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Perfect Opportunity - ATF

By Ladysmiths

"You told him you were gay? And in a relationship with someone?" Chris stared at the undercover agent sitting to his right at the conference table.

Ezra tried to keep the exasperation out of his voice, "It worked Mr Larabee. When I met Mr Valance's partner, it seemed like the perfect opportunity. I'm now Steve Valance's trusted associate, it didn't seem like such a problem."

Chris shook his head, "Until he wanted to meet your lover?"

Ezra started at the term Chris used, "Uh well, yes. Mr Valance wants to celebrate our future business successes." Ezra could hear Buck and JD chuckling and turned to glare at them.

"So now you need one of us to help you," Nathan stated.

Josiah saw how uncomfortable Ezra was becoming, "Did you describe your lover to Steve?"

Ezra just bowed his head and stared at the table, he really wished they'd quit using that word.

Buck puffed up his chest, "I'm sure you must have mentioned my gorgeous physic and you all now my prowess with women, it shouldn't be too difficult convincing men. I'll go with you."

JD rolled his eyes, "He's got better taste than that."

"Actually, Mr Tanner fits the description I gave Mr Valance," Ezra glanced at Vin who was sitting directly opposite him on Chris' left. Ezra had no idea why he'd started talking about Vin when Steve had asked about him about his partner, and he certainly hadn't anticipated having to ask Vin on a date.

Vin's eyes registered surprise, "Me?" Ezra just nodded and Vin snapped out of his confusion, "Sure, Ez. The food's free right?"

Ezra relaxed and laughed, "I'll be paying."

Buck's face fell, and JD grinned, "See I told you Ez had taste."

Chris wanted this meeting to get back on track, "Do you think he'll tell you the time and place of the drop?"

Ezra shook his head, "No, the dinner is strictly social. Mr Tanner will have to leave his weapons at home."

"I'm not sure I like you two being alone with Valance, without backup," Chris noticed that besides Ezra and Vin, the rest of his team weren't listening. "Maybe the rest of us should be there and keep and eye on you guys."

Ezra sighed, "Mr Larabee, this is going to be awkward enough without the rest of you staring at us all evening. Besides we won't be alone, Mr Valance is bringing Alan."

"Like a double date," JD piped up.

Ezra and Vin glared at JD, while the others grinned at the two agents.

Ezra stood, "As my Jag's being repaired, Mr Valance is sending a driver. Instead of stopping on the way, I said you'd be at my apartment." Ezra informed Vin as he stalked out of the conference room.

The room burst into laughter, Vin also left turning around and scowling at his friends, Chris tried to hide his grin when Vin's eyes turned to him, but failed.

* * * * * * *

Ezra was glad that the restaurant Steve had chosen was quite busy, neither he nor Vin had to be overtly affectionate, and a few lingering glances was all that was required to keep the facade in place. In the car on the way to the restaurant both Vin and Ezra were sitting as far from each other as they could, staring out the window. Eventually, Vin had slid closer to Ezra and whispered that they should probably act more like a couple, the driver might say something to Valance. Ezra felt a shiver up his spine when he heard the husky drawl near his ear and had to concentrate on what Vin was saying. Ezra felt out of his depth and turned to look at Vin hoping he wouldn't find any ridicule in the younger man's face. To Ezra's relief, Vin's eyes only held hint of nervousness, so Ezra smiled in agreement and held Vin's hand for the rest of the trip.

Vin was finding it hard to believe that Steve Valance could be a gun runner, or a cold hearted murderer. He'd read the file on Valance concerning his weapon dealings and he was also linked to a few unsolved murders. While they were waiting at Ezra's place for the car to arrive, Ezra had told him that Steve had a terrible temper, and that Alan and even a few other younger men often wandered around Steve's house with horrid looking bruises. Apparently Valance didn't feel the need to hide his men from Ezra, now that Ezra had the same tastes. However, tonight Steve was being kind and sociable, looking lovingly into Alan's eyes as he told anecdotes about how they met. Vin watched Alan, and noticed the fear in his eyes. Alan was agreeing with everything Steve said, and Vin could see that he was trying hard to please Valance. Vin knew that Alan was aware of Valance's business dealings, and guessed that Alan stayed for the money. Vin was suddenly glad that he was here with Ezra. He knew that Ezra would never intentionally hurt him, and he realised he never wanted to see Ezra's eyes reflect the pain that Alan's did.

