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Pairing: (V/E)

Authors' Notes: Vin and Ezra have been talking to me a lot lately. It seems that they can't get enough of each other and have been pushing me to write more! It is again set in the ATF Universe. Thanks to Mog for creating this playground.

Unrestrained Honesty - ATF

By Ladysmiths

Vin glanced across the conference table meeting Ezra's gaze. Those emerald eyes are what had trapped Vin to start with, and Vin had been lost when those strong, talented hands had left a trail of fire across his flesh. Vin could almost feel Ezra's slow, controlled movements over his body. On the other hand, he himself showed a total lack of control, especially when Ezra filled him. Vin had wanted the undercover agent for so long, his body had taken over and he couldn't help but drive himself back onto Ezra's hardness.

Vin shuffled in his chair, damn was Chris still talking. How long was this meeting going to take anyway. Since he'd been with Ezra over a week ago, Vin seemed only to have time for meetings, chasing down leads, and writing up reports.

Ezra licked his lips, wishing Vin's essence was still on them. Everything about the sharpshooter had felt and tasted so incredibly delicious, and Ezra was glad he'd taken it slowly and savoured it all. Although, now that he was remembering the sensations of moving inside Vin, Ezra wondered how he'd managed to show any restraint at all. Ezra's mouth curled into a smile, Vin had shown no such restraint, his whole body had reacted to every touch. When Vin had pushed himself back onto Ezra, he hadn't been able to hide his want or need. And fortunately for him, Vin had wanted Ezra.

Finally, it seemed as though Chris was finishing this little meeting. Although they hadn't had a large assignment in a while, Team 7 were busy enough gathering information and paperwork work. To Ezra it seemed that the more work they did, the less they got done. This was frustrating enough, without having no time to spend with Vin alone.

"I want all your reports on my desk before you leave tonight," Chris ended the meeting wearily. He wasn't sure that his team had listened to everything that had been said, and he couldn't blame them, this type of work was more tiring than working on a major bust.

Everyone shuffled towards the door, and Ezra watched as Vin flicked through his folder and grimaced. Great, it looked as if they'd have to wait again. Ezra frowned, this was torture.

* * * * * * *

Vin was waiting for the elevator the next day. It was nearly twelve and he'd spent the morning checking out shipments of alcohol. The rest of the day would be spent writing up reports saying he hadn't found anything, like he hadn't had enough of his office last night.

"Make any discoveries?"

Vin turned at the familiar southern drawl and smiled, "No, it's pretty quiet."

"You would think we'd be bored, not the exact opposite," Ezra stated.

Vin shrugged, "Been out stirrin' up your contacts?"

Ezra nodded, "Didn't accomplish anything though. At least I was able to get out of the office for a while, I haven't been in all morning."

"Me too."

"This has to be the most tedious part of our occupation." Ezra turned to face Vin properly, "You know, I don't think anyone would mind if we took an hour for lunch first."

Vin gave Ezra a sidelong glance and grinned.

Ezra grinned back, "My apartment's closer."

* * * * * * *

Ezra closed the door and as he turned around ran straight into Vin. Capturing Ezra's mouth with his own, Vin began tugging at the undercover agent's jacket wanting to get to the body underneath the suit.

Ezra opened his mouth, running his tongue along the inside of Vin's lips and then forcing it deeper into the willing mouth. Vin tasted better than Ezra remembered.

With their lips still locked together, Ezra pushed Vin into the living room. Both men staggered as they moved, unbuttoning each other's shirts. Vin's arms wrapped around Ezra under the shirt and he pulled his friend against him. Ezra moaned into Vin's mouth as his hands wandered across the sharpshooter's chest. Moving his mouth, Ezra kissed and licked his way down Vin's jaw and neck, while Vin ran his fingers up and down Ezra's spine.

Suddenly, the phone rang, and Ezra tensed.

"Don't answer it," Vin panted in Ezra's ear.

Ezra turned his head to look at the offending object.

"Let the machine get it," Vin whispered, his breathing becoming more regular but the desire still clearly evident in his voice.

"I might be important," Ezra reluctantly stepped away from Vin's embrace.

* * * * * * *

"Mr Larabee," Ezra drawled and rolled his eyes. What did Chris want now? Hadn't they been working hard enough? The moment he and Vin take a break, Chris calls them.

Vin smiled and moved closer and Ezra caught his breath as he felt Vin's tongue glide over a nipple. Vin stopped to suck and bite at the nub.

Ezra was barely able to concentrate on the conversation, "I'm fine. I was just heading back to the office, and I had to run to answer the phone."

What was with all the questions? Surely Chris didn't just call to ask why Ezra was out of breath, "What do you want Mr Larabee?"

Vin was now kissing Ezra's neck, his fingers lightly scratching the smooth skin across the undercover agent's chest.

