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Authors' Note: I was in a bookstore and this guy came in and tried to steal some books. So, everything up to the part where Eddie pulls the gun actually happened, except, of course, JD and Ezra weren't there much to my dismay.

Misguided - ATF

By Ladysmiths

“Have you found it yet?” JD was practically jumping up and down, he wanted want to get back from lunch on time. He’d already gotten into trouble yesterday when he and Buck had returned late.

“Mr Dunne, if you would cease pestering me, I’d be able to hurry it along. Besides I don’t think they have it here. Let me just see if I can order it in.” Ezra noticed JD rolling his eyes, “Besides, I never asked you to accompany me, you can leave any time.” Ezra’s mother had obscure taste in books, and Ezra was beginning to wonder why he always had to try and find them.

“Chris will kill us if we’re late,” JD mumbled.

Ezra sighed, “You go, I can handle Mr Larabee.”

As Ezra and JD headed towards the counter, they noticed one of the bookstore’s staff taking a pile of books from a customer, and leading him towards the back of the store.

“If you’ll just come with me, we can sort this out,” the salesperson said as they passed Ezra and JD.

The customer, being much taller than most of the people in the bookstore, broke free. “No, no. Give me those.”

The salesman once again tried to steer the young man towards the back of the store, “If you pay for the books, you can take them. If not, we’ll wait for the police.”

This seemed to agitate the customer even more, “NO.” He jerked out of the salesman’s grip and stumbled towards the exit, nearly bowling JD over.

“Hey there mister. That guy just wants to talk to you,” JD stated calmly.

The salesman looked gratefully at JD and nodded, “That’s right.”

The young man swung back wildly, “Don’t touch me.” He circled looking for another way out, and when he couldn’t find one, he pulled out a gun.

JD immediately stepped back, while Ezra drew his own weapon and trained it on the young man.

The customer swivelled to face Ezra, looking more frightened than menacing, “Why do you have a gun?”

Ezra advanced slowly, “Federal Agent, drop your weapon.”

The young man obviously didn’t know what to do, he looked around for help. Most people were either frozen to the spot, or nervously shuffling towards the exit. Realising that nobody would rescue him, the young man’s whole body began to shake.

JD approached and not wanting to spook the guy said, “It’s okay, we won’t hurt you.” He reached out and placed a hand over the gun, taking it from the young man and checking it over, “It’s not loaded.”

Ezra lowered his gun just as the police arrived. Both JD and Ezra showed their ID’s and gave a statement, before leaving it to the police.

“You know,” JD said as he and Ezra were walking down the street towards the Federal building. “I swear that gun didn’t have a serial number. And it was brand new, you wouldn’t think someone like that would have been able to afford it.”

Ezra looked at JD thoughtfully, “Perhaps we should call the police station and find out who this petty thief is. Perhaps we could arrange an interview and find out and where he procures his firearms.”

* * * * * * *

“You’re late,” Chris stated when he saw his two missing agents step off the elevator.

“I’ll make that phone call now,” JD stuttered as he all but ran to his office.

Ezra sighed, you could always rely on JD to back you up. And Chris, the man always seemed to be hovering around the elevators every time someone was a little late. “We were preventing a felony.”

This sparked Nathan’s curiosity and came over to join the conversation, “What felony?”

“Somebody tried to rob the bookstore, he pulled a gun, and JD and I stopped him,” Ezra answered.

“Was anyone hurt?” Chris asked.

Ezra shook his head, “No, the gun wasn’t loaded. Even if it had been, I don’t think the miscreant in question would have fired. He seemed a little mentally challenged.”

“The guy’s nuts,” JD tumbled out of his office and burst into the conversation.

“Now that we are clear on that point, did you find out anything else?” Ezra asked.

The other members of Team 7 had gathered around, sensing that something was up.

“His name’s Eddie, but we can’t see him ‘cause his uncle bailed him out,” JD stated helpfully.

“What did you want to see him for?” Buck wanted to know.

“He wielded a brand new weapon, with no serial number,” Ezra said. “Is that all the information you obtained?”

JD pouted, “No, the police will deliver the gun to us.”

“Why?” Buck wished JD would just spill it.

JD looked triumphant, “Eddie’s uncle’s name is Simon Ashman.”

“Ashman?” Josiah repeated. “Don’t we have a file on him?”