After the meal, Steve received a phone call and invited Ezra to join him at the bar.

"Who was that?" Ezra asked when Steve hung up.

Steve caught the bartender's attention, "Another bottle of champagne," then turning to Ezra he added, "Our shipment is on it's way."

Ezra smiled, finally the end of this assignment was in sight, "That's wonderful news. When and where can I retrieve my merchandise?"

"Patience, I always check over the weapons myself first." Seeing the disappointed look on Ezra's face Valance continued, "I'll let you know when I'm ready to make the sale."

Valance paid for the champagne and told the bartender to take it to their table, looking over at Alan and Vin he smiled, "You know, your description didn't do Vin justice."

Ezra turned to face the same direction Steve was, and focused on Vin mentally agreeing with what Valance had said. Vin had his hair pulled back, and Ezra stared at his profile. Vin took a sip from his glass and his lips glistened with the moisture. Ezra's eyes wandered down the strong jaw, towards the opening in Vin's shirt. Ezra could practically visualise the lean and wiry body under the material. Ezra felt cheated when the table prevented his eyes from roaming further down Vin's frame. Ezra lifted his gaze back to Vin's face, noticing the relaxed way the sharpshooter seemed to conduct a conversation. As well as his looks, Vin's quick smile and easy going manner, were seducing Alan and Steve, as well as Ezra himself.

Valance had been watching Ezra and laughed, clapping him on the shoulder, "We better get back, before those two decide they like each other."

Ezra followed Steve, surprised at how disturbing the thought of Vin with another man was to him.

* * * * * * *

The evening was wearing on, Valance was in a good mood and wanted to continue celebrating. It was almost midnight by the time Vin and Ezra climbed into the car, and as they got settled it seemed like the most natural thing for Ezra to leave his arm around Vin's waist. Vin sighed contently and leaned against Ezra's warm body, watching the darkness outside the window.

Now, however, they were standing in front of Ezra's door and the awkwardness had come back.

Ezra fumbled with his keys, "Thank you Mr Tanner. This assignment has progressed considerably with your assistance."

"No problem," Vin moved closer to Ezra as the undercover agent turned around. Vin could feel Ezra's warm breath close to his face, and anticipated the sweet taste of Ezra's mouth. Ezra saw Vin's eyes close, the undercover agent licked his lips as he tilted his head and leaned forward, stopping just before their lips touched.

Vin had been aware of Ezra's mouth coming closer to his own, but he'd also felt the hesitation in the other man. Vin kept his eyes shut so that he could block out the emotions that must be playing over Ezra's face as he changed his mind. Vin bowed his head. "I'd better get home," Vin said so quietly that Ezra could hardly hear him.

Ezra backed away and nodded. He opened his door turning around to watch as Vin opted to take the stairs instead of the elevator. Ezra stared longingly at the retreating form, however Vin never gave Ezra a backward glance. Ezra sighed and entered his apartment, leaning heavily on the door and sliding to the floor.

* * * * * * *

Ezra entered the FBI building through the garage, after taking a cab in to work. Buck and JD were just pulling up, and jumped out of the pick-up to meet Ezra.

"How was your date?" Buck asked, "Does Vin put out on the first date?"

JD stifled his laughter, "It's obvious Vin's not with him. Besides, we all know Ezra's a gentleman."

Buck shrugged, "But Vin's not."

Ezra was just about ready to jump to Vin's defence, but he realised that would only encourage these two even more. Instead, Ezra just stayed silent, and let Buck and JD's banter wash over him.

The other members of Team 7 were already in the office, and Chris was eager to find out what was happening.

"Mr Valance wants to check over the merchandise himself before selling it to me," Ezra was glad to be talking about work. "I'll be heading out to his estate soon, I have a feeling he'll want to be getting to his warehouse as soon as possible, perhaps he'll let me accompany him anyway."

Chris nodded, "I want you to wear a wire." Before Ezra could protest Chris quickly continued, "I’ll have Team 3 waiting down in the industrial area, try to get him to tell you which warehouse is his. We'll alert Team 3 and Valance should drive into the trap himself. If you can, go with him. If not, you can help us secure Valance's house, any documents he keeps there and his men."