"A seminar on group dynamics? Surely we don't all have to attend? Alright Mr Larabee, I don't need to hear a lecture now, I'll be there."

Ezra sighed as Vin manoeuvred a leg in between Ezra's, forcing their bodies closer.

"Mr Tanner?"

Yeah, he's right here driving me crazy, Ezra thought as he subconsciously rubbed himself against Vin's leg.

"I'm afraid I haven't seen him."

Ezra hung up the phone, glaring at Vin who had draped himself over the couch. Fighting the urge to run his hands over the flesh that was exposed where Vin's shirt hung open, Ezra buttoned up his own shirt. "I don't know if you were listening, but apparently we have to return to the office to attend some ridiculous seminar," Ezra stated.

"I'm sure glad no-one can find me," Vin grinned making himself comfortable.

Ezra stared at Vin incredulously, "That's not fair. You're willing to let me sit through hours of boredom, while you enjoy a free afternoon?"

Vin placed his arms behind his head and stretched his legs, "I told you not to answer the phone."

Ezra looked down at the smiling face, damn he should have told Chris he knew where Vin was, at least then the sharpshooter would have had to be sitting next to him at the lecture.

"Besides," Vin continued. "If it were reversed, I wouldn't make you go."

Ezra studied Vin's features and believed him. Smiling, Ezra bent down and brushed his lips across Vin's, tearing himself away before he forgot that he had to leave. The last thing Ezra needed was for their leader to come and drag him to the office, like Chris had threatened on the phone.

Ezra stopped to pick up his jacket which had been discarded in the hall.

"Have fun," Vin called and then chuckled when he heard the door slam.

* * * * * * *

Vin wandered around the apartment. He was starting to get hungry and wondered whether he should go out an get something to eat, wait for Ezra, or bring something back for both of them.

Just as he decided the seminar couldn't last much longer and that he'd buy something for himself and Ezra, there was a knock on the door. Vin was putting on his jacket as he opened the door.

"Is Agent Standish here?"

Vin recognised one of the clerks from the office, "No, but I'll give him a message."

"I've got the information he asked for."

Vin took the folder and smiled, "I'll see he gets it."

"Thanks," the clerk mumbled as he turned and walked away.

Vin closed the door, allowing the surprised expression to fall across his features now that he was alone. Why would Ezra have a clerk deliver information to his home? Why not just have him hand it over at the office? Although, as Vin flicked through the folder he noticed that it didn't look like anything the ATF team would be working on. A list of paintings, art dealers and insurance companies.

Vin shrugged and tossed the folder on the counter, it didn't look like Ezra was doing anything too dangerous, yet. He'd ask the undercover agent about it later, right now food was foremost in his mind.

As Vin walked towards the door, the phone rang, and Vin wondered whether he'd ever get out of here as he contemplated picking it up. He probably shouldn't, if it was Chris he'd be in trouble, and so would Ezra for saying he didn't know where Vin was. On the other hand it could be Ezra checking up on him, or at least letting him know when he'd be able to get home. Vin was taking too long to make up his mind, and the machine picked it up for him instead.

"Ezra, it's Paul. I was able to get an earlier flight, and will be arriving in Denver at 8.00 am tomorrow. If you're not at the airport, I'm sure we'll be able to meet later. It'll be great catching up and reminiscing on old times. Anyway, I guess I'll see you tomorrow."

Vin glared at the machine, not liking the feeling he was getting in the pit of his stomach. This time nothing stopped him for stalking out the door.

* * * * * * *

"Hell Chris, that was a yawn," Buck said.

Chris sighed, he didn't want to be hearing about this for a week, "It's done now, get over it."

"Yeah Buck," JD piped in. "Besides Chris is buying our drinks for boring us."

Buck scowled at JD, the kid should be on his side, and he was too far away for Buck to reach. "So he should," Buck grumbled. "Next time I'm gonna be unreachable. How come Vin's never around for lectures? He always gets what he wants."

Fortunately he wants me, Ezra thought and smiled as he nursed his beer. He'd wanted to go home as soon as the seminar had broken up. But Chris had offered to take them all to the Saloon, and besides Ezra did agree with Buck, Vin did usually seem to get away with everything. Letting him wait a little longer wouldn't hurt.

"I'll give him a lecture," Chris was saying. "He knows he should always be contactable. What if it had been an emergency."

"Funnily enough Vin usually shows up when there's an emergency," Josiah observed.

"Unless he is the emergency," Nathan added.

"Anyway I made sure I got copies of all the speeches, Vin will be spending the next few evenings reading everything we sat through," Chris said.

"Good," Buck leaned back satisfied grinning at Chris. "And you are getting another round, right?"

* * * * * * *

Ezra stepped into his apartment, instinctively he knew nobody else was there, but he looked for Vin anyway. He threw his keys on the dresser before coming out of the bedroom.

