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Solace - ATF A/U

By Ladysmiths

"Tanner? Vin Tanner, right?"

Vin squinted at the figure coming towards him. Shit, Mark Harris, Vin hadn't seen this guy for years. Team 7 had gone over all the names on the list Ezra had sent them. Nobody had recognised any, Mark certainly hadn't been on there. Finally, after five months of Ezra being undercover on this estate alone, Richard Kimberley had needed to hire more help. Chris had wanted Ezra to have backup from the start, but the opportunity had never come up. Until now, and it looked as if Vin had blown it already. "Mark."

"Matt actually. Matthew Morris, changed my name a while back."

That explained it, Vin thought as he continued to listen.

"Ran into a bit of trouble, when I started working for Richard he suggested a different name. What about you? You here for the job? I thought you were a bounty hunter?"

Vin grinned, all was not lost, and Mark or Matthew or whatever his name was hadn't changed much at all. Well, unless you count the name. "I was, but there's more money to be made workin' for them instead of putting them away."

Matt smiled, "I know that. So, you worked with Ethan, huh?"

Vin fell into step with Matt, "Yeah, one of the first jobs I did."

"Now you're here, small world," Matt remarked.

"You're tellin' me."

"Well, let's introduce you to Richard. By the way, it's Mr Kimberley and Mr Samson once we're in there."

"No problem."

"I screen all the security staff. Meeting Mr Kimberley is just a formality, you've got the job already."

Vin smiled his thanks.

"This is gonna be great," Matt mused. "We can raise some hell, like in the old days."

Vin cocked an eyebrow, "You were the one raising hell."

Matt chuckled, "Maybe, but you were right there with me."

* * * * * * *

Ezra stood and turned towards the door when he heard the knock. Richard Kimberley and moved to his side, and they watched as Matthew and Vin walked in. "Mr Kimberley, allow me to introduce you to..."

Vin jumped forward taking Richard's hand, "Vin. Vin Tanner."

Ezra stared at Vin in shock, what the hell was he doing. He'd been communicating with Team 7 over the computer he had in his room, and they'd specifically discussed Vin's alias.

Matt pulled Vin back, "Uh, you shouldn't interrupt while Mr Samson's speaking."

"Sorry," Vin shrugged. "I guess I'm just nervous."

Richard let it go, "You two know each other?" He asked indicating Matthew and Vin.

"I knew Vin up until I left town the first time," Matt answered. "He used to kick some ass as a bounty hunter."

"Realised I was workin' for the wrong side," Vin said when he noticed he was allowed to speak now.

Ezra picked up the thread, realising Vin had saved them both from blowing their covers, "Shortly after Mr Tanner's conversion, he carried out a little assignment for the company I was then working for." Looking directly at Vin, he added, "He handled the task very competently."

"Two recommendations," Richard stated. "That's good enough for me, you can show him to his quarters and fill him in on the job."

Ezra hid a sigh of relief as Matthew led Vin from the room. Although Richard Kimberley didn't seem to take much notice of his employees, Ezra was aware that Richard knew every member of staff on this estate. The man had an uncanny ability to memorise names and faces, as soon as there was a stranger on the grounds, Richard made it a point of finding out who it was.

Ezra couldn't blame him, Richard had so many companies, both legitimate and illegal, around the country, he needed to trust a lot of people to run them. Ezra had gotten this close to Richard through one of the legitimate companies, when he realised a staff member was ripping Richard off, Ezra had reported it, citing he'd be better suited to that particular employees position, Ezra tried not to think about the fact he hadn't seen the guy since.

Richard had liked Ezra's ambition and decided to train the young man himself, thinking that Ezra might be able to oversee a few organisations in a district. Richard had offered Ezra a substantial increase in wages and one of the guest houses to live in rent free. Now they spent most of their days pouring over the accounts and paperwork for the companies. Checking which ones were making a profit and which ones weren't, hiring and firing executives, investigating prospective suppliers, and deciding which other companies to take over or merge with.