"JD and I will help you with the wire, and test it," Nathan said.

Buck grinned, "Shouldn't Vin be doing that?"

Vin just turned on his heel and slammed the door to his office. He couldn't understand how angry he felt, it had just been make believe and Ezra's rejection shouldn't be affecting Vin the way it was.

Buck chuckled, "Lover's tiff?"

Ezra pushed past the taller man, "Shut up Buck, it's getting really old."

* * * * * * *

Valance had insisted on checking the weapons on his own, but Ezra had been able to coerce Steve into divulging the location of the warehouse. As much as Ezra tried to divert the conversation, Valance had also asked about Vin. Ezra tried to answer the questions, knowing that the others, especially JD and Buck, were probably rolling around laughing at his and Vin's expense. But what really bothered Ezra was the soft, wistful tone he used when talking about the sharpshooter.

Finally, Valance left and Ezra drew his gun as Team 7 moved in. They easily took down the bodyguards surrounding the estate, Ezra had laid out all their positions earlier.

"Valance's office is on one of the upper levels," Ezra shouted at Chris. "I'll check the second."

"I've got the third," Vin yelled as he bounded into the house.

Vin carefully checked in every room he came to. When he reached the fourth room he saw Alan shoving documents into a case.

"ATF, freeze," Vin said automatically.

"You're a cop?" Alan was surprised when he saw Vin standing in front of him. Alan quickly dropped the case and pointed a gun at Vin.

"C'mon Alan, you don't want to do this," Vin stated calmly.

"Steve said I had to take the papers if anything ever happened."

Vin lowered his weapon slightly, to show he didn't want to harm the startled man in front of him. "Steve's going to prison. Another team is securing the warehouse right now. He can't hurt you anymore."

Alan's hands shook, so he tightened his hold on the gun with both hands. "I don't believe you, he'll kill me if I don't..." Alan swallowed, closed his eyes and pulled the trigger.

Ezra heard the gunshot and flew up the stairs shouting Vin's name.

"We're fine Ez," Vin called back, as he held Alan and took the gun out of his hand.

Alan had changed the direction of the gun at the last minute, intentionally missing Vin, he'd never killed anyone before and he wasn't about to now. Alan watched Ezra burst into the room and saw the panic, concern and relief that flooded over Ezra's features. "You're really lucky," he whispered to Vin as the sharpshooter led him downstairs.

Chris was heading towards the house as Ezra, Vin and Alan came out. "I thought I heard a shot being fired."

"It missed," Vin said as explanation.

Josiah put his cell phone back in his pocket and walked towards Chris, "Team 3 have secured the warehouse."

"Good," Chris grabbed the documents Ezra was holding.

Vin led Alan to one of the cars, "I'll let the Judge know you came voluntarily, and that you didn't have much to do with Valance's business dealings."

"Thanks," Alan mumbled as he went with one of the agents that had come to help Team 7 clean up.

Everyone had returned to their own vehicles and were heading home, as Chris had given his team the rest of the afternoon off. Ezra knew Chris would probably go back to the office though, he sighed and pulled out his cell phone to call for a cab. Before he could dial the number, Vin's jeep pulled up in front of him, "Need a lift Ez?"

Ezra smiled and jumped in, "Thank you Mr Tanner. It seems I'm easily forgotten."

"Hardly," Vin grinned. "The others left you behind on purpose. I would have offered you a lift sooner, but I thought I'd wait till they were gone. Not that it matters, they're probably laughing at us right now."

* * * * * * *

Once again Vin and Ezra found themselves outside Ezra's apartment. Vin hung back and let Ezra open the door. Once Ezra stepped inside Vin didn't allow the undercover agent time to hesitate. He followed Ezra slamming the door shut, spinning Ezra around, Vin took possession of Ezra's luscious mouth. Ezra's back was pressed up against the wall, he opened his mouth and let Vin's tongue explore its depth. Ezra's hands shook with excitement as he pulled Vin's jacket off and undid the buttons on the sharpshooter's shirt. Vin wouldn't let Ezra step away from the hold he had on him, so Ezra struggled out of his own jacket and shirt, wanting to feel Vin's bare chest on his own. Vin groaned into Ezra's mouth and started rubbing his whole body against Ezra.