Did Vin get bored? Tired? Hungry? Had he gone home? Or was he coming back?

Realising he was drumming his fingers on a folder, Ezra flipped it open. It was the data Ezra had asked for, he scanned the pages not really taking much of it in. Vin must have been here when it was delivered. Surely Vin couldn't have been upset that Ezra was working on something from home, he didn't even know anything about this case. The latter was probably why he was upset. Ezra looked back down at the pages wondering how he'd react if Vin was working on something and hadn't informed him.

Ezra felt weary, he'd sat through the droning hours of lectures, surprised that he hadn't fallen asleep through any of them. He'd talk to Vin in the morning, tell him what was going on, and perhaps cajole him into having lunch with him again.

* * * * * * *

Ezra rode up to Team 7's floor in the elevator. He was late, as usual, but this time he had an excuse. He'd only listened to Paul's message that morning, and couldn't very well allow him to make his own way to Ezra's place. Paul had looked good, Ezra had almost forgotten just how handsome he was, tall with thick black hair and eyes almost the same dark colour. Ezra had always admired the way Paul perpetually seemed to have a distinguished air about him, even after stepping off a plane in casual attire. Paul had been all smiles when he saw Ezra waiting for him, and gave the undercover agent a quick embrace. Ezra felt the strong familiar arms around him, and was a little disconcerted at the emotions Paul still seemed to be able to evoke in him. Paul had been the first man in Ezra's life, and Ezra couldn't quite remember why they'd gone their separate ways. Paul was also from money, loved living the high-life, good food and wine, luxurious surroundings and even gambling. Hell, Ezra's mother even liked him, actually that's probably why they did break up. When Ezra had moved to Denver, Ezra and Paul had still kept an amiable friendship. Although keeping in touch was neither man's strong point, however Maude occasionally informed Ezra of how well Paul was doing with business ventures and stock portfolios.

All thoughts of Paul flew out of Ezra's head as he stepped off the elevator and saw Vin coming out of Chris' office. Vin seemed to have the capacity to draw Ezra's attention, always had, although it seemed to occur more often lately. Of course, Ezra never allowed it to show, on the surface he always made sure he seemed completely under control, and aware of his surroundings however with Vin in the room that was becoming more difficult.

Vin looked down at the papers he was holding, and Ezra smiled when he saw the sharpshooter grimace. Vin noticed Ezra, but his expression didn't change, he just stalked into his office and closed the door firmly behind him.

Ezra sighed and followed Vin into his office, not bothering to knock. He didn't want to alert Chris to the fact that he was in the office and late, his first priority was to talk to Vin.

"I'm assuming those are the lectures from yesterday's seminar," Ezra drawled.

What do you want Ez?" Vin asked as he threw the pages on his desk.

"You weren't there when I got back," Ezra said noticing that Vin was waiting for him to continue. "If it's about the folder that was delivered, it's just a personal case I'm working on, a friend had some paintings stolen and believes they might be in Denver. Although I gather you read through the file."

Vin nodded, "Yeah, but you could have told me."

"Mr Tan... Vin," Ezra had to stop hiding behind convention. "It really is nothing important, it wasn't worth mentioning. Just as you wouldn't have mentioned to Mr Larabee where you were last evening instead of at the seminar."

"Chris didn't let me get a word in. And if he'd asked, I would have told him I was at a friend's place, but I wouldn't have mentioned any names," Vin stared at Ezra. "Besides, this is about you and me. I would've liked the chance to help you, maybe I still can."

Ezra noticed that Vin's gaze never wavered from Ezra's face. And the undercover agent believed every word, "Your assistance isn't required at the moment, however I promise to let you know." Ezra noticed Vin's slight nod of ascent and continued, "Speaking of assistance, I could help you with that extra reading Mr Larabee has given you, I was at the lecture after all."

Vin grinned, "Chris said I had to have it read by tomorrow morning, maybe we could get together tonight and go over it."

"Tonight? I can't..." Ezra faltered, damn why did it have to be tonight. "I have a meeting tonight," Ezra improvised as he looked passed Vin.

Vin slumped in his chair, remembering the message he'd overheard on the Ezra's machine, "Why were you late this morning?"

"Since when do you question me about my tardiness, isn't that Mr Larabee's job?" Ezra hadn't expected the change of subject.

Again Vin was patiently waiting for Ezra to answer his question.

Ezra sighed, "I had a personal errand to run."

"About the paintings?" Vin asked.

"Exactly," Ezra was relieved that Vin didn't seem to want to ask anything else of him, lying right then had been hard enough and Ezra hadn't been able to look Vin in the eye. Resenting the situation he added, "Now that I've told you absolutely everything, would it be alright if I got some of my own work done today."