Ezra was transfering as much of the information as he could to Team 7 via the computer. Most of the data he was obtaining seemed useless, although JD was researching everything Ezra handed to them. On paper all of Richard Kimberley's operations seemed legitimate, even the gunrunning and drug dealing. It didn't help that Richard left the actual physical running of the businesses, to the executives. They were the ones who made contact with suppliers, dealers, and buyers. Richard sent out his men, headed by Matthew, to meet shipments and deal with any staff, from executives to cleaners, who Richard thought were cheating him. Matthew also strongarmed companies into selling or merging with Richard's. Hopefully, now that Vin was working with Matthew, he should be able to supply information that would make it easier to pinpoint which companies to target and how to attack them. And with Ezra's information, the agency should be able to seize all the accounts, so that, once arrested, Kimberley couldn't run his businesses from prison.

* * * * * * *

"So basically, we're just doing the work they don't want to dirty their hands with," Vin paraphrased.

"Yeah," Matt agreed. "I report everything to Richard, but generally if I see something wrong I either take care of the problem then and there, or get one of the guys to do it."

They stopped in front of a hut, which only contained the basics, a small stove, bed, and bathroom. "I know it's small, but we're all in the same boat," Matt said indicating all the similar buildings lined up in a row.

Vin just nodded, he'd stayed in worse, "What about shipments?" he asked.

"We don't have one for a while, but I make sure I'm there with three or four other guys. Those people don't necessarily work for us, sometimes it can go wrong."

"Like what happened to guy that stayed here before me?" Vin asked looking into the room.

Matt was about to speak, but Vin shook his head, "Spare me the details."

Matt chuckled, "Tomorrow I'm going down to Deshon Street, make sure no independent dealers are nosing in on our territory, and collect from the dealers that owe us. You can come along."

"What about me? Can I come too?"

Vin eyed the young man who seemed to have appeared out of nowhere.

"Yeah Zach, you can come," Matt sighed. "Zach, this is Vin a new recruit."

>"Hi," Zach took Vin's hand and shook it vigorously. Vin just nodded his head.

"You can settle in," Matt continued turning to Vin. "I've got to check the perimeter."

"I'll help," Zach piped up.

"You know, Vin here's an expert at martial arts," Matt stated with a sly grin.

"Really," Zach was suitably impressed. "Can you teach me?" he asked as he took Vin's bag from him and headed into the room to unpack, leaving Vin staring at Matt with a bewildered expression on his face.

Matt laughed, "Your first job's keeping Zach out of my hair for a while."

* * * * * * *

It had been just over a week and Ezra was finally able to corner Vin. Even though they stopped to say a quick hello every now and then, they had only been able to chat long enough for Vin to slip him some information and Matt, Zach or someone else was usually watching them. So far the information had been on the smaller drug dealers, which the DEA were picking off slowly so as not to attract any attention. Vin had just been relieved from his duty as sentry and was heading towards his room as Ezra approached, glad that there was no-one around for the time being.

"Mr Tanner," Ezra greeted Vin.

Vin stopped abruptly, "Mr Samson."

Ezra lowered his voice slightly, even though there was nobody in sight, "I'm surprised Mr Larabee sent you if you knew one of the staff."

"He was Mark Harris when I knew him," Vin stated. "You didn't tell Chris did you?"

Ezra shook his head, "Not yet. Although it might be preferable for you if another member of the team replaced you."


"You seem to have slipped back into what seems to be a long running friendship with Matthew, he is a glorified thug. So is Zach for that matter."

Vin rolled his eyes, "I knew Matt before he worked for people like Kimberley, when he left town he fell in with the wrong crowd. And Zach, he's young enough to change his mind, maybe if he got out now."

Ezra sighed, "You just defended Matthew, and Zach has seen enough to know right from wrong. They made their choices. I'm just concerned about how difficult it may get for you when this bust goes down."

"I can handle it."

Ezra had watched the easy comraderie between Matt and Vin, it had worried him from the start. And Zach, Ezra had watched as Vin practised his martial arts, patiently teaching Zach some moves. Vin seemed to really like the kid, and Zach followed both Vin and Matt around like a puppy, in fact it reminded him of the way JD acted around Chris and Buck. In undercover work you had to form relationships, however occasionally those relationships can become genuine. Ezra knew how painful it could be to betray, arrest, or even gun down someone you'd started thinking of as a friend. He just wanted to spare Vin that pain, "I still feel it should be Mr Larabee's decision."

