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Cornwall - the 'homeland'

UACK Kevren Kernewek Folennow


London Cornish Association
New Zealand Cornish Association - Email:
The Cornish Association of Victoria Inc. or emailC.A.V. Computer Coordinator
Ballarat Branch of the CAV
Geelong Branch of the CAV
Cornish Association of NSW Pages: NSW
Cornish Association of Queensland Page: QLD
Cornish Association of Bendigo & District Pages: Bendigo
Byng NSW Heritage Project
Cobar NSW Heritage Project
Cadia NSW Heritage Project
Bards of Cornwall in Australia
Cornish Language
CANSW Coming Events


Cornwall - On Line
Cornish Pages - Home Page


California - email: .. web page

Wisconsin - email: .. web page

London ..

You can contact Chris Dunkerley also for the following related organisations:
* The Cornish Association of NSW
* The Celtic Council of Australia (in NSW)

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Chris Dunkerley, Hon. Sec./Treasurer,
Unyans Australyek Cowethasow Kernewek (Australian Federation of Cornish Associations)

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