"Whatever," Vin mumbled quietly as Ezra walked out of his office.

Ezra shut the door, torn between rushing back into the room and telling Vin about Paul, begging his forgiveness for lying or leaving well enough alone.

The latter won out, why make things more complicated. Besides, what could he say, Paul was just a close friend. However, Ezra knew that there was more to it than that, he'd always held an affection for Paul, probably always would, but it was Vin he desired with more passion than he'd ever remembered possessing. It felt safer to keep the two apart, once Paul had gone back to New York, Ezra would make it up to Vin.

* * * * * * *

"Do you always work this late?" Paul asked as Ezra walked through the door.

"No, we've had an unusually hectic week. In fact, I was the first one of my associates to leave," Ezra answered sniffing the air, "What smells so good?"

"I had the restaurant on the corner deliver some food," Paul stated.

"They don't deliver," Ezra said.

Paul shrugged, "They do now. I didn't know when you'd be back, so I just kept it warm in the oven."

Ezra smiled, either because of Paul's charm or money, he'd be eating well tonight.

"At least you'll have one less thing to worry about," Paul was saying. "I've recovered the paintings."

Ezra looked shocked, "What? You're here for two seconds and you've solved the case already?"

"The information you gave me helped," Paul grinned. "And I only ever take on easy assignments."

"I'm surprised you took this one on. I thought you'd given up on work," Ezra commented.

Paul's smile didn't fade, "It's not really work, and I certainly don't need the money. I just like to flit around, and it seems more acceptable under the pretence of helping people. It's not my fault those people happen to be wealthy. Besides I like your mother."

Ezra shook his head, sometimes Paul sounded like himself or his mother, he couldn't quite make up his mind which, "So are you heading back to New York, or off to somewhere more exotic?"

"There's no need to rush off. I'll be shipping the paintings back to Maude tomorrow, and we should have a proper celebration. Then I thought I'd stay for a few days, take in some sights," Paul was staring directly at Ezra.

Ezra shuffled uncomfortably under Paul's dark gaze, when there was a knock on the door. Glad of the distraction, Ezra rushed to answer it.

"Mr Tanner?" Ezra's surprise was evident.

"You left the names of those companies at the office," Vin answered wondering why Ezra seemed so unnerved. "Chris wants you to check them out first thing in the morning and report back to him in the afternoon."

Ezra nodded slightly, "Let Mr Larabee know that it's no problem, and I'll see him tomorrow after lunch."

Vin had hoped Ezra would invite him in, but continued with what he wanted to say, "I was going to come anyway. I'm sorry about..."

Vin looked passed Ezra into the hall, Ezra turned and saw Paul standing there staring at the two of them.

"Uh, Paul Malone, this is Vin Tanner and associate of mine," Ezra didn't dare turn to look at Vin's face, instead focussing on the floor.

"Will you be joining us for dinner?" Paul asked taking in the long hair, jeans and t-shirt wondering just what kind of people Ezra had to work with.

Vin saw the disdain on Paul's face as he sized the sharpshooter up, "No, I'd better be goin'."

Vin thrust the folder in Ezra's hands, making the undercover agent look up. Vin turned away, and stalked towards the stairs. Ezra would have liked to go after him, but Paul was standing there watching, so Ezra strived to keep his feelings under control. Ezra had a feeling that Paul might use any display of emotion to his own advantage, and Ezra certainly didn't want Paul comforting him while he wondered what Paul's agenda might be.

Ezra slowly closed the door, covertly watching as Vin ran down the stairs. On the rare occasions Vin had seen Ezra's facade slip, he'd either understood and let Ezra know he wasn't alone, or helped Ezra get his composure back with that sarcastic sense of humour.

* * * * * * *

"Chris is upstairs, he'll go over your research when he gets out of the meeting," Buck said when he noticed Ezra heading towards Chris' office.

"And I rushed straight into the office, thinking I was Mr Larabee's top priority," Ezra drawled.

"Nope, I think that's the Judge," Buck smiled and then called to JD, "Hey kid, we've got some filin' to do."

JD dragged his feet as he came out of his office, "Geez Buck, I'm busy. Can't you do it on your own?"

"Hell no," Buck answered. "If I'm going to be stuck in the filing room, doin' the most mind numbing job there is, you're goin' to be right there with me to stop me from falling asleep."

JD scowled, "Get someone else to go, Ez isn't doing anything."

"Oh no," Ezra shook his head. "I've had enough tedium for the week."

Buck grabbed JD by the collar, "Quit whingeing and let's go, if you get too bored you can help me."

"Which means I'll be doin' all the filing, while you sit there and watch," JD wrenched out of Buck's grip, but followed him towards the stairs.

"I'm the senior agent, it's only fair that I supervise."