Ezra pushed against Vin, manoeuvring him towards the small table near the end of the hallway. Vin leaned back and gripped the edge with his hands. Ezra slid Vin's shirt over his shoulders and halfway down his arms. Ezra's deep green eyes emanated the heat he felt as he gazed at the exposed flesh in front of him. Ezra began gliding a hand over Vin's chest and stomach, following the trail his fingers left with his tongue. Vin growled softly as he arched into the touch. Ezra sank to his knees, deftly unbuttoning Vin's jeans and pulling them down. Ezra's hands fondling Vin's hardness was causing Vin's whole body to shudder, and when he felt Ezra tongue take quick licks along his length Vin jerked his hips reflexively. As Ezra began to pay homage to Vin's swollen balls, he snaked an arm around Vin, carefully inserting the tip of his finger into the tight entrance. Vin gasped, Ezra withdrew his finger and stood. Vin shook his head, the last thing he wanted was for Ezra to stop. Ezra smiled at the shaking body before him, he reached inside one of the drawers and pulled out a tube.

Vin looked at what Ezra was doing in surprise, "You keep that here?"

Ezra noticed that Vin's voice had lowered considerably, and that it was even more husky than usual, "Steve gave it to me, I just threw it in the first draw I came across." Ezra explained as he rubbed the contents over his hands.

"Geez, what else did you guys discuss..." Ezra sucked the rest of Vin's words out of his mouth. The sharpshooter was way too easily distracted, and Ezra wanted him back in the same state of excitement he'd been in just a few seconds ago.

It didn't take long, Vin had forgotten all about the interruption as Ezra licked and nipped his way down the younger man's jaw and neck. Ezra had also begun sliding one slick hand up and down Vin's crack, and Vin was rocking himself against the sensation. Vin's cock was aching, he grabbed a handful of Ezra's hair and pushed him down towards his groin, "Please."

Ezra first slid a finger into Vin, causing the sharpshooter to move forward. Vin looked down and sighed as he saw Ezra open his mouth to swallow Vin's penis. Ezra inserted a second finger, as he started sucking on Vin as hard as he could. Ezra opened his throat allowing Vin to moving back and forth, pushing himself onto Ezra's fingers and as they pushed back, forcing himself further into Ezra's throat. Vin's mind was spinning as he came into Ezra's mouth. Ezra removed his fingers, but kept suckling on Vin's penis, drinking everything his friend had to offer.

Ezra stood and let Vin catch his breath, as he undid his pants and freed his own straining cock. Vin reached out to run his hands over the smooth shaft and fondled the swollen balls. Ezra couldn't take much more of this, he was already rock hard, he grabbed Vin's hands and turned the younger man around. Vin again gripped the edge of the table. When Vin felt Ezra's hands run over his butt, he bent over a little further and pushed his ass backwards. Ezra didn't need anymore encouragement, he drove into Vin in one swift movement. Ezra hadn't realised how much he'd wanted this. All control was forgotten and he immediately began driving himself into Vin with abandon. Vin matched Ezra thrust for thrust, relishing the wild rhythm Ezra had set. Vin growled as Ezra came after one final deep thrust. Ezra leaned forward onto Vin's back, and Vin felt the undercover agent's whole body shudder before he withdrew.

Both men were panting as they sank to the floor. When he'd recovered a little, Vin reached out and ran his fingers through Ezra's hair. Ezra looked into Vin's eyes and saw the question there.

"It would be best if you left. I don't think we should give Buck and the rest of them anymore ammunition. I think I should find my own way in to work in the morning," Ezra regretted the words as soon as they'd left his mouth.

Vin just stood and adjusted his clothes before heading for the door.

"Mr Tanner..."

Vin spun around and stared at Ezra, before storming out.

Ezra jumped towards the door, but didn't open it, "Vin," he whispered. Why couldn't he ever say the right thing.

