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Dew genough why oll ..
May God be with you all! (In the ancient Celtic Cornish language)


Some of Chris's recommended sites to visit on the Web are..

Australian Sites
Cornish Association of NSW Pages
(via Dr John Symonds Pages)
My Bards of Cornwall in Australia Page
Cornish Association of NSW - Events Page
Australian Federation of Cornish Associations
Cornish Food - CANSW favourites
Cornish Surnames - a short list
Names for Cornish Children Everywhere
'Cornish Australians'
Cornish Family Name Research
The Cornish Assoc. of Victoria Inc.
Bendigo - Cornish Association & Miner Statue
Cornish Assoc. of Queensland
Cornish Assoc. of Western Australia Inc.
Cornish Assoc. of South Australia
Cornish Assoc. of the A.C.T.
London Cornish Association
Byng - The Cornish Settlement
Cadia - NSW Cornish Enginehouse
Cobar - A Cornish settlement

Kernewek - The Cornish Language
My Kevren Cornish Language Page
CLAS - Cornish Language Advisory Service
Dr Charles Penglase (Newcastle Uni)
Cornish Language Pages
An Newodhow
Tabm Kernuack
William Bodinar prose
Cornish lessons - L Sitek, USA
A Cornish Page - Dewi Annear
Kernow and the World
Cornish World Magazine
Cornish Pages - leading many exciting places!
Cornwall On-Line Magazine Pages
Some Cornish Language Pages
Cornish Internet Resources
A Cornish Links Site
A Cornish On-line Book Shop
Jim Wearne's Pages - Music etc.- USA
Cornish Forefathers site
Cornish Parish Chest
Andrew's Mullion Page
Cape Cornwall Singers
Mebyon Kernow - The Party for Cornwall

Breizh / Brittany
My Lorient Interceltic Festival Site
Lorient Festival Site
Ouest France - Newspaper
( in English & French versions )

Celts in Australia
The Celtic Council of Australia
The Caer Australis Website
Celtic Southern Cross - Tasmania
National Celtic Folk Festival - Geelong

Other Celts Overseas
Every Celtic Thing on the web!
Celtica in the USA
Celtic Festival - Japan 96
Celtic Heart (USA)
Irish Miscellany
DORAS Directory - Irish
RTE Eire Online - Irish
Mannin - Tynwald Site
Wales Wide Web
Scottish Nationalist Party
Welsh Nationalist Party -
Mebyon Kernow - The Cornwall political party

Pre-Celtic Stones
Europe's ancient standing stones


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* Kevren Newsletter:
Link to the KEVREN Cornish language Page


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