Ezra chuckled slightly, wandering towards Vin's door. Just as he was about to knock, Vin opened it pushing his way past Ezra towards the printer.

Ezra followed him, "I wasn't expecting you last night."

Vin whirled around, "That much was obvious."

Ezra took an involuntary step back. There was none of Vin's easy going nature in his voice or his feature. Instead Vin appeared drawn and hard, in fact he almost looked ill.

"Anyway, it's none of my business," Vin had continued talking.

"Of course it is, you can always ask me anything," Ezra was desperate to get back the warm light in Vin's eyes, not the tired sceptical look he was receiving now. "Are you alright? It looks like you haven't slept," Ezra moved forward wanting to reach out and touch the man in front of him.

Josiah stepped out of his office, nodding at both Vin and Ezra as he made his way to the kitchen.

Ezra's hand immediately dropped to his side, "Can't we go somewhere and discuss this?"

"Who is he?" Vin asked.

"Paul Malone, a family friend."

"Why is he here?"

"The paintings, I already told you I was working with someone."

"He's a cop?"

"Not exactly, he's had some training, and occasionally helps track merchandise or people down. He doesn't really have an occupation though and is able to choose the cases he takes on."

"Because he's rich?"

"Extremely wealthy, even by my standards."

"So when he's around, you don't need me?"

"No. You're one of the very few people I'm able to work with well."

"Besides him?"

"It was Paul's case, he asked me for assistance," Ezra knew that really wasn't answering Vin's question.

Vin let it slide, "So he followed the paintings to Denver?"

"That's right. And being from the South I couldn't be inhospitable, so I offered him the spare room at my apartment."

"Seeing as how he's a family friend?"


"How long is he staying?"

When he'd started this conversation with Vin, Ezra had wanted to placate the sharpshooter and smooth things over, keeping that in mind he answered, "Just until the paintings are returned. As soon as the assignment is over, Paul will depart for New York."

Ezra's eyes shifted from Vin's face, the undercover agent had always known Vin could read him fairly well. He was used to the suspicious looks from people, but whenever Vin's eyes registered doubt it was usually justified.

Chris stepped off the elevator, "Good Ezra, you're here, we can go through those companies you checked out for me."

"Lead the way," Ezra was glad that they could cut the conversation short, he hadn't wanted to lie and was afraid he'd have to continue if Vin kept questioning him.

Chris stopped and looked at Vin, "Are you alright? You don't look well."

"I'm fine," Vin muttered as snatched the page he'd come out to retrieve in the first place.

* * * * * * *

It was almost 4.00 pm when Chris and Ezra stepped out of Chris' office, their meeting had taken longer than expected, mainly due to the fact that Ezra wanted to know when they were going to be planning a real operation. Both men looked up and noticed JD sitting idly at one of the empty desks.

"JD," Chris said. "I was just about to come down and see how the filing was going."

,JD shrugged, "Buck kicked me out when a female agent came in looking for a file."

Chris and Ezra grinned at each other.

"Oh and Ez," JD continued. "A Paul Malone called, said he made a reservation for 8.00 pm at Marcos. Something about wanting to celebrate the case being solved so quickly."

"Thanks kid," Ezra mumbled, looking crestfallen when he saw Vin leaning in a doorway.

"I am startin' to feel a little queasy," Vin stated. "If it's okay, I think I'll go home."

"Sure Vin," Chris nodded looking a little concerned. "Do you want me to drive you?"

"No, thanks anyway," Vin mumbled as he left the office.

"I was thinking something wasn't right with him," JD turned to face Chris and Ezra again. "I haven't seen that grin of his all day."

"Maybe I shouldn't have given him a hard time about missing the seminar the other day," Chris hated the thought of having yelled at Vin while he was sick. Turning, Chris almost caught the pained look that flashed across the undercover agent's face.

"Mr Tanner has weathered quite a number of your lectures without any lasting ramifications," Ezra didn't want Chris to blame himself, especially when Ezra knew the real reason for Vin's uncharacteristic behaviour. "I very much doubt whatever you said would have had this affect on him."

* * * * * * *

Ezra jumped into the elevator just before the doors shut, surprised at himself for making it into the office at a reasonable hour this morning. Ezra turned to find Vin standing in the corner, not looking any better than he had yesterday.

"Vin..." Ezra began.

"How close a friend is Paul?" Vin interrupted.

Ezra wasn't quite sure how to answer the question, "He's just... I don't think... Why?"

"I asked around, those painting's were never in Denver," Vin said.

"You what?" Ezra voice was sharp and he took a deep breath before continuing. "They were shipped out yesterday."

Vin shook his head, "No, they were never stolen, the whole thing's a sham."

Ezra's eyes blazed and this time be didn't bother trying to keep his anger in check, "Nobody asked you to look into this, in fact I told you I could handle it. Since when is everything I do your business."

