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Rating: NC-17 (If you are under 18 or don't like m/m relationships turn back now!)

Pairing: (V/E)

Authors' Notes: Thanks to JoAnn for giving me this idea. When you asked for a story involving the guys setting up Vin and Ezra this is what came out -- along with a twist as my sense of humour couldn't help adding to it. I hope you like how it came out!

One Step Further - ATF

By Ladysmiths

"Ezra? What are you doing here?" Chris looked up from his drink as the undercover agent approached.

"I thought I'd join you gentlemen in a libation," Ezra answered. "Unless I'm not welcome."

"Of course you are," Buck grinned amiably and shuffled over so that Ezra could take a seat.

"Yeah," Chris agreed he hadn't meant to sound as though Ezra couldn't join them. "It's just that I thought you were going to help Vin with that report."

"I made my way to Mr Tanner's office straight after you requested me to assist him, however he was absent," Ezra explained looking around the table. He'd noticed that Vin wasn't present as soon as he'd walked through the Saloon doors, but still made a show of only just making that discovery. "I assumed he'd be here." Inez brought over his whiskey and Ezra nodded in acknowledgment.

"I helped Vin with that report," JD piped up.

Chris looked at JD in surprise, "You did?"

JD just shrugged, "Sure, he really wanted to leave on time." JD scanned the questioning faces and continued, "I don't know why, maybe he had a hot date."

Ezra's glass wavered slightly as he raised it to his lips, and his eyes flickered almost imperceptibly.

Buck's first reaction was to whack the kid upside the head, however that would have provoked unwanted questions.

A heavy silence fell over the table. Ezra drained his glass and stood to leave.

"You're not leaving already?" Nathan asked.

"It would be much preferable if you would make up your minds," Ezra sighed as he walked out.

"We always wanted him to stay," JD said a little confused.

"Well, if you'd kept your big mouth shut," Buck had no hesitation whacking JD as he'd wanted to earlier.

"Hey," JD grimaced.

"Ezra did seem a little upset," Josiah commented.

"'Bout what?" JD was still rubbing the back of his head.

"You had to mention Vin might have a hot date?" Chris stared at the kid.

JD looked at Chris disbelievingly, "You don't think that could happen?"

"It's more than possible," Josiah stated. "Which is probably why Ezra became jealous."

"Jealous?" Finally it dawned on JD what everyone was trying to say. "You want to get Vin and Ezra together."

"They would make a good looking couple," Nathan commented. "And even I've caught them glancing at one another."

"Which is why I wanted Ezra to help Vin with that report," Chris said.

"Another thing JD screwed up," Buck stated.

"How was I 'sposed to know," JD didn't like being blamed for everything.

"It's okay kid," Chris sighed. "This isn't the only time I've tried getting those two closer."

Buck leaned back appraising his oldest friend, "That's why they're always in trouble?"

Chris looked at the others sheepishly, "Actually, their trouble is always legitimate, they always seem to go off and do something that annoys me or my superiors. So you wouldn't think that pushing them together would be so difficult. But whenever I hand down punishment, which always requires them to be alone, they use up all their energy bitching about what a horrible boss I am."

Buck grinned, "You are a horrible boss, and you're right about Vin and Ezra. I even tried locking them in the storage room, I figured a small, dark space would give them some ideas."

"I suppose it didn't?" Nathan asked.

"No," Buck sighed. "They used all their energy breaking out. They weren't around when I got back, and I ended up having to spend the night in the office." Noticing that all eyes were on him, Buck continued, "I couldn't find the keys to my truck, the elevator shut down, the door to the stairs was locked, and when I tried to call someone the phones had been tampered with."

Everyone at the table chuckled.

"I don't recall ever having a problem with the elevators or phones," Chris stated.

Buck rolled his eyes, trust Chris to think about the office equipment instead of his discomfort, "Everything miraculously began working in the mornin'."

Chris was looking thoughtful, "It's been really frustrating watching Ezra and Vin dance around each other. Maybe, if we teamed up."

Buck smiled and nodded his head in agreement.

"I want to help too," JD wasn't going to be left out of this.