* * * * * * *

Vin had parked his jeep on the side of the road, in an alley. Good thing, he thought as he headed towards it, Ez'd probably have a fit if I parked it too close to his building. Wouldn't want anyone to notice it. Vin would have been perfectly willing to go into the office separately, it's not like that wasn't possible from the same place. Obviously Vin had overstepped some kind of boundary, Ezra made that clear by becoming so formal, Mr Tanner? What happened to just Vin? Vin realised that this was the second time he was leaving Ezra's apartment feeling angry and rejected. He remembered Ezra's concern when Alan had fired the gun, and how his dazzling green eyes lit up when Vin first kissed him, he'd even picked up on the tone Ezra had used with Valance when Team 7 had been listening over the wire. Maybe he was being too harsh, maybe he'd pushed Ezra too hard, it's not like Ezra promised him anything. Vin knew that Ezra had trouble committing to friendships, let alone anything more.

Suddenly, Vin was grasped by two pairs of arms. Vin struggled, but these guys had jumped him by surprise and now had him in a vice like grip. They dragged him further into the alley, where Vin saw another man waiting.

"Valance," Vin exclaimed as they got closer.

"I thought I'd have to wait till morning for you to appear. Ezra kick you out early?"

Vin didn't answer, he just glared at Valance and tried to loosen the grip the two goons had on him. Vin didn't recognise either of them, Valance probably just picked them off the streets.

Valance moved closer to Vin, "Someone as good looking as you shouldn't be treated this way. I'd keep you in my bed for as long as I could."

Vin's struggling became frantic, as he struck out with his legs, kicking Valance and pushing him backwards. One of the goons, twisted Vin's arm forcing him back. Valance regained his composure and slammed a fist into Vin's stomach. Vin was prevented from doubling over by the two guys. Before Vin could catch his breath, Valance began punching at Vin's body and face relentlessly. Vin was vaguely aware of the goons letting him go. He crumpled to the floor, where all three men continued kicking at him, until he lay completely still, his blood slowly dripping onto the concrete and into the gutter.

* * * * * * *

"Did you and Vin celebrate last night?" Were the first words out of Buck's mouth when he saw Ezra step off the elevator.

"I'm really not in the mood this morning, Mr Wilmington," Ezra drawled.

"Isn't Vin with you?" Nathan asked, then held his hands up defensively. "I just thought he was driving you into the office this morning."

"I took a cab. I would have assumed Mr Tanner would already be here."

Chris came storming out of his office, "Damn!"

Everyone gathered around Chris, waiting for him to elaborate. "Someone on Team 3 jumped the gun at the bust yesterday, Valance got away and no-one thought to tell Josiah yesterday."

"Great," Buck mumbled, he'd told Chris someone should go with the other team.

"Valance must know Ez set him up by now," JD stated.

Josiah nodded, "According to his profile, Valance doesn't take kindly to people who cross him. And Ezra's already told us about his temper."

Chris looked at Ezra in concern, "You're not to go anywhere unless one of us is with you. You'll have to stay in one of the safe houses as well, Valance knows where you live. I'm not willing to take any chances, it seems pretty clear that this guy's gonna come after you."

Ezra nodded his head in agreement and then froze, "Vin."

"What?" Chris asked.

"That son of a bitch thinks Vin's my lover. What if...."

"Shit," Buck muttered.

Everyone headed for the elevator, and no-one was laughing anymore.

Josiah picked up the phone that had begun ringing. "Vin's at the hospital," he said as he replaced the receiver.

* * * * * * *

The nurse in the waiting room quickly went to fetch the doctor when she saw the six men rush into the hospital.

"What happened?" Chris asked as soon as the doctor appeared.

"Someone found your friend badly beaten in an alley early this morning, he called the ambulance."

Ezra paled and sank into one of the chairs, he was scarcely able to follow what else the doctor was saying.

"He has several broken ribs, his left shoulder was dislocated, and he has severe bruising. Luckily there was no internal bleeding. However he did take some blows to the head and he hasn't regained consciousness, until he does I won't be able to tell if any permanent damage has been sustained."

Chris slumped down next to Ezra, looking just as distraught as the undercover agent.

"Can we see him?" Josiah asked.

"We've just finishing bandaging him up," the doctor looked at each of the six expressions in front of him. "You can see him quickly, but you can't stay."

* * * * * * *

Ezra clenched his hands to keep them from shaking when he looked into the hospital room. Vin's face was distorted from the bruising. His lip was split open and he had a cut across his forehead. His eyes looked red and swollen, and Ezra didn't think Vin would be able to open them, even if he wanted to. One of Vin's arms were strapped to his body, and the area around his ribs were bandaged. The sheet only came up to Vin's mid-section, and nobody could miss the angry bruising that showed around the bandages.