Vin sighed, "I didn't mean to upset you. It's just that if Paul..."

"So your accusing Paul," Ezra countered.

"If not Paul, then maybe his client's hiding something."

"Now your accusing my own mother?"

"Your mother? No, I didn't know," Vin was regretting bringing this up at all.

"I know you've been down lately, and I know you blame me," Ezra was looking directly at Vin. "But you didn't have to make these things up to get back at me."

Vin's eyes widened, "You think I'm lying, after you..."

The doors to the elevator opened, Vin glared at Ezra and clenched his fists, before stalking towards his office.

Ezra ran a hand over his face, "Damn."

* * * * * * *

Vin switched off the light in his office, thinking he was the last person still there until he heard voices in the conference room. He quietly headed towards the sound, stopping at the door which was slightly ajar.

Paul circled looking around, "Thought I'd drop by and see where you work, seeing you choose to spend so much time here."

Ezra wasn't interested in any small talk, "You really did find those paintings expeditiously."

Paul whirled to face Ezra, "Yeah, just lucky I guess."

"Very lucky," Ezra agreed. "Especially since they never left New York to begin with."

Paul realised he'd been caught out, it was obvious Ezra knew the paintings hadn't been stolen, so Paul decided it would be best to explain, "I hadn't known until I got here. I wasn't sure what your mother was up to, so I thought I'd talk to her first. I knew I wouldn't be able to lie to you for long, so I got it over and done with quickly. I thought it would be better for you not to know, you'd just get hurt."

Ezra stood there listening to the excuses and reasoning, and realised that nothing Paul said rang true.

Paul noticed he wasn't getting anywhere, he reached out placing a hand on Ezra shoulder, running it down Ezra's arm before placing it over Ezra's hand, "I can't stand to see any pain cloud your eyes."

Vin wrenched himself away from the door, closing his eyes, trying to block out the image. It wasn't working, and the only thing he could think of was to distance himself from the scene, and ran towards the stairs.

Ezra moved his hand away from Paul's, "What exactly did Maude pay you to do?"

"I already explained..."

"To convince me to quit my job? Maybe move to New York, or better still travel to Europe?"

Paul sighed, "She's just worried about you, being an FBI agent isn't the safest occupation, and it's not like you need the money."

"How far were you willing to go to complete this assignment?" Ezra asked.

"It not like that," Paul implored. "I care about you, I'd forgotten how much until I saw you again."

"Until we arrived in New York, and you were compensated," Ezra said dully.

"Even if it didn't work out, at least you'd be in the right circles," Paul stated getting a little exasperated. "I haven't seen anything around here to stay for."

Ezra's face became expressionless, his eyes hard, and is voice low and steely, "I want you to leave first thing in the morning."

Paul tried to think of another tactic, but noticing the look on Ezra's face, changed his mind, "I'll leave tonight, but sooner or later you'll be following the social season, the same as the rest of us."

* * * * * * *

"Hey Vin," Nathan smiled as Vin stepped off the elevator and nodded his acknowledgment.

On hearing Vin's name, Chris came out of the his office, appraising his friend. "Are you alright?" he queried, thinking Vin did actually look better than the past couple of days, but sensing that there was still something troubling him.

"I'm gettin' over it," Vin answered. "Sorry I'm late, I was at the gym and lost track of the time."

"Is it still standing?" Nathan asked.

Chris followed Nathan's gaze to Vin's hands, which were already looking bruised and there was a slight gash on one of them.

Nathan continued when Vin didn't respond, "We should get some ice on your hands, before they start to swell."

Vin shook his head, "They're fine." Pointing to his office, he added, "I have a lot of work to get through."

Chris wondered whether he should follow Vin and demand to know what was wrong, but then Vin had said he was getting over it. For the moment, Chris decided it might be best to leave him alone.

Ezra watched the exchange from the doorway to his office. He wasn't quite sure whether Vin had been aware of his presence and was purposely ignoring him, or whether Vin just didn't care to look out for Ezra anymore. Either way, Ezra wanted this sorted out, if Vin had been feeling this much rage and pain, then he should have come to Ezra way before now.

* * * * * * *

Vin walked into his office, aware that he was the only one left on the floor, and getting ready to go home himself. He noticed the note paper on his desk, and immediately recognised Ezra's handwriting. Vin had successfully avoided the undercover agent all day, in fact he'd avoided all his friends, just wanting to get through the day.

Ezra was requesting Vin to come to his apartment tonight, they needed to talk. Vin crumpled the sheet of paper, and threw it in the waste paper basket. This couldn't be good, Vin could guess what Ezra wanted to tell him. Worse still, Paul might be there. Vin wasn't sure whether this type of confrontation was a such a good idea, he still needed time to steel himself against the what he knew was coming.