Vin couldn't believe this, if Ezra told Chris he was worried about Vin, he'd be pulled out of there. He knew they were just trying to protect him, but he didn't need it, he just wanted to do his job. "You know how over-protective Chris can get, and I won't do anything to risk losing this guy. I've already gotten information to you, I'm established here now, they trust me and I work well with them. Unless you've heard differently?"

"No, you've been doing a fine job," Ezra had to agree, everyone seemed to like Vin. And the fact that Vin had known Matt had gotten him trusted very quickly, it would take someone else twice as long. "In fact, Mr Kimberley wants you to work for me once I'm established in running part of the organisation. You'll basically be in Matthew's position, only reporting to me directly. Which means, we'll have ample opportunity and a good excuse to converse more often."

"See," Vin smiled, he could tell Ezra was becoming convinced. "Even Kimberley thinks we make a good team. He must really like you to give away the best employee he's got."

Ezra grinned back and Vin knew he'd won him over. Ezra hadn't realised how much he'd miss the company of his team members, especially the quiet unassuming sharpshooter. After five months with no contact with anyone but Richard and some staff members, Ezra had become quite lonely. Even now he had to curb the instinct to reach out an touch Vin to make sure he was really there.

Zach had no such reservations as he bounded up to Vin, throwing an arm around his shoulders. When he noticed who Vin was talking to, Zach became a little flustered, "Eh, sorry Mr Samson. I'll just wait over there."

Ezra shook his head, "No need, we've finished our discussions." Ezra stepped back, but still stayed close enough to listen in.

"Some of us are goin' to the bar, want to come?" Zach asked and then added, "Matt's coming too."

Vin smiled at the young man, "Sure kid, right behind you."

Ezra wished he'd been invited also, but he knew he wouldn't have been able to go. Mr Kimberley wasn't very social, and he expected Ezra to be the same. All Ezra wanted was to have a drink with Vin, but instead Vin was going with Matt and Zach probably strengthening the bond that, despite what Vin said, was developing. Ezra's initial worries surfaced again, and he resolved to keep an eye on Vin.

* * * * * * *

Ezra stalked into Richard Kimberley's office the next morning. He'd just seen Vin, wearing dark glasses and wincing every time Ezra spoke. Vin had barely been coherent, and brushed Ezra off stating he'd feel better later that afternoon. Ezra waited as Matthew, looking much the same as Vin, left.

"It appears some members of our staff are a little worse for wear this morning," Ezra mumbled.

Richard smiled at Ethan's use of the word our, the man was certain to go places, "Yes, they met some security guards from our storage company."

"I see, that makes their incapacity this morning alright?"

"Matthew always reports what's been said after a few drinks, the working class always know more than the executives anyway. It's how I get my best information," Richard stated indulgently. "Besides, we've got to allow them to let off steam somehow."

Ezra had to reluctantly agree. While Richard and Ezra sat in an office all day; Matthew, Vin and the others spent whole days and sometimes nights meeting with the unsavoury characters this kind of organisation attracted. In fact, Ezra always seemed to get a terrible feeling in the pit of his stomach every time Vin was sent out to help with a shipment, or meet with the drug dealers. Vin had no back up, and although it never really seemed to bother Richard when one of his guards didn't come back, it was really beginning to disturb Ezra.

* * * * * * *

"Feeling better?" Ezra asked as he came up behind Vin, who had just replaced another guard on the roof.

Vin turned and leaned against the ledge, looking at Ezra a little sheepishly "Yeah, thanks."

Ezra's tone sharpened, "I thought you always stayed in control on the job. I've never seen you hung over before."

Vin immediately tried to defend himself, "I didn't have all that much to drink, I'm not sure what happened. As far as the job's concerned, the storage company uses these two sheds for holding weapons and drugs before they're handed out to dealers. The rest of the sheds are legitimately hired out to citizens." Vin thrust a page into Ezra's hands so that he could send it on to Chris.

Ezra quickly pocketed the paper, but was still angry, "It's hard enough not knowing whether you're going to come back from an assignment Richard's sent you guys on, let alone worrying about you when you go out on personal time." Ezra noticed Matthew's approach from the corner of his eye, "I recommended you for this job, don't embarrass me." Ezra turned on his heel, only glancing at Matt as he stalked off.