"I don't know," Josiah said. "Maybe it would be best to let things develop naturally. Setting them up always leaves them in a strained environment, even if they don't realise why."

Buck rolled his eyes, "Come on. We've left them alone for almost a year now and they still aren't getting anywhere. There's nothing wrong with a little push in the right direction."

Nathan nodded, "Buck's right, I'm in."

"And that conference in Colorado Springs is coming up," Chris grinned.

"I'm in charge of accommodation," Josiah smiled when he saw the expectant expressions on everyone's faces. "I'll see what I can do."

* * * * * * *

"Thanks," Vin said as he entered the elevator which Ezra had held open for him. "You're in early."

"Mr Larabee insisted this ungodly hour was the only spare time he had to lecture us about the conference."

Vin rolled his eyes, "He probably just wants to tell us what to pack."

Ezra sighed, "If that's the case, he needn't have bothered. That is one task I've completed."

Vin stared at Ezra, "You're packed already?"

"Mr Tanner, we are heading out tomorrow, surely you must have some organisational skills," Ezra threw Vin a sidelong glance, how could that man always be early for everything but only ever do anything at the last minute.

Vin shrugged, "Just as easy to throw some clothes into a bag in the mornin'."

"I guess you wouldn't have wanted to interrupt your hot date with menial chores," Ezra mumbled.

Vin's eyes widened in surprise, "Hot date?"

Ezra nodded, "I was led to believe that is the reason you were so anxious to leave the office on Friday." Ezra could hardly believe the words that were tumbling from his mouth, he almost sounded jealous. Now that he'd brought it up, Ezra really wanted Vin to deny it. However if, on the other hand, Vin confirmed the excuse... Ezra shook his head, he didn't even want to think about that.

Before Vin could answer, the doors to the elevator opened. Ezra rushed out as if he were trying to escape anything Vin might have to say.

Vin followed Ezra and caught the undercover agent's arm before he made it to his office, "I'm not sure I'd call Mrs Harvey a hot date."

Ezra spun around and stared at Vin blankly.

"She runs a soup kitchen for the homeless," Vin explained. "She was short handed and I promised I'd help out." Vin didn't usually feel he had to justify his actions to people, but thinking that Ezra had believed he was seeing someone else all weekend disturbed him.

Ezra relaxed visibly and smiled up at Vin.

"What are you guys doing standing out here?" Chris asked Vin and Ezra.

"Discussing my hot date," Vin answered.

"What?" Buck had just stepped off the elevator and joined them.

"Or lack thereof," Ezra modified as he and Vin headed towards the conference room.

Buck and Chris grinned at each other as they slowly followed their two friends.

* * * * * * *

As Ezra stepped off the elevator the next morning he noticed six pairs of eyes focussed on him. "Dear Lord, I can't be that late."

"Late enough," Chris grumbled. "Not that it matters. I'm expecting some information to come through over the fax today, and the Judge wants it delivered up to him as soon as it arrives. Seeing as how you don't mind being late, you can wait for it Ezra."

"Excuse me?" Ezra glared at Chris. "How long do you expect me to linger around here?"

"If nothing has come through by 2.00pm, then you can head out," Chris answered and then turned to look at Vin. "You can keep Ezra company."

"What did I do?" Vin wanted to know.

Chris sighed, now he had two of his agents glaring at him, "This isn't punishment."

"It feels like it," Vin muttered. "Besides, I thought I was riding with you."

"I'll be driving Buck and JD. Josiah and Nathan are going in together. I'm sure Ez won't mind taking you," Chris stated.

"Don't look so upset," Buck grinned. "I'm sure you guys can find something fun to do."

Both Ezra and Vin turned to direct their glares at Buck, but it turned into a more questioning expression when they noticed JD also grinning at them.

"We'll leave you to it," Josiah smiled.

"Yeah, see you in Colorado Springs," Nathan added as he followed the others into the elevator.

"He always picks on us," Vin mumbled as he slumped into the nearest chair.

"Mr Larabee does have a tendency to treat us like unruly children," Ezra agreed. He then turned to glare at Vin as he felt the paper ball hit him in the head, "However, in your case that assessment is correct."

Vin just grinned, "Yeah well, you got me into this by being late in the first place. And I didn't hear you saying that you didn't need any company."