* * * * * * *

Ezra swung open the door, "I wasn't sure you'd come."

"Me neither," Vin said, making no move to enter the apartment.

"You can come in," Ezra stepped aside.

Slowly Vin walked in, and Ezra followed him into the living room.

"He's not here, if that's what you're concerned about," Ezra stated.

Vin's eyes flicked around the room as if he expected Paul to walk through one of the closed doors.

"He's probably back in New York by now," Ezra continued. "You were right about the paintings. Paul and my mother were conspiring against me, apparently my occupation and living standards are below theirs, and they decided it was time to change them."

"I'm sorry," Vin mumbled. "But like you said, it really isn't anything to do with me."

"Obviously it has a lot to do with you," Ezra would have preferred it if Vin had come in ranting and raving, Ezra was giving him the opportunity to take it out on the person he was angry at. Instead, Ezra was faced with this quiet defeat. "Look at yourself. If there was enough rage building up, that you had to go out and physically exert yourself, then whatever the problem, you should have come to me."

Vin looked at his hands, they were really only slightly bruised, and a lot of the swelling had gone down through the day, "And you would have listened."

"That's not fair, you were attacking my family, quite unexpectedly I might add," Ezra realised he was getting defensive and pushed it aside determined to concentrate on Vin. "Besides it's your feelings we're talking about, I've been the one starting all our conversations although it is quite apparent that you're the one hurting."

Vin just stood there wondering what Ezra wanted him to say. Hadn't it been obvious what was upsetting him. And if not, why did Ezra invite Vin here in the first place.

Ezra sighed, reached out and ran his hand down Vin's arm, gingerly touching Vin's hand, "I can't stand to see you in this much pain."

Vin jerked away from the touch, "Do you guys have a handbook or somethin'?"

"A what? What are you talking about?" Ezra was becoming exasperated. "What the hell have I done wrong now? Are you even going to allow me to make it up to you?"

"Which question do you want me to answer first?" Vin asked. "Better yet, why don't we call Paul, he seems to have all the answers."

Ezra voice rose, "You sound jealous..."

"Of course I'm jealous," Vin slumped down onto the couch.

Ezra blinked in surprise, he hadn't expected Vin to admit it, in fact he'd expected a denial.

Ezra crouched down in front of Vin as the sharpshooter continued, "It was obvious you were in a relationship with him at some point, he's good looking, well spoken, rich, and your mother likes him."

"And he lied to me," Ezra finished for Vin. "Probably throughout his entire visit."

Vin tilted his head slightly, "Is that why he isn't here?"

Ezra nodded, "Partly. Although I didn't have to make a choice, leaving you was never an option."

Ezra smiled as he watched Vin process what was being said, inching his way closer to the sharpshooter, Ezra continued, "You were always honest with me, even when it wasn't working in your favour. Although it may take a while, when you eventually let your feelings out, I never have any doubt that what you're saying is sincere. And, I'll admit, you never try to hide your emotions, they're always there, in your eyes, expression and demeanour."

Vin didn't move away, and Ezra took one of Vin's hands in his. Ezra realised he was still doing most of the talking but didn't seem able to stop now that he'd started, "I don't want to give any of that up for half-truths and blatant lies. I certainly wouldn't want to spend all my time second guessing my lover." Ezra's face was only a breath away from Vin's.

"And you think I do?"

Ezra froze when he heard Vin's quiet drawl. Leaning back away from Vin, Ezra ran a hand over his face, "No, I suppose you wouldn't."

"I guess you'd better promise me you'll tell me all about your house guests from now on."

Ezra glanced and Vin and saw a grin spread across the handsome face. Vin reached over, pulling the undercover agent towards him, forcing Ezra's lips down onto his own. Ezra was practically sitting on Vin's lap, unconsciously rubbing himself against the man under him. Both men were tearing at each other's shirts. When Vin finally had Ezra's opened he wasted not time in pulling it off completely, and lowering his mouth over the smooth skin. Ezra fumbled with the buttons on Vin's shirt as the sharpshooter teased one of his nipples into hardness and then moved onto the other. Vin's tongue moved up towards Ezra's neck, stopping to suck at where Ezra's pulse was beating.

Ezra pushed Vin back onto the couch so he could concentrate on getting the damn shirt undone. Once this was accomplished, Ezra threw a leg over Vin's body, straddling the man. Running his hands over Vin's muscled chest, Ezra licked his lips anticipating Vin's taste. As Ezra lowered his head, Vin grabbed hold of him and pulled him down until Ezra's full weight was on top of Vin. Vin took Ezra's lips with his own, and Ezra had no choice but to open his mouth and let Vin's tongue have free reign. Vin was tasting every inch of Ezra's mouth, and the undercover agent began grinding his whole body against Vin's. Feeling the sharpshooter's bulge against his own through the material of their pants, Ezra groaned into Vin's mouth and began tugging at the shirt, determined to get at least one piece of clothing off Vin.

