. We dominated the first 10 minutes and then Mexico took over, having 60% of possession and Oz giving away the ball too much. Mexico werte using a very nice short passing, switch play pattern. Kalac made two very good saves, to one clearance from a chance by Aloisi at the other end. The first goal was against the run of play but a nice piece of work by Foster and the best poach I've seen from Viduka. After the half time break we came out for another 10 min spell with some great midfield work but then just as Mexico were getting more of possesion Aloisi (off Foster again or Zelic?) made himself a glorious goal, waltzing through two defenders and slotting it sweetly home past the GK. 2-0 This forced Mexico to make some changes and they were effective with Australia keeping formation better than at the MCG but a bit of panic setting in under attack. At last Mexico broke through behind the defence and Kalac came out to smother but could only take out the player. Hernandez took the penalty and squeezed it to the left past Kalac's outstretched hand. 2-1 Mexico pushed up after playing from deep befire and exposed themselves to Lazarides and Foster on the left. From a nice Foster overlap and pin point cross substitute Mori guided his header over the keeper. 3-1 and the last few minutes we could have had another.

Generally Mexico outplayed us but the shape and commitment stayed OK and we took our chances this time. A very good result for us, against the CONCACAF champs rated well above us by FIFA, before playing Brasil who won 3-0 over Saudi Arabia. Dented pride slighty avenged and so far on track to go to the Qtr finals. :-) Bring on Brasil!

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