“Yeah,” Chris confirmed. “Apparently, he buys guns from the manufacturers before a serial number is allocated, then sells them on the streets.” Another team had tried to bring Ashman down by posing as manufacturers, but he’d smelt the trap and gotten away. Chris smiled to himself, now Team 7 were going to take the case on.

“I’ll locate the file,” Nathan said as he headed for the stairs.

“Conference room,” the rest team 7 said in unison, before Chris could open his mouth.

* * * * * * *

Chris opened the file Nathan had handed him. “Okay, there’s a list of gun manufacturers here. Ashman places his men in one of these companies, usually around the time he knows production is going to start. These men pilfer a relatively small amount of weapons before they are processed. His men usually leave, they’re generally only hired as casuals to help with the busy times. Seeing these companies have hired them before, they’ll hire usually hire them again because the already know the work. In relation to Eddie, Ashman took him in after his mother died. Eddie does have diminished mental capacity, but not enough to be hospitalised, Ashman looks after all his medical and personal needs. He hires live-in aide for Eddie, whose basically a tutor, nurse and friend all rolled into one.”

“This assistant was doing a fine job today, we can pretty much guarantee that Ashman will be looking to replace him or her,” Ezra remarked.

Chris nodded, “Yeah, it seems Eddie doesn’t take to people easily. Ashman’s hired three different people in the last month.”

“Wonderful,” Ezra smiled, it had been a while since he’s had to go undercover and he was looking forward to exercising his skills. “I should have no problem becoming a member of Ashman’s staff....”

“Hey Ez,” Vin interrupted. “Didn’t you just help arrest Eddie?”

Ezra scowled, he’d completely forgotten, “I’m well aware of that Mr Tanner. I just meant that seeing as how I should have no problem, I’d be able to help whomever Mr Larabee chooses to send in.”

“I could do it,” Josiah stated. Everyone turned towards Josiah, so he added, “I worked in an institution before I became a cop, generally doing what Chris described before. And I shouldn’t have any trouble tutoring Eddie either.”

Chris looked thoughtful, he never usually sent Josiah in undercover. However, seeing as Ezra couldn’t, Josiah did seem like the logical choice. He’d had experience, and people usually looked to him as a father figure. Even his background in profiling would probably help. “Okay, there’s an agency Ashman goes through to hire these aides. We’ll call them, and let them know we want them to set you up for the job.”

Josiah simply smiled and nodded.

Chris began giving orders, “I don’t think you’ll have much contact with Ashman once you’re hired. You’ll have to see if you can snoop around and see if you can find something that leads us to where Ashman stashes the guns. JD and Nathan will go through this list of companies on the computer, maybe pull out employment records and the locations of their warehouses. Hopefully Ashman will let Josiah have a certain amount of guests, that way Nathan can visit Josiah occasionally to swap information. Buck and I will physically check out these manufacturers, see if we can spot any of Ashman’s men, that way we’ll know where the next load is coming from. There’s no point in Josiah wearing a wire, he has no reason to bring up business with Ashman, and if he did Ashman would get suspicious for sure. Ezra, you and Vin tail Josiah. Next time Eddie pulls a gun it might be loaded.”

“I don’t think...” Josiah started.

Chris continued, “Eddie got that gun from somewhere, and I don’t think his uncle have it to him. Maybe he’s found where Ashman keeps them. If so, you might be able to lead Vin and Ezra right to them.”

Chris looked around the table and grinned when no-one else had any protests, “Let’s get to work.”

* * * * * * *

Josiah had been at the Ashton house for nearly a week, and he and Eddie were now becoming fast friends. At first Eddie had been almost childlike in his determination not to like his aide, he knew that they were paid to look after him and he resented it. He’d already tried to run out on Josiah, as he’d done with the last assistant, and had generally tested the other man’s limits. Josiah discerned that Eddie was basically just bored. Eddie was much more intelligent that people realised, all he needed was to be trusted with a little responsibility. Josiah allowed Eddie to do things for himself, instead of just snatching it away when he took a little longer than everyone else. The look of triumph on Eddie’s face when he managed his tasks, was definitely worth the patience.

Chris had been right, Josiah didn’t have much association with Simon Ashton. Snooping around was also proving to be a problem, as Eddie wanted to know everything Josiah was doing. Nathan had been allowed to drop by, but wasn’t permitted in the main house. Josiah stayed in the guest house, was allowed to have guests on occasion, but he had to inform the guards and keep visitors to a minimum.