Actually, if Chris hadn't suggested it, Ezra would have requested Vin's company himself. "You'll be happy to know that I am regretting that very thing myself. Anybody else would be much more proficient at alleviating this boredom."

This time Ezra ducked as another paper ball came flying towards him, "Would you stop that."

"You called me boring," Vin stated as he crumpled another sheet of paper.

Ezra ran out of the way and headed towards one of the other desks, finding some ammunition of his own.

* * * * * * *

Both men threw down the water guns they'd found in Buck and JD's offices.

Vin checked his watch, it was almost 2.00pm now, "Has that information come through?"

Ezra headed towards the fax machine, realising that this was the first time either of them had bothered checking, "No, it seems Mr Larabee has wasted our time."

Vin watched Ezra, the undercover agent had discarded his jacket and his clothes were looking decidedly crumpled, not to mention wet. His chestnut hair was tousled, and his green eyes were shining and still filled with laughter. Vin always felt privileged when Ezra let his facade slip, and Vin knew the undercover agent well enough to know that this didn't happen often. Ezra's sense of fun and freedom always seemed to emerge when Vin was around, whether they were disobeying direct orders or pulling some prank, and Vin found himself glad that Ezra felt comfortable around him.


Vin shook himself out of his reverie, surprised at himself for assessing Ezra this way and being caught, "Nothin'. I've just never seen you act like a big kid before."

Ezra just smiled, he didn't usually act this way. In fact, Ezra couldn't remember ever acting like a big kid, even as a child. Ezra looked over at Vin, he knew that the sharpshooter's childhood hadn't been perfect either, and realised that Vin probably had to grow up as fast as he had. Perhaps that was why Vin had sought Ezra out in the first place, and why Ezra had gratefully accepted Vin's friendship. If any other member of the team had started this kind of behaviour, Ezra would have been much more reluctant to join in, even if he'd wanted to. But for some reason, Vin seemed to bring out Ezra's true reactions.

"Should we try to clean this place up?"

Vin's question invaded Ezra's thoughts. Both Ezra and Vin looked around the room. There was paper everywhere, the chairs looked as if they'd been haphazardly thrown around the room, and even some of the tables were knocked over. Buck and JD's toys were tossed around, and the contents of most of the desks and drawers had been pulled out and left over the floor.

Ezra shook his head, "That's what the sanitary staff are employed to do."

Vin glanced at Ezra, the undercover agent had put his jacket back on and had straightened his clothing. Ezra was now running his hands through his hair so that it looked a little neater. Vin shook his head, Ezra had no qualms about leaving this place a mess, but God forbid he step outside looking less than perfect.

"Are you coming Mr Tanner?" Ezra asked as he held the elevator open.

Vin grabbed his bag and leapt over one of the upturned chair to join Ezra.

* * * * * * *

"You two got here fast," JD met Vin and Ezra in the foyer of the hotel.

"Of course," Ezra drawled. "Wouldn't want to get a reputation for being tardy."

"No stops along the way?" Buck asked coming up behind JD.

Vin looked at Buck as though he didn't understand the question, "What for?"

"Did the information come through?" Chris wanted to know as he approached the group, both Nathan and Josiah right behind him.

"No," Vin answered bluntly.

"What did you do to pass the time?" Nathan inquired.

"Paperwork," Ezra answered with a straight face.

Vin bent his head to hide the smirk.

Ezra was beginning to feel accosted, why did it seem like everyone was ganging up on him lately, "Now if you don't mind, I'd like to get freshened up."

"There's been a problem with the bookings," Josiah started.

Both Vin and Ezra turned to stare at the older agent.

Josiah cleared his throat and continued, "Only six rooms were booked, so I'm afraid you two will have to share." Josiah handed the keys to Ezra.

"Why do we have to share?" Vin grumbled.

"Excellent question Mr Tanner," Ezra added.

"Because you guys were the last ones here," JD acted as if that should have been obvious.

"But you..." Vin shook it off. "I'm gettin' a drink."

"I'll take your belongings up for you," Ezra offered.

"Thanks Ez," Vin mumbled as he stalked off.