Vin turned back to watch the entrance to the estate, noticing the look Matt directed at him as he did so. "I don't know what his problem is," Vin answered the unasked question.

"Sounded jealous to me," Matt said.

Vin tilted his head slightly, "We should have invited him to the bar."

"He wouldn't have been able to come," Matt stated. "Besides, that's not what I meant. He watches you when your helping Zach train, and he gets really pensive when you're not on the grounds."

"That's just concern for a prospective employee," Vin knew it went a little deeper, they were friends after all and they did work together, although he couldn't tell Matt that.

Matt shook his head, "Well, be careful. Office romances usually don't work. And with Ethan's ambition, if you can't help him or he gets sick of you, you'll be the one fired." Vin looked up in shock, Matt just ignored the look and continued, "I came to tell you we're going to buy a shipment of weapons in a couple of days. I want you to be prepared, we don't deal with these suppliers often, and they don't like to play fair. Maybe you shouldn't go though, wouldn't want Ethan to get mad at me."

Vin glared at Matt, who chuckled, patted Vin on the arm and walked away.

Vin turned his unseeing gaze back to the horizon. He'd almost defended Ezra to Matt, instinctively knowing Ezra would never hurt him that way. Realising how hurt he'd actually be if Ezra did abandon him, and remembering the jolt of excitement he'd felt when Matt had said that Ezra watched him. Vin shook himself, Matt was wrong, Ezra just wanted to stay in control of the assignment, and the undercover agent's anger came from Vin slipping through that control last night. Any hint of jealousy probably came from the fact that Ezra hadn't had physical contact with any of Team 7 for a long while, and even though Vin was now here, they still weren't able to share any obvious comraderie.

* * * * * * *

It took a great deal of effort on Ezra's part to stop himself from pacing as Richard talked to Matthew on the phone. Ezra had felt unsettled all day, and when he saw the amount of men Matt wanted to take with him to buy this shipment, Ezra had felt worse.

Obviously they were worried, and when the phone had rung Ezra knew it had to be bad news.

"We've lost one of our men," Richard said as he hung up the phone. "The rest will be a little late, taking care of the situation."

WHO? Ezra wanted to shout at Kimberley. Richard noticed the look in Ezra's eyes, "You seem worried?"

Ezra reigned in his emotions, "What about the weapons?"

Richard chuckled, "Glad to see you have your priorities straight. The shipment's secure."

Ezra swallowed although his mouth had gone dry, "Who did we lose?"

Richard shrugged, "Didn't ask. We'll find out soon enough." He said over his shoulder as he walked out the door.

At least Ezra could pace freely now.

* * * * * * *

Ezra practically flew down the stairs when he noticed the vehicles driving through the gate. He only restrained himself when he met Richard Kimberley in the foyer, both men then strolling out into the yard.

Ezra's eyes were darting in every direction, trying to get a glimpse of Vin in the group men that were beginning to mill around. Matthew walked up to Richard, "I'm afraid we lost Zach, Mr Kimberley."

Not the kid, Ezra thought, still looking for Vin.

Richard nodded, "He won't need to be replaced, he hadn't filled a particular position."

"I guess," Matt answered, Richard's callousness hadn't bothered him before, but he should have felt something for the youngest member of his staff.

"Was anyone else hurt?" Kimberley asked.

Matt turned, following both Richard and Ezra's gaze to Vin who had who was now standing just outside the circle of men, a dark stain splashed across his t-shirt. Matt shook his head, "No, that's Zach's blood."

Ezra stopped following the conversation, and stood frozen staring at Vin. Damn, Vin really liked Zach and had spent a hell of a lot of time with him in the last few days. Ezra suspected trying to get him out of this organisation. Now, not only did Vin witness his demise, but he'd obviously been close enough to get the young man's blood on his clothes. Vin hadn't looked up in all this time, seemingly fascinated by the bright colour seeping into his clothes. Ezra wanted nothing more than to hold Vin and try to take away some of the pain that was evident in the sharpshooter's posture.

Ezra was shaken out of his reverie when Richard tapped him on the shoulder, "Are you coming? We need to check out the buyer's for this shipment," then turning to Matt he added, "Get cleaned up and then give me a full report in my office."