“I was arrested,” Eddie confided out of the blue.

Josiah looked suitably surprised, “What for?”

Eddie shrugged, “I don’t know. I just liked the pictures.”

“Did you have to stay in jail?” Josiah asked.

“No, Uncle Simon came a got me. They took my gun though.”

Josiah appeared impressed, “You have a gun?”

“Shhh,” Eddie whispered. “Uncle Simon doesn’t know. But I know where he keeps a whole heap.”

“Really?” Josiah had also begun to whisper. “Where?”

Eddie just pointed in a general direction.

Josiah had noticed that Eddie could direct you anywhere he’d ever been before, whether or foot or in a vehicle. However, he didn’t seem to take notice of street names or whether he was turning left or right. “If I drove, could you show me the way?”

“Uh huh,” Eddie nodded.

“Do you want to go now?” Josiah wanted this assignment to end soon, he liked Eddie and didn’t feel quite right about using him. When this was over, Josiah was determined to locate the rest of Eddie’s family on his father’s side. Simon Ashman provided for him, but didn’t look after him. Eddie had mentioned an Aunt on his father’s side, but didn’t know much about her.

“No, it takes too long. I want to go shopping,” Eddie decided.

“Okay,” Josiah conceded. “But how about tomorrow, we could leave first thing in the morning.” Ashman hadn’t given Josiah any restrictions on using the vehicles, if Eddie wanted to go out, he could, just as long as someone went with him.

Eddie made a show of thinking about it, “Yes.”

* * * * * * *

Ezra and Vin sat in Ezra’s Jag and waited. They’d tailed Josiah and Eddie to town, Ezra was careful to stay a couple of cars behind. However it didn’t really matter how obvious they got, Josiah knew he was being followed, and he’d told Nathan that Eddie was so intent on where he was going that he was oblivious to what was behind him.

“This is taking forever,” Vin complained. “What are they doing?”

“This assignment is going nowhere,” Ezra grumbled. “I’m much more expeditious in uncovering information. Especially when I know how uncomfortable my other team members must be.”

“Yeah,” Vin agreed. “We didn’t even get to move yesterday.”

“We should write down our complaints and have Nathan pass them on. Perhaps we could suggest some interesting places for Josiah to take Eddie.”

“Okay,” Vin looked for a pen and paper.

Ezra had tore up the stupid piece of paper after it became apparent that he and Vin wouldn’t be able to agree on anything. “I’m going to get a coffee, do you want something?”

“Uh, no thanks Ez. But don’t take too long,” Vin said as he eyed the driver’s seat.

“You’re not driving, Mr Tanner,” Ezra drawled, knowing what the glint in Vin’s eyes meant.

“What if they start moving again?”

“I’ll only be a little while,” Ezra sighed.

However, before Ezra could enter the coffee shop, he heard Vin’s shout, “Ez, they’re driving off.”

Ezra jumped back in the Jag and started the engine. When Ezra looked up, Ashman’s vehicle was nowhere in sight.

“They turned right up ahead,” Vin said.

After Ezra had made the turn, Vin spotted the vehicle and pointed, “There they are, shit they’re way ahead of us.”

Ezra abruptly turned left into an alley.

Vin looked at him in surprise, “What are you doing, you’re supposed to be going straight.”

“This is a shortcut, we’ll be able to catch up to them further up the road,” Ezra stated, and then groaned and pulled to a stop at the dead end.

“Well, that was the world’s shortest car chase,” Vin quipped.

Ezra reversed the Jag out of the alley, “Shut up, Mr Tanner. I doubt they’ll be going retrieve any weapons, and I don’t think Josiah’s in any danger. They probably went out to get some dinner.”

“Good idea, I’m starved,” Vin smiled. “We’ll check in at Ashman’s house and make sure Josiah’s there later.” Ashman didn’t like Eddie leaving the house late at night. Josiah always had him home by 8.00pm. Josiah found it easier to stay on the estate, he tried to use that time to check out the main house, even though Eddie still followed him around. Ezra and Vin usually waited till a little after 8.00pm before heading for the office to check in and then head home, only to start the whole thing again the next morning.

“May I assume you’re paying,” Ezra grinned back at Vin. It would be good eat like civilised people for a change, instead of wolfing down junk food in the Jag.