Buck stepped in front of Vin, "Don't you want to check out where you'll be sleeping with Ezra?"

Vin looked at Buck as if he'd gone mad, before pushing past him and heading for the bar.

* * * * * * *

"Still here I see," Ezra stated as he walked up to the bar. Vin didn't feel the need to answer the statement, so Ezra continued, "Where is everyone?"

Vin shrugged, "They all left when they saw you coming." Noticing the question in Ezra's expression, Vin added, "Don't ask me."

Ezra let it drop and accepted the drink Vin handed him. As he took a seat on the bar stool next to Vin, Ezra's leg inadvertently brushed against the sharpshooter's.

Suddenly, that slight touch became all Vin could focus on. Vin glanced over at the undercover agent, noting that he'd changed his clothes and was now dressed more casually. Vin's gaze dropped to where Ezra's leg was, so close to his, wondering whether he could manoeuvre himself to feel that whisper of a touch once more.


Vin almost jumped out of his seat, and spun around to see who had interrupted his train of thought, "Johnny. What are you doin' here?"

"Live here," the young man answered. "How about you?"

"Nah, Denver. I'm here for a conference," Vin indicated the undercover agent, "Ezra, Johnny an old friend."

Both Ezra and Johnny nodded at each other in acknowledgment. Vin seemed to fall into a very relaxed conversation with this young man. Ezra felt a little unsettled, perhaps his assessment earlier had been incorrect. Maybe Vin hadn't grown up faster than average, it looked as if he had at least one other person to joke around with.

"We met at an orphanage," Johnny was filling in the details, that Vin failed to find necessary. "Vin used to look after us."

Ezra smiled slightly, on the other hand maybe Vin grew up faster than he himself had.

"Never let us do anything fun," Johnny continued.

"Well, Ez won't believe that. Especially after today," Vin grinned over at Ezra.

Ezra's smile widened. He wasn't quite sure why it was so important that he and Vin share this in common, but he was glad that they did.

"Are you the only two from Denver at this conference?" Johnny asked realising Vin wasn't going to let him in on the joke they seemed to be sharing.

"No, there's seven of us," Vin answered.

"We're the only two that are required to co-habitate though," Ezra drawled.

Johnny stared at Ezra for a second, slowly comprehending what that comment meant, "I have a spare room at my place, it's only five minutes from the hotel."

"Thanks kid," Vin smiled. "But only if your sure."

"Of course, there's heaps of room," Johnny confirmed.

Ezra grinned, "It sounds most convenient."

"Yeah," Vin said as he headed towards the exit to get his bag. "Ez can keep all the closet space."

"I'd already occupied all the closet space, I didn't realise Mr Tanner knew what coat-hangers were," Ezra mumbled, and Johnny laughed as he waited for Vin.

* * * * * * *

"Where are you going?" Nathan stopped Ezra as he was leaving the bar.

Ezra turned realising that the five men were circling him again, why did this always happen lately, "I thought I'd turn in, see what room service I could charge to the agency."

Chris just gave him a warning look, but didn't forbid him from ordering anything.

"Where's Vin?" JD asked.

"Mr Tanner has found alternative accommodation," Ezra informed them.

"What?" all five men chorused.

"An acquaintance of his graciously offered Mr Tanner the spare room in his apartment, saving us from having to live on top of each other," Ezra shook off the image that provoked and continued. "Don't look so crestfallen Mr Larabee, this is not costing the agency anything."

"It's not that," Chris said. "But I would have preferred to have everyone close."

"Mr Tanner is only five minutes away from the hotel, and I have the number in case of an emergency," Ezra sighed. "Now if you'll excuse me, I have a hotel bill to run up."

* * * * * * *

Chris approached the rest of his team milling outside the conference room. "I've just been on the phone to the Judge," Chris began looking directly at Vin and Ezra. "He came down to our floor to see if that information came in. Apparently it looked as though it had been ransacked, paper everywhere, toys scattered around the floor, desks and chairs upturned."

Buck, Josiah, Nathan and JD turned to face Ezra and Vin as well.

"That floor really is much too accessible," Ezra stated.

Vin nodded, "Yeah, security staff, clerks, secretaries, research people, cleaners."

