Year Barded Bardic Name Meaning Non Bardic Name Key Location
1934 Map Kenwyn Son of Kenwyn Major Cecil Beer Cornwall Deceased From Cornwall. In SA from 1984-1994, Former Deputy Grand Bard
1935 Kernow Tramor Cornishman Overseas Sir John Langdon Bonython S.A. Deceased 1st Australian bard (born in London)
1937 Ylewyth Mur Great Musician Sir John Thalben-Ball UK Deceased 18/1/87 Australian born – lived mostly in UK, died in London.
1938 Kenyas an Enesow Singer of the Isles Clement Hosking NSW Deceased 9/10/66 1st Australian born bard
1951 Melenek Godolghyn Linnet of Godolphin Dorothy 'Thea' Hosking, nee Rowe NSW Deceased Barded whilst living in Cornwall
1951 Molgh Cannas Herald Thrush Breffni Hosking NSW Deceased 23/7/05 Barded whilst living in Cornwall
1951 Carer Creftow Lover of the Arts Oswald Pryor SA Deceased 7/6/71
1952 Pen Melen Fair-Haired (William) Lambert Truran WA Deceased 16/3/11 From Cornwall. Migrated to WA. via Africa. Language Bard
1955 Kernow Victoria Cornishman of Victoria Gordon Pearce Vic Deceased
1956 Meneth Kyt Kit Hill William Monk Carder NSW Deceased
1958 Den an Bal Man of the Mine Jack Ellis Vic Deceased
1959 Map Plu Kevran Son of St Keverne Parish Phillip Retallack SA Deceased 18/7/69
1960 Pendyscajor Ylow Professor of Music Frank Hutchens NSW Deceased 18/10/65
1960 Map Bola Son of Bola George Boulton Vic Deceased
1961 Gwas Kea Lad of Kea Nicholas Lawry Vic Deceased
1962 Gwas Elvan Servant of St Elvan Peter Kitchen SA Deceased 3/11/76
1972 Map Tresulyan Son of Tresillian Oliver John Castine NSW Deceased 1/9/77
1974 Roslyn an Dyghow Moorland Lake of the South Roslyn Paterson SA Deceased 13/2/18
1975 Steren an Soth Star of the South May Cocks SA Deceased 15/1/85
1980 Mentenour an Gwyryoneth Upholder of Truth Richard Henry Penberthy Vic Deceased
1981 Car Dyvresow Friend of Exiles Prof Philip Payton Cornwall Living in SA Cornish born. Lived in Australia in youth. Moved to SA 2015
1984 Studhyer an Barth Dyghow Student of the South Land James Faull SA Deceased 26/9/90
1986 Map Moonta Son of Moonta (William) Ron Daw SA Deceased In the language
1986 Nans Melyn Mill Valley Stephen Amos Vic Deceased 20/6/21 In the language
1986 Mageres an Ertach Nurturer of the Heritage Ruth Cocks NSW Deceased 30/5/21 Cornish born
1986 Gwythyas an Ertach Guardian of the Heritage James Harbison SA Deceased 2010
1988 Map Burra Son of Burra Ian Auhl SA Deceased 22/3/96
1988 Myrgh Pensans ha Victoria Daughter of Penzance & Victoria Betty Eggleton Vic Deceased Cornish born
1988 Myrgh Bonython Daughter of Bonython Lady Elisabeth Wilson SA Deceased 25/9/08 G/daughter of Kernow Tramor. Died 2008 age 101.
1988 Ula Ruthvelen Tawny Owl Lilian James SA
In the language
1988 Kevrenor Builder of Links Chris Dunkerley NSW

1991 Davyth a Vosvenegh David of Bodmin Dr. David Gill SA
Cornish born
1991 Res Wyn White Ford Bill Whitford Vic Deceased Nov 2019
1992 Palores an Dyghow Southern Chough Roger Thomas NSW Deceased 27/9/21
1992 Myrgh Altarnun Daughter of Altarnun Pat Lay NSW Resigned/Deceased Died 2008. Resigned for religious reasons
1993 Mapwyn Whel Ros Grandson of Wheal Rose Bill Phillips Vic Deceased 16/9/14
1993 Myrgh Ertach Owrek Daughter of a Golden Heritage Lesley Morton Vic Deceased 5/5/12
1994 Palores Tramor Overseas Chough Diana Hancock SA

1994 Hengok Greatgrandfather Richard Hancock SA Deceased 2015
1995 Myrgh Aberfal Daughter of Falmouth Betty Bevins NSW Deceased 1/7/2021 Cornish born
1995 Covathores Ystory Tramor Recorder of History Overseas Ruth Hopkins Vic