Finally, Ezra threw the unwanted shirt on the floor. Reluctantly he broke away from Vin's mouth, and lifted himself off Vin. Ezra smiled as he heard the raspy "No," issue from Vin as the warmth of the undercover agent left him. Vin sat up glaring at Ezra.

"I'll be right back," Ezra promised as he walked towards the bathroom.

Vin grinned when he saw Ezra return with a small jar. However, Ezra stopped halfway towards Vin and turned towards the phone instead. This time Vin chuckled as Ezra pulled the cord out of the wall.

Ezra placed the jar on the coffee table and moved to push Vin back down onto the couch. Before he could, Vin gripped the top of Ezra's pants and pulled the undercover agent towards him. Vin deftly undid the pants and pushed them down. As Vin's hands moved up, he massaged Ezra's strong thighs, brushed his fingers over Ezra's erection, and finally gripped Ezra's hips, forcing the undercover agent down next to him. Vin fell to his knees on the floor, removing all of Ezra's clothing. Ezra leaned back as Vin took Ezra's penis into his mouth and immediately began sucking. Vin gripped Ezra's swollen balls, and Ezra groaned as he bucked his hips. Opening his throat, Vin allowed Ezra to push his way further into Vin's mouth. Ezra's fingers wound through Vin's soft hair, wanting to bury himself in the warm, moist cavern. Looking down and seeing Vin sucking on him with such enthusiasm was Ezra's undoing. His seed spilt deep into the sharpshooter's throat, and Vin continued suckling on Ezra as he swallowed everything his friend had to offer.

Ezra slumped into the couch panting, and before he'd fully recovered he felt a slick finger work its way inside him. To help accommodate Vin, Ezra spread his thighs a little further apart and tried to push himself down. Vin sat onto the couch beside Ezra, forcing his finger further into Ezra's ass. Ezra began to whimper as a second finger found its way inside him. Vin's mouth covered Ezra's, stifling the whimpering and practically sucking the air right out of him.

Ezra tried to glare at Vin, when the sharpshooter withdrew his fingers, but his green eyes were glazed over and dark with desire.

Vin stood, and Ezra followed him up somewhat shakily. Vin was rigid, every muscle tensed and outlined against his skin. Without making a sound, Vin was screaming for Ezra, and Ezra could never recall having so much honest passion directed towards him. Ezra reached out and ran his hands down Vin's chest, the man's flesh was so hot Ezra thought he would burst into flame. Vin was kicking off his shoes, and Ezra undid the jeans and pushed them down.

After getting Vin naked, Ezra found himself kneeling in front of the sharpshooter. Ezra gripped Vin's thighs, opened his mouth and moved closer to Vin's groin. As soon as Vin felt Ezra's breath on his throbbing erection, he growled and grabbed hold of Ezra's hair. Vin pulled Ezra to his feet, only to throw him over the couch. Ezra barely had time to get his balance, when Vin thrust into him, hard and deep. Vin burned inside Ezra, causing Ezra's whole body to heat up. Ezra immediately began to push his ass back onto Vin's rock hard cock, as Vin kept driving himself into Ezra's tight channel.

Ezra's fingers dug into the soft leather of the couch, and Vin leaned over Ezra's back running his hands down the undercover agent's strained arms, kissing, licking and sucking at Ezra's neck and back. Vin's thrusting became quicker and deeper, and Ezra moaned as own cock became harder and began aching. Vin reached under Ezra, taking a firm grip on his erection, and pumping Ezra in time with his own rhythm.

Ezra shook as the liquid spurted over Vin's hand, his stomach, and the couch. Vin let go of Ezra's penis, moving his arm across Ezra's stomach. With a growl, Vin bit into Ezra's flesh, pulling his arm and Ezra towards him, and with one final thrust came deep inside Ezra.

Vin carefully withdrew from Ezra, immediately missing the feel of Ezra's body surrounding him. Breathing heavily, Vin sank to the floor, and when his focus came back, Vin saw that Ezra was beside him. Looking down into deep blue eyes, Ezra began gently gliding a hand over Vin's sweat slicked chest and stomach. Arching into the caress, Vin ran his fingers up the arm Ezra was leaning on and over his shoulder. Vin stopped when he hit small mark on Ezra's shoulder blade. "Sorry," Vin whispered huskily.

"For what?" Ezra's voice had thickened. "Unrestrained honesty is what I asked for."

Vin smiled lazily as Ezra's face descended. Ezra kissed Vin, gently running his tongue over Vin's delicious lips before delving deeper.

Breaking the kiss Ezra grinned down at Vin, "Now it's my turn to show you how honest and unrestrained I can be."


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