"Mr Larabee might I suggest rounding up all these employees and giving them a stern talking to."

"Or maybe we should lock down the floor and only give access to trusted staff."

"Brilliant idea Mr Tanner, although it is a shame we have to resort to these extreme measures."

"I know Ez, what's the world coming to."

Neither Vin nor Ezra gave Chris the opportunity to say anything else, and their leader was left staring after them as they entered the conference room.

* * * * * * *

"Those two are so frustrating," Chris grumbled.

Chris, Buck, JD, Nathan and Josiah had all snuck off at different times, and they were now gathered in Chris' hotel room. Leaving Vin and Ezra alone to decide what they would like to do for the rest of the afternoon.

"We know," Josiah patted Chris on the shoulder.

"I mean it's obvious those two were the ones to mess up our floor," Chris continued. "But all I did was stand there and let them blame everyone and everything else."

"Exactly," Buck stated. "They had no problems falling into step with each other."

"I don't understand why they can't see how well suited they are," Nathan added.

"That's why they're friends," Josiah remarked. "They've already formed a relationship."

"Well it's about time they took it one step further," Buck commented.

"Just when it seems like everything's progressing, Vin chooses to move right out of the hotel rather than room with Ezra," Nathan was getting exasperated.

"Maybe we're doing somethin' wrong," JD said.

"We're not being very subtle," Josiah observed.

"Subtle?" Buck almost laughed. "Subtle doesn't work. I'm beginning to think we need to draw them diagrams."

"I was thinking more along the lines of a date," Josiah suggested.

"A date," Nathan said drily. "Isn't that what we've been trying to accomplish."

Josiah shook his head, "No, we've been throwing them together hoping they'll jump on one another."

JD tried to stifle the smirk that was spreading across his face, as Josiah continued, "Actually sitting down to a nice meal, and letting the evening progress naturally from there, like other couples do, is something we've never let Vin and Ezra try."

Buck nodded, "That might work. What do you think pard?" he asked turning to Chris.

"They completely trashed our offices," Chris mumbled.

"He's all for it," Buck answered for their leader.

* * * * * * *

The five members of Team 7 almost crashed into Ezra as they left Chris' room.

Ezra cocked an eyebrow, "Secret meeting?"

"No, we just..." Buck started.

"Chris wanted..." Josiah faltered.

"I needed to..." Nathan tried.

"Where's Vin?" JD asked.

Ezra sighed, "I am not Mr Tanner's keeper."

When he noticed JD still expected an answer, Ezra rolled his eyes, "I don't know where he is. I assume he is spending his free afternoon with Johnny." Ezra continued down the corridor towards his own room, leaving the rest of them to watch after him.

"They're hopeless," Chris muttered.

* * * * * * *

"Hey Ez," Vin greeted the undercover agent at the entrance to the restaurant. "I got a message that we were all supposed to have dinner together on our last night here."

"That's what I heard," Ezra drawled. "And it appears I'm early for a change."

Vin chuckled softly as a waiter approached, "Are you Mr Standish and Tanner?"

Both men nodded in unison.

"This note was left at the desk for you."

Ezra snatched the slip of paper from the waiter's hand. He scanned the page, "It appears the others have decided not to join us. Although Mr Larabee insists we stay and has even left his account open with the restaurant."

"I've kept a table reserved," the waiter advised as he watched Ezra and Vin grin at each other.

"Why not," Vin said as they followed the waiter.

The waiter was just about to go get their menus when Vin stopped him, "Just bring us two of your most expensive meals, and we want at least four courses."

"And a bottle of your most expensive champagne," Ezra added.

* * * * * * *

Ezra glanced at Vin over his champagne glass. After the main course, Ezra had only barely managed a couple of bites of his dessert. However, as soon as the sweet looking concoction was placed in front the sharpshooter, he'd dived right in. Ezra smiled slightly, Vin certainly ate with relish.

"Somethin' wrong?" Vin asked when he noticed Ezra staring at him.

"Just noting your appetite," Ezra answered.

Vin's grin turned sheepish, "Yeah well. Have you noticed that everyone's been actin' weird lately?"