“No way, you won’t let me drive.”

“What’s that got to do with dinner?”

“Well, if I’d been driving we wouldn’t have lost Josiah. Chris’ll be pissed when he finds out, and we’ll both be trouble, even though it was all your fault. You owe me dinner at least.”

“Mr Tanner, If we hadn’t lost Josiah we wouldn’t be going to a restaurant. You owe me for giving us this opportunity.”

Vin sighed, Ezra had an answer for everything, “Fine, I’ll pay for your meal and you can pay for mine.”

Ezra thought about it for a second and then smiled, “Deal.”

An hour later Vin and Ezra pulled up outside Ashman’s house in time to see Josiah drive in with Eddie. They waited for a couple of minutes, and as they were about to move away when they saw Nathan pass them and enter the estate.

* * * * * * *

“How’d it go?” Chris asked when Ezra and Vin stepped off the elevator.

“Boring,” Vin replied.

“My sentiments exactly,” Ezra agreed.

“Well at least your not walkin’ around the city, looking for Ashman’s men,” Buck grumbled. “There’s way too many companies on that list.”

Chris shrugged, “Nathan’s with Josiah now...”

“Yeah, we saw him,” Vin interrupted.

Chris continued, “Maybe Josiah will have something for us.”

Vin and Ezra glanced at each other, neither of them had been willing to be the first to tell Chris about losing Josiah, now however it seemed Nathan would be able to do it for them.

JD ran out of his office waving a piece of paper, “You guys should go to the Axiom Manufacturing, they’ve been hiring a lot of people lately and a new batch of guns is supposed to be ready for release in a few months.”

“You couldn’t have told us this a week ago?” Buck asked.

“Hey, I was being thorough,” JD glared at Buck.

Chris smiled, “You did fine kid.”

JD puffed out his chest, and Buck rolled his eyes, “Why’d you have to go and say that Chris? He’ll be impossible to live with.”

Nathan walked into the office over to where the five men were standing, “Having a meeting?”

“Did Josiah have any information?” Chris was always the first to get to the point.

“Apparently Eddie knows where the guns are, he’ll be taking Josiah there first thing in the morning,” turning to Vin and Ezra he added, “You guys better be ready to follow them.”

“Uh, yeah sure,” Vin said as he and Ezra stared at each other, waiting for Nathan to continue.

“Josiah said that you guys should do what you did today,” when he saw the confused looks on Vin and Ezra’s face he added, “If Ashman’s men are around, it wouldn’t look to good if Josiah and Eddie were being so obviously followed. Apparently, Josiah was hardly aware of anyone following him half the time today.”

Ezra cleared his throat, “Well, we are experts after all.”

* * * * * * *

Following Josiah unobserved was quite simple as they drove through the city, there were plenty of other vehicles around. However, as they drove further out into the country, the traffic thinned and Vin and Ezra had to slow down considerably. Josiah stop in front of a small hidden estate, with a modest wooden house and some sheds scattered off to the right. Vin and Ezra watched as Josiah and Eddie exited their car, and the Ezra reversed down the road so that they were out of view.

“Should we walk up?” Vin asked.

“It’s a long way,” Ezra muttered. “Besides, Chris told us to make sure we weren’t in sight, when Josiah and Eddie were together.”

Vin and Ezra waited patiently, actually they argued about which music station to listen to, until Josiah and Eddie passed them on their way home.

* * * * * * *

The two agents stepped out of the Jag and looked around, it seemed most likely that the weapons would be kept in one of the sheds. Just as they were about to make their way over, they heard someone shout, “Hey, what are you guys doin’ here?”

Both Vin and Ezra spun around, and then looked up at the huge guy in front of them.

“We got lost,” Vin blurted the first excuse that came to mind. “We’re glad we found this place, you guys are pretty well hidden from the road.”

The bodyguard assessed the two men suspiciously, first Eddie brings some guy here and now these two show up.

Ezra didn’t like the expression on this guys face, or his height, “If you’d be so kind as to direct us to the highway, we’ll be on our way.”

The bodyguard grunted out the directions, and watched as Vin and Ezra walked back to the Jag, climbed in and drove off.