Vin was already backing up towards his quarters, and Ezra fought the instinct to run to him and get Vin out of there. Instead he followed Richard Kimberley back into the main house. Ezra was really beginning hate this man, for someone who had to know every employees' name, Richard certainly didn't care about any of them. It hadn't just been Vin who looked upset, all the men had seemed dejected and even Matt's voice had cracked a couple of times. In fact, if Ezra had chosen to arrest Kimberley right then, he didn't think anyone would have objected.

* * * * * * *

Ezra silently slipped through the door to Vin's hut, he'd tried to stay away and give Vin time to himself, but as soon as he'd been able, Ezra had headed straight for his friend having to make sure he was alright. At the moment it was hard to tell, Vin lay on the bed, one arm draped over his face hiding any expression. At least Vin had changed his clothes, and by the look of his still damp hair, he'd also had a shower.

"Mr Samson," came the texas drawl.

Ezra hadn't even been sure Vin realised anyone else was in the room. He quietly closed the door behind him, knelt down beside the bed and whispered, "It's Ezra."

"I'm fine, Ez."

Ezra pushed Vin's arm out of the way, "Look at me."

He was aware that Vin must be hurting, but Ezra still started at the dullness in the usually sparkling blue eyes.

Vin watched the concerned emerald eyes move closer, and closed his own eyes. As he felt soft lips brush against his, Vin realised that he knew this would happen, actually he'd always known how Ezra felt. Vin opened up underneath the kiss, drawing Ezra's tongue into his mouth. His lips locked with Vin's, Ezra leaned his whole body over Vin's, and Vin pulled the undercover agent down on top of him. Needing to feel the weight of the man above him, drawing comfort from the warmth of Ezra's body. Ezra began to rub his body over Vin's, trailing his lips and tongue along the sharpshooter's jaw line, finally nuzzling his face in Vin's neck.

Both men froze when they heard a light knock on the door. Ezra jumped to his feet, and stood behind the door as Vin opened it, "Matt."

Matt took in the range of emotions Vin was trying to cover, "Are you okay?"

"I could ask the same thing," Vin replied evasively.

"Have you seen Ethan? Mr Kimberley's looking for him."

Vin just shook his head.

"Well, I tried," Matt said. "To tell the truth, sometimes I hate working for that guy. Can't blame him I guess, I should never have let Zach come with us."

Vin knew how he felt, "He would have followed us anyway. I should have reacted quicker."

Matt shook his head, "If you had, it would have been you we would have buried."

Ezra's legs almost gave way, and he was having trouble controlling the shaking in his hands when he heard how close he'd come to losing Vin.

"I need a drink," Matt stated.

"Right behind you."

When Ezra heard the door close, he slid down the wall drawing his knees to his chest. He was in no hurry to see Richard, in fact he didn't care if he ever saw that man again. Ezra was more worried about Vin, he didn't like Vin finding comfort in the bottle, or the fact that he and Matt would be consoling each other. Especially seeing as how Vin might actually have to arrest Matt. The bust was almost ready to go down, and now Ezra was determined to hurry it along. The sooner this mess was over the better.

* * * * * * *

"Most of the team are in place waiting to raid the companies. You and Matthew will be helping the head of Rainpure Corporation buy a shipment of weapons at the warehouse. Chris and the rest of our team will swarm in, arresting the suppliers and executives, as well as Mr Kimberley's men, including Matthew."

Ezra watched Vin closely to gauge his reaction. There wasn't much of one. Although it didn't seem like Vin had a hangover, he certainly looked as though he hadn't slept. The dullness in Vin's eyes was still evident as he nodded, "What about you?"

At least he was listening, Ezra thought, "I'll arrest Richard here, Team 3 will assist in taking the men still on the grounds."

Ezra and Vin had met in the foyer as Matt went upstairs to get his orders from Richard. Ezra had taken the opportunity to inform Vin of the plan he and Chris had worked out over the computer last night. Chris had been just as eager to finally get this bust over with. However, now looking at Vin, Ezra wasn't sure that having the sharpshooter lead Matt to the ambush was such a good idea. "I'm sure I could come up with an excuse for you to stay here, you can help me apprehend Mr Kimberley."

Vin blinked, "No, I can do my job."