"I must admit, our associates' strangeness has been more pronounced recently," Ezra agreed. "Every time I turn around, they're bombarding me with questions, particularly concerning your whereabouts."

"What have we done that was so terrible?" Vin wanted to know.

Ezra just cocked an eyebrow.

"Okay," Vin corrected. "Why haven't they gotten over all the terrible things we've done?"

"We've been on our best behaviour lately," Ezra agreed.

"Well," Vin grimaced. "Except for trashing the office. Maybe Chris is still pissed about that."

"So he buys us an expensive dinner?" Ezra didn't think that was very likely.

"Maybe jilting us was the punishment," Vin suggested.

Ezra shrugged, "Seems more like a favour to me."

Vin chuckled, "Well, I don't know what their problem is. What time is it?"

Ezra blinked and checked his watch, Vin certainly changed subjects quickly, "Almost ten."

"I promised I'd meet Johnny," Vin said. "He wants to show me some club before I leave tomorrow. Wanna come?"

Ezra didn't want to part with Vin's company just yet, even if it meant going to some noisy bar, however he didn't want to intrude on Vin's last night with his friend, "Thank you, but no. I'd prefer to spend a relaxing evening at the hotel."

Vin was a little disappointed, he was hoping Ezra would say yes. He couldn't blame the undercover agent, Vin would also prefer to spend a quiet evening in, especially with Ezra, "If you sure."

Ezra wasn't sure of anything anymore, as he watched Vin leave.

* * * * * * *

"Where's Vin?"

Ezra turned on the stairs when he heard Chris' familiar voice, and the even more familiar question, "Out at a club with Johnny."

The rest of Team 7 were all standing behind Chris, and they all heard the annoyed tone Ezra used.

"We didn't mean to pry," Josiah said calmly.

"Well then perhaps you could stop," Ezra drawled.

"We just wanted to make sure you had a nice dinner," JD tried.

"Dinner was fine," Ezra said. "Here's the account for your records Mr Larabee."

Chris took the invoice and almost choked, "There were only two of you, how could you spend this much?"

Buck grabbed the account from Chris, his eyes widening as he took in the amount and handed it down to the others.

"You never specified a limit," Ezra mumbled as he continued up the stairs to his room.

"That's it," Chris growled. "I'm giving up."

"I agree," Josiah nodded. "Those two should find their own way, at their own pace."

"This is getting way too frustrating," Nathan conceded.

"They can't take a hint," JD stated.

"And it's become a pretty thankless job," Buck muttered.

"Not to mention expensive," Chris added.

The five men nodded at each other in agreement, Vin and Ezra could stay as they were or further their relationship, without anymore help from their friends.

* * * * * * *

It had been three weeks since the conference, and everything seemed to be getting back to normal. Thankfully, someone had straightened up the seventh floor, before Chris witnessed the mess for himself. Chris also never mentioned the money spent on the meal. Much to Vin and Ezra's relief, the stares, expectant expressions and questioning had stopped.

Vin picked up the receiver ready to call a cab and go home, he couldn't wait until his jeep was fixed, when Ezra walked passed his office.

Ezra noticed Vin was still in his office and stopped, "Do you need a lift Mr Tanner?"

"It's out of your way Ez, I can get a cab," Vin answered.

"Don't be ridiculous," Ezra sighed. "It's no trouble."

As Ezra pulled his keys out of his pocket, his loose change scattered all over Vin's office.

"Damn," Ezra cursed as he bent down to retrieve the money.

Vin laughed as he replaced the receiver and joined Ezra on the floor to round up the change.

When it seemed they had captured all the money, Ezra straightened up slightly. He found himself face to face with Vin, who was also still on his knees.

"Here," Vin whispered as he placed some coins in Ezra's hands.

When Ezra felt Vin's warm breath on his face, he almost let the change run through his fingers, as he swayed towards the sound and feel.

Neither man was willing to back away from the other, but then neither man moved closer or tried to touch the other. Both Vin and Ezra seemed content stay as they were.

Vin needed to get Ezra to his apartment, before they stayed like this all night, and reluctantly moved away from Ezra's warmth to stand.

Ezra shook himself out of his daze and followed Vin as he headed towards the elevator.