* * * * * * *

Vin and Ezra had called Nathan and told them where they were, letting him know that they’d stay there for a while and see if they can sneak in a little later. Nathan was going to wait for Chris and Buck to get back from Axiom Manufacturing, if the weapons were stored out where Vin and Ezra were they would call in. Chris would dispatch another team and Vin and Ezra were to wait for them to arrive, before securing the area. Chris, Buck, Nathan and JD would go to Ashman’s house, and hopefully arrest him there.

* * * * * * *

Vin and Ezra snuck up towards the hidden estate on foot this time, much to Ezra’s chagrin. Ezra started to head towards the house. “Where are you going?” Vin whispered. “I though we were going to check out the sheds.”

“The sheds are this way,” Ezra stated.

“No they’re not,” Vin shook his head. “Follow me.”

“I think you should both follow me.”

Both Vin and Ezra spun around to find the same bodyguard as before towering over them.

Vin tried to chuckle, “Did you say left or right at the end of the road?”

The bodyguard took hold of Vin and found his weapon, pointing it at Vin he ordered Ezra to hand over his gun as well. Ezra did as he was told, the guy looked at the guns, smiled and threw them into the scrub behind him.

“Who are you?” came another voice from behind them.

Ezra groaned when he glanced behind him, these guys looked like twins.

The first bodyguard grabbed Vin, who kicked out pushing him backwards. Ezra didn’t wait for the other guy to approach him, he decided to attack first. Although the guards were larger, Vin and Ezra had training and they were able to hold their own. Until the guard fighting with Vin pulled out a knife. Vin jumped back to avoid the new threat, and then tried to grab hold of the guard’s flailing hand. Ezra landed heavily on the ground, when a blow took him surprise. While Ezra was recovering, the second bodyguard grabbed a large branch, swung at Vin hitting him on the side of the head. Vin staggered and yelled in pain as the knife the other guy was holding slashed into his arm. The guard swung around and noticed Ezra pulling the gun from the holster at his ankle. Before Ezra could take proper aim, the branch was brought crashing down onto Ezra’s knee. Ezra dropped his gun from the impact. As he tried to stand up, he saw that Vin had the knife to his throat and that the other guard was picking up his gun. Ezra winced at the pain, as he was heaved to his feet.

The guards led Vin and Ezra deeper into the trees, finally stopping when they reached a shed completely out of view from the other buildings. They flung the door open, shoving Vin and Ezra inside, and locking it behind them.

Chris and Buck looked up in astonishment and were shocked into speechlessness at the state of their friends.

Both Vin and Ezra were beyond surprise, but were relieved to see the other two men were unharmed. “It appears you located Mr Ashman’s men,” Ezra stated matter of factly.

The sound of Ezra’s southern drawl broke Chris and Buck out of their trance. “All we did was ask if Axiom Manufacturing knew who was skimming their guns,” Buck said as he helped lower Ezra to the ground and tied a strip of Ezra’s jacket around the wounded knee which was already swelling to twice its size.

“You should try asking for directions,” Vin mumbled as he tried to move away from Chris.

“Hold still, you’re bleeding,” Chris admonished as he also tore some strips off the jacket and placed it around the cut on Vin’s arm, at least it seemed to ebb the flow of blood. “Now let me take a look at that gash on your head.”

“We should be thinking of a way to get out of here,” Vin muttered, wanting to distract Chris.

Ezra sighed, “Can’t we just wait for the rest of our team to rescue us.”

“What if Ashman’s men decide to kill us first?” Buck asked.

* * * * * * *

Later that evening, Nathan knocked on the door of the guesthouse.

Josiah answered, “What’s going on?”

“Chris and Buck haven’t come back yet, and Vin and Ezra haven’t called in,” Nathan sounded worried.

“Ashman, left in a real hurry just about half an hour ago,” Josiah wasn’t liking this anymore than Nathan was.

Nathan nodded, “JD’s in the car, let’s go.”

“Where are you going?” Eddie was just coming to visit Josiah.

“I need to go with my friend here,” Josiah answered hurriedly.

“I’m your friend, I want to come,” Eddie didn’t think Josiah would ever leave him behind.

Josiah shook his head, making sure he spoke calmly, “You can’t this time. I’ll come back and get you later.”

Eddie was determined, “If you don’t take me with you, I’ll tell the guards.”

Josiah looked imploringly at Nathan, who shrugged.

“Okay, but you have to stay in the car,” Josiah relented.