Ezra was having trouble reading Vin's expression, he lifted an arm to brush some of the long, brown hair away from the young man's face. Vin stepped back, staying just out of reach. Ezra let his arm drop, knowing Vin was steeling himself for that afternoon.

* * * * * * *

Ezra drove towards the warehouse, he was supposed to meet Team 7 back at the office to finalise some details before having a few days off, but he wanted to make sure everything went alright for Vin. All the months of work had paid off, and Richard Kimberley's arrest had gone smoothly, with barely an struggle. As he turned the corner, Ezra had almost convinced himself that Team 7's bust had gone just as well. Until he saw the flashing lights of the ambulance, "Shit."

Ezra jumped out of the Jag, dodging the stretcher as it was loaded into the back of the ambulance, "Matthew," Ezra breathed as he looked around for Vin.

Hearing familiar voices, Ezra headed for the building, "What happened?"

Buck spun around, "Ezra? I thought we were meeting you back at the office. Missed us huh?"

"You could say that," Ezra said, and when he realised Buck wasn't going to answer his question, he repeated it, "What happened?"

JD piped up, "The suppliers pulled guns. Everyone started firing at once, and Vin tried to push that guy out of the way," JD finished pointing in the general direction of the ambulance.

"What the hell were you thinking," Chris' voice cut through JD's, and Ezra turned in that direction. "You could have been killed."

Dear Lord not again, Chris was glaring at Vin with a mixture of anger and concern etched on his face. Vin was looking down avoiding any eye contact, the blood still wet on his shirt and hands. Ezra absently wondered how many clothes that man went through, but shook it off as Vin stalked passed him and out the door without an upwards glance.

"Ezra?" Chris was surprised to see the undercover agent.

"Mr Larabee," Ezra stated. "Is Matt going to be alright?"

"Why is everyone so concerned about this guy?" Nathan wanted to know.

"It's a long story," Ezra would have preferred to go after Vin.

"We've got time," Josiah had also joined the gathering.

Ezra sighed, "This is the second friend Mr Tanner has witnessed being gunned down..."

* * * * * * *

Ezra let himself into Vin's apartment. After having relayed his story, JD had phoned the hospital and found out Matt was going to be fine. Chris had wanted to come and see Vin, however Ezra had insisted, relieved when Chris had finally conceded.

Vin was sitting on the edge of his bed, he looked as if he'd just had a shower, his shirt hanging open, head bowed, and a bottle dangling loosely in his fingers.

Ezra approached, hoping Vin hadn't had too much to drink already. Reading his mind, and without looking up, Vin drawled, "It's okay, just carrying it around."

Ezra took the bottle, noticing that it was still full, and placed it on the bedside table. Stepping closer to Vin, Ezra ran a hand through the slightly damp hair, "Matt's going to be fine. He'll go to prison, but he'll live."

Vin circled his arms around Ezra's waist, pulling the undercover agent closer and resting his head against the other man's smooth, well-muscled stomach. Ezra continued stroking Vin's soft hair, as he felt Vin's grip tighten. Feeling Vin's breath through the material of his shirt, Ezra's body began to stir. Wanting to touch Ezra's flesh, Vin began unbuttoning Ezra shirt, with Ezra quickly helping. Once that piece of clothing was discarded, Vin again rested his head against the sleek skin. Reaching up between Ezra's thighs, Vin started caressing Ezra's bulge. Ezra undid his pants, and Vin moved his hand long enough to let them slide to the floor. Ezra sighed when he felt Vin's rough tongue glide over his length, and when he felt the warm, moist mouth surround his penis, Ezra wound his fingers through the soft hair and tried to bury himself deep inside that delicious mouth.

With Vin sucking his cock and fondling his swollen balls, it didn't take long for Ezra to spill his seed down Vin's throat. Vin slowly pulled away, still suckling gently, until Ezra withdrew completely. Ezra watched as Vin ran his tongue over his glistening lips, Ezra pushed him down onto the bed letting the shirt fall open. Climbing over Vin's body, Ezra crushed Vin's lips with his own, forcing his tongue inside the mouth under his, and tasting every inch of Vin.

Vin was panting as Ezra broke the kiss, trailing his lips and tongue down the sharpshooter's neck and over the lean chest. As Ezra nipped and sucked one of Vin's nipples into hardness, he could hear the faint growling coming from somewhere in Vin's throat. Ezra's mouth continued its trail downwards, while Vin arched into every touch, lick, suck and nip. When he reached Vin's jeans, Ezra unfastened them, tugging them down with him, as he continued tasting Vin's wiry frame.