* * * * * * *

Not a word was spoken in the car, Ezra automatically followed Vin up to his apartment, and it was understood that he was invited inside.

Vin stopped abruptly in front of the kitchen. Ezra, who was following Vin closely, nearly bumped into the sharpshooter. Vin spun around to face the undercover agent, checking for any sign of hesitation or regret.

Ezra's green eyes burned with desire as he parted his lips ready to ask Vin what was wrong. Vin couldn't resist, he bent his head and brushed his lips over Ezra's. Ezra caught Vin's lips, opening up underneath the sharpshooter's mouth and drawing Vin into a deeper kiss. Vin's tongue slowly snaked its way into Ezra's delicious mouth, and Ezra was quick to demand a taste of Vin's mouth also. Soon both tongues were duelling for entrance into the other's mouth.

When they finally broke apart, Ezra realised that Vin was holding his jacket, and Vin smiled as he tossed the garment to the floor. Ezra dragged his eyes up and down the lean body in front of him, and Vin held his breath when he saw the lust on Ezra's face.

Ezra quickly pulled the t-shirt over Vin's head, running his hands up and down Vin's spine, before moving them to caress the firm chest. Vin leaned into the touch, and Ezra grinned as he felt the soft, purring sound that issued from Vin under his fingertips.

As Ezra knelt as he moved down Vin's body, deftly undoing the jeans and dragging them down with him, Vin kicked off his boots allowing the jeans to come off as well. Ezra's fingers moved back up Vin's legs, and Vin almost dropped the oil he was reaching for on the kitchen bench when Ezra began to fondle his manhood.

Vin followed Ezra down onto his knees, placing the bottle on the floor. Ezra ran a hand over the quickly heating flesh of Vin's chest and back, while his other hand continued rubbing Vin's groin. Vin rocked into the movement for a while, before pushing Ezra down so that the undercover agent lay on his back. Leaning over him, Vin undid the front of Ezra's shirt letting it hang open. Moaning, Ezra wound his fingers through Vin's hair as the sharpshooter explored his body with his lips, tongue and teeth. Ezra's skin tingled, Vin had coaxed his nipples into hardness, and as Vin tugged at the pants it was clear Ezra's penis didn't need any coaxing. Vin's mouth continued to explore as he nipped and licked at the inside of Ezra's surprisingly muscular thighs. Ezra arched his body as Vin took the undercover agent's erection into his mouth.

When Ezra looked down and watched Vin licking and sucking his cock, he remembered the enthusiasm Vin had shown when he'd devoured his dessert at the restaurant. Ezra gasped and threw his head back as he felt a slick finger work its way inside him. Vin added a second finger, having both intruders work their way in and out, and with Vin's continual sucking, Ezra came violently into Vin's mouth.

Ezra was panting and Vin watched the rise and fall of the undercover agent's now sweat dampened chest as he knelt between Ezra's legs. Vin wondered if Ezra realised how good he tasted, so leaning over, Vin pushed his tongue into Ezra's mouth. Ezra immediately began sucking on the sharpshooter's tongue, tasting himself on Vin.

Ezra lifted his legs and let them rest on Vin's hips, trying to show the sharpshooter that he wanted Vin inside him now. Vin didn't need much more encouragement, and he lifted Ezra's ass off the ground, slowly entering Ezra's body. Ezra tried to wriggle towards Vin, wanting to be filled by him, but Vin wouldn't be rushed as he savoured every sensation Ezra's tight, hot channel was causing to his rock, hard cock. When Vin finally began thrusting, Ezra wrapped his legs tighter around Vin's waist, so he could match Vin thrust for thrust. As Vin drove deeper into the delicious heat, Ezra felt his shaft harden once again. Vin manoeuvred himself slightly, so that his body rubbed against Ezra's groin. Ezra tossed his head from side to side and his muscles tightened as he felt his seed spurt over both his and Vin's stomach. A sigh escaped Ezra's lips when he heard Vin's low growl and felt the sharpshooter's hot liquid deep inside him.

Vin withdrew and slumped forward, one leg still folded over Ezra's legs and his head resting on Ezra's chest. Ezra realised he was lying on the kitchen floor of a dingy apartment that didn't even have a lock on the door, and with his arms wrapped around Vin, Ezra had never felt more comfortable.