* * * * * * *

Simon Ashman had sent the two bodyguards that had caught Vin and Ezra to fetch the four prisoners. Simon hadn’t been pleased when he’d heard that four men were snooping around his business, he’d been even less pleased when he’d been informed of Eddie’s earlier visit here.

As soon as Josiah, Nathan, JD and Eddie pulled up outside the estate, Eddie flew out of the car. “Eddie, wait,” Josiah yelled after him.

Simon and three of his men drew their guns when Eddie rushed into the room, Josiah hot on his heels.

Ashman looked surprised for a moment, before putting everything into place, “You’re a cop,” he stated rather than asked.

Two of his men, stepped outside as JD and Nathan were coming up the stairs. “We’ve found a couple more,” one of them said as they relieved the agents of their weapons and pushed them into the room.

“No,” Eddie looked around confused. “They’re my friends.”

Ashman ignored his nephew, “Usually I just fire the aides, but I think I’ll shoot you.” Simon aimed and squeezed the trigger.

* * * * * * *

When the first guard opened the door, he saw Vin standing near the back of the shed and Ezra sitting to his left. Before he could check where the other two were, Chris leapt at him, they both lost their balance and flew to the floor. The second guard tried to enter to help his friend, when Buck slammed the door in his face, causing him to recoil clutching at his nose. Chris was struggling with the bodyguard, and when Vin saw the flash of steel appear in the other man’s hand, he quickly jumped and stamped on the guy’s arm. The bodyguard muffled a yell and let go of the knife. Chris picked it up and held to his assailant’s throat. Wielding the knife in front of him, Chris and the others slowly backed out of the shed, locking the two bodyguards in behind them.

Ezra began limping towards the woods. “Where are you goin’ Ez? We came from that line of trees over there,” Vin pointed.

“Mr Tanner, I am absolutely sure that we came from this direction,” Ezra stated assuredly.

Chris and Buck looked from one to the other, neither of them had even seen the house or any other buildings, they’d been led straight to this shed from road.

Ezra noticed that Chris and Buck were wondering who to follow, “I’d like to point out that Mr Tanner has taken a nasty blow to head, I’m sure his mind must have been spinning.”

Chris and Buck went towards Ezra, Vin shrugged and followed. Suddenly they heard a gunshot coming from behind them.

“I told you,” Vin muttered as they changed direction and headed towards the sound.

* * * * * * *

Chris and Buck burst into the room, with Chris only carrying the knife as a weapon. Josiah was kneeling on the floor, holding Eddie who appeared to be shot in the shoulder. Nathan had moved over to Ashman, who after realising he’d shot his nephew, and frozen in shock. As Nathan took the gun out of Simon’s hand, Buck and JD relieved the other men of their weapons. Vin found the phone and called for an ambulance and a back up team.

* * * * * * *

Josiah stepped wearily into the waiting room and smiled at the concerned expressions that met him. “Eddie’s going to be fine, the doctor got the bullet out and it hadn’t hit any major arteries.” Josiah looked around for the missing members of the team, “What about Vin and Ezra?”

“They’re getting stitched and bandaged up,” Chris replied. “Both of them refused to stay in the hospital. The doctor relented as long as someone keeps an eye on them while they’re on painkillers. They’re coming to the ranch with me.”

“Good,” Josiah said, then looking at Chris added, “They’re keeping Eddie for at least a week, I was wondering if I could use the agency to track down the rest of his family.”

Chris just nodded.

“I’ll help you,” JD piped up.

“The way you helped rescue us?” Buck raised an eyebrow at the kid.

JD scowled, “You shouldn’t have got caught in the first place.”

Buck laughed, “Don’t worry kid...”

Everyone’s attention was drawn to Ezra who hobbled into the room, leaning heavily on a crutch. Vin, who had been holding the door for Ezra, appeared at his side a bandage over his head wound and his arm strapped up tightly. The bruising had begun to show over both men’s faces.

“How’s Eddie?” Vin asked.

“Looking better than you two,” Josiah smiled.

“As I was saying,” Buck continued from where he was interrupted, “We knew we’d have to bust out ourselves and end up rescuing you guys.”

“You were a little late,” Nathan remarked.

“Ezra couldn’t remember the way,” Chris said defensively.

“Can we just leave,” Ezra groaned as he started limping away.

Team 7 laughed when Vin tapped Ezra on the shoulder, “The exit’s this way.”


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