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Authors' Notes: One of the Erotica Day challenges was to write a missing scene. This gave me the opportunity to add a scene to Lady Killers between Vin and Ezra which continued on their comedy relief in the story.

Lady Killers - Missing Scene

By Ladysmiths

Vin watched as Chris and the others rode out, when he heard Ezra's "C'mon Vin." However, he only turned, and groaned, when the gambler hit his shoulder. If Ezra wanted his attention, he had it. Vin clumsily swung at Ezra with his good arm, the tracker didn't think his pain was funny.

Vin's reactions were funny, Ezra couldn't help but laugh as he ran off, making sure Vin was following him.

* * * * * * *

Ezra rushed into his room and placed his hat onto the dresser, he turned ready to face Vin.

Although the chase hadn't bothered Ezra in the slightest, he could tell it had taken some effort for Vin as the tracker stepped into the room, kicking the door shut behind him.

Ezra grinned, "Well now, it seems you've trapped me."

Vin threw off his own hat, not caring where it landed. He stepped closer to Ezra, a hint of a smile curving his lips and a predatory look darkening his blue eyes. Ezra smiled, this was the look he'd been after.

Vin took Ezra's mouth with his own, forcing his tongue deep into the gambler's warm mouth. Ezra opened up underneath the kiss, but wanted to feel Vin's hands and body against his. However, when Ezra reached around Vin's neck and pulled him closer, he felt the younger man flinch, and then pull back when Ezra's sidearm rubbed against him.

Less attire would be more appropriate, Ezra thought as he removed his dress coat and then the tie.

Vin slouched slightly, that man certainly had a lot of stuff to take off. The tracker watched as Ezra placed the holster and gun on the table, "We promised Chris we'd be ready for Spivak if he came back."

Ezra turned to face Vin again, unbuttoning his waistcoat as he did, "I doubt you would have followed me up here if you'd actually thought Spivak would show."

Vin just nodded in agreement. He then stretched out with his good arm as Ezra shed his shirt, finally some of the smooth, muscled flesh was in view, and within reaching distance.

Ezra only moved Vin's hand when he had to tug the heavy coat down the arm. Ezra kept hold of the coat as he walked around Vin, kissing and licking at he top of the tracker's neck as he did so. "Uh oh," Ezra mumbled in Vin's ear as the coat got stuck on the sling.

Vin moved his arm to indicate that he wanted the sling off. Ezra deftly untied it, discarding Vin's bandanna at the same time. Ezra pulled at Vin's shirt, running his hands up underneath. Suddenly, Vin's breath sharpened and Ezra felt the muscles jump under his fingers. Ezra quickly removed his hands, grabbed the sling and tied it back in place.

"Your re-dressing me?" Vin asked, and Ezra noted that the voice had become huskier.

"Don't worry, we'll remove something else to make up for it," Ezra realised his own voice had deepened, and the southern drawl had thickened with desire.

Ezra traced Vin's lips with his tongue, coaxing the tracker's lips apart so that his tongue could run along the inside of those delicious lips. Vin sucked Ezra's tongue further into his mouth, until both their lips met.

Ezra had Vin's pants undone and was trying to push them down. Without breaking the kiss Ezra moved Vin towards the bed and lowered the younger man down to sit on the edge. Ezra's mouth moved down Vin's jaw and neck, when he felt Vin's pulse beating under his lips, he lingered licking and sucking at the area until Vin was purring.

Kneeling down between Vin's legs, Ezra removed the boots so that he could then discard the pants. Vin absently ran his fingers through Ezra's hair as the gambler's tongue began to glide over the inside of his thighs. Ezra began kissing and licking at Vin's swollen balls, and when Vin felt the rough tongue slide up and down over his erection, he wanted to arch his body and push himself into Ezra's moist cavern.

Ezra tasted the saltiness run over his tongue as Vin's engorged penis began to leak. Vin groaned as Ezra moved away and sat beside him on the bed. Ezra ran his hand over Vin's shaft until his fingers were slick with Vin's fluid. Ezra's hand found its way under Vin, and the tracker lifted himself slightly allowing Ezra to work a slippery finger inside him. Vin laid his head on Ezra's shoulder, nipping and sucking at the collarbone. Ezra's breath quickened as Vin's scraped his fingernails over his erect nipples, stopping to tweak at them. Vin wanted to thrust back when he felt Ezra push a second, then third finger into his ass, but Ezra held him tight with his other arm.

Instead Vin slid his fingers down Ezra's hard chest and stomach, and with a shaky hand he undid the gambler's pants. Ezra gasped when Vin grabbed his swollen shaft and Ezra began thrusting against Vin.

Ezra withdrew his fingers as Vin pushed him back onto the bed. Standing up Vin tugged at Ezra's pants and boots, he was finding it a little difficult with only one arm, but eventually Vin had Ezra lying naked on bed. Painfully, Vin bent over and enclosed Ezra's erection with his mouth. Ezra moaned as Vin gave the gambler's penis one long exquisite suck. Vin manoeuvred himself onto the bed, and straddled Ezra. Positioning himself, Vin slowly began to lower himself onto Ezra's now rock, hard cock.

Vin stopped when the tip of Ezra's penis slid inside him, Ezra began bucking his hips trying to force himself further into Vin's tight, hot channel. Vin looked down knowing his eyes were probably glazing over the same way Ezra's emerald eyes were, "I told Nathan I wasn't goin' to do any bronco bustin'."

Ezra's eyes widened, was this Vin's sick sense of humour or did he actually want to stop, and since when did he heed Nathan's orders. "What?" was all Ezra managed to ask, and it came out more as a whimper.

Vin grinned, and Ezra sighed as the tracker lowered himself completely over him. Ezra was filling Vin, that coupled with the delicious burning sensation the gambler's penis was causing as Vin moved, overrode the pain in the tracker's chest and ribs.

Vin was riding Ezra exquisitely slow and Ezra was careful not to start thrusting hard into the younger man's heat, knowing Vin's injuries had to be painful. Ezra watched Vin's strong thighs, and couldn't resist digging his fingers into the flesh, feeling the cords of muscle tighten with every up and down movement.

Ezra began pulling and fondling Vin's aching shaft causing the tracker to come over the gambler's stomach. Vin couldn't tell whether he was groaning softly or whether it was the man under him making the deep throaty sound, as he felt Ezra's liquid heat deep inside him.

* * * * * * *

Vin strolled around town, looking fairly pleased with himself, greeting people he met, when he heard weeping coming from the livery.

Poor Casey, she never really had a chance attempting to sow some wild oats with Vin....

....Nor with Ezra for that matter, who was now in the saloon. He appeared quite content, despite the fact that he was drinking whisky alone, and shuffling his deck of cards seemingly without any prospect of a game.


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