Ezra knew that there were two people to blame for this, and he was determined to find the other person. Ezra turned on his heel and stalked down the hallway towards the exit.

On the other hand, Chris entered Vin's hospital room, sat down in a chair with a set expression on his face. The rest of Team 7 knew Chris wasn't moving from that position, and they felt sorry for any doctor or nurse that would try to persuade him.

Josiah tapped Buck on the shoulder and whispered, "We should go after Ezra, I have a feeling he's going after Valance."

Buck nodded and looked at Nathan and JD. "We'll keep an eye on Chris, and when the doctor kicks us out, we'll wait for you guys in the waiting room," Nathan said.

Josiah and Buck moved as fast as they could without running in the hospital, to catch up to Ezra.

* * * * * * *

Ezra ran blindly into the streets, he had forgotten that he was the only one without a car, he vaguely wondered how long it would take for his vehicle to be repaired. He had no idea which direction to head for, or even where to start. Every time he tried to concentrate, the image of Vin lying in that damn hospital bed invaded his thoughts.

Now, all of a sudden, he found himself held against his will in an alley, much the same way Vin had been.

Valance leered at Ezra, "You know you really should watch your back. Or do you have something else on your mind?"

"You bastard," Ezra spat out the words.

"Now, now. Vin had a choice, he refused my bed. No-one does that."

Ezra rage couldn't be controlled, one of his arms broke free from the grip the goons had him in. He lurched forward, pulling free from the other guy. Ezra swung at Valance, who stepped back losing him balance and falling to the floor. Ezra was on top of Valance, closing his hands around Steve's neck, ready to squeeze the life out of the person who hurt Vin. The two goons grabbed hold of Ezra and pulled him off their boss, tightening their grip so that Ezra couldn't struggle free again.

Valance stood and dusted off his suit, he pulled a gun and aimed it directly at Ezra's chest, "I think I'll just shoot you."

"I think that's a bad idea," Buck hissed as he held his gun to Valance's head. "Let him go."

The two goons let go of Ezra and glanced towards the alley, to see if they could make an escape, this wasn't what they'd signed on for. Unfortunately, Josiah was blocking the exit, and they were trapped.

Ezra let Buck and Josiah take care of Valance and his men, he hailed a cab and went home. He'd thought about going back to the hospital, but wasn't sure he could face Vin, or Chris for that matter.

* * * * * * *

Chris walked out of Vin's room, just as Buck and Josiah entered the waiting room. Both JD and Nathan couldn't decide who to ask after first.

Chris started anyway, "Vin woke up, the doctor was in the room and he kicked me out."

The others hid their smiles when the heard the petulant tone in their leader's voice, but Chris noticed them anyway, "It's not funny. And in case your wondering, the doctor said Vin would be just fine, he knew how many fingers."

JD was relieved at the news, he turned to Buck and Josiah, "Where's Ez?"

"I think he went home," Josiah answered.

Chris looked accusingly at his two agent, “I thought I said I didn’t want him going anywhere alone.”

“It’s okay, we arrested Valance a few minutes ago,” Josiah said. “Ezra led us to him.”

"That’s right," Buck agreed. "But I think Ezra’s still blaming himself."

"I'll call him and let him know Vin's going to be okay," Nathan offered.

"I think we should all leave and get some rest," Josiah said. "Now that we're all out of the Vin's room, I have a feeling the doctor won't be letting any of us back in, at least until tomorrow."

* * * * * * *

Ezra snuck down the darkened hallway, towards Vin's room. He'd been determined to stay away, especially after Nathan had reassured him that Vin was fine. Ezra knew that he was here because he needed to be near Vin. First he hurt Vin by rejecting him, then because of him Vin was physically hurt. Instead of making it up to Vin, Ezra was here out of his own need. Ezra lay his hand on the door to Vin's hospital room, he thought about turning back, but knew he'd be back within the hour, he just couldn't stay away.

Ezra took Vin's good hand in his own, lightly stroking the fingers. "I'm so sorry Vin. I really wanted you to stay the other night, I should have let you stay. If you hadn't been leaving my apartment...."