"Should we inform the others of our new relationship?" Ezra asked when his breathing became more regular.

"What for?" Vin shrugged. "They've never shown any interest in our social life before."

"Are you sure," Ezra said. "Our associates always seem to be asking me where you are or what you're doing."

Vin thought about what Ezra was saying, "They do always seem to disappear, and Buck locked us in that storage room."

"The conference, and the mix up with our accommodation," Ezra stated.

"The restaurant," Vin added.

"And have you noticed that Mr Larabee always insists we have to stay behind and finish up some ridiculous reports," Ezra couldn't believe that he hadn't picked up on all of this before.

Neither could Vin for that matter, "Or make us wait for some stupid information to come through."

"Why did you never take the opportunity?" Ezra asked suddenly.

Vin raised his head and leaned on one elbow so that he could look down into Ezra's face, "Well, because sometimes I felt uncomfortable, or maybe it felt staged. It just didn't feel..."

"Spontaneous or natural," Ezra finished for him.

"Yeah," Vin agreed. "Like it was tonight."

"You do realise if our well meaning friends hadn't meddled, we may have tried this sooner," Ezra drawled.

"They were wasting our time," Vin sounded indignant.

"They will have to be taught a lesson," Ezra stated.

Vin grinned, "Tomorrow," he whispered huskily as moved his leg in between Ezra's rubbing against the other man's groin.

"Tomorrow?" Ezra questioned.

"We'll plan our revenge tomorrow," Vin said as he lowered his head towards Ezra's.

"Revenge for what?" Ezra mumbled before Vin's mouth claimed his.

* * * * * * *

It was almost time to go home, and Chris was clearing his desk for the evening when he heard a knock on the door. "What's up Vin?" Chris asked when he noticed the sharpshooter standing in the doorway.

"I need to talk to you," Vin said.

"What's wrong?" Chris was becoming concerned, Vin's tone was serious and the young man seemed nervous.

"It's just that, this is embarrassing," Vin shuffled his feet as he spoke. "I've been having these feelings."

Chris stifled a smile, so Vin was finally admitting it, "It's okay Vin, I've suspected as much."

"Really," Vin looked relieved. "I've been attracted to you for so long, and I was afraid if I told you that you'd want me to leave."

"Me?" Chris' eyes widened in surprise. "You're attracted to me?"

"If it makes you feel uncomfortable I'll resign," Vin backed towards the door.

"No," Chris blurted. "I don't want you to leave."

"You don't," Vin's eyes lit up. "I was hoping you'd feel the same way.

Chris backed away when he saw Vin heading towards him, "Wait a minute, we should talk about this."

"Why?" Vin whispered huskily taking Chris' hand in one of his, and running his other hand through Chris' hair. "I could show you how I feel."

As he watched Vin's mouth draw closer, Chris jerked out of the sharpshooter's grip and rushed out the door.

Chris and Buck collided with each other outside JD's office. JD, Josiah and Nathan all came out to see what the commotion was all about.

Both Chris and Buck were talking at the same time, and no-one could understand what was being said. Suddenly, both Chris and Buck stopped ranting when they heard who the other person was talking about.

"Ezra?" Chris asked.

"Vin," Buck stated.

Both men turned around to see Vin and Ezra grinning at them.

"So you two are together," Nathan vocalised what had dawned on everyone.

"Since last night," Vin confirmed.

"But we didn't set anyth..." JD stopped mid-sentence when Buck nudged him.

"Hopefully you gentlemen will be able to find another hobby to occupy yourselves with," Ezra said as he and Vin left the office.

"At least they got revenge out of their systems," Josiah stated with a little more conviction that he actually felt.

"I doubt it," Chris muttered.

"If those two have put together everything we've done to them over the last couple of months, we're gonna have to look over our shoulders for a long time," Buck said.

"That's hardly fair," JD grumbled. "You and Chris were setting them up for months, the rest of us only joined you in the last few weeks."

"I don't think that makes much difference kid," Nathan shrugged.

Everyone groaned simultaneously when all the lights on the seventh floor went out.

"And we wanted them to spend more time together."


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