Ezra moved back over Vin to again attack the willing mouth, pushing and rubbing his naked body against Vin's. Moving his mouth close to Vin's ear, he stuttered, "Do you have... Where...I mean..."

"In the bathroom," Vin whispered.

Ezra reluctantly lifted himself off Vin, and the younger man immediately missed the warmth.

Vin followed Ezra into the bathroom, grinning as he watched Ezra fishing around in the medicine cabinet, the emerald eyes lighting up as he found what he was looking for. Vin reached around from behind to help, but when Ezra felt Vin's erection brush against him, he fumbled with the tube and the contents ran over both their hands. Vin didn't hesitate, and Ezra leaned forward as Vin started probing. Ezra instinctively pushed back as Vin withdrew his fingers, but before he had a chance to miss them, Vin drove his rock hard cock into Ezra tight heat in one hard thrust. Ezra tried to grip the basin for support, but his hands were slippery with the lubricant and they just slid over the smooth surface, never finding anything to grip.

Finally, Ezra's hands rested where the basin met the wall, and Ezra bent over further, allowing Vin to fill him completely. Vin began pounding into Ezra relentlessly, leaning over to kiss and suck at the back of Ezra's neck and reaching under his friend, rubbing his still slick hands over Ezra's erection.

Ezra came first, his seed spilling over Vin's hand and the white porcelain. Soon after, Ezra felt Vin's liquid heat deep inside him and Vin's teeth biting into his shoulder, eliciting a deep groan from the undercover agent. Vin withdrew from Ezra, but continued leaning against his back. Both men were breathing heavily, and unable to move until they'd recovered somewhat.

* * * * * * *

Vin woke with a start, sitting bolt upright, the sweat dripping off his body. Ezra was instantly awake, "Vin?"

"I'm alright Ez," Vin mumbled as he headed for bathroom.

Ezra stood in the doorway, "Let me help."

"I'm fine," Vin drawled as he splashed some cold water on his face.

Ezra went back and sat on the edge of the bed, wondering how long it would be before Vin was able to sleep peacefully, and whether him being here was helping his friend. Ezra looked up when he heard Vin shuffle back into the room. Both men were still naked, and Ezra's body reacted as he watched the rivulets of water mingled with sweat glide down Vin's hard, muscled body.

Vin stepped between Ezra's legs, leaning over to lick and bite at the undercover agent's ear, "I'm glad you're here," he whispered and felt Ezra shudder.

Vin grinned as he turned around, and Ezra noticed that Vin had already rubbed some of the lubricant along his crack. Ezra began licking and sucking at the back of Vin's thighs and butt, and Vin sighed as Ezra worked the tip of his finger into his entrance.

Placing both hands on Vin's hips, Ezra guided Vin towards his lap, helping the sharpshooter impale himself on Ezra's penis. Not being able to resist the urge to thrust, Ezra pushed Vin to the floor so he was on all fours, following Vin down, not wanting to leave the heat of Vin's body. Ezra started a hard, fast rhythm, throwing his head back as he felt Vin's answering thrusts. Vin's body was burning up as Ezra continued to drive himself deeper and deeper into Vin's tight, hot channel.

Vin's mind was spinning, and all it took was for Ezra to reach underneath him, and brush a hand over Vin's aching shaft, for the sharpshooter to spasm and come over Ezra's hand. Ezra moaned as Vin's muscles clenched, digging his fingers into Vin's flesh, Ezra pulled the younger man towards him as he felt his release.

Ezra withdrew and caught his breath as he leaned against the bed. Vin turned around and saw an uncertain look flash across the glazed, green eyes, "What's the matter?" Vin asked as he crawled between Ezra's legs and leaned his back against his friend. Drawing the undercover agent's arms around himself, Vin relished the warmth of Ezra's body.

The southern drawl had become thicker, "I wanted to make you forget what...."

"You can't."

"Well, at least take away some of the pain and...."

"You do."

"I've always felt..."

"I know," Vin purred as Ezra dreamily trailed his fingers over Vin's chest and stomach.


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