Ezra stopped talking when he felt Vin's hand gently squeeze his own. The sharpshooter was struggling to open his eyes, wanting to look directly into Ezra's. Ezra leaned forward, so that he could hear what Vin was trying to say, "I'm glad you're here."

Ezra smiled down at Vin, he stroked the younger man's hair before settling into a chair and falling asleep.

* * * * * * *

Vin had been in the hospital for a couple of months. The bruises and swelling on his face had nearly all gone. There was a minor scar from the cut on his forehead. He was now able to move his arm, and had enough strength to now walk around the hospital. The bandages around his ribs were still in place, as were the bruises to his stomach and chest, although they had faded somewhat. Vin had become restless, and was exasperating Chris and the rest of the team, who were just trying to help.

Ezra knew how Vin felt, and therefore was not surprised at all when he entered his bedroom to find Vin sleeping in his bed. Ezra looked around, Vin had thrown his clothes haphazardly around the room, and Ezra realised that he must be naked under the covers. It made sense, clothes still irritated Vin's injuries, and Ezra certainly didn't mind.

Ezra carefully lowered himself onto the bed, trying not to wake Vin. However, Vin stirred anyway, and grinned at Ezra.

Ezra grinned back, "I should take you back to the hospital."

"They let me go."

"Mr Larabee will have my head."

"I wanted you beside me."

Ezra couldn't argue with that, "I'll just get cleaned up."

* * * * * * *

Vin was asleep again by the time Ezra came out of the bathroom. Ezra smiled as he dropped the towel and slid between the sheets next to Vin. He was careful not to touch Vin, and wondered if his friend knew that falling asleep next to Vin was exactly what he'd wanted as well.

* * * * * * *

Vin woke later that night, thinking he was still in the hospital. Then he felt the warmth of the body next to him and smiled. He tilted his head and watched Ezra sleep for a while. He shifted the sheet so that it slipped way from Ezra's chest, Vin traced his fingers across the exposed flesh, lingering over the nipples, teasing them into erectness. Vin pulled out the tube he'd found when he'd first arrived at Ezra's apartment, he inched his way closer to Ezra, reaching under the sheet to rub the lubricant over Ezra's penis, grinning as he felt Ezra harden.

Ezra fought to stay asleep, never wanting to wake from the dream he was having. However, his eyes fluttered open, then widened when he realised it wasn't a dream. Ezra turned his head to see Vin lying on his back, grinning at him.

Ezra's eyes dimmed a little, Vin's movements were obviously limited due to his injuries, so Ezra covered Vin's hand with his own to still the stroking. "Not tonight Vin."

Vin tightened his grip on Ezra's shaft and rolled over onto his side. Ezra had no choice other than to follow him, also laying on his side behind Vin. Ezra massaged the back of Vin's thighs with one hand while he prepared his friend with the other.

Ezra wrapped his arms around Vin, careful to avoid the bandages and bruising. He kissed and licked Vin's ear, as he began to enter Vin's tight channel. Vin instinctively moved back to meet Ezra's hardness. The pain this caused to Vin's ribs, and the mild burning sensation he felt as Ezra filled him, translated into his whole body screaming, causing him to moan.

Ezra stopped all movement straight away, but Vin placed a hand on Ezra's arm, "Please," he groaned huskily.

Ezra tightened his hold on Vin, preventing Vin from moving as he slowly continued his possession of the sharpshooter. Once Ezra was as far into Vin as he could go, Vin tilted his head so that he could kiss Ezra. Vin watched as Ezra's mouth descended to cover his own, and Vin immediately sucked Ezra's tongue into his mouth.

Ezra kept his thrusting slow and gentle, this rhythm seemed to enhance Ezra's desire, and he relished the prolonged sensations Vin's hot tightness was inducing. Ezra began groaning, but Vin's mouth muffled the sound. Vin's kiss became more intense and he gently nipped at Ezra's lips and tongue, as he felt Ezra's liquid heat deep inside him.

Ezra broke away from Vin's mouth and gently withdrew from Vin's body. He was slightly out of breath, and turned glazed eyes towards Vin who was still lying on his side. Ezra ran his fingers through Vin's soft hair, turning the younger man over so that he was lying on his back, with his head resting on Ezra's chest.

"So I can stay," Vin sighed as he fell into a peaceful sleep.

Ezra smiled as kept stroking Vin's hair, "As long as you want."


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