Honoured Members

Cornish Gorsedh and Celtic Council of Australia honours, and Life Members

Bards of the Cornish Gorsedh

The following people who have been CANSW members have been admitted as bards of the Cornish Gorsedh:

1951 - Thea Hosking - MELENEK GODOLGHYN (Linnet of Godolphin) - Deceased
1951 - Breffni Hosking - MOLGH CANNAS (Herald Thrush) - Deceased
1986 - Ruth Cocks - MAGERES AN ERTACH ( Nurterer of the Heritage)
1986 - Stephen Amos - NANS MELYN ( Mill Valley)
1988 - Chris Dunkerley - KEVRENOR (Builder of Links)
1992 - Roger Thomas - PALORES AN DYGHOW (Southern Chough)
1992 - Pat Lay - MYRGH ALTARNON ( Daughter of Altarnun) - Deceased
1995 - Betty Bevins - MYRGH ABERFAL (Daughter of Falmouth)
2002 - Russell Cocks - GWYTHYER AN ERTACH BYNG (Keeper of the Byng Heritage)
2005 - Joy Dunkerley - CHERYA ( 'Cheerful' - bringer of well being)
2012 - Julie Wheeler - MYRGH AN TIR DA (Daughter of the Goodland)
2016 - Sonia Reuter - MYRGH RESRUDH (Daughter of Redruth)

In addition the following Gorsedh Kernow Awards have been made:

Chris Dunkerley (Kevrenor) - Gorsedh Ambassadors Trophy 2008, and Pewas Map Trevethan / Paul Smales Medallion 2009
Julie Wheeler (Myrgh an Tir Da) - Paul Smales Medallion 2010
Del Clinton - Pewas Map Trevethan / Paul Smales Medallion 2017

For more infomation on Bards and the Gorsedh: Cornish Bards in Australia

Celtic Honours by the Celtic Council of Australia

The following people who are or have been CANSW members have been awarded with Celtic Honours:

Roger Thomas - Tus Enorys Ewn (TEE)
Chris Dunkerley - Cyfail y Celtiad (C.y.C)
Betty Bevins - Duine Uasal (D.Ua)
Geoff Ford - Duine Uasal (D.Ua) - Deceased
Maxine Gray - Duine Uasal (D.Ua)
Ruth Cocks - Duine Uasal (D.Ua)
Carrl Myriad - Duine Uasal (D.Ua) - Deceased
John Symonds - Duine Uasal (D.Ua) - Deceased
Russell Cocks - Duine Uasal (D.Ua)
Jennifer Meston - Duine Uasal (D.Ua)
Eddie Lyon - Duine Uasal (D.Ua)
Eileen Lyon - Duine Uramach (D.Urr) - Deceased
Joy Dunkerley - Cyfail y Celtiad (C.y.C)

For more infomation on Celtic Honours go to: Celtic Council

CANSW honorary Life Members

The following CANSW members have been admitted as honorary Life members:

Founding members:

David Vincent (deceased)
Ruth & Russell Cocks
Jennifer Meston
Ted Stark
Malcolm (deceased) and Rose Williscroft
Betty Bevins

Other Life memberships awarded:

Graham (deceased) and Stella Aubrey
John Coombs
John Symonds (deceased)
Roger Thomas
Chris & Joy Dunkerley

Australian Celtic Festival and Australian Standing Stones Management Board awards or honours

Guardians of the Stones:
Roger Thomas - Inaugural Life Guardian
Ruth Cocks - Inaugural Life Guardian (for Celtic women)
Joy Dunkerley - Ex Officio Guardian (current President of the CANSW)
Chris Dunkerley - Life Guardian

Triquetra - Roger Thomas 2012
Triquetra Achiever - Julie Wheeler 2008
Triquetra Achiever - Jean Tregurtha 2011 (deceased)
Triquetra Achiever - Carrl Myriad (Tregoning)(deceased) 2013

Roll of Honour - John Tregurtha (deceased) & Jean Tregurtha (deceased) 2015

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