1995 Map Bendygo Son of Bendigo George Ellis Vic Deceased 2/3/19
1995 Awhesyth Byasen Magpie Lark Beth Vane SA Deceased 2020 By the language
1997 Map Pendyn Son of Pendeen Ralph Thomas WA
1997 Myrgh Hocking Daughter of Hocking Edna Ellis Vic Deceased
1997 Map Bodener Son of Bodinner Stephen Morey Vic
By the language
1998 Myrghwyn Woolcock Grand-daughter of Woolcock Alison Stephen Vic Deceased 19/10/20
1998 Kathlyn a Garn Bre Kathleen of Carn Brea Kay Gill SA

1999 Dyscajor Ertach Gwyr Teacher of the True Heritage Richard Snedden Vic Deceased 18/1/21
1999 Gorvyrghwyn an Garrek Greatgranddaughter of An Garrek June Parrott Vic Deceased Jan 2020
2001 Mab an Gwylvos Son of the Bush Peter Trevorah Vic
By the language
2001 Col Gwyn a Gernow White Peak of Cornwall Janet Woolhouse Vic

2002 Myrgh Penryn Daughter of Penryn Lillian Dell Vic Deceased 9/'11
2002 Map Caddy Son of Caddy Noel Carthew SA

2002 Benneth Lowen Joyous Blessing Joy Menhennet Vic

2002 Gwythyas Ertach Byng Keeper of the Byng Heritage Russell Cocks NSW
Cornish born
2002 Covathores Hendasow Recorder of Forefathers Pat Banks WA Deceased 5/4/14
2003 Ertach Penwyth Heritage of Penwith Gweneth Phillips Vic

2003 Colon Hag Enef Yn Bendygo Heart & Soul in Bendigo Tom Luke Vic

2004 Nanscarow a Bendygo Nancarrow of Bendigo Leanne Lloyd Vic

2004 Den a Bol Man of Pool Terry Johnson SA
By the language/Cornish born
2004 Map Wallaroo Son of Wallaroo Paul Thomas SA

2004 Gwythyades an Rolyow Keeper of the Rolls Monica Donaldson Vic Deceased 26/11/14
2005 Cherya 'Cheerful' - bringer of well being Joy Dunkerley NSW

2006 Myrgh Trevelyan Daughter of Trevelyan Roseanne Hawke SA

2007 Mab Sen Kolomm Son of St Columb Colin Roberts Vic Cornish born. From 2019 living in UK.
2008 Myrghwynn hweg Moonta Kind hearted grand-daughter of Moonta Betty Johns Vic Deceased 23/11/18 By the language
2008 Rosen Wyn Bendygo White rose of Bendigo Libby Luke Vic

2009 Tresoryer Treasurer Rod Phillips Vic Deceased 10/10/21
2011 Meliner Dowr Kenwyn Kenwyn Water Miller Neil Thomas Vic

2011 Myrgh Moonta Daughter of Moonta Liz Coole SA

2012 Myrgh an Tir Da Daughter of the Goodland Julie Wheeler NSW
Cornish born
2012 Lowarther Yllogan ha Bendygo Gardener of Illogan & Bendigo Peter Mundy Vic

2013 Dyskadores Teacher Carlene Woolcock SA

2013 Myrghwynn Treloar Grandaughter of Treloar June Whiffen Vic

2014 Mab Erhok Son of Eaglehawk Derek Trewarne Vic

2014 Gwas Bendygo Servant of Bendigo Robert Lloyd Vic

2014 Gweresores dhe Lies Helper of Many Wendy Benoit Vic

2015 Riyas Nerthek Energetic Giver Robyn Coates Vic

2015 Myrgh Pothia ha Kea Daughter of St Ives and Kea Lenice Stuchbury Vic

2016 Myrgh Resrudh Daughter of Redruth Sonia Reuter NSW
Cornish born
2018 Kanores Keur Choir Singer Margaret Johnson SA

2018 Myrgh Golsery Daughter of Goldsworthy Dr Jan Lokan SA

2019 Drew a Sydhni Drew of Sydhni Greg Drew SA

2020 Kannas Fentynnow Sans Messenger of Holy Wells Matt Curnow SA

2021 Gwithyas Hwedhlow Keeper of Stories Ken Peak Vic

2021 Telynyores Ostrali Soth Harpist of South Australia Liesl Warner SA

Total no. connected with Australia: 87

(40 current in Australia, 46 deceased; 1 residing in UK )

Note: as best known – some may not be listed here - tba

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'11 October, 2021

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Map Caddy, Ula Ruthvelen, Nans Mellyn, Res Wyn, and Trevenen

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